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LaserMax Holsters

Discover the best LaserMax Holsters for your firearms in our comprehensive product roundup, featuring top choices for gun safes, sports and outdoors enthusiasts, and security-conscious gun owners. Get expert reviews and detailed comparisons to find the perfect holster for your needs.

Discover the best LaserMax Holsters for your firearms in our comprehensive product roundup, featuring top choices for gun safes, sports and outdoors enthusiasts, and security-conscious gun owners. Get expert reviews and detailed comparisons to find the perfect holster for your needs.

If you’re in love with your LaserMax equipped firearm, you may wonder about the best ways to safely and securely carry it. Fret not, our LaserMax Holsters roundup has got you covered. This article brings together the best options from the world of Gun Holsters, Sports and Outdoors, Gun Safes, and Firearms. Discover our top picks for carrying and storing your prized LaserMax firearms with safety and style.

Whether you’re an avid hunter, a competitive shooter, or just someone who values personal defense, we’ve got you squarely in our sights. Our detailed reviews and expert recommendations will help you find the perfect LaserMax Holster that suits your lifestyle, offering peace of mind and superior performance. Stay tuned as we explore the best of the best in the realm of LaserMax Holsters, coming up next.

The Top 10 Best LaserMax Holsters

  1. Custom Mod1 IWB Kydex Holster System for Faxon FX-19 - Mod1 IWB Kydex Holster System - Precision-engineered custom left-hand holster for Sig P365 with open bottom for threads & comps, custom DCC clips, dark wing for added concealment, 100% made in America, and lifetime guarantee.

  2. Custom Kydex Holster System for Walther PDP 4” - Right Hand, IWB Orientation - 5-star Mod1 IWB Kydex Holster System for Walther PDP 4” crafted custom to fit your needs, 100% American made by veterans and law enforcement, adjustable for retention, and designed for optimal concealment and comfort.

  3. Slim IWB Holster for Smith & Wesson .380 Bodyguard with Laser - The Klipt IWB Holster for the Smith & Wesson .380 Bodyguard w/ Laser offers a slim, discreet design for everyday carry, featuring high sweat guard, easy on/off belt clip, built-in retention, and made with heat-resistant polymer in the USA.

  4. Custom IWB Kydex Holster for Sig P365 with Adjustable Retention - Experience the ultimate in customization and comfort with C&G Holsters’ Mod1 IWB Kydex Holster System for Sig P365, offering unmatched precision, durability, and support for your everyday carry with a lifetime guarantee.

  5. Universal Mag Carrier Kydex Concealed Carry IWB Magazine Holster by We The People Holsters - Universal Mag Carrier by We The People Holsters, a single stack, adjustable IWB magazine carrier for concealed carry in black kydex material.

  6. Versatile and Comfortable IWB Holster for Multiple Clip Styles - Experience optimal comfort and concealed carry versatility with the quick-ship UltiClip Inside-the-Waistband Holster, boasting multiple clip styles, various colors and patterns, and the guarantee of swift delivery from Gun Goddess.

  7. Custom Kydex IWB Holster for Sig P365-XMACRO - Experience premium comfort and concealment with the Mod1 IWB Kydex Holster System, featuring customizable orientation, attachments, and sweat guard sizes, backed by a lifetime guarantee and made in America by veterans and law enforcement.

  8. IWB Kydex Holster for Glock 19 & 19X - Adjustable & Secure - Glock 19 and 19X IWB Left-Handed Holster by We The People Holsters - Secure, Adjustable, Durable Kydex, Compatible with Red Dots and Ideal for Concealed Carry

  9. Secure IWB Holster for Glock 43/43X with Adjustable Retention & Ride - We The People Holsters’ Glock 43/43X IWB Holster offers optimal concealment and adjustable features for a comfortable and secure carry experience, specifically designed for right-handed use.

  10. Comfortable Concealed Carry Kydex Mag Holster for M&P 10/45 (Double Stack) - Experience the best in concealed carry comfort with our Lasermax Holsters Universal IWB/OWB Single Kydex Magazine Holder, designed for M&P 10/45 (Double Stack) and endorsed by the NTOA.

