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Open Carry Holsters

Discover the best Open Carry Holsters for safe and easy access to your firearms while on the go. Our comprehensive guide features top-rated gun holsters suitable for sports, outdoors, and firearm enthusiasts. Stay secure and protected with the perfect holster tailored to your needs.

Discover the best Open Carry Holsters for safe and easy access to your firearms while on the go. Our comprehensive guide features top-rated gun holsters suitable for sports, outdoors, and firearm enthusiasts. Stay secure and protected with the perfect holster tailored to your needs.

Looking for the perfect holster to safely and securely carry your open carry firearm? This article is here to provide an in-depth review of the best open carry holsters on the market, covering various styles and materials. Discover our top picks for gun holsters, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter. Stay informed and make an educated choice, ensuring both comfort and functionality in your carry experience. This comprehensive guide will explore the latest products in the world of holsters, ideal for sports and outdoors enthusiasts looking to enhance their gear collection.

The Top 10 Best Open Carry Holsters

  1. Adjustable CZ P09 OWB Holster for Competition & Carry - Experience secure, precise, and personalized carry with the Blade-Tech Classic OWB Holster, crafted for exceptional performance and durability with adjustable retention and optics compatibility.

  2. Ultimate Comfortable Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry - The ComfortTac Belly Band Pistol Holster offers deep concealed carry options for various firearms, including Glock, Smith and Wesson, and more, with customizable draw styles and compatibility with different clothing styles.

  3. Blade-Tech Classic OWB Holster for FN FNX-45 Tactical - The Blade-Tech Classic OWB Holster for FN FNX-45 Tactical, crafted in the USA with adjustable retention and modular mounting, offers a secure fit and compatibility with IDPA & USPSA competition, perfect for serious marksmen.

  4. 3-Way Multi-Fit Outside Waistband Leather Belt Holster for Right or Left Handed Carry - Experience seamless concealment and effortless draw with 1791 Gunleather’s 3-Way Multi-Fit OWB Concealment Holster, ambidextrous and available in Classic Brown - a versatile and comfortable solution for unmatched firearm security and protection.

  5. IWB Holster for Sig Sauer P938 by Blade-Tech - The Klipt IWB Holster for Sig Sauer P938 offers a sleek design for everyday carry, boasting features like a high sweat guard for moisture protection, a secure belt clip, and precise fit for optimal comfort during prolonged use.

  6. Springfield XD-M 4.5” OWB Holster | IDPA Legal | Adjustable Retention | USA Made - Experience top-notch performance and durability with the Blade-Tech Signature OWB Holster for your Springfield XDM 4.5”, offering a perfect fit, quick draw, and compatibility with various attachments at an affordable price.

  7. Classic OWB Holster for CZ 75 SP01 Tactical Sport | Adjustable Retention & Optic Compatible - The CZ 75 SP01 Tactical Sport OWB Holster is a high-quality, adjustable, and durable holster designed for right-handed shooters, offering speed, function, and adjustability while accommodating most firearms with optics.

  8. Pink Kydex Glock 43/43X IWB Holster with Adjustable Retention and Ride - Sturdy Glock 43/43X IWB Holster by We The People Holsters: Pink Kydex Material, Adjustable, Secure, Compatible with Red Dots, Made in Las Vegas, Non-Glock Endorsed

  9. Customizable Kydex OWB Holster with Adjustable Retention and Cant - Experience exceptional comfort and concealment with the C&G OWB Signature Series Kydex Holster, designed for customization and compatibility with most red dot sights, adjustable retention, and open bottom for threaded barrels and compensators.

  10. Open Carry Leather Belt Holster for Multiple Firearms - Experience the ultimate in concealed carry comfort with 1791 Gunleather’s 3-Way Multi-Fit OWB Holster, boasting a versatile ambidextrous design, handcrafted quality, and exceptional 5-star reviews.

