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1911 Gun Holsters

Discover the best 1911 gun holsters for concealed carry or open wear in this comprehensive product roundup. Featuring a variety of styles, materials, and brands, this article provides valuable insights into the must-have accessories for your 1911 pistol.

Discover the best 1911 gun holsters for concealed carry or open wear in this comprehensive product roundup. Featuring a variety of styles, materials, and brands, this article provides valuable insights into the must-have accessories for your 1911 pistol.

Looking to protect your 1911 handgun with the perfect holster? Check out our comprehensive roundup of the best 1911 gun holsters on the market. Find options for concealed carry, open carry, and everything in between within our Sports and Outdoors section. Also browse through our extensive collection of gun safes, firearms, and guns to elevate your shooting experience.

At Google, we strive to provide you with the most accurate information. So, sit back, relax, and dive into our expertly curated selection of 1911 gun holsters. You’ll find everything you need, and more, to secure your 1911 handgun effectively and comfortably. Enjoy your shopping journey!

The Top 9 Best 1911 Gun Holsters

  1. Model 7378 7TS ALS Paddle/Belt Loop Handgun Holster for 1911 - Experience secure and quick access to your 1911 with the Safariland 7378 7TS ALS Paddle/Belt Loop Handgun Holster, boasting a non-marking nylon blend, automatic locking system, and adjustable belt loop for optimal performance.

  2. Alien Gear ShapeShift Modular Holster System for 1911 5” Government - The Alien Gear ShapeShift Holster D Core Carry Pack is a versatile and transformable holster system that easily adapts to four distinct carrying styles for a comfortable, secure, and adaptive concealed carry experience.

  3. Stache IWB Holster for 1911 - Experience unparalleled comfort and concealment with the Blackhawk Stache IWB Holster, meticulously designed for everyday carry and constructed with impact-reinforced, injection-molded polymer, offering adjustable cant and passive retention.

  4. 1911 Government Tan Left-Handed Holster - The Bianchi 57 Remedy Belt Slide Holster is a premium leather, high-capacity holster with quick access, rear hip carry, and exceptional concealment for 1911 handguns.

  5. C&G Covert IWB Holster for 1911 4.25” (Right Hand) - Experience superior comfort and concealed carry capabilities with C&G’s IWB Covert holster, made in America and designed to fit most 1911 guns with compatibility for RMR/Red Dots, threaded barrels, and compensators.

  6. Galco 1911 Tan Belt Holster - Experience the power of the Galco AV212R Avenger Belt 5in 1911 Tan, featuring premium steerhide, adjustable tension unit, reinforced mouth and molded sight rails, neutral cant, and fits belts up to 1 3/4” for seamless access to your semiautomatic pistol.

  7. Galco Miami Classic 1911 Tan Right Hand Holster - Galco Miami Classic 1911 Holster - A timeless, fully modular leather shoulder system designed for comfort, fit, and durability, trusted by professionals worldwide.

  8. 1911 W/0ut Rail 4” (Not Sig) IWB Holster for Optimal Concealment - The Vedder Holsters 1911 w/out Rail 4” (NOT SIG) ComfortTuck IWB Holster is a premium leather and Kydex inside the waistband hybrid holster that ensures proper fit and ultimate comfort for all-day concealed carry.

  9. Versacarry 1911 OWB Holster, Right-Handed - Experience enhanced security and comfort with the Versacarry Compound OWB Holster (Size 2) for your 1911, expertly crafted in the USA for right-handed use, combining premium water buffalo leather and metal inlay for durability and rigidity.

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Model 7378 7TS ALS Paddle/Belt Loop Handgun Holster for 1911


The Safariland Model 7378 7TS Holster has become my go-to choice for various situations, from open carry to concealed carry. The ALS (Automatic Locking System) feature is a standout element, securing my weapon once it’s holstered and allowing for a quick, straight up draw when the release is deactivated.

I appreciate the open-top design which, even without the SLS, makes for quick retrieval of my weapon. The proprietary nylon blend used in construction - SafariSeven - is completely non-abrasive to my firearm’s finish and has high heat and low cold tolerances that ensure long-lasting durability.

The versatility of this holster comes from its cross draw capability and adjustable injection molded belt loop, giving me options in terms of cant and carrying style. I have had an outstanding experience with this product so far; its robust build quality definitely stands out as one of its key selling points.

Alien Gear ShapeShift Modular Holster System for 1911 5” Government


I recently got my hands on the Alien Gear ShapeShift Holster D Core Carry Pack for my 1911 5” Government, and let me tell you, it’s been quite an experience. I’ve always been a fan of products made in the USA, so that was a big plus for me. What really impressed me was how easily I could transform this holster into different carrying positions: IWB, appendix carry, OWB belt slide, and OWB paddle. It’s like having four holsters in one!

