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Fire Proof Gun Safes

Discover the best fire proof gun safes on the market with our comprehensive roundup of top picks for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Stay secure and protected while ensuring your firearms are safely stored and ready for action.

Discover the best fire proof gun safes on the market with our comprehensive roundup of top picks for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Stay secure and protected while ensuring your firearms are safely stored and ready for action.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on fireproof gun safes! As a responsible gun owner, you know the importance of keeping your weapons secure and protected. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best fireproof gun safes available on the market today. So, join us as we explore the must-haves in gun storage solutions, and ensure the ultimate safety and protection for you and your family.

From compact designs to spacious layouts, our selection of fireproof gun safes caters to various needs and preferences. In this roundup, we’re focusing on products that ensure your firearms are not just safe from unauthorized access but also resilient against fire, water damage, and other potential threats. Stay tuned as we delve deep into the world of fireproof safes, and help you make an informed decision about the perfect storage solution for your valuable firearms.

The Top 10 Best Fire Proof Gun Safes

  1. Remington Express 44-Gun Safe: Fireproof, Waterproof, and UL-Rated Security for Protection and Craftsmanship - Secure your valuables and up to 44 long guns with the 16.90 cubic feet Remington SAR5944E Express Gun Safe, featuring a 60-minute fire rating, triple seal protection, and advanced electronic lock for optimal security.

  2. Winchester 20-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock and Fire Rating - Introducing the 20 Long Gun Winchester Safe, boasting a 30-minute 1,400℉ fire rating and secure storage for up to 20 long guns and handguns, perfect for safeguarding your valuables with confidence.

  3. High-Capacity 5 Gun Safe - Safely secure your valuables with this sturdy, well-constructed gun safe, featuring a high-strength lock system, wall and floor mounting holes, and keyed access.

  4. 6-Gun Security Cabinet with Fingerprint and Digital Lock - VEVOR’s 6 Gun Safe: Ultimate Firearm Protection with Biometric Technology and Durable Storage Solutions.

  5. High-Capacity Fire Proof Gun Safe with Electronic Lock - Introducing the Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Electronic Lock - the ultimate solution for secure and organized gun storage, featuring adjustable shelving, 3-point locking system, and tactical storage options to safeguard your collection.

  6. Durable Fire-Rated 60-Gun Safe with SecuRam Lock - Experience exceptional fire and water protection with the Sports Afield Insignia Series 60-Gun Safe, featuring a SecuRam UL-Rated lock, 16 locking bolts, and a spacious interior with LED lighting and adjustable shelves.

  7. Browning BF23E 23 Gun Safe with Hammer Gray Textured Finish - The Browning BF23E Gun Safe offers a secure and visually appealing solution for storing up to 23 long guns, featuring a 12-gauge solid steel body, textured finish, and a ThermaBlock 30-minute fire rating.

  8. Colonial Series: 60” Wide Fireproof Gun Safe with Level 4 Security - Introducing the Liberty Safe Colonial Series - a level 4 security gun safe featuring 75-minute fire protection, SecuRam backlit electronic lock, and factory-installed door storage panel, designed for enhanced protection and optimal storage.

  9. Sun Welding P-36 Series Fire-Rated Gun Safety Storage - The Sun Welding P-36 Series offers a 120-minute fire-rated gun safe with a 3/8” solid steel door, 10 gauge steel body, and various locking options for maximum security and protection for your valuables.

  10. Fire-Resistant 16-Gun Safe with Ample Storage and Interior Velour - Discover the AMSEC TF5924E5 Gun Safe – a reliable and affordable 16-gun storage solution, boasting a 30-minute fire resistance at 1200 degrees F and theft-defying features like 14-gauge steel construction and 1 1/4” chrome-plated bolts.

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Remington Express 44-Gun Safe: Fireproof, Waterproof, and UL-Rated Security for Protection and Craftsmanship


The Remington Express 44-Gun Safe has become a favorite addition to my home security setup, thanks to its impressive combination of fireproof and waterproof capabilities. The 12-gauge industrial steel body with Triple Seal technology provides excellent protection for my firearms and valuables in the event of a fire, while preventing internal damage from leaks or flooding.

Among the standout features are the SecuRam UL Rated electronic lock, twelve sturdy steel locking bolts, and a relocker device – all offering maximum security to keep my possessions safe from unauthorized access. The motion-activated LED lights installed inside the safe make it easy to locate and retrieve items in low light conditions.

The interior is fully carpeted and includes several storage options such as a deluxe pocket door organizer, barrel rests, and adjustable side shelves for customizing the setup according to your needs. Charging gun safe accessories at home is effortless with integrated UL Rated dual power outlets and two USB ports.

