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Biometric Gun Safes

Discover the latest innovative biometric gun safes designed to secure your firearms with state-of-the-art technology, catering to the unique needs of sports enthusiasts and firearms collectors in this comprehensive product roundup article.

Discover the latest innovative biometric gun safes designed to secure your firearms with state-of-the-art technology, catering to the unique needs of sports enthusiasts and firearms collectors in this comprehensive product roundup article.

Finding the perfect gun safe is as essential as having the right gun itself. In this Biometric Gun Safes roundup, we’ve got you covered. Our selection includes top choices from the sports and outdoors industry, ensuring your firearms are secure and easily accessible when you need them most. Discover the best biometric gun safes on the market today and make an informed decision for your home security.

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or an avid outdoorsman, we’ve gathered this comprehensive list of biometric gun safes designed to protect your valuable firearms. Our expertise in the Firearms and Guns market ensures that you’ll find a safe that meets your unique needs. Stay tuned for our in-depth review and detailed product analysis, helping you make the right choice for your home security.

The Top 7 Best Biometric Gun Safes

  1. Small Biometric Gun Safe with 3 Access Methods - Discover the Tracker Safe S12-B2 Security Safe in Black with Biometric Lock, offering a perfect balance of sturdiness, ease of use, and visual appeal for safeguarding your valuables and preventing unauthorized access.

  2. Vaultek NMXi High Capacity Smart Gun Safe with Wi-Fi and Biometric Scanner - The Vaultek NMXi Wi-Fi High Capacity Rugged Smart Safe, featuring biometric authentication and customizable interior, offers robust security and easy access for ample gun storage in a variety of settings.

  3. Secure 40-Gun Safe with Biometric Lock and Sealed Protection - The Sports Afield Preserve SA5940P-BIO offers exceptional protection for up to 40 long guns, boasting fire and water resistance, a 45-minute fire rating, and advanced biometric lock technology, making it a top choice for secure and organized storage.

  4. 6-Gun Security Cabinet with Fingerprint and Digital Lock - VEVOR’s 6 Gun Safe: Ultimate Firearm Protection with Biometric Technology and Durable Storage Solutions.

  5. Barska Biometric Fingerprint Rifle Safe - The Barska AX13646 Large Quick Access Biometric Keypad Rifle Safe provides advanced security features, including biometric identification and backup power options, ensuring quick access and safe storage for your rifles and firearms.

  6. Compact Biometric Gun Safe for Your Protection - This compact and sturdy 4-pistol biometric gun safe by SOULYI offers quick access and full capacity for 100 fingerprints, while its easy setup and protective measures make it an ideal choice for family and personal use.

  7. Multi-Functional Biometric Fireproof and Waterproof Security Safe - Sanctuary Platinum’s Fireproof, Waterproof Biometric Security Safe boasts 120-minutes of fire protection, 7-day waterproofing, and a programmable biometric lock for secure access to its spacious, well-lit interior.

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Small Biometric Gun Safe with 3 Access Methods


After using this small gun safe in my daily life, I’ve found it to be a reliable and secure option for storing firearms. The biometric lock offers an added level of protection, while the textured black finish gives it a sleek, modern appearance. Setup was a breeze and I appreciated that mounting hardware was included for extra security.

One of the standout features is the quick access to my handguns with just the touch of my fingerprint. With enough space for up to four guns, it’s perfect for our household’s needs. Although the removable shelf is convenient, some users may find that it could be more sturdy. It’s also important to note that the safe isn’t fire-rated, so consider this if you need protection against fires or extreme heat.

Overall, this product provides good protection and craftsmanship at an affordable price point, effectively keeping our family members safe from accidents and safeguarding our valuables at all times.

Vaultek NMXi High Capacity Smart Gun Safe with Wi-Fi and Biometric Scanner


After using the Vaultek NMXi Wi-Fi High Capacity Rugged Smart Safe (Biometric) for several months, I can confidently say that it offers excellent security and convenience. The WiFi feature is incredibly useful; it syncs well with the app on my phone and allows me to track the safe’s status. The biometric feature also adds an extra level of protection, making access to valuables quick and easy when needed.