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Custom Mod1 IWB Kydex Holster System for Faxon FX-19


After using the C&G Mod 1 Kydex Holster for a few weeks, I’m incredibly impressed with its quality and design. The hinge system is a game-changer, providing maximum concealment and comfort while carrying my firearm. The holster fits my pistol securely, without any wiggle room, thanks to the proprietary molds and CNC milling that result in precise detailing. The solid locking mechanism provides an audible “click” when the firearm is holstered, giving me peace of mind about weapon security during physical activity.

What I appreciate most about this holster is how well it conforms to my body during movements, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the day. Although I wish I had discovered this holster sooner to save time and money from trying other inferior options on the market, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and highly recommend it to anyone in search of a high-quality kydex holster.

One area where there may be room for improvement would be adding versatility in terms of fitting different types of guns or adjustability options based on specific user preferences. Other than that minor suggestion, the C&G Mod 1 Kydex Holster has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, comfort, and concealment.

Custom Kydex Holster System for Walther PDP 4” - Right Hand, IWB Orientation


My daily carry routine has significantly improved since switching to the C&G holster a few weeks ago. The proprietary molds, CNC milled design, and precision craftsmanship deliver unmatched comfort and concealment. I opted for the modular belt clips, which have been durable and secure throughout my use. The hinge system makes adjusting the holster angle easy for comfortable concealment even with my larger pistol under a t-shirt.

What sets C&G apart from other holsters is their commitment to quality. Every aspect of this holster is made with high-quality materials like. 093” thick Kydex for durability and treated hardware for strength and corrosion resistance. This attention to detail gives me peace of mind that my investment will last.

While I am generally thrilled with this purchase, I do wish there were more options for customization like color choices or different sweat guard sizes. Additionally, while it excels in comfort, the fit could be more snug to reduce any potential movement while carrying. Despite these minor drawbacks, I would still recommend C&G Holsters as an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a new concealed carry solution.

Slim IWB Holster for Smith & Wesson .380 Bodyguard with Laser


As a firearm owner, I’ve tried out numerous concealed carry holsters, but none have been as impressive as the Blade-Tech Klipt IWB Holster for the S&W. 380 Bodyguard w/ Laser. This holster is lightweight and comfortable, which makes it perfect for everyday use. It features a high sweat guard that keeps your skin dry and comfortable while also preventing slide serrations from causing discomfort.

The built-in retention on this holster gives me added peace of mind while carrying my firearm in public spaces - it has a positive lock trigger guard that provides tactile feedback so I know my weapon is secure without needing any adjustments. The smooth edges and full-length sweat guard make sure that this holster remains comfortable throughout the day, with no printing issues even when worn for extended periods.

Overall, if you’re looking for an excellent concealed carry option with comfort and practicality in mind, the Blade-Tech Klipt IWB Holster for the S&W. 380 Bodyguard w/ Laser should be at the top of your list. It stays securely on belts up to 1. 5 inches wide until you need to take it off and provides all-day comfort thanks to its slim design and high-strength construction from heat resistant polymer right here in the USA!

Custom IWB Kydex Holster for Sig P365 with Adjustable Retention


I was thrilled when I received my custom-made C&G Holsters holster that catered to my specific needs. The moment I put it on, I could immediately feel the comfort and security it provided, with its excellent concealment options. To my surprise, even under a regular T-shirt, it seemed virtually invisible!

The hinge system incorporated by the company is truly remarkable as it conforms to body movements and allows me to effortlessly perform everyday tasks such as bending or tying shoes without any discomfort or imbalance. Even better is the fact that not only does this holster fit perfectly with my chosen firearm, but also works seamlessly with additional magazines!

I am simply blown away by how well-crafted and designed this holster is, keeping user convenience in mind. It’s durable and boasts quality features that make it hard for me not to gush about how impressed I am. If you’ve been searching for a perfect concealed carry system that checks all the right boxes, look no further than C&G Holsters – their products are guaranteed not to disappoint!

