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Cardboard Shooting Targets

Discover our ultimate guide to the best cardboard shooting targets! Featuring top picks for sports and outdoors enthusiasts, along with tips on selecting, storing, and using firearms safely. Get ready to improve your accuracy and make your practice sessions more enjoyable!

Discover our ultimate guide to the best cardboard shooting targets! Featuring top picks for sports and outdoors enthusiasts, along with tips on selecting, storing, and using firearms safely. Get ready to improve your accuracy and make your practice sessions more enjoyable!

Looking to level up your shooting skills without breaking the bank? Cardboard shooting targets are your ultimate solution! Simple yet effective, they offer a practical way to hone your marksmanship in the great outdoors. In this roundup article, we explore the best cardboard shooting targets from leading brands, perfect for beginners and experienced shooters alike. Get ready to aim, fire and win with our top selection of cardboard targets!

So, whether you’re a competitive shooter, a recreational hunter, or a family planning a fun day at the shooting range, our roundup has you covered. Read on to discover the best options available, and bring your game to new heights with cardboard shooting targets!

The Top 12 Best Cardboard Shooting Targets

  1. 13-Target Reversible Cardboard Shooting Range Target - Perfect combination of versatility and endurance: Reversa’s corrugated target boasts 13 printable targets on one side and pre-tabbed holder for 12 clay pigeons on the reverse side.

  2. Cabela’s Rimfire Dueling Tree: Multi-Target Steel Shooting Challenge - The Cabela’s Rimfire Dueling Tree is perfect for fun shooting sessions with friends, featuring 8-spring loaded flip targets and a wide base for stability. Ideal for sharpening skills and using with .22 rimfire soft-lead bullets.

  3. Life-Size Silhouette Paper Shooting Targets - 19”x25” - 100 Pack - Red-Fire Life Size Silhouette Paper Shooting Targets - high visibility neon red bullseyes, made in the U.S.A., perfect for weapons and self-defense training.

  4. Red Ryder Classic Paper Targets (25 Ct) - Experience the thrill of western nostalgia with Daisy Outdoor Products Red Ryder Paper Targets (25 ct), featuring assorted retro-styled targets that stay true to the iconic brand.

  5. Life-Size Human Silhouette Paper Shooting Targets 100 Pack - Experience precision and cost-saving with Basic Training Silhouette - Life-size human paper shooting targets, ideal for pistols and rifles at various distances!

  6. Bright Splatter Paper Shooting Targets Set - Experience precise aim and instant visibility with the Atflbox 12” x 13” Splatter Paper Target and Adhesive Target for Pellet Gun Rifle, designed with 25 sheets of bright fluorescent yellow for easy spotting at any distance, both indoors and outdoors.

  7. Shooting Range Torso Paper Targets - Highly effective and versatile 13” x 16” cardboard targets for shooting practice, made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, designed for use with Highwild’s adjustable target stand base.

  8. Dart Battle Target Cutouts for Shooting Games - Spice up your party with these lightweight, easy-to-use cardboard shooting targets, perfect to create a battle ambiance or for engaging target practice.

  9. Allen Titan Cardboard Deer Target for Practice Shooting - Allen Titan Cardboard Deer Target - Experience precise shot placement while practicing with your rifle or bow. Durable, life-size cardboard deer target with organ profiles. Perfect for indoor or outdoor ranges.

  10. Professional Quality Cardboard Shooting Target - Experience professional-grade practice with Champion’s 24” x 45” Target Silhouette Cardboard, boasting high-definition printing, high contrast green for instant shot placement recognition, and a scoring table for performance tracking.

  11. 25-Pack Cardboard Buck Targets for Shooting - The Weaknecht Cardboard Deer Target 25 Pk is a realistic and effective shooting target with a cardboard Buck displaying all deer vitals, perfect for practicing accuracy and precision.

  12. Bright, Visible Shooting Range Paper Targets - EZ Aim Silhouette Targets: Enhance your precision and skill with our high-visibility paper targets, available in a 100-count pack for endless practice possibilities.

