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CZ P10C Holsters

Discover the perfect CZ P10C holsters to carry and protect your firearm, featuring a range of high-quality options for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Choose from various designs and materials to find the best fit for your needs in our comprehensive product roundup.

Discover the perfect CZ P10C holsters to carry and protect your firearm, featuring a range of high-quality options for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Choose from various designs and materials to find the best fit for your needs in our comprehensive product roundup.

Discover the perfect CZ P10C holster that suits your needs and lifestyle. Our comprehensive roundup showcases a variety of options, from sports and outdoors to gun safes. Keep your firearm secure and accessible with our must-have selection.

In this article, we will explore the best CZ P10C holsters available on the market. Whether you’re an avid shooter, hunter, or simply a responsible gun owner, we have you covered. Stay tuned for our top picks and expert advice on choosing the ideal holster for your CZ P10C.

The Top 9 Best CZ P10C Holsters

  1. Comfortable CZ P-10 C IWB Holster for Everyday Carry - Experience exceptional comfort and secure fitment with the Blade-Tech Nano IWB Holster for CZ P-10C, perfect for everyday carry.

  2. Concealed Carry IWB Holster for CZ P-10 C - The Tulster Profile IWB Holster CZ-USA P-10 C offers top-notch comfort, maximum concealment, and adjustable retention for effortless, secure everyday carry.

  3. Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster for CZ P-10 C - Superior Durability & Comfort: Concealment Express’s Inside The Waistband Holster offers a perfect combination of protection, concealment, and accessibility for everyday use, making it an excellent choice for carrying your CZ P-10 C Right Hand in style.

  4. CZ P-10 C Kydex IWB Holster for Secure Carry - The CZ P-10 C IWB Right-Handed Holster by We The People Holsters offers adjustable retention, ride, and cant, as well as an adjustable clip and protective sweat guard for optimal concealment and comfort.

  5. Concealable Belt Holster for CZ P10C and Glock 19 Gen 1-5 - Galco’s innovative and comfortable CON226B Concealable Belt Holster is specifically designed for CZ P10C and various Glock models, providing premium steerhide construction, full slide-barrel coverage, and a stylish modern aesthetic.

  6. CZ P10C OWB Kydex Paddle Holster - Discover the top-rated CZ P-10 C OWB Kydex Paddle Holster with 4.9 stars, adjustable features, and premium materials for optimal concealed carry and all-day comfort.

  7. Concealment Kydex IWB Holster for CZ P10C with Red Dot Optics Compatibility - Experience unmatched comfort and concealment with the C&G Holsters Covert IWB Holsters for CZ P10C, designed for optimal deployment and featuring a tall sight channel, built-in wedge, and solid locking retention.

  8. CZ P10C Kydex IWB Holster with Open Bottom and Tall Sight Channel - Discover the ultimate concealed carry experience with C&G Holsters’ Covert IWB Holster, designed for CZ P10C Left Hand, offering unbeatable precision, a unique wedge for optimal deployment, and a lifetime guarantee by American veterans.

  9. CZ P10C Kydex OWB Belt Holster with Open Bottom and Custom C&G 1.75” Belt Loops - C&G Holsters Covert OWB Belt Holster for CZ P10C - Right Hand, Black, 2480-100: Durable, veteran-made, and with a solid locking retention, it offers unbeatable precision and comfort for a concealed carry experience you haven’t had before.

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Comfortable CZ P-10 C IWB Holster for Everyday Carry


I have been using the CZ P-10C Nano IWB Holster for a while now, and it has quickly become my go-to choice for daily carry. The first thing that impressed me about this holster was its comfortability throughout the day. With its smooth texture and precise fitment, there’s no chafing or skin irritation to worry about.

The adjustable retention screws allow me to customize the fit of my firearm in the holster, ensuring it remains secure without sacrificing quick draw capability when needed. The cantable belt clip provides carrying versatility between appendix carry and strong-side carry, making it suitable for different preferences.

One feature unique to this holster is its full-length sweat guard, which keeps my firearm dry even during hot summer days. This has been particularly helpful as excessive sweating can cause discomfort while carrying a concealed weapon. Additionally, there are no sharp edges or angles that dig into my body while wearing it, providing all-day comfort without sacrificing security.

While I’ve had an overall positive experience with this product, there were some minor cons worth mentioning: Firstly, putting your firearm into the holster may be tricky at first due to its tight fit; however, once you get used to it, this becomes less of an issue. Secondly, those with larger optics might not be able to enjoy the convenience fully as there might be some obstruction issues when drawing from certain positions – but again these are just minor concerns given everything else offered by this excellent product!

