Why Obama Isn’t Coming To Steal Your Guns

In the wake of the tragic shooting in Charleston South Carolina a fresh wave of fear mongering has been circulating among the gun owner crowd. Every time a politician even so much as hints at the need for increased gun control legislation the tactical community throws a veritable shit-fit. Blogs are posted on sites warning people of impending gun grabs, Youtube becomes awash in reactionary videos, and the masses of mentally competent gun owners are left shaking their heads in wonder as their more impassioned friends run out to buy a new load of gear and ammo. Listen, Obama isn’t coming to take your guns, so you can put the AK away for a second and relax.

If you’re one of the many people who fear having your door kicked in at any minute to have your precious guns stolen from you let me enlighten you with a few points to counter that fear.

gunshow wcfccourierDOTcom

If ever you worry about the current status of gun ownership you need only visit a gun show to find out just how healthy our movement truly is! Image Credit- www.wcfcourier.com

#5- The number of gun owners has drastically increased since before the Obama administration even first started making statements regarding gun control. After Obama’s inception as president of the United States gun ownership went up by as much as 91 percent of what it was under Bush. I won’t bore you with a long string of statistics though, just ask your friends. How many of them owned guns during the Bush administration compared to now?

bill of rights thelibertybeaconDOTcom

The Bill of Rights still holds sway over the modern legislative body. Image Credit- www.thelibertybeacon.com

#4- The Second Amendment of The Constitution clearly states the time honored slogan “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Okay, so there are some examples of fairly draconian measures in some parts of the US that seem to sully this idea. Well, who’s at fault for that? It’s actually fairly simple. The voters in states that infringe on your right to bear arms. Folks in New York, California, and Illinois knew the stances of their candidates before they voted for them. Market demand dictates the laws in any given area, thus some places have stricter gun laws than others. What can be done about that? Well, nothing if you live in a different state, but then I must present a rhetorical question- do you respect a state’s sovereign right to legislate itself or do you feel the fed should be the divine authority? That’s a murky road that I’m not willing to go down. Vote in your jurisdiction for candidates that respect your right to bear arms and you will be afforded the ability to continue to do so.

gun-surveyQ15 www.policeoneDOTcom

This bar graph depicts the widespread opposition of gun confiscation by police. Image Credit- www.policeone.com

#3- Police organizations themselves have professed to both the lack of effectiveness in gun control as well as their unwillingness to enforce confiscation measures. There are plenty of bad apples in the police force, that can’t be denied, however the majority of police are folks just like you. They do a challenging and dangerous job to try and protect the population from the bad guys, and most of them don’t believe that job will be any easier by stealing our guns from us. Cops don’t want to kick down your door and risk losing life and limb just to take your guns because someone told them to. If you don’t believe me just check this 2013 survey on police opinion regarding gun control- http://www.policeone.com/Gun-Legislation-Law-Enforcement/articles/6183787-PoliceOnes-Gun-Control-Survey-11-key-lessons-from-officers-perspectives/

american voter newamericamediaDOTorg

Voting is an effective way to truly make an impact toward your political goals. Image Credit- www.newamericanmedia.org

#2- Since the issue of gun control has risen and fallen with media coverage regarding mass shootings, attempted bans on ammunition or weapons types, or even just statements by legislators professing their desire to control guns- every single time it has been met with overwhelming support of gun ownership from folks like you and I. The American voter is a very powerful force. If politicians constantly marched to their own drum they would face massive problems getting re-elected. Add huge organizations like the NRA and the National Gun Owner Association to the mix and it becomes nigh impossible in many places to actually pass harsh measures on gun ownership. On a federal scale this difficulty is expounded by orders of magnitude due to the Second Amendment and its support.

24hourpatriotsdotcom Cali militia

The California Militia is a good indicator of just how many folks are willing to organize to defend the common man against tyranny. Image Credit- www.24hourpatriots.com

#1- The number one reason why our guns won’t be taken away is this- there are 300 million guns in America. “You cannot invade the mainland United States as there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” has become a popular quote in the gun crowd since its introduction. The quote may or may not have come from Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, but its connotation remains solid. Our government simply does not have the man power nor the technology to take our guns away from us on a mass scale and they know it. Apart from minor disarmament operations and isolated incidents the current administration would never attempt to follow through with a mass ban on weapons. There isn’t enough money in the treasury to support a buy back program, soldiers and police alike would largely ignore or directly oppose orders to disarm the populace, and the ruling class would be torn to shreds by the very people who protect them. It’s just not currently plausible that they would follow through with an action like that, and you can forget a NATO invasion. Do you really think European nations are so concerned with American gun owners that they’re willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of their men and women just to take our weapons from us? Think again. It was hard enough to get NATO involved with Iraq, imagine telling them to invade the most well armed and well trained nation on the planet. It just simply is not going to happen any time soon.

