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AR500 Steel Targets

Discover the best AR500 steel targets for your shooting experience in this comprehensive product roundup. Featuring top choices in Shooting Targets, Sports and Outdoors, Gun Safes, and more, this article showcases the finest options on the market for firearms and guns.

Discover the best AR500 steel targets for your shooting experience in this comprehensive product roundup. Featuring top choices in Shooting Targets, Sports and Outdoors, Gun Safes, and more, this article showcases the finest options on the market for firearms and guns.

Welcome, sharpshooters and gun enthusiasts, to our comprehensive guide on AR500 steel targets. We’re diving into the world of sports and outdoors, uncovering the best gun safes and firearms you need to take your shooting skills to new heights. Get ready to elevate your aim and hit your targets with precision and accuracy.

The Top 10 Best AR500 Steel Targets

  1. AR500 Gong Targets for Pistol Shooting - Experience the cutting-edge benefits of AR500 steel targets with impeccable LASER CUT precision, extended durability, and instantaneous feedback for increased shooter proficiency at up to 50% faster rates with less ammunition.

  2. High-Quality AR500 Steel Shooting Targets for Long-Range and Close-Range Shooting - Discover premium AR500 steel targets for long-range and close-range shooting, designed for durability and compatibility with A500 and AR400 steel. Experience the difference with AR500 Steel Gong Targets today!

  3. High-Quality AR500 Steel IPSC Torso Silhouette Target for Shooting Practice - Experience precise firing practice with the premium AC Zone 1/4 inch AR500 Steel Torso Silhouette Target, expertly crafted from yellow zinc plated USA laser cut steel for durability and consistency in shooters’ training.

  4. 8” AR500 Steel Gong Target for Handguns and Rifles Up to 338 Magnum - Xsteel’s AR500 Gong 8” Target is a high-quality, versatile option for handguns and rifles up to 338 Magnum, offering unmatched durability and precision for all shooting enthusiasts.

  5. High-Quality AR500 Steel Gong Target for Firearms Practice - The Caldwell AR500 Gong Target is a durable, high-performing 8-inch steel target made from AR500 hardened steel for efficient practice, competition, and recreational purposes, offering 7 sizes and 3 hanging solutions to suit individual preferences.

  6. AR500 Steel Plate Shooting Target for Accuracy Practice - Get sharper accuracy with Titan Outdoors’ AR500 Steel Gong Shooting Target, perfect for boosting your shooting skills! Adult-oriented, this 10” x 16” steel silhouette is tough, precise, and available on sale at Ash & Ember.

  7. Realistic AR500 Coyote Steel Target for Pest Control Practice - Get ready to sharpen your skills and make that perfect shot with the CTS Targets AR500 steel Coyote Target, perfect for pest control practice and made from durable, 3/8 inch thick AR500 steel with a realistic 40 inch x 22 inch size.

  8. 1/2” AR500 Steel Gong Target for Pistol and Rifle Shooting - High-quality 12” AR500 steel gong target, precision cut with CNC plasma, available in custom shapes and sizes, perfect for shooting practice with proper safety measures and distances in mind.

  9. High Quality AR500 Steel Shooting Targets for Accurate Practice - Discover the premium AR500 steel 4” target by Dragon Targets, crafted for durability and longevity in your shooting sessions. Experience the satisfying ding sound as you hit the mark and elevate your aim with this American-made, CNC laser-cut target.

  10. 4” AR500 Steel Shooting Target with Free Sticker - Experience seamless and precise shooting sessions with the Dragon Targets 4” x 1/2” AR500 Steel Gong, providing a robust and reliable target designed for longevity and exceptional performance.

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AR500 Gong Targets for Pistol Shooting


I recently purchased ShootingTargets7’s Steel Silhouette Targets for my shooting practice, and I have to say, they’ve exceeded my expectations. The targets are made of AR500 steel, which is incredibly durable and can handle even high-powered rifle rounds without any damage. This ensures that the targets will last for a very long time.

Setting up these targets was a breeze, thanks to the well-made hanging straps provided by ST7. The gongs are designed in varying sizes (3”, 6”, 8”, and 10”) with different thicknesses to accommodate different calibers. What I love most about these targets is the loud ringing sound they produce when hit - it provides instant feedback on your shots and helps refine your aiming skills.

In terms of value for money, ShootingTargets7 offers an amazing deal - their prices are affordable despite the top-notch quality of their products. Their customer service is also outstanding; when one piece from my order was lost during transit, Mark quickly replaced it without any fuss whatsoever.

Overall, using ShootingTargets7 Steel Silhouette Targets has been a fantastic investment in improving my shooting skills while also providing great value for money spent today.