In conclusion – if you’re looking for an affordable yet high quality inside waistband (IWB) holster that offers supreme comfort all day long then look no further than Blade Tech’s ‘Nano IWB Holster for CZ P10C’ - perfect solution whether you want something unobtrusive under clothing or need something reliable during heavy activity outdoors!

Concealed Carry IWB Holster for CZ P-10 C


The IWB Profile Series holster for my CZ P10C has been quite the revelation. The low-profile design means it’s barely noticeable, making it a great option for concealed carry. Despite its compact size, the holster is still very comfortable to wear all day.

One thing that really stands out for me is the adjustable retention screw. This feature allows me to control how firmly my firearm is held in place, ensuring a smooth draw when needed. There’s also extra space between the muzzle and the retention screw, which helps prevent discomfort while carrying around my thigh area.

Another benefit of this holster is its trigger guard undercut design, which enhances grip on my handgun without any wobble or movement inside it. It sits snugly in place with no issues whatsoever – another reason why I feel secure using this holster daily as part of my carry routine!

Last but not least, adjusting cant settings on this holster couldn’t be easier thanks to its injection molded belt clip and optional soft loops (sold separately). With a range from 0-30 degrees available at your disposal – there’s no shortage when it comes down customizing your perfect fit based off personal preference or comfort level requirements alike! Overall? The IWB Profile Series might just be one heckuva reliable addition if you’re looking into upgrading/investing into high quality kydex made products today! ”

Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster for CZ P-10 C


As an avid user of the CZ P10C Holsters, I must admit that these holsters have exceeded my expectations. The comfort and durability of the materials used are top-notch, making it an ideal choice for everyday concealed carry. One feature that stands out is the adjustable cant, which enables you to customize the draw hand according to your preferences.

The retention system on these holsters is also exceptional; it keeps your weapon securely in place during rigorous activities. Moreover, the sleek black oxide finish gives it a modern appearance, making it suitable for concealed carry.

However, one con is that some may find the price slightly higher compared to other brands. But considering its quality and features like a lifetime warranty offered by this product, it’s worth investing in if you’re looking for a reliable inside waistband holster for your CZ P10C pistol.

Overall, based on my personal experience and product features such as adjustable cant and superior retention system, I would highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a comfortable and functional inside waistband holster for their CZ P10C pistol – give it a try!

CZ P-10 C Kydex IWB Holster for Secure Carry


When I started using the CZ P-10 C IWB holster, the first thing that caught my attention was its high build quality and design. The Kydex material offers a thin profile that ensured my firearm remained concealed even under light clothing, which is crucial for everyday carry.

I found the adjustable retention and cant incredibly helpful in finding a comfortable fit, allowing for maximum flexibility in carry options. The protective sweat guard minimized contact between my gun and body, providing an added layer of comfort.

The adjustable clip allowed me to securely position it on my waistband or belt without any issues, while the secure belt clip ensured smooth draws. My only concern is there’s no audible ‘click’ when holstering the gun, but the tension remains excellent nonetheless.

Overall, this holster has proven to be both comfortable and reliable for carrying my CZ P-10 C firearm. As an avid supporter of American-made products, I particularly appreciate that it’s handmade in Las Vegas, NV using durable materials. For those seeking a dependable option for their CZ P-10 C firearm, I would highly recommend this product.

Concealable Belt Holster for CZ P10C and Glock 19 Gen 1-5


As a product reviewer and avid gun owner, I had the chance to try out the Galco Concealable Holster for my CZ P10C. After using it for some time, I can confidently say that this holster exceeded my expectations and significantly improved my carry experience.

One notable aspect of this holster is its comfortable fit which is achieved through its unique two-piece construction. The design curves naturally to the shape of your hip, providing all-day comfort and reducing any irritation often experienced with other holsters. The forward-molded design also ensures a slimmer profile, making concealment much easier while still maintaining a secure grip on your firearm.

In terms of retention properties, the hand-molded exterior made from premium steerhide leather excels in keeping your gun secure without causing any hindrance during quick draws thanks to its firing grip accessibility feature. Furthermore, double stitching enhances durability and reinforces longevity for long-lasting use. Additionally, covering the trigger guard provides an extra layer of safety when carrying your firearm in this holster.

Compared to other similar products in the market, the Galco Concealable Holster has a narrower profile which makes it even easier to conceal while still providing ample support for your firearm. Its belt loops are designed to accommodate belts up to 1 ½ inches wide giving you enough room for adjustments based on personal preferences or clothing style changes in different seasons or occasions where one would need their gun with them at all times (such as during hunting trips).

Overall, if you’re searching for a high-quality OWB holster that offers great concealment and comfort while carrying your CZ P10C pistol - look no further than Galco’s Concealable Holster as it consistently delivers on these fronts making it well worth considering as part of anyone’s arsenal today!

