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Car Seat Gun Holsters

Discover the ultimate solution for concealed carrying during your rides - our comprehensive guide to the best car seat gun holsters for ultimate safety, accessibility, and convenience.

Discover the ultimate solution for concealed carrying during your rides - our comprehensive guide to the best car seat gun holsters for ultimate safety, accessibility, and convenience.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on car seat gun holsters! If you’re on the lookout for a safe and convenient way to transport your firearms while on the go, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be exploring a variety of options in the realm of car seat gun holsters, evaluating their features, benefits, and price points. Whether you’re an avid hunter, a firearms enthusiast, or just someone who values personal safety and security, our roundup of the best car seat gun holsters has something for everyone. So, strap in and let’s dive into the world of car seat gun holsters!

The Top 6 Best Car Seat Gun Holsters

  1. Seizmik ICOS: Silent, Secure, In-Cab Seat Gun Holder - The Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder ensures secure and silent storage for two firearms within your vehicle’s cabin, utilizing closed-cell foam to prevent damage or scratches while keeping the muzzles pointed down for safety.

  2. Headrest Gun Rack for Car Storage - The Snapsafe Gun Rack Vehicle Headrest securely and conveniently holds your long gun, with protective coated wires to prevent scratches, making it ideal for range bags and groceries, while offering flexibility in storage options.

  3. Multi-Functional Tactical Car Seat Back Organizer with Molle Panel & Gun Holder - Sturdy, versatile, and secure, the Dasiyoki Tactical Car Seat Back Organizer is the perfect accessory for safely storing your hunting gear while on the go.

  4. Galco ambidextrous VHS 4.0 Shoulder Holster - Experience versatile and comfortable firearm access with the ambidextrous Galco VHS 4.0 Shoulder Holster, expertly designed for 1911 firearms 4-5” in length.

  5. Back Seat Gun Holder Rifle Rack - Say goodbye to clutter and improve safety with this premium back seat gun holder for trucks and vehicles, featuring 3-rifle capacity, 12-shotgun shell storage, and a sleek Real Oak tree design.

  6. Seat Gun Holder for UTVs - Discover the perfect solution for safely securing your firearms in your UTV with SuperATV’s On-Seat UTV Gun Holder, featuring heavy-duty foam and the capacity to hold two long guns. Experience convenience and peace of mind on every ride.

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Seizmik ICOS: Silent, Secure, In-Cab Seat Gun Holder


I recently got the chance to test out the Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder, and I must say, it’s been quite an adventure. I’ve been using it for my traditional-style muzzleloader, and the first thing that struck me was how securely it held my rifle, even during some of the bumpiest rides.

One of the features I appreciated most was the closed-cell foam cushioning. It not only prevented any damage to my muzzleloader but also ensured that I didn’t have to deal with any annoying rattles or noises while driving.

Another highlight of this product is its ease of installation. It took me just a few seconds to buckle it into place using the vehicle seat belt, and it was ready to go. Plus, the muzzle control feature was a game-changer, making sure that my gun barrels were always pointed safely downward.

However, the Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder isn’t perfect. Some users have reported issues with the straps and buckles, which might not hold up as well as one would hope. Additionally, if your seatbelt design is different from what the holder was designed for, you might need to make some adjustments or modifications.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a reliable and secure way to carry your firearms in your vehicle, the Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder is definitely worth considering. As long as you’re aware of any potential downsides, I think you’ll find it to be an excellent investment.

Headrest Gun Rack for Car Storage


As an everyday user of the Snapsafe Gun Rack, I can attest to its brilliance. Upon installation, I was blown away by how easily it fit onto my vehicle’s headrest, making it quick and convenient to secure my long gun. The coated wire ensured that my firearm stayed protected from scratches while in transit. Additionally, the hooks doubled as storage for my range bag and groceries, adding a level of practicality that I absolutely love.

There were a few cons that came to my notice though. The hooks tended to sway a bit when driving, especially on bumpy roads. This motion could potentially cause some damage to the firearm in the long run. Another issue was the size of the hooks, which could not accommodate larger firearms.

Overall, the Snapsafe Gun Rack is a solid investment for those who frequently carry long guns while driving. Its versatile design, easy installation, and protective coating easily outweigh the cons, making it a must-have for safety-conscious drivers.

Multi-Functional Tactical Car Seat Back Organizer with Molle Panel & Gun Holder


I recently came across this fantastic Tactical Car Seat Back Organizer, and thought it truly deserves a mention. This automotive gun rack has made traveling so much more comfortable and convenient for me. Made of high-quality 1000D nylon, it’s incredibly durable and perfect for my Tacoma, F150, and pickup seat back.