High-Quality AR500 Steel Shooting Targets for Long-Range and Close-Range Shooting


As an avid shooter, I recently purchased the AR500 Steel Targets by ShootingTargets 7 and have been thoroughly impressed with their performance. Made from durable AR500 steel, these targets are designed to withstand impacts from both 308 and 5. 56 rounds, making them ideal for long-range or close-range shooting.

One of the most notable aspects of these targets is the variety of sizes and styles available, including steel gongs, hanging targets, knock-down targets, and plate targets - all packaged in a complete steel target kit that allows you to set up and start shooting right away. The versatility of these targets also extends to their suitability for use with A500 and AR400 steel.

After using them on multiple occasions with various calibers of ammo at different distances, I have observed no signs of wear or damage. This demonstrates just how resilient this product really is against consistent abuse across multiple sessions - even against high velocity ammunition such as. 338 Lapua Magnum. This makes ShootingTargets 7’s AR500 Steel Targets a reliable choice for military or law enforcement training using veteran targets as well as recreational shooting purposes alike.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for premium quality, solidly built steel targets that will last through countless shooting sessions without showing any signs of wear or damage - look no further than ShootingTargets7: Their AR500 Steel Gong Targets are exactly what you need for a satisfying shooting experience!

High-Quality AR500 Steel IPSC Torso Silhouette Target for Shooting Practice


As a dedicated shooter, I recently purchased the AC Zone Toso steel target from Shooting Targets 7. This 12” x 24” target is made using yellow zinc-plated USA laser-cut AR500 steel, perfectly designed for static use. It features a center hole for quick and easy mounting on a 1/2” carriage bolt, making it incredibly convenient to set up and take down.

After using this product in multiple shooting sessions with various friends, I was able to thoroughly test its performance at different ranges and durability against powerful hits. Impressively, it handled shots from. 45ACP, 9mm, . 357 Magnum without any visible damage or wear. Even when bigger rounds like. 308 Winchester and. 30-06 Springfield were fired upon it, this target continued to hold strong like a champ! With such consistent quality demonstrated by the target’s ability to ring out every time it was hit; I have no doubt that the AC Zone Toso will remain resilient for years of regular use on my personal range.

One of the most appreciated features of this product is undoubtedly its ease of assembly - just a few steps and minimal tools are all you need to have your target ready in no time! Considering its affordable price point when compared with other targets available on the market - it certainly offers great value for money while not compromising on quality!

Overall, if you’re in search for a reliable steel target that has been proven to perform exceptionally well under fire at an accessible price point - look no further than Shooting Targets 7’s AC Zone Toso steel target!

8” AR500 Steel Gong Target for Handguns and Rifles Up to 338 Magnum


I have been using the 8” AR550 Gong Targets for about a month now, and they have really impressed me. The targets are made of high-quality steel, with a diameter of 8 inches each and weighing just 1. 5 pounds. They come pre-drilled for hanging chains if desired, adding an extra layer of durability while still allowing them to swing freely when struck by bullets.

The targets perform remarkably well in various weather conditions and show no signs of wear even after countless rounds from my. 308 rifle. Another noteworthy aspect is the exceptional sound feedback they provide; whenever hit, these gongs produce an incredibly satisfying “ping” sound that can be heard echoing across my property.

Setting up the targets is quick and easy thanks to their simple design and inclusion of T-post holders. I appreciate how attention has been paid to safety during manufacturing - they are built tough enough to handle repeated impacts from high-powered firearms without any issues whatsoever, unlike some cheaper plasma cut targets which can have weak spots resulting from heat affected zones in their construction process. I also like that the description mentions recommended distances for shooting – at least 200 yards for large caliber rifles and 10 yards for pistols.

My experience with these AR550 Gong Targets has been nothing short of fantastic, as both a seasoned marksman and someone who enjoys backyard target practice recreationally on occasion. If you’re looking for reliable steel targets that offer excellent durability, great sound feedback on hit confirmations & can handle heavy use over time then look no further than these!

High-Quality AR500 Steel Gong Target for Firearms Practice


The Caldwell AR500 Gong Target has been an exceptional addition to my shooting practice routine. Constructed from high-quality AR500 hardened steel, this 8-inch target is incredibly durable and capable of withstanding long hours of use.

What I appreciate most about this product is its versatility - it’s available in seven different sizes, each with three hanging solutions. This provides shooters the freedom to choose a target that best suits their needs and preferences.

The AR500 Gong Target performs remarkably well, even at high velocities (up to 3000 fps) and energies (up to 3500 ft-lb). During my practice sessions, the target consistently held up against repeated rounds without any damage or wear. The yellow color of the target also makes it highly visible from a distance, making it great for accuracy shots or friendly competitions with friends.

