Tactical Shotgun Fever: 5 Tactical Shotguns That Blow Away The Competition

Whenever we’re asked to review firearms, we try to stick with the basics: performance, reliability, and safety.  A close fourth is price point – because let’s be honest, unless you use it all the time you’re not going to want to sink $2,000 on a shotgun.  And if you are one of those people who goes duck hunting with a country club – these 5 shotguns below will be the instruments of war that bring the aww back in awesome.

SPECIAL NOTE: Don’t worry folks — we got MORE TACTICAL SHOTGUN options coming your way!  Due to popular demand, we’re continuing to show you the very best tactical shotguns out on the market.  Never fear and check back often!

For this list, we’re just focusing on 12 gauge tactical shotguns. Most of these are offered in smaller gauges (20, 410) but it’s up to you to determine availability in your area.

Tactical Shotgun #1: Saiga-12


IZHMASH Saiga-12 – Photo courtesy of wikipedia

The Saiga-12 manufactured by Izhmash is perhaps one of the most brutal semi-automatic shotguns to date. Using the same configuration and lower receiver as the AK-47, it can be chambered in anything from 12 gauge to 410. Magazine capacity is generally limited. In the 12 gauge model, it comes with a capacity to hold 5 shells, with magazines available which extend this to 10, 12, and even 25 (cannister).

PROS: Brutal semi-automatic action mixed with the versatility of 12 gauge double-ought or solid slug ammo. This is a ruthless close to medium range tactical shotgun.
CONS: The Saiga-12 can sometimes have issues feeding different shell sizes. It seems to prefer double-ought and similar — it doesn’t like alternating in between quail shot and solid slug.
MSRP: $950.00
Restrictions: Russia is presently a banned importer so the supply of Izhmash Saiga-12s is limited. Check out Century Arms for ancillaries.

Tactical Shotgun #2: Benelli M2 Tactical

This is a bank buster in terms of semi-automatic capabilities but absolute sleuth in terms of price point. Benelli really put a lot of emphasis in recoil compensation in this model. With a shorter 18.5″ barrel, it’s definitely good for doorways and narrow corridors.

PROS: Recoil compensation, tactical size.
CONS: Limited magazine capacity, non-detachable magazine.
MSRP: $1,200.00

Tactical Shotgun #3: FN Herstal SLP Tactical

Fabrique Nationale offers a fantastic semi-automatic shotgun with 8 round internal capacity. This is ideal for people expecting to encounter a variety of dangerous circumstances.

PROS: If you have to pick just one shotgun for both tactical and sporting purposes – this is the ideal.
CONS: Longer barrel (22″).
MSRP: $1,000.00

Tactical Shotgun #4: Kel Tec KSG

Extremely high ammunition holding capacity – 14+1 – the Kel-Tec KSG shines when it comes to close range shotgun training.
PROS: Extreme close range and medium range capabilities – ideal for home-defense.
CONS: Absolutely worthless out in an open field. Definitely useless for hunting game.
MSRP: $800.00

Tactical Shotgun #5: Benelli Super Black Eagle II

This is more for the sportsmen turned Mad Max. The Benelli Super Black Eagle II is a semi-automatic shotgun with 3 rounds of capacity plus one in the chamber. For tactical situations, it has limited application but out in a woodland environment or wilderness – it’s ideal.
PROS: All terrain capabilities.
CONS: Limited ammunition capacity.
MSRP: $1,400.00

Tactical Shotgun #9: Kral Silver Eagle 12ga

kral silver eage
The Silver Eagle is produced by a small Turkish firm but the golden egg for this semi-auto is its interchangeable barrels – 28″ and 20″. The 28″ is definitely great for the sportsman out in the wilderness but the 20″ is ideal for firing slugs and home-defense rounds. It’s a one size-fits-all approach to shotguns.
PROS: Good construction, reliable.
CONS: Not very well known.
MSRP: $300.00

26 thoughts on “Tactical Shotgun Fever: 5 Tactical Shotguns That Blow Away The Competition



  2. Roger tyree

    You forgot the best home defense shotgun of all. I am referring to the Black Aces DT.
    No, not good for anything but HD but I’d take it for that purpose over anything else.

    1. Bryan C

      Ive had a Winchester 1300 for several years, never had any problems at all. Holds 7+1 rds hardened barrel for slugs and lots of accessories available for it. One thing tho it doesn’t matter what type or oz loads it kicks like a bitch.

    1. Mark

      No! It is the Constitutional RIGHT of every American Citizen! (Well, unless you are a convicted felon) the only “liscense” needed is a CCW permit if you want to carry a concealed weapon.

    2. John

      In most states yes, some are constitutional carry states and don’t need one. It’s best to ask your local Law Enforcement or Google your state gun laws.

  3. Robert

    I customized my Mossberg 500 12 gauge with a pistol grip & a straight arm for faster shooting of rounds i kept the 28″ barrel so i could keep my chokes to use for other purposes.I use a full choke with 3” buck shot the 8 ” really doesn’t make that big of a difference it will stop anyone in there tracks it only holds 5 shells.I wish it would hold more but i could only make enough room for 5 shells.I could always buy or cut down another barrel to 20″. I would just like to be able to have the gun hold more rounds.Other then that you wouldn’t want to be shot with this gun 5 shots would open you up like a tin can.

    1. Mark

      There are larger capacity tubes for sale. Up to 8 I believe. I have the 18.5″ barrel and it is 7 round capacity. (7+1=8) but the tube is the same length as the barrel, so with the longer barrel I’m sure you can get a longer tube.

  4. Bill

    You missed the best of the bunch. Beretta 1301 Tactical is the fastest shotgun. Feeds smooth with any size shell. Will fire any size load without hesitation and no deficiency in cold weather. Hands down the best tactical on the market.

  5. Bill Zeromski

    I just bought a Savage/Stevens Mod.320 tactical in 12GA. w/ pistol grip in black sleuth great gun for the money $200.00 check it out

    1. John

      I just picked one up today during Tax Free weekend with 10% and a twenty dollar discount total cost was $188.00 light and great feel. Haven’t fired it yet. What’s the felt recoil like?

  6. George R Larko Jr

    My love is with the one that is not on your list. The Catamount : Fury 1,and 2 which is based on the AK-47 platform. Simi-automatic with a 5,or 10 round 12 ga. round. It fires well with very little kick back. It is a dream to work with, and very easy to clean,like the AK-47 there are the minamum of parts to deal with.This is my vote, and its cost is from $ 680.00 to 860.00 if you have a non-pirate dealer. So, go for it my friends and leave the over prieced weapons for the big money cats.


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