Pistol/Rifle Trick Shooting Montage

22plinkster took trick shooting to the next level. He actually figured out how to curve a .22 bullet and sliced a card in half. Let us know what you think the next trick shot should be?

6 thoughts on “Pistol/Rifle Trick Shooting Montage

  1. Vincent Natelli

    If you seat the bullet in the 380 out another 1/8 of an inch you will create your own 9MM/short/380 with 9MM ballistics. By the way Glock in 10MM also fires 40 cal with no problems.

  2. Norm

    It would be interesting to see what a 450 Nitro express would do to the glass. But, that’s a whole different category for sure. Hand guns…hmmm..how about the double barrel 1911?


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