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Bench Gun Safes

Discover the best bench gun safes for your weapons, featuring a range of secure and affordable options to store and protect your firearms in the sports and outdoors niche.

Discover the best bench gun safes for your weapons, featuring a range of secure and affordable options to store and protect your firearms in the sports and outdoors niche.

Are you looking for a way to safely store your valued firearms? Bench gun safes are the perfect solution for gun owners who need quick access to their weapons while ensuring their secure storage. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best bench gun safes on the market, offering both practicality and peace of mind. Read on to find the perfect safe for your firearm collection.

From compact options for handguns to larger models for long guns, there is a bench gun safe for every need in our comprehensive roundup. Discover the top features to look for in a high-quality safe, and the importance of choosing the right one to protect your investment and your loved ones. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a first-time buyer, our guide will help you make an informed decision on the perfect bench gun safe for your needs.

The Top 9 Best Bench Gun Safes

  1. Secure 10-Gun Electronic Security Safe with Adjustable Shelves and Keypad Access - Introducing the highly-rated Union Safe Company 10 Gun Electronic Security Safe, perfectly crafted for secure and ample storage of your valuable firearms and documents, with adjustable shelves and dual access security features.

  2. Secure 18-Gun Compact Security Cabinet with Key Lock - Store, protect, and easily organize your firearms and valuables in the secure and durable Stack-On Steel 18 Gun Cabinet, meeting California DOJ safety regulations.

  3. Fireproof and Waterproof 24-Gun Safe with Digital Electronic Lock - Unlock a world of secure firearm and valuables storage with the Wasatch 24 Gun Fire and Waterproof Safe, boasting electronic lock, alarm function, waterproofness, and a 75-minute fire rating.

  4. Winchester Gun Safe: Protect Your Firearms with Solid Steel Construction - The Winchester Gun Safe Bandit 14 is a well-constructed, easy-to-use, and sturdy option for safely storing up to 18 long guns, offering solid steel locking bolts for enhanced security and protection against burglaries.

  5. Compact and Secure Waterproof Gun Safe for 18 Long Guns with 45-Minute Fire Rating - The Winchester Bandit 14 Gun Safe, boasting a 4.7 rating from 1292 reviews, delivers unmatched security and protection for your valuables in a compact size, with a 45-minute fire rating and California Department of Justice-approved construction.

  6. AMSEC BFX6030 Gun & Rifle Safe: 2-Hour Fire Protection and Advanced Security Features - The AMSEC BFX6030 Gun & Rifle Safe - 2023 Model is a well-made and sturdy gun safe with exceptional security features, top-level fire protection, and a flexible interior for optimal organization.

  7. Large Quick-Access Electronic Gun Safe Cabinet for Firearms and Valuables - Discover the Seizeen Quick-Access Electronic Gun Safe Cabinet - a robust, high-capacity gun storage solution with a digital keypad and anti-static protection, perfect for safeguarding your home and family.

  8. Vaultek RS500i WiFi Biometric Smart Rifle Safe with Quick-Access Spring Door - Experience top-notch security with Vaultek RS500i Biometric Smart Rifle Safe - a feature-rich, sturdy, and aesthetically-pleasing gun safe that offers easy installation, quick access, and ample storage space for your firearms.

  9. Vaultek NMXi High Capacity Smart Gun Safe with Wi-Fi and Biometric Scanner - The Vaultek NMXi Wi-Fi High Capacity Rugged Smart Safe, featuring biometric authentication and customizable interior, offers robust security and easy access for ample gun storage in a variety of settings.

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Secure 10-Gun Electronic Security Safe with Adjustable Shelves and Keypad Access


As a satisfied user of the 10 Gun Electronic Security Safe, I’d like to share my thoughts on its features and performance. The installation process was smooth, thanks to clear instructions and all necessary hardware for mounting it to the floor or wall.

One standout feature is its dual access system, allowing you to open the safe with either a key or a programmable keypad code. The keypad is responsive and allows for up to 8 digits in your passcode. Additionally, there are two beeps and a green light indicator when you input the correct code correctly allowing for quick identification that your safe is unlocked securely before opening it physically via its heavy-duty handle bar mechanism.

Constructed from solid steel which measures at 3/16 inches thick, this safe provides durable protection against potential thieves trying break into any valuables stored within like firearms. Plus, it comes equipped with preinstalled “shelf rails, ” giving users flexibility in customizing their setup according to their needs while also providing ample storage space for small items such as ammo boxes in front of shelves due width restriction yet still leaving enough space left behind them. There’s good value here given price point considering how much storage capacity provided along sturdy build quality plus options open up even further thanks included adjustable shelving feature mentioned earlier; However few drawbacks exist namely limited options placing extra shelves due existing layout restrictions while interior liner could use improvement prevent sliding objects since paint metal surfaces aren’t best choice gripping surface materials available market today. . Otherwise highly recommend checking out if looking reliable yet affordable gun cabinet solution meeting basic requirements most people seek when searching safes similar nature. .