One of the perks is its capacity. It can hold up to 60 lbs, making it a reliable gun safe organizer for my vehicle. Its dimensions of 14.5”W by 22.5”H make it a universal fit for various vehicles, including trucks, F150s, and pickups.

The most exciting feature for me is the Molle straps and pockets, which offer multifunctional storage. I can hang additional tactical pouches and even place my hunting files. Plus, there are two pockets for storing smaller items like toys or umbrellas, making travel even more fun.

However, I would like to mention that the packaging could be a bit better. When I received it, the corners were slightly dented. Despite this, the quality of the product itself more than compensated for the packaging defect.

In conclusion, this Tactical Car Seat Back Organizer has been a game-changer for me. Its durable material, adjustable design, and multifunctional compartments make it a must-have if you’re often on the road.

Galco ambidextrous VHS 4.0 Shoulder Holster


As an avid shooter, I’ve had the pleasure of using several shoulder holsters. However, the Galco VHS 4.0 for my 1911 4-5” really takes the cake. This ambidextrous beauty is a game-changer, especially when I need quick access to my firearm. The vertical double magazine carrier with its secure flaps is just the icing on the cake.

One of the standout features of the Galco VHS 4.0 is its comfortable wide harness. It’s designed with a swiveling Flexalon backplate, providing a level of comfort that lasts all day. Plus, it’s incredibly versatile, offering compatibility with various firearm sizes and body types. The adjustable harness ensures a perfect fit for both left and right-handed users.

However, no product is perfect. One minor issue I experienced was the occasional need for adjustments to maintain a secure fit. Additionally, the magazine carrier could benefit from a tie-down feature for added stability.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Galco VHS 4.0 is an exceptional shoulder holster. Its ergonomic design and versatility make it an ideal choice for shooters who prioritize comfort and convenience. Whether you’re a lefty or a righty, this holster is sure to provide a secure and comfortable home for your 1911.

Back Seat Gun Holder Rifle Rack


My old car seat gun holster was always flimsy and unsafe, but ever since I got my hands on this Back Seat Gun Holder, it’s been a game changer. The straps are sturdy, made of 600D Polyester Nylon and ABS Polymer clasps, ensuring my guns are securely held in place during travel. Not only does this gun holder allow me to keep my hands free while driving, but it also adds an element of organization, with a Shotgun shell holder on each side.

However, the product does have its downsides. The 21-inch width might not be compatible with all vehicles, and it’s designed primarily for rifles and longer shotguns. If you’re looking to transport shorter-barreled shotguns, you might need to consider other alternatives. Additionally, the shell holder could benefit from a more secure design, perhaps with a Velcro flap closure instead of the elastic loops provided.

Despite these cons, the Back Seat Gun Holder is a high-quality, reliable solution for transporting rifles and shotguns safely and securely. It’s a testament to the importance of investing in quality products that make our lives easier and safer.

Seat Gun Holder for UTVs


I recently got my hands on the On-Seat UTV Gun Holder and let me tell you, it has completely changed my hunting trips for the better. The heavy-duty foam construction holds two long guns securely, making them easily accessible and protected from damage.

A standout feature of this product is how seamlessly it integrates with my seat belt. It’s so convenient that I can safely store my rifles without needing any additional tools or straps. It’s definitely worth the investment if you’re serious about protecting your firearms while riding in your utility vehicle.

However, there’s one drawback that I noticed - the ratchet strap provided isn’t always effective. In some cases, I had to purchase an extra strap to ensure a secure fit. Despite this minor inconvenience, I still give the On-Seat UTV Gun Holder a high rating for its durability and practicality.

For those looking for a reliable solution to safely store their hunting gear on their utility vehicle, this product is definitely worth checking out.

Buyer’s Guide

Important Features to Consider in Car Seat Gun Holsters

Car Seat Gun Holsters-2

Car seat gun holsters are becoming increasingly popular among those who wish to keep their firearms within reach while on the road. When choosing the right car seat gun holster, there are several important features that one should consider:

  • Retention Mechanism: Ensure that the holster you select has a strong retention mechanism to keep your gun secure during any situation. Models with straps or Velcro adjustments tend to provide the best grip for your weapon.

  • Concealment: Consider the level of concealment you require. Some models may be more visible than others, providing quick access but potentially drawing unwanted attention.

  • Comfort: It is essential to choose a holster that is comfortable for long periods of sitting in a vehicle. Look for padded inserts, adjustable straps, and materials that breathe well to keep you comfortable even on extended drives.

  • Ease of Access: Ensure that your holster allows for easy access to your firearm when needed. Some models may require a significant adjustment of your seatbelt or require an awkward position to retrieve your weapon.