Universal Mag Carrier Kydex Concealed Carry IWB Magazine Holster by We The People Holsters


When I first received my Universal Mag Carrier Kydex Concealed Carry/Holster by We The People Holsters, I was immediately impressed with its quality and design. This carrier is made from durable Kydex material that ensures a secure grip on my magazines, while still allowing for easy access.

One of the standout features for me is the adjustable tension screws which allows me to customize the fit of the magazine within the carrier. With an adjustable cant feature, I can also carry it at different angles which provides great comfort based on my preferred carry position.

This mag carrier has worked well for both single-stack and double-stack mags, as it accommodates both types perfectly. However, one minor downside I’ve noticed is that if a magazine is inserted too far into the carrier, bullet tips are exposed on some double stack magazines (mainly because they are designed for universal fitment). It’s important to ensure your mags are in place correctly before carrying them.

In conclusion, this mag carrier has become an essential part of my everyday carry setup offering excellent concealment and reliability while providing fast accessibility when needed.

Versatile and Comfortable IWB Holster for Multiple Clip Styles


I recently purchased the Gun Goddess holster for my Taurus G3, and I’m happy to say it’s become my go-to choice for concealed carry. The robust kydex construction offers durability, while the UltiClip secures the holster in place even when wearing light summer garments.

What really sets Gun Goddess apart is their exceptional customer service. They promptly answered all my queries and consistently followed up to ensure I was content with my purchase. Their website also boasts a wealth of resources for first-time gun owners, which I found incredibly helpful.

The diverse customization options truly make this product stand out. I enjoyed selecting from an array of colors, textures, and clip styles that not only accommodated my carrying needs but also matched my personal style preferences. The optional kick-out wing enhances concealability, particularly when wearing lighter clothing in warmer weather.

In summary, the Gun Goddess holster has exceeded expectations in terms of quality, comfortability, and versatility while carrying daily. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a top-notch concealed carry solution!

Custom Kydex IWB Holster for Sig P365-XMACRO


I’ve been using C&G Holsters for quite some time now, and I’m really impressed with the quality and comfort they provide. The customized fit, designed specifically for my firearm, has made a huge difference in how I carry my weapon.

One of the highlights of this product is its adjustable retention system which ensures a snug fit while still allowing for easy draw. Another standout feature is the hinge system that conforms to your body movements, providing unparalleled comfort during daily activities.

The open bottom design accommodates threaded barrels and compensators while maintaining a low profile for concealment. The included Dark Wing adds an extra layer of concealment by covering the rear sight of your pistol.

The durability of this holster is worth mentioning as it’s made with. 093-inch thick Kydex for long-lasting performance. All hardware has undergone Salt bath Nitriding treatment for added strength and corrosion resistance.

In terms of usability, C&G Holsters offer ease of use due to their proprietary molds and CNC milling process resulting in precise craftsmanship down to. 003 inches! This level of precision ensures a perfect fit every time, making it easier to draw when needed without additional bulk or discomfort during daily wear.

Overall, my experience with C&G Holsters has been exceptional - they are made with high-quality materials built to last while providing excellent concealment options tailored specifically for you! If you are looking for an effective Kydex holster option that you can count on day after day - give C&G Holsters a try!

IWB Kydex Holster for Glock 19 & 19X - Adjustable & Secure


After carrying my Glock 19 in the IWB holster by We The People Holsters for a couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that it’s become an essential part of my everyday carry routine. The Kydex material is sturdy yet lightweight, making it comfortable to wear all day long without any discomfort.

One standout feature of this holster is the adjustable retention and ride height, which allowed me to customize the fit to my body perfectly ensuring secure concealment under various types of clothing. This was particularly useful when carrying during physical activities or in different weather conditions, as it gave me confidence in the security of my firearm.

However, one downside I’ve experienced is with the sweat guard feature which didn’t seem to be as effective as advertised. While it minimized contact between my gun and body to some extent, there were still instances where sweat accumulated on both sides of the holster after prolonged use - something that could be improved upon in future iterations. That said, this holster offers great value for the price considering its overall quality and functionality.

Overall, I would recommend this Glock 19 IWB Holster by We The People Holsters for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable concealed carry option that provides excellent adjustability options at an affordable price point - just keep in mind its shortcomings when it comes to dealing with excessive perspiration.

