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Bike Gun Holsters

This comprehensive product roundup article on "Bike Gun Holsters" features the best choices for securely carrying your firearm while riding your bike, making it an essential read for sports and outdoors enthusiasts, gun owners, and anyone interested in personal safety and responsible gun storage.

This comprehensive product roundup article on "Bike Gun Holsters" features the best choices for securely carrying your firearm while riding your bike, making it an essential read for sports and outdoors enthusiasts, gun owners, and anyone interested in personal safety and responsible gun storage.

Bike gun holsters add a new level of convenience and safety to your cycling adventures. These compact and secure accessories provide easy access to your firearms while you’re on the move. This article delves into the importance of using bike gun holsters for safe and efficient storage of your weapons during outdoor activities such as cycling. Join us as we explore the world of bike gun holsters, covering everything from their features, benefits, and the best options available in the market. Stay tuned for an in-depth look into this exciting niche of sports and outdoors products.

The Top 5 Best Bike Gun Holsters

  1. Secure IWB Holster Mount for Vehicles, Desk, and Nightstand Use - Experience unmatched security and convenience with the IWB Holster Mount Single, designed to carry and store your holster and firearm safely and securely in a variety of settings.

  2. Seizmik ICOS: Silent, Secure, In-Cab Seat Gun Holder - The Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder ensures secure and silent storage for two firearms within your vehicle’s cabin, utilizing closed-cell foam to prevent damage or scratches while keeping the muzzles pointed down for safety.

  3. Customizable Pack Rack for Bikes & ATVs with Rubber Fins and Secure Straps - The All Rite Products Pack Rack Plus offers an adjustable, secure, and versatile holding solution for rifles, bows, fishing rods, and more, designed for usage with ATVs, bicycles, shooting carts, and treestands.

  4. Comfortable and Secure Black Diamond Pocket Handgun Holster - The RangeMaxx Black Diamond Inside-the-Pocket Handgun Holster offers advanced technology and versatility, with a rubberized micro-diamond texture that keeps it in place when drawing, making it perfect for both pocket and IWB appendix carry.

  5. 7360RDS Safariland 7TS ALS/SLS Mid-Ride Red Dot Optics Holster for Duty - Experience optimal protection and quick easy draw with the Safariland 7360RDS 7TS Mid-Ride holster, designed to fit and protect weapons equipped with red dot optics.

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Secure IWB Holster Mount for Vehicles, Desk, and Nightstand Use


I recently purchased the IWB Holster Mount and have been using it daily for a few weeks now. This product has truly transformed my daily carry experience, offering both convenience and peace of mind. The mount securely holds my holstered firearm in place, whether I’m at my office desk or driving in my truck. Its dual locking design provides assurance that the weapon won’t fall out, even on bumpy roads.

One feature that stands out to me is how easy it is to transition from wearing the holster to storing it in the mount - all without sacrificing security. While I haven’t encountered any issues with exposed triggers or scratched-up pistols before using this product, it offers an extra layer of safety and protection that I appreciate.

I was also impressed by the two unique mounting methods offered by this product, allowing me to find secure spots for both at home and in my vehicle. The only minor issue I encountered was having to slightly modify one of my existing holsters for a proper fit in the mount - a small hindrance easily remedied.

Overall, this IWB Holster Mount is an essential accessory for anyone who carries concealed weapons daily – definitely worth its cost! With its lightweight design and dual locking mechanism, you can rest assured that your firearm remains safe and secure while on-the-go or stored away when not needed.

Seizmik ICOS: Silent, Secure, In-Cab Seat Gun Holder


I recently got the chance to test out the Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder, and I must say, it’s been quite an adventure. I’ve been using it for my traditional-style muzzleloader, and the first thing that struck me was how securely it held my rifle, even during some of the bumpiest rides.

One of the features I appreciated most was the closed-cell foam cushioning. It not only prevented any damage to my muzzleloader but also ensured that I didn’t have to deal with any annoying rattles or noises while driving.

Another highlight of this product is its ease of installation. It took me just a few seconds to buckle it into place using the vehicle seat belt, and it was ready to go. Plus, the muzzle control feature was a game-changer, making sure that my gun barrels were always pointed safely downward.