Nato peacekeepr  defenseonedotcom

This is the face that a Nato Peacekeeper would make facing the idea of invading America. “You said wot?” Image Credit-www.defenseone.com

    So, to sum it all up we can come to the conclusion that our guns are fairly safe for now. The security of gun ownership is well established due in part to the vigilance and assertiveness of the gun owner movement. Real patriots stand ready to defend the constitution at any turn, and it starts with the pen. Before you go rattling swords and making war plans always remember to exhaust every measure before taking such action, for the gravity of that action can not be reversed once initiated. The pen is mightier than the sword, but it helps to have a sword on your side when someone tries to steal your pen. What I’m saying is this- stay vigilant but don’t panic. When tragedies occur and the gun debate comes back into the conversation use your legislative power to your advantage. Vote for the right candidates, be a pillar of responsible gun ownership in your area, and maintain readiness in the unlikely event that someone does come to take your guns. Don’t fuel gun grabbers by exhibiting a paranoid, violent demeanor. Don’t terrorize people with loud, in your face measures like carrying rifles into fast food stores. Don’t spend away your family’s fortunes buying insane amounts of weapons and ammunition to stockpile and never take to the range. Be frugal, be responsible, be safe, and above all- be informed. These measures will continue to help prevent us losing our Second Amendment rights better than anything.

“Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum”– Tommy

25 thoughts on “Why Obama Isn’t Coming To Steal Your Guns

  1. Rick Palluck

    Very good article. Just remember “don’t panic,and stay vigilant. And Vote. We the people are the force.

  2. Guy Smith

    This is a convincing argument, but what about backdoor attacks such as ammunition bans? Obamas first trial balloon on banning ammo didn’t go well, but I am sure he will refine it and try again.

  3. Pissed off Patriot

    There ia a lot of your page that makes some sense-and then there is the rest! With over 22 years in the Army, you have missed the mark on the resolve of this current administration and President. They have alreadt broken the law so many times, what difference would one more time make? Disarmament is a priority with the POTUS, and he will get our guns one way or another. Many see a “Martial Law” coming before he leaves the WH. IF, this happens, you WILL see the start of the second American Revolution.
    American Patriots will NOT sit idly by while this POS destroys this country further. Many retired, police, military, fire, medical and average citizens have already began taking steps to ensure the security of this nation. Groups like the APM, OATH KEEPERS, III% of America, and many more Patriot groups are ready and willing to take up arms and stand side by side to defend this country and our Constitution! Are you?

  4. Kenneth m. Vicknair, Sr.

    I have always believed what is said in this article. It is simply a numbers game. We have more power than we realize. “United we stand, divided we fall”. This administration and out “domestic”enemies” are doing everything in their power to divide and conquer us by using things like racism. It will not work because the only ones that try to make an issue of racism are the uneducated, shallow minded people. You know the ones I am referring to; it is the same ones who want something for nothing and are bleeding us dry with our socialist welfare programs and the like. The others are “politicians” who will do and say anything to get elected. That is why they are starting to use “politicians” as lab rats to study things such as aids. Fact is, there are just some things that a real rat will not do.

  5. Joe Kearney

    I don’t worry as much about mass confication of guns nationwide as I do legislation that slowly take those rights away on both the federal and local level.

    1. jimt2099

      That is the head of the nail and you just hit it friend. Legislation is the door Obama is trying to go through to take away our right to not only carry firearms for our defense, but also to ban firearms all together. That idiot thinks that if he gets guns outlawed that no-one will have guns, including the criminals. The imbecile refuses to acknowledge that criminals do not care about his stupid laws, or any law; they will get guns and then they will be the only ones with guns. That is a fact.

  6. mike smith

    Just curious: How many Secret Service Agents have been assigned to protect BHO since he has been in office? Basically, how many guns are used to protect our grand leader?