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13-Target Reversible Cardboard Shooting Range Target


I recently discovered the ReVersa premium quality corrugated target, and I must say it has become my go-to choice for shooting practice. The front of the target features 13 clear targets with ample spacing, making it easy to aim at from a distance. Not only does the backside accommodate up to 12 clay pigeons, but it also serves as a sturdy backer for other targets.

One of this product’s strong points is its speedy setup; when combined with the ReVersa stands, you can have it ready to use in seconds! However, a potential drawback is that covering old holes with tape can be challenging - which limits its lifespan to roughly 3-5 uses based on round count.

Despite this minor issue, I still highly recommend this product for anyone looking for an efficient and versatile target option that doesn’t compromise on quality or durability.

Cabela’s Rimfire Dueling Tree: Multi-Target Steel Shooting Challenge


As a shooting enthusiast, I’ve been using Cabela’s Rimfire Dueling Tree at my range and it’s provided countless hours of fun and challenging gameplay. With a solid steel frame and 8 spring-loaded flip targets, this dueling tree is perfect for practicing my accuracy and having fun with friends.

The sizes range from 1.5” to 3”, which makes for an interesting and varied game experience. I’ve found that the smaller targets require more precise aiming, while the larger ones are slightly easier to hit. With a wide base and stakes, it’s extremely stable and stays in place even during our more intense shooting sessions.

One minor downside is that occasionally some of the paddles might get stuck halfway back or bounce back, but it’s not a deal breaker for me. I just give them a gentle push to reset and continue my session.

The only real issue I’ve run into is that the springs connected to the paddles can sometimes feel a bit loose and flimsy. However, I discovered that applying a light coat of lubricant like WD-40 silicone spray resolved this issue.

Overall, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with Cabela’s Rimfire Dueling Tree’s quality, durability, and convenience. It’s not only allowed me to improve my shooting skills but also provided a great way to bond with my friends during some intense target practice sessions. I’d definitely recommend investing in one of these dueling trees as it offers exceptional value for its price point and has undoubtedly enhanced my overall shooting experience.

Life-Size Silhouette Paper Shooting Targets - 19”x25” - 100 Pack


Red-Fire Life Size Silhouette Paper Shooting Targets, a 19”x25” pack of 100, are the perfect companions for your shooting sessions. As soon as I unpackaged them, I was blown away by how bright and colorful the bold high-contrast silhouette is. The neon red bullseyes make it incredibly easy to see even the tiniest dark bullet holes, making scoring a breeze.

A major highlight of these targets is their lifelike size - half-torso human silhouette, providing an authentic touch to your shooting practice. The scoring zones are thoughtfully designed, with each having a 1” bright-colored center for precise aiming. I also appreciated how each cylindrical scoring ring mirrors the ones found in standard 25-yard handgun qualifying targets, allowing me to incorporate these into my regular training routine.

One thing that sets these targets apart from others is their durability. Despite being made of paper, they held up quite well during multiple shooting sessions. The targets are easy to see from a distance, even in low light conditions, thanks to the bright white silhouette on a black background.

However, there’s a minor downside. Although these targets are excellent for indoor use, their size may become challenging to manage in more cramped spaces. But overall, these Red-Fire Life Size Silhouette Paper Shooting Targets have given my practice sessions a boost of excitement and precision.

Red Ryder Classic Paper Targets (25 Ct)


I recently picked up a pack of Daisy Red Ryder paper targets to use with my friend’s new bb gun. The moment I saw the retro packaging, I knew I had to buy them! They’re genuinely vintage-styled, and the Red Ryder theme is just perfect if you’re fond of that classic Wild West aesthetic.

One thing that really stood out for me was the quality of the targets. They’re made of sturdy cardboard that’s tough enough to withstand a few hits. This pack comes with 25 assorted paper targets in different patterns, which were all a lot of fun to shoot at.

However, one downside to these targets is their size. They’re quite small, so if you’re looking for something larger, these might not be the best for you.

Overall, I had a great time using these paper targets from Daisy, and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone who’s into target shooting or has a bb gun they want to practice with. Just be sure to check out the size before purchasing, as they might be a bit smaller than you expect.

