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Fixed Blade Knives

Discover the latest collection of top-rated fixed blade knives from renowned brands in our insightful product roundup, perfect for camping, hunting, and outdoor enthusiasts. Compare features, specs, and designs to find the ideal blade for your adventurous needs.

Discover the latest collection of top-rated fixed blade knives from renowned brands in our insightful product roundup, perfect for camping, hunting, and outdoor enthusiasts. Compare features, specs, and designs to find the ideal blade for your adventurous needs.

Get ready to dive into the world of fixed blade knives! In this comprehensive roundup, we’ll break down the best options available for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Stay tuned to discover everything you need to know about these versatile tools, perfect for camping, hunting, and even self-defense.

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman or just starting your collection, our detailed review will provide you with valuable information that will help you make an informed decision. Join us as we uncover the top fixed blade knives on the market—from sleek, modern designs to sturdy, classic options—to ensure that your next hunting trip, survival situation, or culinary adventure is a success.

The Top 10 Best Fixed Blade Knives

  1. 8-Inch Survival/Hunting Knife with Compass and Survival Kit - Gordon’s 8” Survival Knife: The Ultimate Outdoor Companion with 8” Stainless Steel Blade, Compass & Survival Kit in the Handle for Cutting, Chopping & Sawing - Highly Rated at 4.6 with 1032 Reviews

  2. CRKT Folts Minimalist Bowie Knife with Green and Black Micarta Scales and Black Zytel Sheath - The CRKT 2387K Folts Minimalist Bowie is a sleek, highly-rated survival knife with a 5 1/8” overall length, 2” tanto-style blade, and full tang construction, making it perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

  3. Stainless Steel Bowie Knife for Camping, Hunting, and Outdoor Activities - Gordon’s 58090 Bowie Knife combines a 10½ in. stainless steel blade with 4½ in. handle for superior strength and precision.

  4. SK-5 High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife for Survival and Tactical Use - Trusted by Military and Special Forces, the Cold Steel SRK SK-5 is a reliable, high-carbon steel survival tool, combining exceptional edge retention with unbeatable durability for the toughest conditions.

  5. Tom Brown Tracker T-2 Fixed Blade Knife with Micarta Handle and 1095 Carbon Steel Blade - The Tom Brown Tracker T-2 Fixed Blade Knife is a compact, lightweight, yet versatile tool praised for its design and effectiveness in various tasks, perfect for those who value precision and portability.

  6. Becker Companion Fixed Blade Knife with Grivory Handle - Becker Knife & Tool’s Becker Companion Fixed Blade Knife offers a strong and reliable outdoor survival companion with a 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel drop point blade, 13.4 cm blade length, full tang construction, and Grivory handle materials.

  7. Steel Eagle Delta Class Fixed Blade Knife with Tan Canvas Micarta Handle - Tops SE107DDC is a premium quality 13-inch fixed blade knife with a 7.63-inch 1095HC steel tanto blade, canvas micarta handle, and acid rain finish sawback. Complete with a coyote brown Kydex belt sheath, it offers exceptional durability and performance.

  8. Tom Brown Tracker 2 Fixed Blade Knife - High-Quality Materials for Durability and Performance - Experience ultimate precision and power with the top-rated Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker 2 Fixed Knife - a perfect blend of premium quality materials and exceptional performance.

  9. Tactical Fixed Blade Knife for Combat and Utility - TOPS Knives Missile Strike Tactical Fixed Blade Knife delivers the perfect balance of combat and utility with its 13.4 cm micarta-handled, 1095-carbon steel blade, boasting impeccable grip and edge retention for professional servicemen and women.

  10. Cudeman 206M Bushcrafter Fixed Blade Knife - The Cudeman Knives 206M Bushcrafter is a highly-rated, expertly crafted fixed blade knife with a 4.25 inch Bohler N690 stainless blade, black micarta handle, and full tang design, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists.

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8-Inch Survival/Hunting Knife with Compass and Survival Kit


Having used this survival knife for my outdoor adventures, I can confidently say that it’s a versatile tool that won’t let you down. The 8-inch stainless steel blade is built for cutting, chopping, and sawing, making it a dependable option for campers and hikers alike. A noteworthy feature is the included compass and survival kit tucked inside the handle, which transforms this product into an all-inclusive survival package.

I was impressed by the hollow handle design, as it not only reduces weight but also allows room to store additional items such as fishing gear or fire starters. The knife comes with a sharp edge right out of the box and maintains its sharpness well even after heavy usage. The serrated area on top of the blade provides extra functionality when sawing through tough materials like wood or bone.

Some users have reported issues with the screw that connects the handle to the blade becoming loose; however, using epoxy glue appears to be an effective solution for this issue as suggested by other reviewers. Despite these concerns, many users have expressed satisfaction with their overall experience with this high-quality survival knife at an affordable price point. In conclusion, I highly recommend this knife to anyone in search of a reliable tool for their outdoor adventures!