The inclusion of the Holster Mount is a game-changer as well. It allows me to attach my ShapeShift to various surfaces in no time. However, there are a couple of cons to this otherwise impressive product. The first would be the bulkiness, especially when using the OWB setup. I find it too cumbersome for everyday carry, especially for those who aren’t in a profession that requires it.

Another issue some users might face is the thumb release on the holster. It seems a bit wobbly and hard to push down when you need to use it. Despite these minor drawbacks, I still think the Alien Gear ShapeShift Holster D Core Carry Pack is a solid choice for those looking for a versatile and modular holster for their 1911 5” Government.

Stache IWB Holster for 1911


I recently got my hands on the Blackhawk Stache Holster IWB for my 1911 Colt Commander, and boy, am I impressed! As a reviewer who actually uses this product in my daily life, I have to tell you, it’s a game-changer. Its impact-reinforced, injection molded polymer construction offers not only great durability but also incredible comfort.

The adjustable belt clip is a game-changer as it allows me to tailor the height and cant to my preference, making it suitable for both right and left-hand carry. The low profile shirt guard adds another layer of comfort without restricting my draw stroke. I also love how it is designed to accept popular Discreet Carry Concepts Gear Clips Mod-21, which gives me the freedom to customize my setup further.

One potential drawback might be the friction adjustable passive retention feature that some users might prefer a more secure mechanism. However, this hasn’t been an issue for me.

One thing that really stood out was how this holster is made in the USA, which adds to its overall quality and appeal. In terms of design, it’s a clear step up from traditional Kydex holsters. It offers superior comfort, rigidity, and modularity without breaking a sweat.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a premium holster that delivers both quality and comfort, look no further than the Blackhawk Stache Holster IWB for 1911 Colt Commander.

1911 Government Tan Left-Handed Holster


Hey there, I’ve been trying out this Bianchi 57 holster for my government 1911 lately, and I must say, it’s quite a gem. The first thing that struck me was its sleek, low-profile design. This holster slips on my belt with ease, and it sits just right on my hip. The best part? Minimal bulk, meaning it doesn’t add too much weight or thickness when I put it on.

One feature that really stood out for me was the deep contouring in the front of the holster. It allows me to see the distinct shape of my handgun, and it gives me an extra sense of confidence while I’m out and about. Plus, it’s got an open-top design, so drawing my weapon is quick and easy when I need it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of things that could be improved. The leather, while it’s premium-grade full grain, did feel a bit stiff when I first started using it. But don’t worry, that’s normal for this type of product. With a little break-in action, it became more comfortable and I got used to it.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the holster is slightly tight when I first put my 1911 in. But, as the day goes on and I continue to wear it, the leather loosens up a bit, making it fairly comfortable.

In conclusion, I’m really liking this Bianchi 57 Remedy Belt Slide Holster for my government 1911. Its sleek design and good concealment make it a great choice for daily use. The premium leather is a nice touch, ensuring durability and comfort over time. So if you’re looking for a new holster for your 1911, I’d say give this one a shot - you won’t be disappointed!

C&G Covert IWB Holster for 1911 4.25” (Right Hand)


As a firearms enthusiast, I’ve tried numerous holsters for my 1911 and I can attest that the C&G Holsters Covert IWB is truly one of a kind. The Kydex material provides a sturdy and comfortable fit for my 1911, making it my go-to choice for concealed carry. It’s not just about the quality of the holster, but also about the impeccable service from C&G. Their team is always responsive and accommodating, making the entire process a breeze.

The adjustable angle of carry is a great feature, allowing me to customize the holster based on my preferences. However, one downside is the lack of quick release belt clips or paddle attachments which would have made taking the holster off without removing a belt possible. Despite this minor inconvenience, I’m thoroughly impressed with the C&G Holsters Covert IWB and it’s definitely worth the investment.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the C&G Holsters Covert IWB for anyone looking for a high-quality, comfortable, and secure holster for their 1911.

Galco 1911 Tan Belt Holster


I recently purchased the Galco Avenger Belt Holster for my 1911 Tan. As a long-time fan of Galco products, I was excited to try out this new addition to their collection. The Avenger combines convenience and functionality with its adjustable tension unit, full firing grip accessibility, and vertical orientation. The molded sight rail is a thoughtful feature that prevents snags on the draw, while the reinforced holster opening makes re-holstering quick and easy.