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Adjustable CZ P09 OWB Holster for Competition & Carry


As a gun enthusiast, I’ve tested and tried many holsters over the years, and after a week of using the Blade-Tech Classic OWB Holster for the CZ P-09, I must say it exceeded my expectations. The high-quality precision molding gave my firearm a snug fit while still providing an easy draw when needed. The adjustable retention feature allowed me to customize the fit of my gun in the holster for maximum security and convenience.

One of my favorite features is the IDPA and USPSA legal optic ready speed cut, which allows me to quickly clear the muzzle during draws. This has proven quite helpful during competitions or while carrying concealed. The durable Boltaron material can endure extensive wear without adding any bulk to your carry setup.

On a downside, some users mentioned difficulty with screw adjustments due to spinning posts; however, this was not my personal experience with this product. Additionally, there were concerns about compatibility with certain optics on firearms that might require modifications or replacement parts for a reliable fit – something worth double checking before purchase. But overall, customers are happy with their purchase as indicated by its high ratings (4. 7) and positive reviews (92%).

In conclusion, if you’re someone who demands precision performance from your holsters like I do – Blade-Tech Classic OWB Holster delivers just that! Thanks to its adjustable retention feature combined with speed cut design it’s perfect solution both for competitive shooting and everyday concealed carry scenarios alike.

Ultimate Comfortable Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry


The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster 2. 0 has been a game-changer for me in terms of comfort and concealment. This versatile holster accommodates various firearm sizes, from subcompacts to full-size pistols, ensuring a secure fit every time. I especially appreciate the retention strap that guarantees a smooth draw whenever needed.

What impressed me the most was how well this holster accommodated different gun sizes and how multiple size options (medium, large, and XL) allowed me to find one that perfectly fitted my measurements. The additional magazine pouches and hook-and-loop attachments make it even more convenient by offering extra storage options on the go.

The breathability of the belly band keeps sweat at bay while wearing it underneath clothing, making it perfect for physical activities such as cycling or walking without worrying about accidentally flashing your weapon. Its versatile design allows for easy concealed carry in any situation – whether you choose to wear it at the appendix or hip, cross draw or open carry style.

Overall, I highly recommend ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster 2. 0 to anyone looking for a flexible and easy-to-use concealed carry solution without compromising on comfort or security – it’s truly been a great addition to my gear!

Blade-Tech Classic OWB Holster for FN FNX-45 Tactical


The Blade-Tech Classic OWB Holster has proven to be a reliable and durable option for my FN FNX-45 Tactical. Its high-quality construction, crafted from Boltaron in the USA, provides a precise and secure fit that I can trust on the range or in competition.

One of my favorite features of this holster is the adjustable retention screws. These allow me to customize the level of security between my firearm and the holster with ease. Additionally, the optic ready speed cut design provides me with an edge during competitions by enabling quick clearance of the muzzle out of the holster. It’s no surprise that both IDPA and USPSA have legalized this product for use in their competitions, further showcasing its effectiveness.

Another great aspect of this holster is its modular mounting holes which provide versatility when tailoring it to my specific draw and ride preferences using Blade-Tech’s compatible attachments. The positive locking trigger guard also offers tactile feedback while storing my firearm safely throughout the day without any concerns about accidental exposure or loss.

However, there were some minor issues when initially setting up this product as some adjustment screws spun freely instead of securing into place once set up according to desired positioning - something which was resolved through customer support assistance via email correspondences within a reasonable timeframe nevertheless. Despite these small hiccups, overall –this remains a solid choice worth considering for those looking for reliable carry options.

3-Way Multi-Fit Outside Waistband Leather Belt Holster for Right or Left Handed Carry


The 3 Way Multi-Fit Outside Waistband Leather Belt Holster has a heavy, native steer hide leather construction that provides excellent retention and comfort. The multi-fit design allows it to accommodate different firearms, making this holster incredibly versatile. Additionally, the ambidextrous construction means it can be used by both left- and right-handed individuals.

One minor downside is the longer break-in period for the leather material which may require extra effort during initial setup. However, the lifetime guarantee and high quality of materials provided by the manufacturer make it worthwhile in terms of durability and longevity.