Life-Size Human Silhouette Paper Shooting Targets 100 Pack


I recently decided to upgrade my range practice with the Basic Training Silhouette target, and let me just say, it’s been a game-changer for me. This life-size paper target is perfect for practicing on a variety of firearms, from pistols to rifles, at distances between 10 feet and 40 yards.

The first thing that caught my eye was the clear vital zones and scoring area, which made aiming and scoring much easier than with traditional targets. The extra aim points on either side of the head proved invaluable during my practice sessions, giving me more opportunities to hone my shot placements. Plus, the bold vital organ outlines provided consistent feedback that helped me understand how to effectively neutralize an assailant.

I also appreciated the fact that these targets are made in the U. S. A. , ensuring that I’m supporting a local business and getting a high-quality product at the same time. In addition, the reduced cost thanks to the 1-color printing on 60-pound bright white paper made this purchase an even better value.

Overall, the Basic Training Silhouette has been an excellent addition to my range gear. Although the durability may lead to it lasting forever, I have no complaints about the performance or functionality of this target. If you’re in the market for an affordable and effective shooting target, this is definitely worth considering.

Bright Splatter Paper Shooting Targets Set


I’ve been using the Atflbox Splatter Paper Targets to sharpen my shooting skills, and they’ve been a game-changer. The instant visual feedback from the bright fluorescent yellow makes it super easy to see where my shots land from a distance, even outdoors. No more squinting to see whether I hit the mark or not. Plus, the adhesive makes attaching and reattaching these targets a breeze.

One thing I especially love about these splatter paper targets is that they stick easily and don’t fall off, ensuring each shot hits the mark. However, the sheets are a bit on the thin side, so they may not hold up as well against heavy-duty rifles or pellet guns.

All in all, the Atflbox Splatter Paper Targets have been a solid addition to my shooting practice. The vibrant color and sticky back make them perfect for quick shootouts, whether you’re training indoors or out in the field. If you’re looking for an effective target without breaking the bank, these splatter targets are definitely worth checking out.

Shooting Range Torso Paper Targets


With a genuine need to improve my sharpshooting skills, I decided to give the Highwild 13” x 16” Cardboard Targets for Shooting a shot. Initially, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to set up these targets - in a few short seconds, I was ready to go. The size and design were also quite efficient, saving me both time and money in comparison to other options on the market. What really stood out about these targets was their high-contrast black silhouette, which made it easy to see my shots even from a distance.

One drawback that I encountered was that, despite being made with high-quality materials, the paper used in these targets wasn’t as durable as I would have liked. As a result, I found myself replacing the targets after only a few uses. However, the cost is quite reasonable considering that the product comes with two large targets, so this was not too much of a setback for me.

Overall, I am quite pleased with my experience using the Highwild Cardboard Targets for Shooting. Despite some minor issues with paper quality, they have greatly improved my shooting skills and have proven to be a valuable addition to my practice routine.

Dart Battle Target Cutouts for Shooting Games


I recently got my hands on the Small DartBattle Target Cutouts, and they sure turned out to be a hit at my son’s birthday party! These cardboard cutouts, shaped like targets, were so easy to set up and added a pop of color and excitement to our DIY Nerf obstacle course.

One of the first things that caught my eye about these targets was their size. At 20.5cm wide, they’re just the right size for kids’ parties without dominating the space. Plus, they’re made of lightweight cardboard, which means they’re easy to handle and attach wherever you want them - even the most challenging spots like windows and doors.

However, I did find a small inconvenience with these targets. Given that they’re printed on one side only, it can be a bit difficult to position them perfectly if you want to stick them onto a plastic tablecloth for your DIY party decor.

But overall, these small dart battle target cutouts have been a fantastic addition to our kid’s parties. They’re versatile, colorful, and bring life into any play area. Whether you’re planning a DIY obstacle course or setting up shooting games with foam blocks, these targets are certainly worth checking out!