The safe’s construction is durable and high-quality, featuring a hybrid 12-gauge and 14-gauge steel body that feels sturdy and secure. It has ample storage space for up to eight handguns, as well as other valuable items, providing great flexibility in terms of what you can store inside. The interior LED lights provide excellent visibility in low light conditions, while the backlit keypad makes navigation easy at night.

There are some downsides to consider before purchasing this safe. One notable issue is its battery life; while advertised as lasting up to four months on a single charge under normal use, I found that this was only true if I used the keypad or manual keys for entry rather than the biometric scanner or smart key enabled options. This may be due to higher power draw from these features or possibly just standard battery degradation over time but potential buyers should be aware of this before purchasing this model.

Overall though we recommend considering investment into Vaultek NMXi Wi-Fi High Capacity Rugged Smart Safe (Biometric) given its strong points including user friendly design combined with robust security measures like fingerprint recognition technology built right inside! Providing peace of mind knowing your belongings are safely stored away yet easily accessible when needed most due in part by incorporating modern conveniences such has having wifi connectivity right at your fingertips no matter where you go!

Secure 40-Gun Safe with Biometric Lock and Sealed Protection


I recently purchased the Preserve SA5940P-BIO 20. 55 cu. ft. Fireproof and Waterproof 40-Gun Safe with Biometric Lock for my home, as security is of utmost importance to me. This safe impressed me right from the moment it was delivered, with its industrial-grade steel construction and robust Uni-Weld body. The biometric lock allowed for easy programming of up to 100 unique fingerprints, providing both convenience and extra layer of security when accessing the contents inside.

What truly stood out to me was the Triple Seal technology, which forms a protective barrier against fire, water, and smoke damage. This feature brought immense peace of mind knowing that my valuables would remain safe in case of any unforeseen accidents or emergencies. The eight 1. 5-inch steel locking bolts on the door provide additional strength against break-in attempts or tampering, making this safe an excellent investment for any homeowner seeking reliable security.

The interior design is equally impressive, featuring a fully carpeted interior with a carpeted barrel rest for up to 40 guns positions, a Zero-Sag steel reinforced top shelf as well as three height adjustable/removable side shelves for flexible storage arrangement - perfect for organizing everything inside!

Overall, choosing this Preserve gun safe has exceeded my expectations by offering not only top-notch safety features but also user friendly aspects such as multiple entry options (biometric scanning or Fail Safe override keys). With high quality construction and thoughtful design elements throughout both inside and outside; this product has been an exceptional choice in keeping our home secure!

6-Gun Security Cabinet with Fingerprint and Digital Lock


I’ve been using this Vevor 6 Gun Safe in my home for a few months now and it’s been a game-changer for keeping my firearms safe and secure. The highlight features for me include the biometric lock, which is incredibly fast and reliable, and the digital keypad lock that ensures only authorized individuals have access. The storage options are also top-notch, with adjustable shelves to accommodate multiple firearms and accessories.

One thing that’s not so great about this gun cabinet is its weight; at 82 lbs, it can be a bit cumbersome to move around or reposition in your home. Despite this minor inconvenience, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Vevor 6 Gun Safe to any firearm owner who values security and organization.

Barska Biometric Fingerprint Rifle Safe


I recently purchased the Barska AX13646 Large Quick Access Biometric Keypad Rifle Safe to securely store my rifles and it has been a joy to use. The biometric fingerprint identification system makes it easy and secure to access my firearms, and I love that it also comes with a Pin code and backup keys for added convenience.

One of the best features of this safe is its sturdiness. It’s made of high-quality steel and has a 6 solid steel locking bolts system, which really gives me peace of mind knowing that my rifles are properly protected against theft or unauthorized access.

Another highlight for me is its ease of use. The illuminated back lighting feature is a game-changer in low light conditions, allowing me to access my firearms with ease even in complete darkness.

