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Tactical Shotgun Fever: 5 Tactical Shotguns That Blow Away The Competition

Whenever we’re asked to review firearms, we try to stick with the basics: performance, reliability, and safety.  A close fourth is price point – because let’s be honest, unless you use it all the time you’re not going to want to sink $2,000 on a shotgun.  And if you are one of those people who goes duck hunting with a country club – these 5 shotguns below will be the instruments of war that bring the aww back in awesome.

SPECIAL NOTE: Don’t worry folks — we got MORE TACTICAL SHOTGUN options coming your way!  Due to popular demand, we’re continuing to show you the very best tactical shotguns out on the market.  Never fear and check back often!

For this list, we’re just focusing on 12 gauge tactical shotguns. Most of these are offered in smaller gauges (20, 410) but it’s up to you to determine availability in your area.

Tactical Shotgun #1: Saiga-12


IZHMASH Saiga-12 – Photo courtesy of wikipedia

The Saiga-12 manufactured by Izhmash is perhaps one of the most brutal semi-automatic shotguns to date. Using the same configuration and lower receiver as the AK-47, it can be chambered in anything from 12 gauge to 410. Magazine capacity is generally limited. In the 12 gauge model, it comes with a capacity to hold 5 shells, with magazines available which extend this to 10, 12, and even 25 (cannister).

PROS: Brutal semi-automatic action mixed with the versatility of 12 gauge double-ought or solid slug ammo. This is a ruthless close to medium range tactical shotgun.
CONS: The Saiga-12 can sometimes have issues feeding different shell sizes. It seems to prefer double-ought and similar — it doesn’t like alternating in between quail shot and solid slug.
MSRP: $950.00
Restrictions: Russia is presently a banned importer so the supply of Izhmash Saiga-12s is limited. Check out Century Arms for ancillaries.

Tactical Shotgun #2: Benelli M2 Tactical

This is a bank buster in terms of semi-automatic capabilities but absolute sleuth in terms of price point. Benelli really put a lot of emphasis in recoil compensation in this model. With a shorter 18.5″ barrel, it’s definitely good for doorways and narrow corridors.

PROS: Recoil compensation, tactical size.
CONS: Limited magazine capacity, non-detachable magazine.
MSRP: $1,200.00

Tactical Shotgun #3: FN Herstal SLP Tactical

Fabrique Nationale offers a fantastic semi-automatic shotgun with 8 round internal capacity. This is ideal for people expecting to encounter a variety of dangerous circumstances.

PROS: If you have to pick just one shotgun for both tactical and sporting purposes – this is the ideal.
CONS: Longer barrel (22″).
MSRP: $1,000.00

Tactical Shotgun #4: Kel Tec KSG

Extremely high ammunition holding capacity – 14+1 – the Kel-Tec KSG shines when it comes to close range shotgun training.
PROS: Extreme close range and medium range capabilities – ideal for home-defense.
CONS: Absolutely worthless out in an open field. Definitely useless for hunting game.
MSRP: $800.00

Tactical Shotgun #5: Benelli Super Black Eagle II

This is more for the sportsmen turned Mad Max. The Benelli Super Black Eagle II is a semi-automatic shotgun with 3 rounds of capacity plus one in the chamber. For tactical situations, it has limited application but out in a woodland environment or wilderness – it’s ideal.
PROS: All terrain capabilities.
CONS: Limited ammunition capacity.
MSRP: $1,400.00

Tactical Shotgun #9: Kral Silver Eagle 12ga

kral silver eage
The Silver Eagle is produced by a small Turkish firm but the golden egg for this semi-auto is its interchangeable barrels – 28″ and 20″. The 28″ is definitely great for the sportsman out in the wilderness but the 20″ is ideal for firing slugs and home-defense rounds. It’s a one size-fits-all approach to shotguns.
PROS: Good construction, reliable.
CONS: Not very well known.
MSRP: $300.00

Are You Prepared For Close Quarters Gun Fights?

Almost any gun owner relishes in the thought of getting the drop on an opponent at 20 feet.  At 20 feet, it’s almost guaranteed bullets will hit target.  However, what happens when the tables are turned?  Not all attackers wander right into the open and wait.

Close quarters is generally the weakest place for a concealed or open handgun carrier to get caught.  Not only is there the issue of drawing, there’s the risk of having the firearm taken away.  This is why close quarters drills are some of the most important techniques to practice for an open or concealed pistol carrier.

The priorities of movement will always push towards:

  • Breaking contact
  • Creating space
  • Redirecting your opponent away from your firearm
  • Pressing initiative

Breaking Contact

This is also essential.  Unless you are confident you can subdue your opponent without needing to draw your firearm, you need to take every opportunity to break contact and to create space.