CRKT Folts Minimalist Bowie Knife with Green and Black Micarta Scales and Black Zytel Sheath


The CRKT - Folts Minimalist Bowie is a compact and versatile fixed blade knife, perfect for those in search of a reliable tool. The finger grooved handle is convenient for maintaining a secure grip in slippery conditions, while the sharp blade comes ready to use right out of the box. What sets it apart is its multiple carry options that come with the sheath, offering convenience for different situations. The price point is also quite reasonable considering you get additional accessories such as the neck cord and a well-made sheath. However, some users might find this knife too small for heavier tasks. Regardless, it remains an excellent choice if you need a small and reliable fixed blade knife.

Stainless Steel Bowie Knife for Camping, Hunting, and Outdoor Activities


As a frequent outdoorsman, I recently had the chance to test out the Bowie Knife on my camping and hunting trips. Its stainless steel blade construction has been reliable, providing both strength and durability for piercing and cutting in tight spaces. The 10-1/2 inch overall length offers a comfortable grip while allowing me to maneuver easily during use.

One of the most appealing features of this knife is its versatility - it excels as a fixed blade knife for camping and hunting purposes, but also serves well as a boot knife due to its sleek design and compact size. The sheath that accompanies the knife is made of quality leather with a polymer insert, which provides peace of mind knowing that the blade won’t accidentally penetrate while it’s not in use. However, there were instances where play can be felt on the handle after prolonged usage, something worth considering depending on your needs.

Overall, the Bowie Knife has become an essential piece of gear in my collection thanks to its affordability combined with solid performance. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for anyone seeking value without compromising quality in their equipment.

SK-5 High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife for Survival and Tactical Use


After using the Cold Steel SRK (Survival Rescue Knife) daily for a few weeks, I’ve found it to be an incredibly reliable and versatile tool. One of my favorite aspects is its compact size, making it easy to carry around in various situations. The SK-5 high carbon steel blade provides excellent edge retention while the clip point shape makes it effective for cutting rope or slicing food with precision. The handle is made of Kray-Ex material, which offers a comfortable and secure grip.

While overall I am very satisfied with this product, there is room for improvement in the sheath design. After extended use, it tends to loosen up causing the knife to rattle around. This may not be a deal breaker for some but could be frustrating if you are relying on this knife in critical situations. Despite this minor flaw, the Cold Steel SRK is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a dependable everyday carry knife; just consider investing in an aftermarket sheath for better security.

Tom Brown Tracker T-2 Fixed Blade Knife with Micarta Handle and 1095 Carbon Steel Blade


The Tom Brown Tracker #2 is a 5-inch fixed-blade knife with a 1095 carbon steel blade and black traction coating. Its overall weight of just 9. 6oz makes it portable and versatile for outdoor adventures or everyday carry. The handle is made from secure, comfortable black linen micarta, while the back of the blade features a saw for cutting through thick materials like branches or bone.

During my experience with this knife, I found that its performance truly stands out - it slices through materials effortlessly and holds its edge incredibly well, making tasks such as skinning game or processing wood much easier. Additionally, the included Kydex sheath provides multiple carrying options to suit various situations. However, one potential drawback is that some users may find the weight distribution slightly off due to its smaller size compared to other models in the series.

Overall, I would recommend the Tom Brown Tracker #2 as a high-quality fixed-blade knife with exceptional performance and design for anyone in search of this type of tool. Just keep in mind that it might be better suited for those who prefer lighter-weight knives with shorter blades.

Becker Companion Fixed Blade Knife with Grivory Handle


The Becker Knife & Tool Becker Companion Fixed Blade Knife has become an essential part of my outdoor gear. As a fan of fixed blade knives, this one is top-notch due to its 1095 Cro-Van steel drop point blade, black epoxy powder coating, and robust full tang construction that gives it durability and strength.

One remarkable aspect is its versatility; from cutting wood for fire to preparing food in the wild, this knife does it all. The Grivory handles offer a firm grip even in wet or slippery conditions. The sheath is also built well and securely holds the knife. However, removing the knife from the sheath requires some extra force which could lead to injury if not done with caution.

Despite this minor drawback, the Becker Companion has proven itself as a sturdy outdoor survival knife that’s worth adding to your collection!

Steel Eagle Delta Class Fixed Blade Knife with Tan Canvas Micarta Handle


After using the Steel Eagle Delta Class knife for a while, I must say that it’s one of the most durable and versatile fixed blade knives I’ve come across. What really caught my attention is the 7. 63” 1095HC steel tanto blade, which makes it perfect for camping and survival tasks. The tan canvas micarta handle provides an excellent grip regardless of the conditions, and I love how it feels in my hand - comfortable yet secure.

The extended tang adds to its strength, making it feel like a well-built tool in your hand. Another outstanding feature is the acid rain finish sawback blade, which not only looks amazing but also serves as an effective cutting surface. The coyote brown Kydex belt sheath is equally impressive; it securely holds the knife and has a satisfying snap when you draw or replace it.

The only slight downside could be that its sheath is not as military-style as some might prefer, but overall, this knife is top-notch in terms of looks, feeling, and performance!

Tom Brown Tracker 2 Fixed Blade Knife - High-Quality Materials for Durability and Performance


I have been using this knife for a while now, and I must say it has surpassed my expectations. The craftsmanship and quality of materials are truly exceptional. It effortlessly holds an edge and proves to be highly durable.