Although there may be other similar products on the market, I believe that Caldwell offers better value due to its quality construction and extensive customization options. Furthermore, the target’s ability to hold up against thousands of rounds without issue makes it a more reliable choice for serious shooters. While some might argue that other targets have comparable durability or design features, I stand by my recommendation of the Caldwell AR500 Gong Target as a top choice for anyone looking for an efficient and reliable shooting practice accessory.

AR500 Steel Plate Shooting Target for Accuracy Practice


The Titan Great Outdoors 10-in x 16-in AR500 Silhouette Steel Plate Shooting Target has exceeded my expectations in terms of durability and functionality. The thick steel plate construction ensures that it withstands powerful rifle ammo hits, and its sturdy build adds to its longevity. I appreciate the clear ringing sound upon impact which offers instant feedback on my shots, enhancing my overall shooting accuracy.

Compared to other similar products, this target is competitively priced, and the fact that it doesn’t have a powder coat saves money without compromising its performance. One minor downside is the absence of mounting holes, but there are creative ways to securely mount the target. Overall, it’s a highly recommended product for anyone looking to improve their shooting skills while having a fun time at the range!

Realistic AR500 Coyote Steel Target for Pest Control Practice


As a product reviewer, I recently tested the CTS Targets Coyote Target for pest control practice. Its realistic 40 x 22-inch size makes it suitable for both close-range and long-range shooting. Constructed from thick AR500 steel, this target can withstand continuous use without showing damage signs.

The two carriage bolt holes allow easy hanging during practice sessions, and its weight of 36. 5 lbs ensures stability when shot from various angles. One of my favorite features is the deep “gong” sound that indicates an accurate hit, helping to hone your aim correctly!

However, compared to other targets on the market, this one is quite expensive. Nevertheless, given its solid construction and durability over time, it’s worth investing in if you take pest control seriously. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality steel target for pest control practice, consider trying out the CTS Targets Coyote Target!

1/2” AR500 Steel Gong Target for Pistol and Rifle Shooting


The 1/2” AR 500 Steel Armor Plate Target is a fantastic option for those looking to spice up their shooting practice. Its precision-cut holes make hanging it up effortlessly, while its raw steel construction ensures durability even with constant fire. One standout feature is its manufacturing process, which involves cutting with a CNC High Definition plasma cutter for precise edges and shapes, resulting in an impressive end product that can withstand powerful ammunition without visible wear.

Additionally, the target offers multiple hanging options – through chains, bolts, clevises, cable or rope - making setup easy and customizable. However, if left unused for extended periods outside the elements, surface rust may develop due to raw steel. A fresh coat of spray paint should keep it new-looking for years.

Overall, this target is a great investment for enhancing shooting skills or having fun on range days with friends and family. The quality craftsmanship guarantees long-lasting use and customization at an affordable price point. Remember to always wear proper safety gear when using steel targets and follow recommended minimum distances when shooting pistols or rifles at them.

High Quality AR500 Steel Shooting Targets for Accurate Practice


Dragon Brand targets have been my go-to for a while now, and I’ll tell you why. The AR500 steel construction is as tough as they come, ensuring these targets can withstand even the most intense shooting sessions. And trust me, the loud sound upon impact is music to my ears – no more trekking downrange to check my aim. Bonus points for the matte white paint job that makes it easy to see shots from a distance.

While some may knock the price tag as high, I see it as more of an investment in equipment that’s built to last. Plus, with the ability to flip and repaint them, you can extend their lifespan even further. Safety should always be top of mind when using any sort of shooting equipment, so make sure you’re following all guidelines with these targets too.

After giving Dragon Brand a shot, I can confidently say I won’t be switching back to paper targets anytime soon. For those in search of robust metal shooting targets made right here in America, look no further than Dragon Brand – they’re worth every penny!

4” AR500 Steel Shooting Target with Free Sticker


I’ve had the pleasure of using Dragon Targets for a while now, and I have to say, they truly are top-notch! These targets are made from high-quality AR500 steel that’s laser cut, ensuring exceptional durability. The paint job is another fantastic aspect - it eliminates any glare while still being highly visible, which is crucial during practice sessions.

One of my favorite things about these targets is the audio feedback you get when you hit them! They make a satisfying ‘dinging’ sound that lets you know you’re on point without having to walk downrange to check. This not only saves time but also allows for more focus on honing your shooting skills. And when one side starts getting pitted? Just flip it over and keep shooting!

The targets themselves are incredibly well-made; it’s clear that Dragon Targets puts a lot of effort into crafting high-quality products. The attention to detail definitely shows in the final result - these have undoubtedly improved my practice sessions and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable steel targets!