However, the Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder isn’t perfect. Some users have reported issues with the straps and buckles, which might not hold up as well as one would hope. Additionally, if your seatbelt design is different from what the holder was designed for, you might need to make some adjustments or modifications.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a reliable and secure way to carry your firearms in your vehicle, the Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder is definitely worth considering. As long as you’re aware of any potential downsides, I think you’ll find it to be an excellent investment.

Customizable Pack Rack for Bikes & ATVs with Rubber Fins and Secure Straps


As an avid hunter, I’ve been using All Rite Products Pack Rack Plus to securely carry my rifles and bows on my ATV. The first thing that struck me about this product was its full 360-degree rotation - it can custom fit different sized objects by just twisting the holder and locking the wing nut. This metal component is a testament to its durability, built with an internal steel core covered in soft rubber and high-quality aluminum mounting blocks.

The rubber fins provided on the holder not only cushion the item being carried but also grip it perfectly due to their alternating long and short design. The blocks can mount onto handlebars or any tubular/square bars or railings ½” to 1” in diameter, using sturdy steel u-bolts and rubber straps, ensuring that nothing gets lost while providing added security.

However, one minor issue I faced was the slightly complex installation process. It took some time to figure out how to assemble it correctly, but once that was done, the product worked superbly. Overall, I would highly recommend All Rite Products Pack Rack Plus for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile gun and bow holder for their ATV or bike.

Comfortable and Secure Black Diamond Pocket Handgun Holster


I recently got my hands on the RangeMaxx Black Diamond Inside-the-Pocket Handgun Holster, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer for me! This sleek, rubberized accessory has allowed me to carry my handgun in my pocket without it becoming a bulky burden.

The beauty of this holster lies in its simple, yet effective design. The diamond-embossed outer shell not only looks cool but also keeps the holster in place when I draw my weapon. This is a problem that many traditional pocket holsters fail to address.

Moreover, the holster is versatile as it can be used as an IWB (Inside Waistband) holster as well. However, what sets it apart from other IWB holsters is its slim size and comfortable padding. It’s perfect for appendix carry, making it a convenient choice for those who prefer a discreet carry.

One feature I especially appreciate is the absence of a belt clip. This allows me to adjust the holster slightly for added comfort when carrying IWB. Plus, the signature foam padding and soft inner lining provide excellent protection for my handgun.

And did I mention that the holster comes in four universal sizes? It’s perfect for any gun make and model. In conclusion, the RangeMaxx Black Diamond Inside-the-Pocket Handgun Holster is a must-have for anyone looking to carry their handgun discreetly and comfortably.

7360RDS Safariland 7TS ALS/SLS Mid-Ride Red Dot Optics Holster for Duty


I’ve been using the Safariland 7360RDS Mid-Ride Duty Holster for quite some time now, and I must say it’s been a game-changer in terms of safety and convenience. The holster’s primary feature, the ALS (Automatic Locking System), is incredibly user-friendly - just a simple thumb operation that’s a breeze to learn and train with. The instinctive straight-up draw is another bonus, making it tough for anyone to swipe my weapon.

The holster’s durability is impressive, especially given its lightweight nature. The construction from SafariSeven material is designed to withstand harsh elements and even prolonged submergence in water, guaranteeing the longevity of my investment. Moreover, it’s gentle on the weapon’s finish and prevents dirt and moisture from damaging my firearm.

The adjustable mid-ride belt loop allows for a comfortable fit, with the holster nestling snugly against my body. It’s compatible with all Safariland holster mounting options, providing flexibility in how I carry it.

However, one downside is the adjustment process. It requires a learning curve and can be a bit tricky initially, especially for those new to this type of holster. Overall, my experience with the Safariland 7360RDS Mid-Ride Duty Holster has been a positive one, with the pros far outweighing the cons.

Buyer’s Guide

A bike gun holster is an essential accessory for anyone who carries a gun while riding their bike. To ensure you choose the right one, consider the following features, considerations, and general advice:

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Important Features

  • Retention Systems: Look for a holster with adjustable retention systems that allow secure handling of your weapon while riding.

