The Roanoke Tragedy- How It Pertains To Gunners


Recently a great tragedy has befallen the small Virginia town of Roanoke when a shooter known by the alias “Bryce Williams” interrupted a live television announcement by unloading the contents of a Glock into the reporter Alison Parker and her TV Cameraman Adam Ward killing them both and injuring the lady they were interviewing. This has helped once again spur the gun control debate into heated realms, with one side advocating more restrictions and the other side claiming it’s the man behind the gun and not the gun to blame, and at the most extreme some folks even stating this was a false flag operation to take away our guns, and some anti-gunners claiming this substantiates the argument to take our guns.victims of roanoke

That’s right. Not two days could pass since the tragic killing of these two people before folks make sweeping assumptions, going as far as to say they weren’t killed at all. If you’re one of the people who believes this kind of nonsense take a moment to think before you sip the kool-aid.

First of all, it deals tremendous disrespect to the family and friends of these victims who are reeling from the very real loss of their loved one. That alone should be enough to make folks think before making grand statements as to the legitimacy of the shooting.

Secondly, even if this were a false flag operation, to what end? A myriad of shootings has happened over the past few years and guns have become more prolific than ever, not more restricted. Every move to restrict guns has been met with massive opposition from the gun community, is it really plausible that this one shooting would be the tipping point? How many resources would the government have to use to actually perpetuate this myth successfully? Let’s get into it.

To begin, I will present some of the evidence I have heard folks use to support their idea that this video is a fake, and address that evidence with my own pool of real life knowledge.roanoke gunman

“Where is the blood splatter in the video? No blood splatter means the guy must have been shooting blanks!”- My response to that is please, for the love of god, put down the video game controller and return to real life for a second. Bullet wounds don’t always cause massive blood splatter, as a matter of fact, on the contrary. It all depends on volume of fire, trajectory, shot placement, caliber, and the heart rate or blood flow of the target. The video was simply too blurry and shaky to show any blood splatter, and initial shots on target don’t always produce blood. I could go into a personal anecdote about this, but just take my word for it.

“The reporter ran away after being shot.” Is another example folks are using. Adrenaline is a real thing, and with a small caliber pistol round it’s likely that the initial shock of being shot at superseded her immediate reaction to the wound. I’ve seen guys take machine gun bursts and keep running, albeit a bit slower than before, until they had to be put down with a heavy volume of fire, so, next question.

“The hand in the video looked white, not black.” This is in no way a proper piece of evidence to substantiate the claim that this was a government hoax. The shooter was a light skinned man, and the POV video of him conducting the shooting is simply too grainy to be able to tell his exact race.VA-Gunman-Uploads-Point-Of-View-Video

The list goes on and on. Unfortunately, some folks are dead set on blaming the government for absolutely everything, but let us not lose sight of the tragedy that befell these people. Let us pray to our gods to protect them in their journey to the next realm, rather than steal from the gravity of their loss by wild speculation before they’re even able to be put into the ground.

One thing is for certain- the government does take any chance it gets to pursue their disarmament agenda, and that cannot be denied. Politicians jump at the chance to point fingers and attempt to enact harsher measures to prevent guns getting into the hands of normal people. That is absolutely true. However, to assume that the government is smart enough to perpetuate numerous “false flag” attacks on their own people is a fallacy. Unless damning evidence can truly be brought forth to give credence to these rumors, it’s simply barking at the sky and getting nothing done. It also makes the gun owner crowd look like a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists, and that does nothing to support our cause of keeping guns.

The best thing to do if you actually feel like it is the case that these attacks are false flags is to keep your mouth shut until you have the proper evidence to put forth to the community about it. At least give it a few days before you start throwing around wild speculations, for the sake of the victims and their families. Fear mongering and saber rattling among the community does nothing but force good people to lose sleep at night, and doesn’t take us as the gun owner crowd any step further towards protecting our rights. We must look at every situation from every angle before deciding on it, as is the way of a true skeptic. It’s okay to be skeptical of the attacks, but please, for the sake of doing credit to the second amendment crowd create some good evidence to support any claims.

Stay vigilant, conduct yourself with honor and integrity, talk with your local elected officials, and that is the fastest road to keeping our guns.

My heart goes out to the families of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, and I pray for their safe arrival in heaven. I’m heading to Roanoke this weekend and will hopefully hear a thing or two about the shooting, hopefully their local community is more caring than the internet is on this issue.


“Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.” — Tommy

One thought on “The Roanoke Tragedy- How It Pertains To Gunners

  1. Marilyn Manning-Sutton

    I have lived around guns and gun owners all my life, and NOT ONE gun jumped out of it’s secure storage place and killed anyone. Guns are allowed to be in our possession by the Second Amendment so that we can hunt to feed our families. And so that we can protect ourselves and our loved ones against those who WILL HAVE GUNS even if they are outlawed. The Criminals and an out of control Government WILL ALWAYS have guns. It is the Constitutional Right for lAW ABIDING citizens to PROTECT and DEFEND themselves and their loved ones.

    Guns, Knives, Bow and Arrow or even Bombs DO NOT jump up and kill people. PEOPLE kill PEOPLE! Laws have been written, and ignored….if an UNRIGHTEOUS person wants to do harm to someone else, they WILL do it, one way or the other. We have the RIGHT AND NEED to be able to be able to defend ourselves against UNRIGHTEOUSNES and TYRANNY. If guns are outlawed, only the Criminals will have them, and then LAWLESSNESS will CONTROL U.S. all!


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