CZ P10C OWB Kydex Paddle Holster


I have been using this product to carry my weapon securely and comfortably. One of the best features is the adjustable cant, which allows me to customize the carry angle to fit my body type perfectly. The adjustable ‘Posi-Click’ Retention gives me a satisfying click when holstered, ensuring my firearm is safely secured.

The undercut trigger guard makes it easy for me to draw my weapon, while the over-cut open-face design accommodates threaded barrels, giving me versatility in accessorizing my firearm. One downside is that the holster can print with certain clothing items; however, this can be resolved by wearing appropriate attire or using an inside the waistband holster instead. Overall, I am impressed with this product’s quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

While testing out the CZ P-10 C OWB KYDEX Paddle Holster, I found that its custom molding provided a great fit for my gun without any hassle. My weapon clicked into place firmly and securely each time thanks to the adjustable ‘Posi-Click’ Retention feature – giving me peace of mind that it wouldn’t accidentally fall out during movement or activity! Another useful aspect was how lightweight yet durable this holster proved itself—it didn’t add any unnecessary bulk while still offering reliable protection against wear and tear every day use might bring along with it! Additionally, being able to adjust cant angles according

to personal preference truly added an extra layer convenience when carrying concealed - allowing us shooters maximum comfort no matter what kind clothing we opted

for on any given day out there!

Concealment Kydex IWB Holster for CZ P10C with Red Dot Optics Compatibility


The C&G Kydex OWB holster for my CZ P10C has not only exceeded my expectations, but made me a loyal fan of the brand. I’m particularly impressed with the perfect fit that hugs my side without causing any irritation or excessive printing. The retention is just right, allowing for an easy draw while still providing a secure lock.

One of the things I love about this holster is its customizability. Adjusting the cant and accommodating an RMR cutout was simple and easy, resulting in a flawless fit that works seamlessly with my Venom red dot sight. Plus, its open bottom design effortlessly accommodates threaded barrels and compensators from top manufacturers like Tyrant, Agency, Zev, and PMM.

The tall sight channel ensures optimal deployment clearance for your suppressor or red dot height setup – something I definitely appreciate as it guarantees smooth operation every time. The built-in wedge adds another level of comfort during concealed carry or range practice sessions too!

In terms of customer service - C&G’s team have been amazing! Responses were prompt and knowledgeable when addressing questions about fitment or adjustments; their dedication to keeping customers happy is truly commendable. Also knowing that this product is made by Veterans and Law Enforcement proudly supporting our hardworking men and women who keep us safe on a daily basis makes me feel good about using their products! With their lifetime guarantee on their products - you can trust them to keep your firearm secure throughout many years to come!

CZ P10C Kydex IWB Holster with Open Bottom and Tall Sight Channel


I recently purchased the CZ P10C Holster, and after using it for a while, I have to say that I’m impressed with its performance. The holster is made of kydex, which makes it lightweight and durable. This material has enhanced my overall comfort during extended use. The snug fit of my gun inside the holster was a pleasant surprise; it felt very secure with no wiggle room at all.

The attachment mount type for this holster is a clip, making it versatile enough to attach to most belts or even pants waistbands. As a right-handed shooter, I found that the open bottom design allowed quick and easy access to my firearm when needed. The built-in wedge provided additional comfort while wearing the holster all day long, ensuring it stayed firmly in place.

One feature that stood out for me was the adjustable sight channel height as it allowed me to customize this product depending on whether I was using a suppressor or red dot sight. This level of customization is truly valuable, especially for someone like me who has multiple setups for their CZ P10C pistol.

Although there wasn’t much ventilation on the side facing my body, I didn’t find this issue significant enough to hamper my overall experience with the product. However, occasionally when pulling out my gun from time to time resulted in slight tugging near the trigger guard due to how tightly fitted everything is - something worth mentioning if you prefer smoother draws every time without much resistance. .

Overall though? It’s an excellent product with solid build quality and great attention paid towards ergonomics - definitely recommended for any CZ P10C owner looking for an ultra-reliable Kydex holster option!

CZ P10C Kydex OWB Belt Holster with Open Bottom and Custom C&G 1.75” Belt Loops


I recently had the opportunity to try out the CZ P10C OWB Covert Kydex Holster - Quickship model from C&G Holsters, and I must say I’m quite impressed with its exceptional design and craftsmanship. Fit is crucial for a holster, and this one does an excellent job at securely holding my pistol while still allowing for a smooth draw.

One aspect I appreciate is the sleek and comfortable design; it’s made of sturdy Kydex material, which feels durable but lightweight when worn. The custom 1. 75” belt loop ensures it stays firmly attached to my belt, so there are no worries about shifting or movement while on the go. Additionally, the tall sight channel can accommodate taller sights or a suppressor, making it ideal for those who like to customize their firearms with accessories.