Secure 18-Gun Compact Security Cabinet with Key Lock


I recently purchased the Stack-On 18 Firearm Compact Security Cabinet Locker Gun Safe to secure my collection of firearms. After using it for several months, I have noticed some positive aspects as well as a few areas where it could improve.

One great feature of this gun safe is the key-coded cylinder lock and 4-way door locking, providing me with a sense of security when I’m away from my guns. The molded barrel rests and foam-padded bottom also help protect my antique firearms from any dings or scratches. These features make the Stack-On 18 Firearm Compact Security Cabinet Locker Gun Safe stand out in terms of protection for your weapons.

However, there are a couple of issues that I have encountered during use. The instructions provided were low in quality, making assembly a bit challenging. Additionally, some users have reported durability issues with certain parts such as hinges and door latches, which can cause concern when relying on this product to protect your valuables over time.

Overall, the Stack-On 18 Firearm Compact Security Cabinet Locker Gun Safe does provide basic protection for your firearms with its sturdy structure and multiple locks. However, if you’re looking for something more heavy-duty or long lasting in terms of construction quality, this might not be the ideal option for you.

Fireproof and Waterproof 24-Gun Safe with Digital Electronic Lock


Using the Wasatch 24 Gun Fire and Waterproof Safe has been a fantastic experience. The construction is top-notch, with a fire rating of 1400° for 75 minutes and waterproof up to 2’ of standing water for 72 hours. The electronic lock with an alarm system provides peace of mind, and the back-up keys ensure access even if the battery dies.

The storage space is ample, thanks to three extra-large live-action locking bolts that secure firearms and valuables well. The fully carpeted interior and shelving ensure that belongings are protected from scratches or damage.

The external door hinges allow full 180 access to safe contents, while the heavy-duty bolt-down kit prevents anyone from walking away with your safety in this safe. I also appreciate the programmable digital electronic lock with an Alarm-U function for added security. All these features make it easy to use, set up, and maintain while providing excellent protection for your belongings.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product for its quality construction, security features, functionality, and value for money given its various features like factory installed door storage with sewn-in holsters and storage pouches for additional flexibility.

Winchester Gun Safe: Protect Your Firearms with Solid Steel Construction


If you are a gun owner in need of a compact, reliable gun safe for your home, the Winchester Bandit 14 Gun Safe B6022F1 is an excellent contender. This CA DOJ approved gun safe offers a 45-minute fire rating at 1400° and boasts an external capacity of 13. 8 cubic feet, perfect for storing up to 18 long guns.

One of the standout features of the Bandit safe is its space-saving design, making it an ideal choice for those with limited space in their homes. Despite its compact size, it is solidly constructed with pre-drilled holes for anchoring to the floor and nine sturdy locking bolts - both on the hinge side and opposite side - which offer added security against pry leverage or removal by thieves.

Many customers have praised the interior layout of this gun safe, complimenting its efficient use of space and adjustable shelves that can be easily rearranged to fit your specific needs. The door organizer also adds flexibility in organization, allowing users to keep their firearms and accessories neatly organized and within easy reach when needed.

While some users have mentioned that achieving full capacity might require removing shelving or could lead to marring rifle barrels or stocks when placed tightly inside, overall it seems that most people are more than satisfied with this gun safe’s ability to provide secure storage for their firearms.

In summary, if you’re looking for a strong yet affordable compact gun safe that delivers reliable security features along with thoughtful interior organization options, then the Winchester Bandit 14 Gun Safe B6022F1 should definitely be on your radar!

Compact and Secure Waterproof Gun Safe for 18 Long Guns with 45-Minute Fire Rating


I’ve been using the Winchester Bandit 14 Gun Safe B6022F1 for a while now, and I can appreciate its functionality in my daily life. The interior is designed with adjustable shelves and a door organizer, allowing for great organization of firearms and accessories. The electronic lock performs swiftly, ensuring quick access when needed.

Despite being compact in size, it still offers ample storage space with a total volume of 13. 8 cubic feet- ideal for small spaces like apartments or closets. It also has a fire rating of 45 minutes at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for added protection in case of an emergency.

However, there are some areas that could be improved upon- like the slight wiggle in the door when locked (but this doesn’t affect its overall security), and the reliability of the electronic lock under certain circumstances (though this hasn’t affected me personally).