Creating Space

This is a very dangerous game.  You need room in order to draw.  If your opponent has made it into close quarters and has his hands on you, you need to break contact to create that space.  That opens you up to more damage.

Space is necessary to get the muzzle of your firearm safely onto target.  You don’t need to draw all the way out as if you were aiming at a paper target – just enough to get the muzzle onto your opponent.

And anywhere will do!  Legs, feet, hands, arms – as long as the muzzle has crossed that point, you’re good to go.  Even a shot to the extremities can give you enough time to create space and gain the advantage.

Redirecting Your Attacker

If breaking contact and creating space just isn’t possible, you need to redirect your attacker away from your firearm.  If you’re a concealed carrier, he may not even know you’re armed.  If you’re an open carrier, it’s all the more important that he doesn’t gain access over the handle or trigger group.

If you can, grab hold of an ear, nose or any exposed soft tissue on the face.  A person’s instincts are to preserve their face and head before anything else.  Once an ear is in grasp, tear it off.  It only takes five pounds of pressure to rip an ear right off the head of man – and this is more than enough pain and misery to redirect his attention.  Slam your hand into that wound as much as possible until you’re able to create space – then use your firearm to do the rest.

Pressing Initiative

Once you gain the advantage in a close quarters situation – always press the advantage.  Never doubt that if the tables were turned, your attacker would gladly do the same.  A moment of panic, hesitation, or fear is ammunition that can and will be used equally depending upon who’s aware.

No matter what you do, maintain control over your firearm at all times.  Your firearm is your lifeline and it will be used against you if it falls in the hands of your attacker.



Why Home Defense Is DIY – Maine State Police Fail To Stop Psychopath Despite Plenty of Advance Warning.

Maine State Police, today, have absolutely no comment on their absolute failure to stop a brutal psychopath from burning, raping, murdering, and kidnapping across the hinterlands of northern Maine.

Brittany Irish, one of five victims of Anthony Lord’s deadly, violent spree, warns others in a public interview after she was shot, and her boyfriend was fatally shot following her plea to Maine State Police for protection.

This is the type of event that signals the fraying of the very fabric of society.  When Maine State Police were unwilling or unable to detain Lord following his kidnapping and rape of Brittany Irish on July 14th, he went on to burn down Irish’s mother’s barn.  Maine State Police even politely informed him after Irish had filed criminal charges against him – after he raped and kidnapped her – that charges were being filed against him.

On Friday, July 17th, at approximately 4:50 am, Lord blew open the door of the Irish household.  Kyle, Brittany’s boyfriend and the father of their children, died trying to get his family to safety.  Brittany managed to retreat the bathroom after being wounded but was pursued by Lord.

Maine State Police appeared to give zero cares.  Lord even allegedly opened fire on a cruiser when it tried to stop him after the fact.  The Maine trooper disengaged and allowed Lord to flee.

via WLBZ-2

Friday, the day of the shooting Irish discovered her mother’s barn had burned down and rushed over with her boyfriend Kyle to make sure her mother was okay.

Irish recounts her boyfriend, and father of their kids, died trying to protect them from Lord.

Irish stated that it was Lord’s fault and State Police’s fault that Kyle was killed last week. She said she just wants justice for her boyfriend and for everybody else involved.

“Police say I have no injuries, and that’s a lie because I was shot first. I was raped, I have bruises all over me.” Brittany said “They’re [State Police] not willing to tell the truth to anybody. They’re trying to bury it like nothing happened, like this wasn’t their fault.”

After the brutal murder of two people, destruction of private property, and the repeated raping and kidnapping of a person – Maine State Police finally said, “okay, maybe we should arrest this guy.”

And they did.  Lord is currently being held without bond because he never bothered to even try to cover up evidence of his crimes so Maine State Police had pretty much every scrap of evidence delivered in a doggy bag to their doorstep.

What’s the take-away for this for gun owners?

  • Don’t depend on the police to guard you or your family if danger is imminent.
  • Once the fighting has started, the police likely won’t be there in time to help.
  • The protection of your family and property lies with you.
  • if someone is so rude as to blow open your door with a firearm – do humanity a favor and remove him from the gene pool.
  • Have no mercy on your attackers for they shall have no mercy upon you!

Hopefully where you live, there are competent, capable agencies of law enforcement that are proactive in serving and protecting their population.  Maine State Police dropped that ball so hard, it’s broken.  So if you’re in Maine – congratulations on your new permitless carry laws.  USE IT.  Carry everywhere.  And if someone stops you and says, “why are you always carrying a gun?” — Refer them to this story as EXHIBIT A.