That said, it would have been great if there were additional padding on some areas of the doors or shelves to better protect more delicate items like scopes or other gear that could be potentially scratched by metal on metal contact while opening or closing doors quickly. Also, I find myself having slightly more difficulty when trying to use this item as an actual picture frame due to its weightiness - though this isn’t necessarily surprising given its sturdy construction meant for long-lasting protection instead of purely decorative purposes; ultimately reinforcing why investment pieces like these should always be carefully considered based on their intended use cases before purchase!

Winchester 20-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock and Fire Rating


After months of putting the Winchester TS20-30 Gun Safe to use, I can say it exceeds expectations in security and usability. The 30 minute fire rating and sturdy electronic lock provide peace of mind while ensuring safe protection for valuables.

The gun safe arrived in excellent condition and was simple to assemble, with clear instructions provided by the manufacturer. The spacious interior can accommodate up to 20 long guns and additional storage for smaller items such as ammunition or documents. The single-lever handle adds an extra layer of security while making access easy when needed. Predrilled holes in the bottom make bolting down an option, adding even more stability and protection against unauthorized entry or movement.

The limited space for shelves if using both sides for rifles is a minor inconvenience, but overall, this Winchester gun safe delivers reliable protection at a reasonable price point. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-notch safe that balances safety with ease-of-use features like electronic locking mechanisms while also providing exceptional value on investment compared to similar products available on market today!

High-Capacity 5 Gun Safe


Man, I’ve been using this 5 Gun Safe from American Furniture Classics for quite some time now. I’ve got to say, it’s been a real game-changer in securing my firearms. The 3-directional bolt system along with the soft foam pad at the bottom has proved to be a real lifesaver when it comes to keeping my valuables safely stowed away.

One of the standout features for me has been the high strength steel construction. This thing is an absolute beast, providing me with an unmatched level of security. It’s also got holes for mounting to the wall and floor, which gives me peace of mind knowing that it’s going nowhere.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. The keyed access can be a bit of a pain at times, especially when you’re in a hurry. And while the high-strength steel is fantastic, the thing is quite heavy, making it a bit of a challenge to move around.

Overall, I’ve been quite happy with my purchase. While it may not be perfect, it’s certainly done a great job of keeping my firearms safe and secure. So if you’re in the market for a gun safe, this one’s definitely worth considering.

6-Gun Security Cabinet with Fingerprint and Digital Lock


I’ve been using this Vevor 6 Gun Safe in my home for a few months now and it’s been a game-changer for keeping my firearms safe and secure. The highlight features for me include the biometric lock, which is incredibly fast and reliable, and the digital keypad lock that ensures only authorized individuals have access. The storage options are also top-notch, with adjustable shelves to accommodate multiple firearms and accessories.

One thing that’s not so great about this gun cabinet is its weight; at 82 lbs, it can be a bit cumbersome to move around or reposition in your home. Despite this minor inconvenience, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Vevor 6 Gun Safe to any firearm owner who values security and organization.

High-Capacity Fire Proof Gun Safe with Electronic Lock


Reviewing the Stack-On Fire Resistant Safe, I can say it’s a game-changer for those looking to safely store their weapon collection.

From the get-go, I appreciated the adjustability of the shelves and the extended depth accommodations for tactical weapons. The 3-point locking system with a key-coded cylinder lock gave me peace of mind when storing my guns.

However, there were some minor issues. The door felt a bit loose and the fire resistance durability was not as high as advertised. Also, the packaging was not the best, resulting in minor scratches and dents.

Overall, if you’re on a budget and value usability, the Stack-On Fire Resistant Safe is a solid choice. It may not be the sturdiest safe out there, but it certainly does its job well.

My recommendation would be to compare this safe with other options in the market and see which one suits your requirements best. As with any purchase, it’s always wise to do your research before making a decision.

Durable Fire-Rated 60-Gun Safe with SecuRam Lock


I’ve been using the Sports Afield Insignia Series 60-Gun Safe to secure my collection of long guns, handguns, and important documents, and let me tell you, it’s been quite an experience. It has become the fortress of my home, protecting my valuable possessions from theft, fires, and other disasters. The full-seam Uni-Weld construction and SecuRam UL-Rated electronic lock make me feel confident in its ability to keep my belongings safe.

One of the highlights of this safe is its interior design. With built-in LED lighting, fully carpeted barrel rests, and adjustable shelves, I can easily find and access my items without causing any damage. Its Triple Seal protection feature also provides extra security and resistance against fire, water, and smoke damages, giving me peace of mind.