I recommend this holster for its premium build quality and unique features that set it apart from other holsters on the market. It offers a solid combination of protection, comfort, and flexibility in carrying style - all while backed up by a reputable company with a focus on customer satisfaction.

IWB Holster for Sig Sauer P938 by Blade-Tech


After testing the Blade-Tech Klipt IWB Holster for the Sig P938, I can say it’s a comfortable and reliable concealed carry option. Its slim design ensures it doesn’t add bulk or dig into my skin throughout the day. One standout feature is the high sweat guard that keeps moisture and slide serrations away from my firearm, preventing any discomfort while carrying.

The easy on/off belt clip has been secure and reliable, offering peace of mind that my firearm stays in place. Additionally, the built-in retention with tactile feedback alerts me when my gun is properly positioned in the holster. The heat-resistant polymer material is durable and provides a snug fit for the weapon, while smooth edges prevent any irritation during extended wear time.

Overall, this holster meets expectations for an everyday carry solution with its combination of comfort, security features, ease of use, and affordability. Many other users also appreciate these aspects as shown by their positive reviews praising its functionality and design. For those seeking a no-frills IWB holster suitable for daily use - Blade-Tech Klipt IWB Holster is definitely worth considering.


After using the Blade-Tech Signature OWB Holster for my Springfield XD-M 4. 5” pistol, I found it to be a reliable and comfortable option for daily carry. One of its standout features is the adjustable retention, which allows me to customize the fit of my firearm securely while still providing a smooth draw. The IDPA-legal optic ready speed cut also makes clearing the muzzle quickly and effectively effortless during target practice sessions.

Another great aspect of this holster is its versatile mounting pattern that lets me switch between different belt attachments easily, giving me flexibility in how I carry my weapon. Its heat resistant polymer material construction ensures long-lasting durability against regular wear and tear, while precision molding provides a superior fit specific to my firearm model for added security when carrying OWB (Outside Waistband).

Although some users have reported issues with the plastic locking mechanism breaking or wearing out over time, I haven’t encountered any such problems yet in my experience. Overall, this holster has exceeded expectations in terms of reliability and functionality and has been a great addition to my daily carry setup.

Classic OWB Holster for CZ 75 SP01 Tactical Sport | Adjustable Retention & Optic Compatible


As a dedicated marksman, I recently purchased the Classic OWB Holster from Blade-Tech to enhance my gear collection. The holster arrived promptly and I was eager to try it out with my firearm.

First and foremost, the high-quality craftsmanship of the holster immediately impressed me. Being made in the USA from high-strength Kydex material shows that this holster is built to last for years with proper care and maintenance. The precision molding ensured a snug fit for my firearm, providing peace of mind that it would stay securely in place during training sessions or competition matches.

One of the most noteworthy features is the adjustable retention system. With two adjustable screws, you can easily tighten or loosen the holster around your firearm until it feels just right. Additionally, there’s a positive locking trigger guard that provides tactile feedback so you know when your gun is safely secured inside the holster – giving me extra confidence while wearing this piece of equipment on a daily basis!

However, there were some issues when setting up the holster initially – such as difficulty removing adjustment screws from their posts due to slack tolerance issues between components, and being unable to access internal parts needed for proper assembly without special tools like needle nose pliers (which were not mentioned in user documentation provided by manufacturer prior). Thankfully though customer service responded quickly when contacted about these concerns offering helpful advice along way too resolve problems encountered before proceeding further into usage stages… a testament not only towards company’s commitment toward quality assurance but also showing dedication towards maintaining strong relationships built upon trustworthiness between consumers alike throughout entire industry spectrum today!

Overall despite these minor hiccups experienced along way - mostly stemming from unfamiliarity navigating through intricacies associated putting together new piece gear correctly initially; once everything sorted itself properly eventually product proved its worth tenfold delivering excellent performance levels time after time regardless what situation thrown at us whether casual range day fun session intense competitive shoot off match scenario alike! ! Highly recommend classic owb model anyone looking reliable yet versatile solution meet diverse needs ranging sport shooting enthusiast professional law enforcement personnel everyday civilian concealed carry permit holder etcetera…you won’t regret investment made here folks! ! ! Trust me been there done hat now proud owner multiple blade tech products myself happy say haven’t looked back since first purchase decision made way back many moons ago nowadays! !