However, one drawback is that the safe has a rather deep interior, making it a bit of a stretch to reach all the way to the back. But overall, this Biometric Gun Safe is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable and convenient way to store their rifles.

Compact Biometric Gun Safe for Your Protection


As a homeowner, I’ve tried several gun safes in the past, but none of them were as user-friendly and secure as the SoulYi Biometric Gun Safe. With its quick fingerprint recognition, I can access my pistols within 0.1 seconds, making it perfect for self-defense and home security. The electronic keyboard feature also allows me to set a custom password for added security.

The compact size of this gun safe makes it easy to place in various locations, from an office desk to a secret draw. Its solid steel construction provides peace of mind knowing that my family and I are protected from any unauthorized access.

However, one minor issue I encountered was the slightly inaccurate fingerprint reader, which occasionally failed to recognize my fingerprints. Despite this, the overall performance and durability of this gun safe outweigh this minor inconvenience.

In summary, the SoulYi Biometric Gun Safe is an excellent choice for gun owners who prioritize convenience and security. Its innovative features make it stand out among other gun safes in the market, making it a worthwhile investment for any household.

Multi-Functional Biometric Fireproof and Waterproof Security Safe


Sanctuary Platinum’s Fireproof and Waterproof Security Safe has been a game-changer in my home. The first thing that grabbed my attention was its sleek dark gray metallic finish, which gave a modern and secure look to the space.

The one feature that truly stood out was the biometric lock system. Programming it to recognize up to 100 fingerprints was a breeze, and the fail-safe override keys added an extra layer of security. However, the locking handle did have a slightly wobbly motion, which could be improved for a smoother experience.

The interior was well-lit with an LED light bar, making it easy to access items in the dim lighting of my storage room. The removable glass shelf and dedicated key storage hooks provided ample organization options. And while the safe doesn’t have app compatibility or bluetooth connectivity, its primary purpose of secure storage was met without any issues.

During the usage, I did notice a few areas for improvement. The instructions mentioned the need for 4AA batteries, but only the front 9Volt battery was needed. The other two AA cells might be intended for the internal lighting, which this model does not have. Also, the seal around the door seemed a bit uncertain in terms of keeping water out. Adding an extra layer of dessicant beads and a recording hygrometer helped maintain a manageable level of humidity inside.

Overall, Sanctuary Platinum’s Fireproof and Waterproof Security Safe has proven to be a sturdy, well-made safe that offers great protection for valuables. Its biometric lock system, spacious interior, and attractive design make it a worthwhile investment, despite a few minor hiccups in the overall experience.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to protecting your firearms and ensuring that they are stored safely, a biometric gun safe is an excellent choice. These innovative systems provide quick and secure access to your weapons while maintaining the utmost level of safety and security. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss important features, considerations, and general advice about biometric gun safes, helping you make an informed decision when choosing the best option for your needs.

Importance of Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric Gun Safes-2

Biometric gun safes offer an excellent combination of convenience and security. By utilizing fingerprint recognition technology, these safes provide instant access to your firearms, eliminating the need to remember or fumble with traditional locking mechanisms. Furthermore, with the integration of biometric scanning, there is no risk of losing keys or forgetting combinations, giving you peace of mind knowing that your weapons are always secure.

Features to Consider

  • Size and capacity: Ensure that the biometric gun safe you choose is large enough to accommodate your firearms and any additional accessories.

  • Construction materials: Look for a safe made from heavy-duty materials such as solid steel, providing optimal resistance against tampering and unauthorized access.

  • Battery life: Some biometric gun safes rely on battery power to function. Make sure to choose a model with a long battery life or with an indicator for low battery signals.

  • Emergency access: In case of emergency, it is crucial to have a backup method of access, such as key or combination unlocking.

  • Warranty and customer support: Choose a reputable brand that offers comprehensive warranty coverage and responsive customer service in case of any issues.