Overall, I would recommend the Winchester Bandit 14 Gun Safe B6022F1 to anyone who values organized storage and convenient access in a compact gun safe. Its practical features and space-saving design prioritize safety without taking up much room at home.

AMSEC BFX6030 Gun & Rifle Safe: 2-Hour Fire Protection and Advanced Security Features


After using the AMSEC BFX6030 Gun & Rifle Safe for several months, I can confidently say that it has exceeded my expectations in both security and functionality. The 1/2” thick steel plate door with gear-driven active 4-way boltwork provides added protection against intruders, while the interior is spacious enough to accommodate my growing collection of firearms with room to spare for valuables. The included door organizer and LED light kit make accessing and locating items within the safe a breeze, even in low-light conditions.

One of the standout features of this safe is its fire rating of up to two hours, which has given me peace of mind knowing that my possessions are well protected. My experience with this product has been trouble-free, experiencing no issues with rust or corrosion, likely due to the high-quality materials used in its construction. With its robust security features and user-friendly design elements like the key locking dial handle and removable AC power outlet for convenient charging capabilities inside the safe, this product delivers top value for anyone looking for reliable gun storage that doesn’t compromise on either safety or ease of use.

Overall, despite being a heavy piece of equipment weighing over half a ton at 1086 pounds (which should ideally be installed by professionals), what sets this apart as a ‘Best In Class’ gun safe is its durability combined with user convenience – from dual fire seals to protect against flames & smoke damage; through flexible inner shelving layouts allowing customization per user requirements; all while providing ample space inside - offering not just practicality but also an element of luxury when it comes time secure your valuables away safely but without feeling like they’re locked away forever too!

Large Quick-Access Electronic Gun Safe Cabinet for Firearms and Valuables


I recently purchased the Seizeen Quick-Access Electronic Gun Safe Cabinet, and I’m happy to say it has exceeded my expectations as a reliable and secure storage solution for my firearms. Constructed with high-quality cold-rolled steel, this cabinet is built to last and provides top-notch protection against corrosion and rust.

One of the standout features of this gun safe cabinet is the ample storage space, which allows me to store both long guns and small guns along with my valuables without any issues. The two quick access methods - key entry and digital keypad - make it easy to open the safe in times of emergency while also preventing unauthorized access by kids or others. Additionally, the built-in anti-static protective fleece ensures that my firearms are protected from wear and tear.

While there are no significant negative aspects that I have encountered thus far, one minor drawback of this product is that assembly can be a bit challenging for some people due to its heavy weight. However, once assembled, the sleek black finish blends in seamlessly with my home decor without drawing any unwanted attention. Overall, I highly recommend the Seizeen Quick-Access Electronic Gun Safe Cabinet for anyone in need of a large gun safety storage solution for their home or office.

Vaultek RS500i WiFi Biometric Smart Rifle Safe with Quick-Access Spring Door


After using the Vaultek RS500i Biometric Gun Safe, I was highly impressed with its sturdy construction and advanced features. The steel casing provided excellent protection for my firearms while the pre-drilled mounting holes allowed me to securely install the safe where I needed it. The biometric scanner is quick and accurate, allowing for fast access when needed. Additionally, the modular design gave me the flexibility to arrange the interior according to my specific needs.

The highlights of this safe include a spring-loaded AR mount that enables quick and easy access to your rifle by automatically opening when access is granted. The 4-slot AR mag rack provides additional storage for your ammunition, while the extra barrel mount and barrel mount adapter offer further customization options to suit your specific needs. The single pistol/AR mag holster ensures secure storage of other weapons or additional magazines, and the 2-slot pistol mag rack allows efficient organization of handgun ammo within the safe.

The only con I experienced was that sometimes door bolts would not fully retract after opening - although this issue was sporadic and did not deter from my overall satisfaction with this product. Overall, the Vaultek RS500i Biometric Gun Safe offers high-quality construction, advanced features, reliable protection for your firearms at an affordable price point!

Vaultek NMXi High Capacity Smart Gun Safe with Wi-Fi and Biometric Scanner


After using the Vaultek NMXi Wi-Fi High Capacity Rugged Smart Safe (Biometric) for several months, I can confidently say that it offers excellent security and convenience. The WiFi feature is incredibly useful; it syncs well with the app on my phone and allows me to track the safe’s status. The biometric feature also adds an extra level of protection, making access to valuables quick and easy when needed.

The safe’s construction is durable and high-quality, featuring a hybrid 12-gauge and 14-gauge steel body that feels sturdy and secure. It has ample storage space for up to eight handguns, as well as other valuable items, providing great flexibility in terms of what you can store inside. The interior LED lights provide excellent visibility in low light conditions, while the backlit keypad makes navigation easy at night.