Secure IWB Holster for Glock 43/43X with Adjustable Retention & Ride


I recently started using the Glock 43/43X IWB Right-Handed Holster by We The People Holsters, and I must say that it has quickly become one of my favorite holsters for concealed carry. The high-quality Kydex material used in its construction ensures that it maintains a thin profile, which helps with maximum concealment under various types of clothing. Additionally, the material is comfortable to wear all day long, making it perfect for those long days at work or outings on weekends.

One of the standout features of this holster is its adjustable retention. It lets you set the tension according to your personal preference, ensuring that your firearm remains securely in place while still allowing for a smooth draw when needed. Another feature that adds to its flexibility is the adjustable ride and cant option that allows you to find a position that works best for your body type and style of dressing.

The holster also comes with an adjustable clip offering up to eight different positions on your belt for optimal convenience and security. I love how it can be customized according to where I need it most - whether close or away from my body, depending upon what kind clothes are being worn at any given time! Plus there’s no denying how helpful having this extra level control feels knowing everything will be safe without worry about shifting during movement throughout day because let face: we don’t want anything slipping off unexpectedly now do we? !

A unique aspect about this product compared other similar ones on market today would have been inclusion protective sweat guard minimizing contact between gun & body preventing any uncomfortable situations or potential damage due sweat moisture buildup over time - something often overlooked but important nonetheless considering our bodies naturally produce sweat even just sitting around doing nothing much less when engaged actively physically demanding activities like running errands etc. . So having such thoughtful addition definitely adds value proposition making me feel more confident investing dollars spent here worthwhile indeed! !

Overall though minor downside could point towards slightly higher price range compared basic leather alternatives available elsewhere; however considering overall quality craftsmanship materials used combined wth additional benefits mentioned previously (customizability comfort factor among others) easily justify spend ultimately getting peace mind knowing well protected carrying weapon securely discreetly fashion possible makes difference world difference here… So if looking reliable versatile option look further than Glock 43/43X IWB Right-Handed Holster We The People Holsters – highly recommend giving try see what talking about yourself! !

Comfortable Concealed Carry Kydex Mag Holster for M&P 10/45 (Double Stack)


After using this Inside the Waistband (IWB) Kydex Mag Holster for several months, I can confidently say that it is one of the best and most comfortable concealed carry options available. The holster’s design prioritizes both comfort and concealability, making it easy to wear all day long without any issues. Additionally, the adjustable retention screws offer a level of customization that ensures my magazines stay securely in place while still allowing for a smooth draw when needed.

One major highlight of this product is its compatibility with a wide range of magazine sizes. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple holsters and simplifies my everyday carry setup. Moreover, its sleek design makes concealing under clothing effortless and does not interfere with my other C&GHolsters products, further enhancing my carrying experience. Another standout feature is its lightweight construction, which helps minimize any added weight or hindrance to movement throughout the day.

Although this Kydex Mag Holster has many positive aspects, there are a few areas that I believe could be improved upon to offer an even better overall experience. For example, while drawing from the holster usually feels smooth and natural, there have been occasions where it felt slightly stiff due to how tightly magazines are held within their pockets – something that could potentially be addressed in future iterations of the product. Furthermore, some users may desire additional refinement regarding ergonomics/handling when wearing multiple riggings together – another aspect that would benefit from further attention by the manufacturer moving forward.

In conclusion, despite these minor shortcomings, this National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) tested and recommended Kydex Mag Holster remains an excellent choice for anyone seeking a comfortable and reliable concealed carry solution for their magazines – especially if they already own other C&GHolsters products due to their seamless integration with one another.

Buyer’s Guide

LaserMax Holsters-2

Features of LaserMax Holsters

LaserMax Holsters are designed to offer a secure and comfortable fit for your firearms, allowing easy access when needed. Key features include:

  • Retention System: These holsters feature adjustable retention systems that ensure your weapon stays securely in place until you decide to draw it.

  • Comfortable Fit: LaserMax Holsters are made from high-quality materials that provide a comfortable fit while also protecting your firearm from scratches and impacts.