Critical Safety Considerations for Car Seat Gun Holsters

Car seat gun holsters can provide a convenient way to store your firearm, but it’s essential to prioritize safety at all times:

  • Proper Fit: Ensure that the holster you choose is designed for your specific make and model of firearm. An improper fit can lead to accidental discharges or weapons being dropped during retrieval.

  • Safe Positioning: Make sure that you position the holster away from any sharp edges or moving parts within your vehicle. This minimizes the risk of damaging your gun or causing an unintentional discharge.

  • Secure Mounting: Ensure that the holster is securely fastened to your vehicle’s seat or backrest. This prevents it from shifting during normal driving and keeps your weapon accessible when needed.

General Advice for Using Car Seat Gun Holsters

Here are some general tips to make sure you get the most out of your car seat gun holster:

  1. Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect your holster and weapon for any signs of wear or damage. Repair or replace components as necessary to maintain optimal performance and safety.

  2. Practice Retrieving Your Gun: Familiarize yourself with how to quickly and safely retrieve your firearm from the holster. Regular practice can help ensure that you’re prepared for any situation that may arise.

  3. Learn Your State’s Laws: Know the laws regarding concealed carry and firearms in vehicles in your state. Some states may have specific restrictions on where and how you can store your weapon while driving.

Car Seat Gun Holsters-3


1. What are Car Seat Gun Holsters and how do they work?

Car Seat Gun Holsters are specially designed covers for car seats with built-in compartments for securely storing and accessing firearms while driving. They are made from high-quality materials that are durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. These holsters attach to the seat or headrest of your vehicle, providing quick and safe access to your firearm in an emergency situation. They are an excellent choice for people who carry a firearm routinely or those who carry occasionally but wish to keep their weapon within reach at all times.

Car Seat Gun Holsters-4

Car Seat Gun Holsters are legal in most states, but it is essential to research and understand the specific laws in your area regarding carrying a firearm. Some states may have restrictions on the type of firearm storage, required signage or locking mechanisms, and concealed carry permits.

3. How do I properly install a Car Seat Gun Holster in my vehicle?

Each Car Seat Gun Holster model may have slightly different installation instructions. However, general steps include removing the headrest of your car seat, positioning the holster on the seat or headrest, replacing the headrest, and securing any straps or Velcro to ensure the holster stays in place during use.

4. Can I position a Car Seat Gun Holster for both left-handed and right-handed access?

Some Car Seat Gun Holster models are designed to be versatile and can be adjusted for either right-handed or left-handed access to your firearm. Be sure to check the individual product specifications and read reviews from other customers to ensure that the specific model you choose accommodates your dominant hand.

Car Seat Gun Holsters-5

5. Are there different Car Seat Gun Holster models available for various firearm types?

Yes, there are Car Seat Gun Holster models designed to accommodate different firearm types, such as handguns, revolvers, and long guns. Ensure that you choose a holster with a compartment size and design that best fits your specific firearm for optimal protection and security while driving.

6. Can I use a Car Seat Gun Holster in other vehicles, like a truck or SUV?

Yes, Car Seat Gun Holsters can be used in various vehicles, including trucks and SUVs, as long as they fit the seat or headrest design. Check individual product specifications and read reviews from other customers to determine if a particular holster model is compatible with your specific vehicle make and model.

7. Are there any maintenance or cleaning tips for Car Seat Gun Holsters?

Car Seat Gun Holsters-6

To keep your Car Seat Gun Holster in optimal condition, it is essential to periodically check for signs of wear, tear, or damage and replace the holster if necessary. Additionally, most holsters can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent, but please follow the manufacturer’s specific cleaning instructions to ensure your holster remains waterproof and well-maintained.

8. How do I childproof a Car Seat Gun Holster?

To childproof a Car Seat Gun Holster, it is crucial to ensure that your firearm is kept out of reach and inaccessible to children at all times. Some models offer locking mechanisms or built-in child safety features. Additionally, be sure to educate your children about the dangers of firearms and never allow them to handle or play with any guns in or around your vehicle.

9. How do I secure the firearm within the Car Seat Gun Holster?

Car Seat Gun Holsters often utilize Velcro straps, built-in clip mechanisms, or tension retention systems to securely hold and protect your firearm while driving. The specific method of securing your weapon may vary depending on the holster model you choose, so always refer to the manufacturer’s installation and usage instructions for proper securement.

10. How do I choose the right Car Seat Gun Holster for my needs?

Choosing the right Car Seat Gun Holster depends on several factors, including the make and model of your vehicle, the specific type of firearm you intend to store in the holster, and your personal preferences for design, accessibility, and security features. Be sure to read through the individual product specifications and customer reviews to help make an informed decision when purchasing your Car Seat Gun Holster.

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