Pink Kydex Glock 43/43X IWB Holster with Adjustable Retention and Ride


I recently purchased the Glock 43 IWB Holster from We The People Holsters, primarily for concealed carry purposes. Here are my thoughts after using it for some time.

This Kydex holster is designed to be thin and lightweight, making it easier to conceal under various types of clothing. I appreciate the adjustable retention feature that allows me to customize the tension according to my preference, ensuring a secure fit without sacrificing draw speed. Another convenient feature is the adjustable ride and cant, which offers flexibility in terms of carry position and comfort throughout the day.

The holster also comes with an adjustable clip for attaching it to your belt or waistband in different positions without compromising its slim profile. This certainly adds versatility to its usage depending on your wardrobe or environment. What’s more, there’s a sweat guard built into this model that reduces contact between your gun and body while minimizing any hindrance during draws. And with Red Dot compatibility and an option for right-handed use only, this product caters nicely even if you have specific requirements based on how you use your firearm!

All of these features add up to make this item stand out among similar products on the market today at such an affordable price point - definitely worth considering if you’re looking into getting one soon! That said, there may be some minor downsides such as limited color choices available or occasional retention adjustments needed during extended periods of continuous wear but overall these don’t detract too much from what is otherwise a great purchase decision overall!

Customizable Kydex OWB Holster with Adjustable Retention and Cant


As a frequent user of the C&G OWB Signature Kydex holster, I can confidently say that it is one of the best holsters on the market. The customization options are impressive, allowing you to choose from a variety of colors and patterns to match your personal style. The “Omega” adjustable retention system provides a perfect balance between security and ease of use, while the “Kickramp” feature aids in concealment, even with light clothing.

One standout feature is the open bottom design, which accommodates threaded barrels and compensators – something that many other holsters lack. The fact that this product is 100% made in America by veterans and law enforcement professionals adds to its appeal, as their expertise guarantees top-quality construction. Plus, it comes with a lifetime guarantee for added peace of mind.

Although there may be minor concerns when ordering (such as ensuring the correct mold for left-handed individuals), C&G’s customer service team quickly responds and helps resolve any issues. Overall, the C&G OWB Signature Kydex holster offers unbeatable quality at an affordable price point - making it an excellent choice for those looking for reliable concealment and comfort in their carry holster.

Open Carry Leather Belt Holster for Multiple Firearms


I was thrilled when I discovered the 3 Way Multi-Fit Outside Waistband Leather Belt Holster by 1791 Gunleather, as it seemed to be exactly what I needed for my concealed carry. The moment I opened the package, its rich leather scent and high quality construction left me confident in my purchase.

Made from heavy native steer hide leather, this holster felt durable and well-built right out of the box. What truly sets it apart is its versatility - I could position my firearm in vertical, horizontal or cross-draw positions that suited my personal carrying preferences. At first, wearing the holster took some getting used to, but after breaking in the leather with use, it became much more comfortable on my hip.

The open top design allowed for a fast draw while still providing enough security that my gun would not fall out accidentally. The reinforced stitching added an extra layer of confidence that this holster would hold up even during rigorous activity or sudden movements without compromising the safety of my firearm. Additionally, both right and left-handed shooters can wear it comfortably thanks to its ambidextrous design – a great feature if you ever plan on training someone new or switching hands occasionally for variety’s sake!

Overall, this has been one of the best purchases I’ve made for concealed carry protection thus far; each thoughtfully designed feature showcases how passionate 1791 Gunleather team members are about firearms safety and our cherished freedoms such as Second Amendment rights here in America today – they definitely delivered!

Buyer’s Guide

Important Features of Open Carry Holsters

Open Carry Holsters-2

When considering an open carry holster, there are several important features to keep in mind:

  • Retention: Ensure that your holster has a secure mechanism for keeping your gun secured, such as a thumb strap or adjustable retention screws.