  • Ambidextrous Design: Many models of LaserMax Holsters are available in both right- and left-handed versions, catering to users of all skill levels and hand dominance.

  • LaserMax Compatibility: As the name suggests, certain LaserMax Holsters are specifically designed to accommodate LaserMax sights, making them ideal for those looking to utilize these advanced aiming devices.

Considerations for Choosing LaserMax Holsters

Before making a purchase, consider the following factors when selecting the best LaserMax Holster for your needs:

  • Firearm Compatibility: Ensure that the chosen holster is designed to fit your specific firearm model and caliber, as different sizes and shapes may require varying types of holsters.

  • Retention Level: Determine the level of retention you require, as some users may prefer a tighter grip on their weapon while others may prioritize a smoother draw.

  • Draw Speed: Consider how quickly you need to access your firearm, as some holster designs offer faster draw speeds than others.

  • Comfort: Make sure the chosen holster is comfortable to wear, especially if you plan on carrying it for extended periods.

LaserMax Holsters-3

General Advice for Using LaserMax Holsters

To ensure optimal performance and safety when using LaserMax Holsters, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Regular Maintenance: Clean and inspect your holster regularly to maintain its functionality and prevent damage or malfunction over time.

  • Proper Fit: Ensure that your holster is properly fitted to your specific firearm model, as improper fitting can lead to inaccurate gun handling and potential accidents.

  • Safe Draw Technique: Always practice proper gun handling techniques when drawing from a holster, ensuring that your finger remains off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

  • LaserMax Sight Compatibility: If you opt for a LaserMax Holster designed to accommodate these advanced sights, consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper alignment and use.


LaserMax Holsters-4

What is a LaserMax Holster?

A LaserMax Holster is a type of gun holster designed to hold and secure a LaserMax laser sight equipped firearm. These holsters provide safety and easy access for your firearm while also protecting the laser sight.

What types of LaserMax Holsters are available?

LaserMax Holsters come in various designs and models to suit different firearms and individual preferences. Some popular types include: * IWB (Inside Waistband) Holsters

  • OWB (Outside Waistband) Holsters

  • Universal Holsters

  • Tactical Holsters

  • Concealed Carry Holsters

LaserMax Holsters-5

How do I choose the right LaserMax Holster for my firearm?

Choosing the right LaserMax Holster depends on several factors such as the type of firearm you have, your personal preferences for comfort and concealment, and how you plan to carry the holster. Consider the following factors: 1. Firearm Type

  1. Draw Speed and Accessibility

  2. Comfort and Concealment

  3. Retention Features

  4. Material and Durability

Are LaserMax Holsters compatible with all LaserMax laser sights?

LaserMax Holsters are specifically designed to be compatible with LaserMax laser sights. However, it’s essential to ensure that the holster you choose is suitable for your specific firearm and laser sight model.

LaserMax Holsters-6

How do I properly install a LaserMax Holster?

To install a LaserMax Holster, follow these steps: 1. Read the instructions provided with your holster to ensure proper installation and use.

  1. Clean the firearm’s exterior and secure the laser sight on the firearm as recommended by the laser sight manufacturer.

  2. Adjust the retention of the holster to securely hold your firearm and laser sight in place.

  3. Place the firearm in the holster and confirm that it is properly aligned and secure.

How do I care for a LaserMax Holster?

To maintain your LaserMax Holster, follow these care tips: 1. Clean and dry the holster after each use to prevent dirt and moisture buildup.

  1. Avoid exposing the holster to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals, as this may damage the material.

  2. Inspect the holster regularly for signs of wear and tear, and replace it as needed.

What is the warranty on LaserMax Holsters?

The warranty on LaserMax Holsters varies depending on the specific model and retailer. Check the warranty information provided with your holster or contact the manufacturer or retailer for more details.

How can I return or exchange a LaserMax Holster?

To return or exchange a LaserMax Holster, follow the return policy guidelines provided by the retailer where you purchased the product. Most retailers require that you obtain a Return Authorization (RA) before sending the item back. Contact the retailer’s customer service department for assistance with the return or exchange process.

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