    1. jimt2099

      Far to many. I say take away his secret service security detail and see how he likes being in the lime light unprotected; and while your at it do the same to that idiot Bloomburg.

  7. Robert

    WELL; I still say OBAMA will declare Martial Law bring in Foreign UN TROOPS and MUSLIMS to disarm the AMERICAN PEOPLE so he can safely declare that he BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is SUPREME DICTATOR OF THE MUSLIM STATES OF OBAMA.!!

  8. TFL Troll

    This sounds all squishy and great… and to many may engender some feelings of comfort…but I look at history. When a nation invokes mass fear into the people by slaughtering groups, the majority of people have so combat experience and will rush to turn in their guns. ILMG, you need to get real. I spent 21 years working in the US military and 24 as a mercenary for foreign governments. Gun confiscation by kicking in doors will be a method that this nation will use. This administration or the nexdst will come for youir guns. Get trained NOW.

  9. John Doe

    Great theories, and I wish they were true! First of all, contrary to popular belief, if you are a US Citizen, you have no Constitutional Rights, (I won’t elaborate on that). Second of all, they don’t give two hoots about the Constitution – especially when it comes to our “unalienable Rights.” US Citizens are not under the Law of the Land, (The Constitution FOR The united States of America Major), but are under Public Policy, (i.e. basically the whims of Congress and the President/CEO of UNITED STATES, INC). Third of all, they have sophisticated weapons that can put down/disable crowds in a flash – and that’s just the ones we know about. Fourth of all, there are all kinds of foreign troops in the U.S., who would kill us without so much as blinking. I would LOVE to believe and take comfort in what you are saying, but I’m afraid I just cannot, because this just isn’t how things really work in the US.

  10. Valor

    Your assessment is true, to a point. However, if you look back at history disarming the public has always been incremental. It is also true there are a huge number of guns in America. And it is also true the subject of gun confiscation is a flash point. However, when I saw pictures of gun owners in CT lined up to register their guns after that state passed such laws I was not encouraged. I submit at least half of American gun owners will roll over and submit if and when the time comes. As for the 2nd Amendment, the American people have allowed it to be bastardized for decades. No I don’t expect the gestapo to come kick down my door. YET! But should Obama declare Martial Law all bets are off.

    1. jimt2099

      Update: The Connecticut fiasco of attempted gun registration resulted in only 4% of gun owners registered their firearms. Over 1 million gun owners ignored Connecticut’s new law and the state police refused to enforce it. I think this is great and hope that all states that face such ridiculous laws from simple minded politicians will react the same way.

      However you are right; Every dictator’s first move when planning to take control of a nation will confiscate and/or outlaw firearms to the populace. I have no doubt that Obama has this very plan in mind.

      England has basically not only outlawed handguns and other firearms to be used as self defense, but now they have told their people that they cannot do anything to protect themselves that may cause physical harm to their attacker, even use of a club would bring criminal charges against the victim of the attacker. So with this in mind can anyone with any common sense say that Obama and his administration isn’t headed in the same direction? I think not.

  11. Bob Ray

    Well said…we are already well armed more so than 8-10 years ago…as a gun dealer, our sales have been steadily UP…We are ALL getting REAL SICK OF this admin”s stupidity!!

  12. Robert

    Best commentary yet on the subject. Stay cool, be informed, but be prepared, vote with long-term intellect not short-term emotion. Things are not always as they appear to be, nor are they as dire.

  13. Geoffrey Ulrey

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just opened the door for anti-gun Democrats to offer gun control legislation as an amendment!

    This is damn serious! The Washington Post reported that U.S. Senators Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) are working on “reviving gun control.”

    Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) wants to put gun owners in “systems” so the federal government can “track people.”

    Politico reported Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid “is pushing for a vote on gun-control measures.”

    And on Fox News Sunday, Karl Rove blamed the South Carolina shooting tragedy on the Second Amendment, stating:

    Your five points make it sound like our guns and ammo, and our very FREEDOM are all real safe. I call Bull Shit!

    Without action, we’re headed straight for a gun control DISASTER.

    When GOP bigwigs like Karl Rove begin kowtowing to the anti-gun press — and Members of BOTH parties all start talking the same language — that’s when the smoky backroom “political deals” happen.

    Many folks thought the fight over gun control effectively ended in the 2014 elections after the gun-grabbers were crushed at the polls.

