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How To Induce Stress While Training

This video is one of the more unique training ideas I have seen.

What are your thoughts on the technique he used to induce stress?

Do you think this was a good idea or bad idea?

Despite the opinions we may have on safety, I made at least 3 observations while watching this.

1) He maintained control of his firearm the entire time.

2) He identified the threat and engaged the threat in a timely manner.

3) He was actively slicing the pie while trying to stop the threat.

Although this wasn’t a real shootout, I would gladly trust him carrying a firearm next to me.

This was NOT the safest method of training, but we can all learn from this.

The three observations I made are just a fraction of what it takes to safely carry a firearm.

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5 Guns The Government Doesn’t Want You To Have…

Is this video a little far fetched? We don’t think so.. After the attempt at banning certain ammunition, this video is right on point. Some may think these guns look scary, most of us look at these rifles as tools and art. Let us know your thoughts on this. Do you think the government will try and ban these weapons? A better question is if these weapons are ever banned will you voluntarily hand them over?