Law Enforcement Deaths On The Rise- The Blame Game

It’s undeniable that things have been heating up in America with Law Enforcement to an extreme degree. With a disenfranchised civilian populace, an ever growing rift seems to be growing between LEO’s and the people they’re supposed to serve. Add economic hardship, a backwards education system, difficult to manage medical system, and a myriad of other reasons and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.Police deaths

Take a moment to peruse the web and you’ll find a host of articles dedicated to how many police have been killed in the line of duty over the past few years, along with a host of articles outlining how many folks have been killed by police. Most of these sites seem to advocate extremes on either side rather than addressing any sort of issue. I’m going to go on a quick rant that can’t even begin to address the entire scope of the issue, but bear with me.

So who’s to blame? Is it the police as an organization because of their sometimes heavy handed tactics? Or is it the common people for giving into misconceptions about police? Well, the answer isn’t that easy to come by. Police threatening

Unfortunately, there are too many factors to assign blame to any one individual factor. What we need to stand for is good officers doing good things for their community, support those officers, and prop them up. Police need to take back the old idea that policing was an honorable and honest profession. Police also need to be held accountable from within the organization, and prosecuted within the fullest extent of the law when they slip up in the line of duty, just like soldiers deployed to a war zone must do. If you’re a soldier and you shoot up a car full of people without having been ordered to do so, you’re now facing a murder charge for every single one of those people who dies. The same should apply to police. protest-against-fatal-police-shooting

At the same time, blaming police for all the problems in America has to stop, and violence cannot be seen as anything other than an absolute last resort. Going off and killing a lone, innocent police officer will do nothing for the cause of freedom other than give the power structure more of an excuse to tighten the noose. There’s no physical action that can be taken, rather, there is legislative action. Unless we want our country to end up looking like Ukraine we have to delegate matters to competent sources. We need to vote for change rather than try and force it at the end of a gun barrel. The more violence that happens against police, the more violence police will do to the population. This is how it works- if police in an area are afraid of getting murdered all the time, they begin to act with more force as they are trained to do to avoid injury, when that force is applied to the wrong person it sends a ripple effect through the community, causing more people who are willing to do harm to police. Then the cycle repeats itself until no one likes the cops, and the cops don’t like anyone else other than their own kind. Militarization of police

Someone has to be the bigger man in all this. Support your local police and they’ll support you. I’m no state apologist, but I’m also not a fucking idiot. If you think police are the biggest problem in this country, you may be part of the problem. We need someone willing to stand up and defend the common people, someone to give a voice of reason in a chaotic world. If there were no police we’d all go around killing one another over minor disputes, and how do I know this? Easy. Go spend a reasonable amount of time in any third world country and see for yourself. We don’t want America to be like Somalia, so please, honor our police, and police, honor our citizens. It’s that easy.



“Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.” — Tommy

16 thoughts on “Law Enforcement Deaths On The Rise- The Blame Game

  1. Steve

    My observation of these situations, is to have the populace at such a frantic state that the government has to declare Marshal law to calm things down.
    Then there will be no voting for any elected officials, and Obama will remain in power. ( the goal all along).

  2. Richard

    One of the most intelligent statements made concerning the problems that we are confronted with today.
    If only we had a Presidential candidate who had the this kind of clarity of thought. In fact it is unfortunate
    that we don’t have a congress and senate full of people who have this kind of wisdom.

  3. james

    the police are scared in most cases but there are a few who are on power trips and it would seem some entire departments are on power trips. but in my humble opinion the muzzies and the black panthers are much larger problems. i am in ks and i carry concealed all the time. and our local police can count on my help anywhere anytime.

  4. Grieg

    Very balanced article. I’m 59 years old. Forty years ago I got arrested for marijuana. The cop who investigated my case got caught red handed stealing a family heirloom from my car…a ring. They did nothing to the cop and sent me to prison. Needless to say, I had a bad taste in my mouth for law enforcement. I’m over that now. I have a great love for those who risk their lives every day they put on that uniform. In fact, my son in law is a Lt with CHP.

  5. Zippy

    I’m all for LEO”S let them do what they are trained for. If only they could eliminate the gang members in the cities we’d get rid of most of the violence against lEO’S.

  6. Stella

    It is the fault of this administration that has instigated the behavior against the police. This administration definitely has blood in their hands.

  7. Clarence Madison Jr.

    Unlawful Act of Targeting Police Officers has to ***Stop***!!!
    Police Officer Lives Matter!!!!
    They put their lives on the line everyday to Maintain Law And Order in the Local Community!!!
    Should always be 2 Officers per Squad Car; one as Backup when needed!!!!

  8. Lloyd Luthringer

    I agree when you look at what has started the Black Lives Matter, you have to look to our leaders. I am talking about the President and those that support him. He is the the cause of what is going on in America today. He as far as I am concerned the most Racist President this country has ever had. He is doing everything to destroy this country and one was is to create a false idea that the poice are out to kill Black People. He has no respect for the law he himself is lawless he is not an American and hates this country and if you can’t that from his actions then you mve to be drinking Obama Kool-aid, He is a one man killing machine. He has killed , Jobs, he has killed marriage as a union between a Man and a Woman, he is destroying our way of life as I have known it since over the last 72 years of my life. He is the TERMINATOR. Everything he is doing is destroying every thing that REAL AMERICANS hold dear and true to their hearts and he knows it and doesn’t care. He is a real peace of work from the pit of HELL. If you don’t publish then you are part of the problem because you are politically correct, knock of this politically correct is what is KILLING this once GREAT COUNTRY. I could go on but, you now have a little flavor of where I coould go with this.

  9. Dave Clarke

    We need for the media and authorities such as mayors & attorney generals and presidents to stop jumping into the fray and making victims of perpetrators before the facts are presented. ALL LIVES MATTER and people need to be more responsible of their own actions as well as respectful to authorities such as police. When I was growing up and also my boys, we were taught that if a cop tells you to do something you do unless it is life threatening. THEY ARE THE LAW. Don’t defy them!

  10. Meriam

    The mentality and reasoning ability of all rhe anti police groups are distorted and devilish. If problem comes
    To them personally, who do they call to help them? Do they call their
    Friends , neighbors , families or groupmates, no ,they will call 911 which the police are
    The ones summoned to help these stupid and evil people. They still expect help from
    Policemen and yet they destroy them at the same time.

    1. Jeremy Thomas Post author

      Thanks a ton! I’ve been trying to transition from purely instructional stuff to some opinion stuff just so I can get my actual thoughts out there in the tactical community. I appreciate the support!


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