The Avenger is made of premium steerhide, ensuring durability and longevity. It comfortably fits belts up to 1 3/4 inches wide, making it suitable for a variety of waistlines. The Avenger is also adjustable for right or left-hand designs, offering flexibility for both left- and right-handed shooters.

However, despite the praise, there were also some drawbacks to the Avenger that were less than ideal. The tension unit, intended to simplify draw adjustments, was difficult to use and appeared to be more of a gimmick than a useful feature. Additionally, some users found the retention to be lacking, leading to concerns about the safety and secureness of carrying their firearms in the Avenger.

Overall, the Galco Avenger Belt Holster is a well-designed and high-quality product that excels in many aspects of practicality and convenience. It’s a versatile option that can accommodate different firearms and individuals’ preferences. However, there are some minor drawbacks that may make it less than perfect for some users. Nevertheless, Galco’s reputation for quality and attention to detail shines through in the Avenger, making it a solid choice for those in search of a reliable and functional holster.

Galco Miami Classic 1911 Tan Right Hand Holster


I recently had the chance to try out the Galco Miami Classic holster for my 1911 gun, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. As soon as I put it on, the first thing that stood out was how incredibly comfortable it was. The premium steerhide material felt great against my skin, and the spider harness ensured a perfect fit no matter what size shirt I wore.

One of the things I appreciated most about this holster is how easy it is to use. The fully modular design makes it simple to put on and take off, even when you’re in a hurry. Plus, the optional accessories and components allow you to customize your carry method to suit your needs perfectly.

However, there are some downsides to consider. The initial tightness of the holster can be a bit daunting, but following the break-in instructions will help alleviate this issue. Additionally, some users may find the learning curve for adjusting the spider harness to be somewhat steep.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with my Galco Miami Classic 1911 holster. Its comfort, ease of use, and customization options make it an excellent choice for any 1911 gun owner looking to upgrade their carry method.

1911 W/0ut Rail 4” (Not Sig) IWB Holster for Optimal Concealment


Sure, here’s an example of a first-person product review content for a Vedder Holsters 1911 W/out Rail 4” (Not Sig) IWB Holster, in a relaxed tone:

“I recently got my hands on the Vedder Holsters 1911 W/out Rail 4” (Not Sig) IWB Holster, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer. I’ve been using it daily for the last couple of weeks, and I have to say, I’m impressed. The blend of premium leather and formed Kydex creates a snug fit that’s both comfortable and secure. Plus, the fact that it’s handmade to order in the U. S. A. gives you a sense of quality that’s hard to find in many other products.

One of the things I love about this holster is the cowhide leather it’s made from. It’s super comfortable to wear all day, whether I’m sitting or standing. And the added option of horsehide is a nice touch for those in warmer climates where sweat can be an issue.

The durability of the Kydex is definitely worth mentioning. It’s designed to withstand even the most extreme conditions, and it’s hand-molded to fit my individual firearm, which is a nice touch. The custom sight channels are also a great feature, especially if you’ve got aftermarket sights on your gun.

The black powder-coated spring steel clips are a solid choice as well. They’re adjustable for ride height and cant, and they’re also rust and scratch-resistant. The tuckable sleek design is perfect for concealed carry, and the combat cut option is a nice added bonus.

The only downside I’ve noticed is that you can’t adjust the cant to your exact liking. However, this is a minor issue that doesn’t detract from the overall quality and performance of the holster.

All in all, I’m thoroughly impressed with the Vedder Holsters 1911 W/out Rail 4” (Not Sig) IWB Holster. It’s comfortable, secure, and built to last. If you’re in the market for a new IWB holster, I highly recommend giving this one a try.

Versacarry 1911 OWB Holster, Right-Handed


I’ve been using the Versacarry Compound OWB Holster (the one they call “Brownie”) for my 1911, and I must say, it’s been a game changer. The water buffalo leather is a nice touch, giving that added softness and comfort while keeping everything safely in place. If you’re right-handed, this is your guy. The raised protective backing and metal inlay make it feel sturdy yet flexible.

While the stitching is not perfect, it doesn’t hinder the overall experience. The fact that it’s made in America is a huge plus. For those with a 1911, this is a holster worth considering. Overall, the comfort, reliable construction, and American-made quality make this a worthwhile investment.

Buyer’s Guide

Understanding Key Features

When purchasing a 1911 gun holster, several essential features must be considered. These include:

  • Retention System: Ensure that the holster can securely hold the weapon in position.

  • Comfort and Fit: The holster should comfortably fit the specific model of the 1911 gun without causing discomfort with prolonged use.

  • Draw Speed and Ease: It should allow for quick and easy access without unnecessary obstructions or restrictions.