  • Draw Speed: Look for a holster that offers quick and smooth drawing without compromising safety.

  • Comfort: Choose a holster made from comfortable materials and with an adjustable cant angle to prevent it from digging into your body.

  • Concealment: While not a priority for open carry, some users may prefer a more discreet look, so consider holsters with low-profile designs and minimalistic appearance.

Considerations for Open Carry Holsters

Before purchasing an open carry holster, consider these factors:

  • State Laws: Familiarize yourself with your state’s open carry laws to ensure that you are complying with the legal requirements.

  • Body Type: Opt for a holster that is suitable for your body type and clothing preferences.

  • Durability: Invest in a high-quality, durable holster that can withstand daily use and harsh weather conditions.

General Advice for Open Carry Holsters

Here are some helpful tips when choosing an open carry holster:

  • Shop around and read reviews from multiple sources to get a well-rounded understanding of different options.

  • Try on various types of holsters to see which one feels most comfortable and secure on your body.

  • Consider purchasing additional accessories, such as magazine holders or a duty belt, to improve overall functionality and convenience.

Open Carry Holsters-3


In conclusion, finding the perfect open carry holster is essential for ensuring both safety and comfort while carrying your firearm. Be sure to prioritize features like retention, draw speed, and comfort, while also considering factors such as state laws and your personal body type. Lastly, don’t forget to read reviews and try on various types of holsters before making your final decision.


What are Open Carry Holsters?

Open Carry Holsters-4

Open carry holsters are a type of gun holster that allows the user to carry their firearm openly, typically on the waist or hip. They provide secure and accessible storage for your weapon while also promoting visibility and deterrence.

What materials are used to make Open Carry Holsters?

Open carry holsters come in various materials, including leather, nylon, and Kydex. Leather is known for its durability and classic aesthetic, while nylon is lightweight and resistant to moisture. Kydex is a rigid thermo plastic that offers good retention and quick access to your firearm.

How do I choose the right Open Carry Holster for me?

When selecting an open carry holster, consider factors like comfort, concealment, accessibility, and retention. Ensure the holster fits your weapon securely and is designed for your specific draw motion. It is also essential to check if the holster meets any legal requirements in your area.

Open Carry Holsters-5

What position should I carry my firearm in with an Open Carry Holster?

Typically, open carry holsters are worn around the waist or hip, in positions like 3 o’clock (strong-side) or 9 o’clock (weak-side). The best position depends on factors such as comfort, ease of access, and personal preference. Some people may also find positions like small of the back or appendix carry suitable for their needs.

How do I care for and maintain my Open Carry Holster?

Regular cleaning and conditioning are essential to extend the lifespan of your open carry holster. Leather holsters should be cleaned with a damp cloth and conditioned with leather-specific products. Nylon and Kydex holsters can be washed with mild soap and water or wiped clean with a wet cloth.

Are there any laws or restrictions on carrying a firearm using an Open Carry Holster?

Open Carry Holsters-6

Laws on open carry may vary by state and local jurisdictions. It is crucial to research the gun laws in your area and ensure you are following all necessary guidelines when carrying a firearm with an open carry holster.

Can I use an Open Carry Holster for concealed carry?

While some open carry holsters may offer a level of concealment, they are primarily designed for openly carrying your firearm. For full concealment, consider using a concealed carry holster specifically designed for that purpose.

How do I safely draw and re-holster my firearm using an Open Carry Holster?

Practicing safe draw and re-holster techniques is essential when using an open carry holster. Ensure you have a firm grip on your weapon, use proper trigger discipline, and maintain control of the firearm while holstering. Additionally, consider wearing a holster cover or thumb break to enhance safety and retention.

How do I ensure my Open Carry Holster is secure and won’t fall off?

Selecting a holster with proper retention mechanisms, such as adjustable tension screws or built-in retention devices, can help keep your firearm secure. Additionally, wearing a properly fitting belt can help prevent the holster from shifting or moving during use.

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