Buyer’s Guide

Important Features of AR500 Steel Targets

AR500 Steel Targets-2

AR500 steel targets are designed to offer a durable and safe shooting experience. Key features of these targets include:

  • Thick AR500 steel construction that can withstand numerous shots without warping or cracking

  • Self-healing characteristics, which allow the targets to maintain their shape even after multiple hits

  • High visibility paint to make targets easier to see at greater distances

Considerations for Choosing AR500 Steel Targets

Before purchasing AR500 steel targets, consider the following factors:

  1. Size: Choose a target size that suits your shooting distance and desired level of challenge

  2. Portability: Consider if you need a target that is easy to move and set up in various locations or if a permanent fixture is more suitable

  3. Base and Stand: Make sure the target comes with a stable base or stand to prevent it from tipping over during shooting

  4. Pricing: Compare prices from different manufacturers to ensure you are getting the best value for your investment

General Advice for Using AR500 Steel Targets

When using AR500 steel targets, follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable shooting experience:

  • Always wear appropriate safety gear, including ear and eye protection

  • Set up your AR500 target at an appropriate distance for the firearms and ammunition you will be using

  • Inspect your targets regularly for signs of wear and tear, and replace them if necessary

  • Store AR500 steel targets indoors or under a covered area when not in use to extend their lifespan

AR500 Steel Targets-3


What are AR500 Steel Targets?

AR500 Steel Targets are a type of shooting target made from a thick steel plate with a coated surface, used predominantly for rifle and pistol shooting. They are designed to withstand repeated impacts and provide an instantaneous visual and audible response for the shooter, making them ideal for practice and competition.

AR500 Steel Targets-4

AR500 Steel Targets are popular for several reasons. First, they offer instant feedback, allowing shooters to see and hear where their shots impacted the target. Second, they are durable and withstand repeated shots, enabling consistent practice. Third, they are suitable for shooters of varying skill levels, making them versatile for both beginners and advanced shooters.

How do AR500 Steel Targets work?

AR500 Steel Targets work by providing a large, reflective surface that reacts to the impact of bullets. When a bullet strikes the target, it causes it to ring or ping, which is accompanied by a visible indication where the shot landed. This immediate feedback helps shooters identify weaknesses and areas for improvement in their shooting technique.

What is the difference between AR500 and AR450 steel targets?

AR500 Steel Targets are generally thicker (1/4-inch to 1/2-inch) and more durable than AR450 Steel Targets, which are typically 1/4-inch thick. This added thickness allows AR500 steel targets to withstand more impacts and last longer, making them a more cost-effective choice for heavy use.

AR500 Steel Targets-5

How should I maintain my AR500 Steel Targets?

To maintain your AR500 Steel Targets, keep them clean and free of debris. Regularly inspect the surface for any dings, dents, or pits, as these can lead to a decrease in performance and durability. If necessary, you can repaint the surface with high-quality, heat-resistant paint to maintain its reflective properties. Remember always to store your targets in a safe, dry environment when not in use.

What calibers are compatible with AR500 Steel Targets?

AR500 Steel Targets are compatible with a wide variety of calibers, including. 22LR, . 38 Special, . 45 ACP, 9mm, and. 40 S&W. However, it is essential to ensure the target is set at an appropriate distance from the shooter to minimize the risk of ricochets or over- penetration, especially with higher-powered calibers such as. 308, . 30-06, and. 300 Magnum.

How far should I position my AR500 Steel Targets?

AR500 Steel Targets-6

The recommended distance for positioning your AR500 Steel Targets depends on the caliber you are using. For smaller calibers like. 22LR, begin with a minimum distance of 25 yards. As you progress to larger calibers like. 308, it is advisable to increase the distance to at least 100 yards to reduce the risk of over- penetration and ricochet. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper use of their specific targets.

Are AR500 Steel Targets safe to use?

When used appropriately and with proper safety measures in place, AR500 Steel Targets are generally considered safe to use. However, it is crucial to follow all applicable safety guidelines and maintain a safe distance from the target to minimize the risk of injury due to ricochet or over- penetration. Always use high-quality, well-maintained firearms and ammunition and ensure proper eye and ear protection is worn at all times when shooting.

How can I store my AR500 Steel Targets?

To store your AR500 Steel Targets, first, properly clean and dry them to prevent rust or corrosion. Next, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture to maintain their longevity. If possible, store them in a designated area where they will not be exposed to frequent bumps or impacts that could damage the surface or reduce its effectiveness.

How long will my AR500 Steel Targets last?

The lifespan of your AR500 Steel Targets depends on several factors, including the frequency and intensity of use, the caliber used, and how well they are maintained. Proper storage, routine inspections, and prompt repairs or replacements of damaged areas can significantly extend the target’s life. As a general guideline, well-maintained targets can last for thousands of shots or even tens of thousands of shots, depending on the specific target and usage patterns.

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