  • Draw and Re-Holster: Make sure the holster enables easy and smooth access to your gun and quick re-holstering.

  • Compatibility: Ensure that the holster fits well with your bike’s frame and your firearm’s specifications.

  • Durability: Opt for a high-quality, weather-resistant materials that can withstand rough conditions during outdoor activities.

  • Concealment: Choose a holster that effectively conceals your weapon from visibility while maintaining easy access.


  • Size and Weight: Consider the size, weight, and balance of your weapon to determine the optimal holster size and position on the bike.

  • Security Measures: Think about additional security features like locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to your gun.

  • Adjustability: Find a holster that allows customizable fit and position according to your comfort and riding style.

  • Compatibility with Other Gear: Assess if the holster can smoothly integrate with your other gear, such as hydration packs, backpacks, or bike mounts, for a seamless user experience.

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General Advice

  • Test and Adjust: Before committing to a holster, try out different models and test them on your bike to ensure they fit well and provide the desired level of accessibility and security.

  • Practice Drawing: Regular practice of drawing and re-holstering your weapon from the bike gun holster is important for a swift response in case of emergencies.

  • Maintain and Regularly Clean your Holster: Proper maintenance is crucial for prolonging the lifespan and functionality of your bike gun holster.

  • Be Law-Compliant: Always adhere to local laws and regulations regarding the carrying of firearms while riding a bike or participating in any other outdoor activities.


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What are bike gun holsters?

Bike gun holsters are specially designed pouches or cases that securely carry guns while riding a bike. They come in various sizes and styles to suit different firearms and fastening mechanisms for attaching them to bikes. They provide a convenient way to access your gun for self-defense or shooting activities while maintaining its safety and your comfort while cycling.

Do all bike gun holsters fit any type of gun?

No, not all bike gun holsters will fit every type of gun. Some are designed to accommodate specific gun models or types, while others may offer adjustable fits or universal sizes. It’s important to read the product description carefully to ensure the holster will fit your particular firearm before making a purchase.

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How do I attach a bike gun holster to my bike?

  1. Read the holster’s instructions to understand the recommended mounting locations and methods for your specific bike model.

  2. Choose a suitable location on your bike that is easily accessible yet secure, such as near the down tube, under the seat post, or on the handlebars.

  3. Clean the designated point of contact on your bike to create a better grip for the holster’s attachment system.

  4. Attach the holster to your bike, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Most holsters will use Velcro straps, clamps, or zip ties to secure them to the bike frame or seat post.

What level of retention does a bike gun holster offer?

Retention refers to how securely a holster holds a firearm in place. Bike gun holsters typically offer varying degrees of retention depending on their design and materials. Higher retention holsters may use adjustable tension systems, trigger guards, or thumb-break straps to help keep the gun securely in place even during rough rides or sharp turns.

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Can I use a bike gun holster while wearing a cycling jersey or bulky clothing?

Some bike gun holsters are designed to be worn over clothing layers or can be adjusted to accommodate different clothing sizes. Look for models with adjustable straps or Velcro closures that allow you to customize the fit to your specific needs. However, it’s important to ensure proper accessibility and safety when drawing the firearm while wearing additional layers, especially if they may obstruct your grip or limit your range of motion.

How do I ensure the safety and correct positioning of my gun when using a bike gun holster?

To maintain safety and proper positioning when using a bike gun holster, follow these tips:

  • Read and follow the holster’s instructions on how to insert and remove the gun safely and securely.

  • Ensure that the gun is fully seated in the holster with the barrel facing down or in an orientation that will prevent discharge if the trigger is accidentally pulled.

  • Periodically check that the gun is properly secured in the holster during your ride, as vibrations or impacts from rough terrain can occasionally loosen some models.

How do I care for and maintain my bike gun holster?

  1. Clean your holster regularly using a mild detergent and damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the holster’s surface or affect its performance.

  2. Periodically inspect your holster for signs of wear or damage, such as tears, fraying stitches, or weak Velcro closures. Replace any worn-out or damaged parts to maintain the holster’s effectiveness.

  3. Store your bike gun holster indoors when not in use to protect it from extreme temperatures, moisture, and UV exposure that can degrade the materials and impact its longevity.

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