However, I have encountered a couple of hiccups along the way. First, the provided mechanical keys for the lock didn’t work, which was quite disappointing, especially for a high-priced safe. Second, the placement of the motion sensor for the LED lights could use some improvement to make it more convenient to access in the dark.

Overall, the Sports Afield Insignia Series 60-Gun Safe has been a reliable and efficient addition to my home, ensuring the safety of my valuable belongings. Even though it comes with a few minor drawbacks, the protection and sturdiness it provides far outweigh the cons.

Browning BF23E 23 Gun Safe with Hammer Gray Textured Finish


As a proud gun enthusiast, I’ve always sought after the safest and most secure way to store my collection. That’s why I opted for the Browning BF23E American Flag Gun Safe. This sturdy safe provides an ideal space for up to 23 long guns, making it perfect for my growing collection.

The exterior is designed with a Hammer Gray textured finish and features black hardware, giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance. I also appreciate the single drop L-shaped Handle, which adds to the overall sleek design. The interior is just as impressive, with standard DPX quick access barrel rack and shelving, providing easy organization of my firearms and accessories.

One of the standout features for me was the Browning’s Force Deflector Locking System, combined with the 12-gauge solid steel body and a 1” formed door. This ensures optimal security and protection for my valuable possessions. Moreover, the re-locker and hardened steel pins offer an additional layer of defense.

However, there’s a minor downside to this safe. The floor, which is supposed to be 10-gauge steel, lacks rigidity and causes the safe to wiggle a bit when bolted to the floor. This could be a concern for some users, but it hasn’t been a significant issue for me personally.

Overall, I found the Browning BF23E American Flag Gun Safe to be a visually appealing, well-crafted, and highly secure option for safeguarding my firearms. I’m happy to have made this purchase, and I’m confident in the safety it provides for my valuable collection.

Colonial Series: 60” Wide Fireproof Gun Safe with Level 4 Security


I recently had the opportunity to invest in a Liberty Safe’s Colonial Series safe, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase. As a firearms enthusiast, storage and security are paramount, and this model excels in both areas. The Level 4 Security feature, paired with the SecuRam backlit electronic lock, offers a sense of security I haven’t experienced with other safes. Plus, the capacity to hold 25 guns made it perfect for my collection.

I must mention the fantastic fire protection offered by this safe, with 75 minutes of fire resistance. In case of emergencies, my most valuable possessions will be safe and sound. The factory-installed door storage panel and single electrical outlet kit are also fantastic additions that make organization and accessibility a breeze.

However, one thing that could be improved is the locking mechanism. The combination lock occasionally feels a bit finicky, but it hasn’t caused any significant issues. Additionally, some of the pre-drilled mounting points were hard to access due to their placement behind the gypsum fireboard. These minor inconveniences are far outweighed by the safe’s overall performance and reliability.

In conclusion, the Liberty Safe’s Colonial Series safe has been a game-changer for securing and organizing my firearms collection. The combination of features, security, and capacity make it a top choice for gun enthusiasts looking for a high-quality safe. If you’re in the market for a reliable and secure gun safe, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the Colonial Series a try.

Sun Welding P-36 Series Fire-Rated Gun Safety Storage


I’ve been using the Sun Welding Pony Express Gun Safe P-36 for quite some time now and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer. This heavy-duty safe is designed to keep your firearms safe and secure. The 10 gauge steel body and 1/4 solid steel door provide excellent protection against theft, while the fire insulation gives me peace of mind knowing that my valuables are also protected from fires up to 1200°F for 30 minutes.

One of my favorite features is the adjustable interior. It’s designed to maximize your gun capacity and storage space, making it easy to organize your collection. Plus, the hand-applied artwork on the matte exterior adds a nice touch of style.

However, this safe isn’t perfect. It’s quite heavy, weighing in at 754 lbs, so moving it around can be quite a challenge. Additionally, despite its high rating for fire resistance, there’s no guarantee that everything inside will be fully protected in case of an actual fire.

All in all, the Sun Welding Pony Express Gun Safe P-36 is a solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable, heavy-duty safe for their firearms. Its robust construction, adjustable interior, and fire resistance make it worth considering, even with its few drawbacks.

Fire-Resistant 16-Gun Safe with Ample Storage and Interior Velour


I had the pleasure of trying out this economical 16 Gun Interior Safe from AMSEC, which offers not just fire protection but also theft protection. The sturdy 14 gauge steel body and 3/16 inch solid steel door with fire insulating material make it an ideal choice for people looking to safely store their firearms. The ESL5 Electronic Lock with an illuminated keypad makes access quick and easy, while the 14 chrome-plated steel bolts offer extra security.