Allen Titan Cardboard Deer Target for Practice Shooting


Recently, I’ve begun incorporating the Allen Titan Cardboard Deer Target into my archery and rifle practice sessions, and I can’t express how much of a difference it’s made. Not only is it a life-size target that accurately portrays the shape of a deer, but the organ profiles have been incredibly helpful for honing my shot placement skills. The best part is that it’s incredibly versatile - I’ve been using it in front of my current archery block or bag for a solid backstop, and it’s held up surprisingly well.

One thing that really sets this target apart from others is the ease with which it can be adhered to a target stand at your range. It’s been particularly useful when target practicing with a rifle, as it provides a realistic experience that mirrors actual hunting conditions.

However, not everything about this target is perfect. The cardboard can withstand multiple shots, but it does show signs of wear and tear over time. Additionally, some users have mentioned that the vital organ profiles could use more contrast to make them more easily visible.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Allen Titan Cardboard Deer Target to anyone looking to improve their shot placement skills in archery or rifle practice. Its unique features and versatility make it an excellent choice for hunters and enthusiasts alike.

Professional Quality Cardboard Shooting Target


I’ve been using the Champion LE Target Silhouette Cardboard for my shooting practice, and I must say, it’s a game-changer! The high-definition printing makes the targets incredibly realistic, making every practice session feel like the real thing. Plus, the green color makes it very easy to identify where each shot lands, which is a major plus.

One of the things I love about this target is its scoring table. It’s a brilliant feature that helps me keep track of my performance and rounds, giving me a clear idea of how I’m progressing. And let’s not forget about the high-quality materials it’s made from. They ensure durability, so I don’t have to worry about replacing it too soon.

However, there’s one minor issue with this target. The numbering could be a bit more distinct, especially when it comes to precision shooting. A little more contrast would make it easier to see and score each shot accurately.

Overall, I highly recommend the Champion LE Target Silhouette Cardboard. It’s a perfect combination of quality, performance, and practicality. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned shooter, this target will definitely enhance your practice sessions.

25-Pack Cardboard Buck Targets for Shooting


As an avid hunter, I’ve been using the Cardboard Deer Target 25 Pk. - Weaknecht for several weeks now, and I can confidently say it’s a game-changer. The two-colored design makes it incredibly easy to spot deer vitals, making it an invaluable tool for practice. Although a few of the cheaper targets from my local store couldn’t withstand more than a few volleys, this one impressively held up even after numerous shots.

The only minor inconvenience I experienced was the slightly flimsy cardboard packaging, which made it a bit challenging to transport. However, once set up, the target is robust and highly effective. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with its performance and would highly recommend it to both novice and experienced hunters alike.

Bright, Visible Shooting Range Paper Targets


As a dedicated shooter, I’ve been using the EZ Aim Silhouette Paper Shooting Targets for a few months now and they’ve definitely made a difference in my practice sessions. The bright colors of these high-quality paper targets are easily visible from long distances, making it easy for me to hone my accuracy and consistency.

One feature that really stood out to me is the size. These targets are life-sized, which I initially found to be a bit overwhelming but have come to appreciate as a great way to push my skills to the next level. Additionally, the 100-count pack ensures that I always have enough targets on hand to challenge myself and keep things interesting.

On the downside, these targets are quite large, which can be a bit cumbersome to transport and store. However, the benefits of using them far outweigh this minor inconvenience. Overall, I’m very happy with my decision to use the EZ Aim Silhouette Paper Shooting Targets and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their shooting skills.

Buyer’s Guide

Cardboard Shooting Targets: Features and Considerations

Cardboard shooting targets are a staple in the world of firearms and are used by both beginners and experienced shooters. Consider the following features and considerations when purchasing cardboard shooting targets:

Cardboard Shooting Targets-2

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when it comes to handling firearms. Look for targets that are designed to prevent accidents. Some targets come with a backer that helps absorb the impact of bullets, reducing the risk of bullets bouncing back or ricocheting. Additionally, consider targets that have been certified by safety organizations such as the National Rifle Association (NRA) or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).