    But there are 2 BIG reasons why that’s not the case.

    1.) President Obama is desperate to solidify his legacy among every left-wing activist in America. Gun control is the one item on his agenda he’s so far been unable to get done.

    Even before news of the Charleston tragedy broke, news reports were that President Obama was preparing to unleash “more than a dozen” new anti-gun regulatory proposals.

    In the days since, the number of proposed regulations said to be in the works have DOUBLED.

    2.) Anti-gun “Old Guard” Republicans like U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham have always thought pro-Second Amendment Members of Congress made a horrendous mistake in voting down gun control in the wake of the horrific Newtown tragedy.

    They’ll toss Second Amendment supporters aside to craft a bipartisan “deal” with anti-gun Democrats and gun-grabbers. Then they can campaign as “reasonable” on the gun issue in 2016.

    The gun-grabbers ultimately want the ability to strip every law-abiding American of their Second Amendment rights without due process.

    We could lose our gun rights because of our race, religion, or just because some Obama administration bureaucrat doesn’t like the bumper sticker on the back of your car!

    We need to press the House and Senate to RESTORE the Second Amendment and send a clear message to members of BOTH parties NOW with this message: “VOTE FOR GUN CONTROL AND LOSE YOUR JOB!”

    Too many so-called “pro-Second Amendment” members of BOTH parties are openly showing their true colors in the face of anti-gun media hysteria. It’s almost certain that an anti-gun “deal” is right around the corner.

    I say, Wake UP Gunners!

  14. Lenard Lund

    This is one of the best arguments that we really don’t have to worry too much, but must stay vigil. The government can only do what the people allow them to do and as long as the 2nd amendment is still there it would be very difficult to take our guns away. I comment the author for doing the research and taking the time to create this article.

    1. jimt2099

      Not difficult at all. The Obama administration is consistently working to do just that. If we do not stay on our toes they will succeed. Obama wants to put riders in “must pass” legislation to sneak the bills into law without the American citizenry even realizing it. He has already tried it more than once, but because the N.R.A., the Gun Owners of America, and other such vigilant organizations that are watch dogs for the safety of the U.S. Constitution, the Obama admin has failed, so far, but they are still trying.

      Then we look at Bloomburg spending multiple millions of dollars to promote gun control, removal of concealed carry legislation, and other measures to eliminate guns from all areas of the American public. All of these are a warning to the American people that the Obama administration is on full attack mode to some day make this country a totally gun free nation; and they are not trying to due it to protect anyone; they are doing it to gain control over the people and go totally socialistic, communism.

      Remember when Nakita Kruschev said he would not have to invade America to take it over. All he would have to do is take over control from within, through indoctrination of the children, and the young school kids. He would change the opinions of the young on issues of religion, homosexuality, basic morals, etc and break down the American moral standards so that it will destroy itself from within. So far it has come to pass with great success.

      So are we just to sit back, and not worry about all of this hulabalu of gun control and confiscation? You can do that if you wish but you are a fool if you do, and if you do then do not act surprised when one day you wake up and a gestapo style military group is knocking at your door to herd you off to some concentration camp, for your own protection of course. If you don’t learn from history then you are destined to relive it. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  15. Frances Hase

    Listen. We are feeling worse and more fearful as the days go by. If the supreme court can overrule an amendment like the 10th one then what makes you think they can’t overrule the 2nd amendment. If they and the democrats don’t shape up there is going to be s great showdown. It’s not about gay rights either. Who doesn’t know that was a distraction to cover the Super.e courts set up for different plans. It should have been left to the states whether we liked it or not. The Supreme court has played with our lived for the last time. We are angry.

  16. Al Williamson

    all your points are good, but with more and more attempts at ammo restrictions and these lawmakers in DC rolling over and giving in on everything plus the way SCOTUS is going I wouldn’t be surprised to see the2nd amendment overturned. Anytime ammo restrictions are put in place this makes it harder and harder on citizens to purchase ammo not only because of limited supplies but higher prices. BHO is extremely determined to disarm America by any means possible.

  17. Edo

    Listen up! Live and let live, “Why can’t we all get along? And last but not the least important, “Know thine enemies with love, respect and the capability to protect yourselves and family when you have no other choice. Peace and Love has it’s place and so do the shooting sports…


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