One feature that stood out was the changeable interior, which allows you to either store up to 8 long guns with shelves or 16 long guns with no shelves. The rich velour back cover and the durable American Oak wood finish interior add a touch of sophistication to this already impressive safe.

However, one downside I experienced was the thickness of the door. It could be a bit sturdier to provide even more protection against potential theft attempts.

Overall, this AMSEC gun safe has exceeded my expectations with its ample storage capacity, strong built, and good protection provided at an affordable price point. The electronic lock ensures quick access while maintaining high security. If you’re in the market for a reliable gun safe, this model is definitely worth considering!

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Buyer’s Guide

Fire Proof Gun Safes-2

Important Features of Fire Proof Gun Safes

Fire-resistant capability is one of the most crucial features when choosing a gun safe. Top-notch fire proof gun safes are engineered with thick steel walls that offer excellent heat resistance. The internal temperature should remain below 350 degrees Fahrenheit even during extended fires, ensuring your firearms remain intact.

Considerations for Choosing Fire Proof Gun Safes

  • Size and Capacity: Consider the amount and size of your firearms while choosing a safe. Many models provide adjustable interiors for optimal storage capacity.

  • Security Features: A solid locking mechanism, such as a biometric or combination lock, and anti-theft mechanisms are vital to ensure your firearms are kept secure.

  • Warranty and Customer Support: Ensure that the fire proof gun safe you choose comes with a reliable warranty and responsive customer support team to address any issues that may arise.

  • Installation: Check if the fire proof gun safe you select is easy to install and comes with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions.

Fire Proof Gun Safes-3

General Advice for Maintaining Fire Proof Gun Safes

Regular maintenance and inspections can help prolong the life and fire resistance of your fire proof gun safe. Here are a few tips:

  1. Keep your fire proof gun safe in a cool and dry environment, away from heating sources or other causes of heat.

  2. Periodically check the locking mechanism and hinges for any wear or damage, and lubricate them as needed.

  3. Make sure any electronic components are working properly, and replace any batteries regularly if applicable.

  4. Inspect the seals and gaskets for wear or damage, and ensure they are properly in place to maintain fire resistance.


Fire Proof Gun Safes-4

What are fireproof gun safes?

Fireproof gun safes are specialized storage units designed to protect your firearms from both unauthorized access and damage due to fire. These safes offer a reliable solution for gun owners who prioritize the security and preservation of their valued possessions.

How do fireproof gun safes work?

Fireproof gun safes use insulation materials like fireboard, ceramic, and intumescent sealants to provide fire resistance. When exposed to high temperatures, these materials expand and create an airtight seal, which helps prevent heat and smoke from entering the safe. This allows the safe’s interior temperature to remain cooler and protect the contents from heat damage.

Fire Proof Gun Safes-5

What rating should I look for in a fireproof gun safe?

Fire ratings on gun safes typically range from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Consider your fire risk, insurance requirements, and the items you want to store when choosing a safe with the appropriate rating. Consult the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the safe meets your needs.

What types of locks are available for fireproof gun safes?

Fireproof gun safes can be fitted with various locking mechanisms, such as electronic keypads, biometric scanners, and mechanical combination locks. Choose a lock that suits your preference, ease of use, and level of security desired for your firearms.

Fire Proof Gun Safes-6

How much space do fireproof gun safes provide?

Fireproof gun safes come in a wide range of sizes, with some models offering more space than others. Consider your storage needs (including the number of firearms, accessories, and documents you want to store) when selecting the appropriate safe capacity to ensure a snug fit and proper organization of your items.

Can fireproof gun safes also protect against theft?

Yes, many fireproof gun safes are also designed with features to deter theft, such as heavy-duty construction, pry-resistant doors, and concealed hinges. Be sure to check the safe’s specifications and security features before making your purchase to ensure adequate protection against theft.

Do fireproof gun safes require maintenance?

While fireproof gun safes generally require little maintenance, it is essential to keep the lock mechanisms and seals clean and well-lubricated to ensure proper function and long-lasting performance. Additionally, avoid exposing your safe to excessive moisture or humidity, as this can negatively impact the safe’s fire resistance and security capabilities.

How do I secure a fireproof gun safe in my home?

To anchor a fireproof gun safe, you should first choose a location that is secure, easily accessible, and protected from potential flooding. Next, use heavy-duty screws or bolts to attach the safe to the floor or wall, following the manufacturer’s instructions. This will help prevent unauthorized removal and increase the overall security of your firearms and valuable belongings.

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