The locking mechanism on this holster is also top-notch - you can both hear and feel the “click” when your gun is safely holstered, providing peace of mind that your weapon isn’t going anywhere until you need it. With precision craftsmanship and comfort provided by proprietary molds used by C&G Holsters, you can be sure that this product stands out from generic mass-produced holsters in both form and function.

Some users have mentioned slight issues such as finding the right cant adjustment or experiencing slight movement upon full insertion into the holster; however, these were not significant problems for me personally after trying out different adjustments during use. Overall though, I am extremely pleased with my purchase of this product – it has quickly become one of my go-to concealed carry options for my CZ P10C pistol!

Buyer’s Guide

CZ P10C Holsters-2

Importance of Holsters

A good quality CZ P10C holster is an essential piece of equipment for any gun owner. It provides safety and convenience by securing your firearm efficiently and discreetly, giving you quick access when you need it most. The right holster can also distribute the weight of your gun evenly on your body, reducing strain and discomfort during prolonged use.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Holster

When shopping for a CZ P10C holster, consider the following factors:

  • Retention: Make sure the holster has a strong grip on your gun to ensure it doesn’t fall out accidentally.

  • Draw speed: The holster should allow for quick and smooth draws while still offering plenty of security.

  • Comfort: The type of material used, the style, and the size should be comfortable to wear for extended periods.

  • Concealment: If you’re looking for a concealed carry holster, consider options that minimize visibility and bulkiness, like IWB (Inside the Waistband) or OWB (Outside the Waistband) with tuckable straps.

CZ P10C Holsters-3

Types of Holsters

There are several types of holsters available for the CZ P10C. Here are some common ones:

  • IWB (Inside the Waistband): Offers maximum concealment and is popular among those who carry daily.

  • OWB (Outside the Waistband): Provides quick access and is often used by hunters or target shooters.

  • Shoulder Holster: Provides a balanced load and is comfortable for extended periods of use.

  • Ankle Holster: Offers deep concealment but may require bending down to access the firearm.


The material used in the construction of your holster is crucial. Some popular choices include leather, Kydex, nylon, and hybrid materials. Each has its pros and cons, so choosing one that suits your needs best is important.

CZ P10C Holsters-4

Proper Fit and Maintenance

To ensure optimal performance, make sure your CZ P10C holster fits your specific model and size. Regularly check for wear and tear, and ensure proper cleaning and maintenance to prolong the life of your holster.


A high-quality CZ P10C holster is a must-have for any firearm enthusiast. By considering factors like retention, draw speed, comfort, and concealment, you can choose the perfect holster for your individual needs. Always prioritize safety and proper handling when using your firearm and holster to ensure a positive experience.

CZ P10C Holsters-5


What are CZ P10C holsters?

CZ P10C holsters are specifically designed to securely hold a CZ P10C pistol. They come in various materials, styles, and methods of wear to suit individual preferences, allowing safe and easy access to your weapon when needed.

CZ P10C Holsters-6

Why is it important to use a dedicated CZ P10C holster?

A proper holster ensures that you can securely store your CZ P10C pistol when not in use, making it easy and safe to access when necessary. Additionally, a dedicated holster helps protect the weapon from damage, maintains a consistent draw, and ensures that the trigger is protected to prevent any accidental discharge.

What materials are CZ P10C holsters made from?

CZ P10C holsters can be made from various materials, including leather, synthetic materials, and even metal. The choice of material often depends on the wearer’s preferences, as each material has its own set of pros and cons. For instance, leather holsters tend to be more comfortable and attractive, while synthetic materials can be more durable and easier to maintain.

What types of CZ P10C holsters are available?

There are several types of CZ P10C holsters to choose from, including:

  • Inside the waistband (IWB)

  • Outside the waistband (OWB)

  • Ankle holsters

  • Shoulder holsters

  • Thigh holsters

Which type is best depends on your intended use, lifestyle, and personal preferences. IWB and OWB holsters are popular choices for everyday carry, while other types may be more suitable for specific situations or events.

How should I choose the right CZ P10C holster for me?

When selecting a CZ P10C holster, consider the following factors:

  1. Material: Choose a material that suits your needs and preferences in terms of comfort, durability, and maintenance.

  2. Retention: Make sure the holster securely holds your weapon in place, preventing it from falling out or being removed easily by someone else.

  3. Draw: Ensure that the holster enables a smooth and consistent draw, making it easy to access your weapon quickly and efficiently when needed.

  4. Comfort: Pick a holster that is comfortable to wear for extended periods, especially if you plan on carrying it daily.

  5. concealment: Select a holster that helps hide your weapon from view if you prefer a discreet carry option.

By taking these factors into account, you can choose the ideal CZ P10C holster for your specific needs and preferences.

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