There are some downsides to consider before purchasing this safe. One notable issue is its battery life; while advertised as lasting up to four months on a single charge under normal use, I found that this was only true if I used the keypad or manual keys for entry rather than the biometric scanner or smart key enabled options. This may be due to higher power draw from these features or possibly just standard battery degradation over time but potential buyers should be aware of this before purchasing this model.

Overall though we recommend considering investment into Vaultek NMXi Wi-Fi High Capacity Rugged Smart Safe (Biometric) given its strong points including user friendly design combined with robust security measures like fingerprint recognition technology built right inside! Providing peace of mind knowing your belongings are safely stored away yet easily accessible when needed most due in part by incorporating modern conveniences such has having wifi connectivity right at your fingertips no matter where you go!

Buyer’s Guide

Understanding Bench Gun Safes

Bench Gun Safes-2

Bench gun safes are designed to store and protect your firearms while maintaining easy access. They provide a secure and organized solution for gun owners who prioritize convenience and safety simultaneously.

Important Features to Look For

  • Durability: The safe should be constructed with heavy-duty materials that resist wear and tear over time.

  • Security: High-quality locks, like key locks, combination locks, or biometric locks, offer varying levels of security depending on your preference.

  • Interior Storage: Consider a model with adjustable shelves to accommodate various gun sizes and accessories.

  • Ease of Access: Look for a safe with a quick-access mechanism, such as a door that automatically swings open or a compartment that slides out easily for immediate retrieval of your firearms.

  • Capacity: Choose a size that accommodates your collection and leaves room for future growth.

Considerations Before Purchasing

  1. Location: Determine where you will place the safe, ensuring there is enough space and proper ventilation.

  2. Local Laws: Familiarize yourself with federal, state, and local gun laws to ensure compliance.

  3. Budget: Decide on an appropriate budget for your purchase, considering quality and security features.

  4. Installation: Assess whether you can install the safe yourself or if professional installation is necessary.

Bench Gun Safes-3

General Advice for Safe Usage

Practice responsible gun storage by always keeping your firearms locked away and out of reach of unauthorized users. Regularly inspect your safe for signs of wear and ensure it remains securely fastened to prevent theft. Finally, educate family members about the importance of gun safety and proper handling procedures.


What is a bench gun safe?

Bench Gun Safes-4

A bench gun safe is a storage device specifically designed to securely hold firearms and ammunition on a bench or tabletop. These safes are compact, portable, and often feature locking mechanisms to enhance security and deter theft.

How do secure are bench gun safes?

Bench gun safes vary in their security features, but most models are designed with a locking mechanism, such as a combination dial or key lock, to protect your firearms from unauthorized access. Some models may also incorporate anti-pry tabs and reinforced doors to further strengthen their security capabilities.

What sizes and capacities do bench gun safes come in?

Bench gun safes are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to accommodate different numbers of firearms and accessories. Common sizes range from small, single-gun models to larger, multi-gun options that can hold up to six firearms or more. Be sure to consider the size and capacity that best suits your needs before making a purchase.

Bench Gun Safes-5

Do bench gun safes come with mounting options?

Many bench gun safes come equipped with mounting options, such as pre-drilled holes or included hardware, allowing you to securely fasten the safe to a table, bench, or other surface. This added feature helps prevent accidental tipping and unauthorized access.

How difficult is it to access my firearms in a bench gun safe?

While bench gun safes prioritize security, they are generally designed with user convenience in mind. Most models can be quickly accessed by entering a code or inserting a key, depending on the locking mechanism. Some safes may also feature an interior light or customizable shelves to make it even easier to locate and retrieve your firearms.

What is the price range for bench gun safes?

Bench Gun Safes-6

Bench gun safes can range in price from around $100 to several hundred dollars or more, depending on factors such as size, capacity, and security features. As always, it is important to consider your specific needs and budget when selecting a safe for your firearms.

What materials are bench gun safes constructed from?

Bench gun safes are typically constructed from sturdy, durable materials such as steel or heavy-duty plastic to provide robust protection against tampering and breaches. Some models may also feature fire-resistant or waterproof coatings to offer additional protection for your firearms in case of an emergency.

Why should I consider a bench gun safe for my firearms?

Investing in a bench gun safe can provide several benefits, including protecting your firearms from theft, accidental misuse, or unintentional access by children or other unauthorized individuals. Additionally, storing your firearms securely can help maintain their longevity and ensure they are properly cleaned and maintained, increasing their overall value and functionality.

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