Considerations for Placement

When placing your biometric gun safe, consider the following:

  • Ease of access: Make sure your safe is easily accessible during emergency situations, but also well-hidden from potential intruders or burglars.

  • Fire and water resistance: To further protect your firearms from unforeseen disasters, consider purchasing a biometric gun safe with built-in fire and water resistance features.

  • Temperature and humidity control: Storing firearms in a controlled environment helps maintain optimal condition. Some biometric gun safes come with integrated dehumidifiers or air filtration systems.

Biometric Gun Safes-3

General Advice

Here are some additional tips to consider when purchasing a biometric gun safe:

  • Research different brands and models to find the best fit for your specific needs and budget.

  • Test the fingerprint scanner to ensure accurate and reliable recognition.

  • Keep the safe in good working order by regularly cleaning and performing maintenance as required by the manufacturer.

  • Review your state and local laws regarding firearm storage and ensure that your biometric gun safe meets all applicable requirements.

By following these guidelines and considering the important features and considerations discussed in this buyer’s guide, you can make a well-informed decision when choosing the best biometric gun safe for your needs. Safety and security are of the utmost importance, so invest in a high-quality biometric gun safe to protect your valuable firearms and keep your family safe.


What are biometric gun safes?

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Biometric gun safes are secure storage systems that use your unique fingerprint to grant access. With this technology, only authorized individuals can retrieve the firearms, ensuring safety and preventing unauthorized use.

How reliable are biometric gun safes?

Biometric gun safes have significantly improved since their initial release. Modern models boast 95-99.99% accuracy rates, with advanced technology efficiently recognizing and distinguishing fingerprints. However, factors like scars, cuts, moisture, or dry skin may affect accuracy, so it’s essential to clean your fingers and the scanner occasionally.

Can multiple people access a biometric gun safe?

Yes, many biometric gun safes allow you to enroll multiple fingerprints for access. This feature is useful for families or groups where more than one person needs to access the safe. Each user can scan their finger to gain entry, ensuring convenience and security for all users.

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How do you install a biometric gun safe?

Installation varies depending on the model and individual preferences. Some gun safes come with wall anchors for mounting, while others may require drilling holes or using screws to secure them. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation and always ensure your safe is mounted securely to prevent unauthorized access or easy removal.

What is the battery life of a biometric gun safe?

Battery life varies between models, but most biometric gun safes use 4 or 8 AA batteries. Generally, they last between 6 months and 1 year under normal usage. Some models also include low-battery warning systems that notify you when it’s time to replace the batteries.

Are there backup entry methods for biometric gun safes?

Biometric Gun Safes-6

Many biometric gun safes are designed with backup entry methods, such as combination locks or traditional key locks, in case of a failed scan or dead batteries. Check the specifications of your chosen safe to ensure it includes a backup system for added security and accessibility.

How fast can a biometric gun safe scan a fingerprint?

Biometric gun safes typically take between 1-3 seconds to scan and analyze a fingerprint, granting access within that time frame for authorized users. This rapid access helps ensure that, in an emergency, you can quickly retrieve your firearms when needed.

How many fingerprints can a biometric gun safe store?

The number of fingerprints that a biometric gun safe can store varies depending on the model. Some entry-level safes can hold up to 10 fingerprints, while more advanced models can store as many as 100 or more. Be sure to check the specifications of your preferred safe to determine its capacity for storing fingerprints.

How secure are biometric gun safes?

Biometric gun safes are designed with high-level security features to protect your firearms. In addition to their fingerprint scanning system, many models also feature anti-pry bars, tamper-resistant hinges, and solid steel construction. As long as you purchase a high-qualitysafe from a reputable manufacturer, you can trust that your firearms will be well-protected from unauthorized access.

How much do biometric gun safes cost?

Biometric gun safes range in price depending on size, construction, features, and brand. A basic biometric model may start around $100, while larger, more advanced safes can cost upwards of $1,000. When choosing a gun safe, consider your budget, intended use, and desired features to find the right balance of affordability and functionality for your needs.

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