  • Concealment Ability: Choose a holster that effectively conceals the weapon; it varies depending on the individual’s choice of clothing and purpose

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Materials and Durability

1911 gun holsters are commonly made of leather, nylon, or Kydex. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Leather: Known for its classic aesthetics and natural comfort, but may require more careful maintenance.

  • Nylon: Lightweight and affordable, usually resistant to water and wear, but may not have as rigid structure.

  • Kydex: Provides excellent retention, lightweight, and easy to clean, but may have a stiffer feel compared to leather or nylon.

Choosing the Right Type

1911 gun holsters come in various types to cater to different needs and uses:

  • Inside-the-Waistband (IWB): Concealed carry popular for everyday use, positioned with the grip facing towards the body for easy access.

  • Outside-the-Waistband (OWB): Commonly used for open carry, allows quicker access but may be harder to conceal.

  • Ankle: Used for backup or off-body carry, typically used with a second weapon.

  • Shoulder: Comfortable for extended periods, usually worn with a jacket for concealment.

Consider Your Lifestyle

When choosing a 1911 gun holster, consider how and where you will be using it. Factors such as your daily routine, clothing choices, and environment can greatly influence your decision:

  • Dress Code and Lifestyle: Think about the type of clothing you typically wear and how concealed you want the weapon to be.

  • Whether you’ll be active or sedentary while carrying: If you’re frequently on the move or participating in physical activities, look for a holster with an adjustable retention system or secure grip.

  • Environment: Consider whether the holster will be exposed to elements such as weather or sweat, and choose a material and design that can stand up to those conditions.

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Remember Safety and Responsibility

While choosing the right 1911 gun holster is crucial, being a responsible gun owner is equally important. Always follow proper gun handling procedures and ensure that the weapon is secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users.


When purchasing a 1911 gun holster, take the time to research and find the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Consider factors such as materials, types, and your intended use to ensure a comfortable, concealed, and secure carry.


1911 Gun Holsters-4

What are the different types of 1911 gun holsters available in the market?

There are several types of 1911 gun holsters available including IWB (Inside Waist Band), OWB (Outside Waist Band), Shoulder Holsters, Ankle Holsters, and Pocket Holsters.

How should I choose the right type of 1911 gun holster for my needs?

Choosing the right type of 1911 gun holster depends on your lifestyle, clothing style, and concealed carry law in your state.

How do I properly install a 1911 gun holster?

The installation process varies depending on the type of holster you have chosen. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation.

1911 Gun Holsters-5

What is a retention system in a 1911 gun holster?

A retention system refers to a mechanism that prevents unauthorized access or dislodging of a firearm from its holster. Common retention systems include tension screws, thumb straps, and flaps.

What materials are commonly used in the construction of 1911 gun holsters?

Typical materials used in constructing 1911 gun holsters include leather, kydex, nylon, and polymer.

Should I opt for a custom-made or mass-produced 1911 gun holster?

Choosing between a custom-made or mass-produced gun holster depends on your needs, preferences, and budget. Custom-made holsters offer a perfect fit and tailored features but tend to be more expensive, while mass-produced holsters are usually cheaper but may not fit every 1911 model perfectly.

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How can I clean and maintain my 1911 gun holster?

To clean your 1911 gun holster, first remove any dirt or debris with a soft cloth or brush. Then, apply a leather cleaner or conditioner if it’s made of leather, or wipe it down with warm water and mild soap if it’s made of synthetic materials. Always make sure to dry it completely before storing or wearing.

How do I ensure that my 1911 gun is properly secured in the holster?

Ensure proper fit and retention by testing how easily the firearm can be drawn and reholstered. Additionally, always follow safety guidelines like keeping your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.

Can I wear a 1911 gun holster with any kind of clothing?

While a 1911 gun holster can be worn with various types of clothing, it is essential to dress appropriately and consider concealed carry laws in your area. Clothing choices like loose-fitting shirts, jackets, or untucked tops can help conceal your firearm. It’s also crucial to ensure that your clothing does not interfere with the holster or your ability to draw and reholster the weapon quickly and safely.

Do all 1911 gun holsters come with a lifetime warranty?

Not all 1911 gun holsters come with a lifetime warranty. Always check the manufacturer’s warranty information before making a purchase. Reputable brands may offer a limited or lifetime warranty, but other sellers may provide no warranty or limited terms.

How do I determine the right size of 1911 gun holster for my weapon?

To determine the right size of a 1911 gun holster for your weapon, it’s essential to know the exact make and model of your firearm. You can use the manufacturer’s specifications or consult a holster fitting guide provided by the holster manufacturer to ensure a proper fit.

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