Cardboard shooting targets are generally more affordable than steel or paper targets, but they may not last as long. Consider purchasing a target designed with multiple layers of cardboard, which will make it more resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, look for targets with reinforced edges that prevent tearing during transportation and handling.

Ease of Use

Cardboard shooting targets should be easy to set up and take down. Look for targets that include simple mounting mechanisms or hooks, making it easy to attach to posts or other structures. Some targets even include built-in stands or frames, reducing the need for additional accessories.

Cardboard Shooting Targets-3

Variety of Patterns

Cardboard shooting targets come in a wide variety of patterns, including bullseyes, silhouettes, and interactive game-style targets. Consider the types of practice you want to engage in, and choose a target that best suits your needs. Some targets may even be printed on both sides, providing additional firing options and extending their useful life.


For those who shoot in multiple locations or like to share targets with friends, portability is essential. Choose a cardboard shooting target that is lightweight and easy to pack, with simple disassembly for easy storage and transport. This will make it more convenient to take your targets with you wherever you go.


Cardboard shooting targets are generally more affordable than their steel or paper counterparts. However, prices can vary depending on the quality and features of the target. Set a budget and look for targets that offer the best value for your money, ensuring that you get the most out of your purchase.

Cardboard Shooting Targets-4

Brand Reputation

When buying cardboard shooting targets, look for reputable brands known for producing high-quality products. Brands with a history of customer satisfaction and a commitment to safety will provide you with the best shooting experience possible.


How are cardboard shooting targets used?

Cardboard shooting targets are used in shooting practice sessions, both indoor and outdoor, to enhance accuracy and precision. These targets are typically placed at varying distances, and shooters aim to strike the designated areas on the target.

Cardboard Shooting Targets-5

What are the benefits of using cardboard shooting targets?

Using cardboard shooting targets offers several benefits, such as easy setup and cleanup, affordability compared to other materials, and environmental friendliness with biodegradable targets. Additionally, they can be drawn and cut to fit specific needs or skill levels.

How long do cardboard shooting targets last?

The lifespan of a cardboard shooting target depends on its quality, thickness, and the type of ammunition used. Higher-quality targets and those made from thicker materials can withstand more shots and last longer. On average, a well-made cardboard target can last for several shooting sessions.

What ammunition is suitable for shooting at cardboard targets?

It is recommended to use ammunition that is suitable for the type of gun being used, such as. 22LR for rifles and pistols, or shotgun shells for shotguns. Avoid using hollow points or jacketed hollow points, as they can increase the risk of damaging the target. Consider using frangible ammunition, which is designed to break apart upon impact, reducing the risk of damaging the target or surrounding areas. For the best results, consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific target.

Cardboard Shooting Targets-6

How can sharpshooters improve their accuracy using cardboard targets?

Sharpshooters can improve their accuracy by properly setting up and using cardboard targets. First, ensure that the target is securely mounted and at a safe distance. Next, practice shooting from various positions and distances to familiarize yourself with the target and your gun’s capabilities. Gradually increase the distance and complexity of the targets to challenge yourself and improve accuracy over time.

What are the different types of cardboard shooting targets available?

Cardboard shooting targets come in various types, including: * Bullseye targets: These have concentric circles with varying point values, allowing shooters to improve their accuracy and precision.

  • IPSC targets: Inspired by the International Practical Shooting Confederation, these targets feature a humanoid silhouette with scoring zones for various body parts.

  • Steel targets: While not made of cardboard, steel targets are often used in conjunction with cardboard targets to provide a more engaging shooting experience.

  • Targets with silhouette cutouts: These have various shapes, such as animals or criminals, and can be used to simulate real-world scenarios for tactical and self-defense training.

How can I properly dispose of used or damaged cardboard shooting targets?

Used or damaged cardboard shooting targets should be disposed of responsibly in a manner that minimizes potential hazards. First, ensure that the targets are free of any spent ammunition or debris. Then, either break them down into smaller pieces for easier disposal or store them in a secure container before disposing of them in a designated recycling bin. Consult your local recycling facility or waste management provider to determine the best method for properly disposing of used targets in your area.

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