What I absolutely love about this fixed blade knife is the comfortable feel when carrying it horizontally on my lower back. It’s a versatile addition to my wilderness kit that I can confidently rely on in different scenarios like cutting rope, slicing food or carving wood.

At first glance, the price may seem high, but it’s definitely worth every penny considering the performance and lifetime value you get in return. If you’re looking for a top-notch fixed blade knife, look no further – this one is fantastic!

Tactical Fixed Blade Knife for Combat and Utility


As a fan of fixed blade knives, I was excited to try out the Missile Strike from Kelly McCulley. I must say, it’s one of the most reliable and functional knives I’ve come across in recent times. The 1/4-inch thickness provides a sturdy feel perfect for a range of tasks – from stabbing and slashing to smashing using the pointed pommel. One feature that truly sets this knife apart is its long swedge on the blade, which allows for great penetrating stabs while maintaining its sharpness.

The handle scales are made of Micarta, providing an excellent grip even during tough tasks. Another plus is that this knife is crafted with 1095 steel, which not only holds an edge well but can also be re-sharpened in the field with ease – perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who don’t always have access to proper sharpening tools.

Using it as a utility knife more often than not, I appreciated how comfortable it felt in my hand; I could easily choke up on it when performing finer tasks too! It comes with a tan Kydex sheath offering excellent retention without compromising on grip when quickly drawing your knife in times of need - another convenient touch that adds value to the overall experience.

However, one downside might be its weight (335 grams), which some users may find heavy depending on their preference and what they are used to carrying around every day. But once properly strapped onto any belt via its sheath, maneuverability shouldn’t be an issue regardless of personal preferences regarding loadouts or equipment choices beforehand anyway!

Cudeman 206M Bushcrafter Fixed Blade Knife


I recently got my hands on the CUD206M fixed blade knife, and I have to say it’s been a fantastic addition to my bushcraft adventures. The satin finish Bohler N690 stainless steel blade is incredibly tough and resistant to chips, making it perfect for both heavy-duty tasks and more delicate uses. The ergonomic handle made of black micarta ensures a comfortable grip without any hot spots, even during extended use.

One thing that truly stands out is the blade geometry with its scandivex grind - the hair-popping sharpness right out of the box is remarkable, especially considering its thick spine. The fit and finish are quite decent; however, there were some rough spots around the pins that needed sanding before handling comfortably.

The leather belt sheath rides low on your hip without getting in the way, providing excellent retention while keeping the knife within easy reach when needed. For its price point, this fixed blade offers great value for those who want a quality performing bushcraft knife they can rely on in tough situations without worrying about durability issues.

Buyer’s Guide

Fixed Blade Knives-2

Important Features of Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives come with a variety of features that can impact their performance and usability. Some key features to consider when choosing a fixed blade knife include:

  • Blade length: This will depend on your intended use. Longer blades are ideal for tasks like chopping wood or clearing undergrowth, while shorter blades are better for precision tasks like filleting fish.

  • Blade material: Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and easy to maintain, while high carbon steel holds an edge well but requires more maintenance.

  • Blade shape: The shape of the blade can affect its versatility. Drop point blades are versatile, while tanto blades are ideal for piercing.

  • Handle material: A comfortable handle is essential. Materials like G10 or Micarta offer good grip and durability.

Considerations When Purchasing a Fixed Blade Knife

Before buying a fixed blade knife, there are several factors you should consider:

  • Intended use: Different knives are designed for specific tasks. Choose one that suits your needs.

  • Size and weight: Larger knives may be more useful in some situations, but they can also be heavier and more cumbersome.

  • Brand reputation: Look for knives from reputable brands known for their quality and durability.

  • Warranty and return policy: Make sure you understand the warranty and return policy of the seller or manufacturer.

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General Advice for Using Fixed Blade Knives

To get the most out of your fixed blade knife and ensure your safety, follow these tips:

  • Keep it sharp: A dull knife is more likely to slip and cause injury.

  • Grip securely: Use your thumb and index finger to create a secure grip on the handle.

  • Store safely: Always store your knife in a secure case or sheath when not in use.

  • Practice proper technique: Learn how to use your knife efficiently and safely.


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1. What is a fixed blade knife?

A fixed blade knife is a type of knife which features a solid, continuous piece of metal (the blade) that extends all the way back to the handle. Unlike folding knives, fixed blades are not subject to hinge points, making them stronger and more suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

2. What are fixed blade knives used for?

Fixed blade knives are typically used for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, and survival skills. However, they also find use in the kitchen, on fishing boats, and in some tactical scenarios.

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3. Why choose a fixed blade knife over a folding one?

Fixed blade knives are generally preferred for their strength and reliability. Since they don’t have any folding mechanisms, there’s no risk of mechanical failure. They also offer a better grip and are more suitable for heavy-duty tasks like chopping or prying.

4. What is the difference between a drop point blade and a clip point blade?

Drop point blades have a convex curve from the spine to the tip, while clip point blades have a concave curve with a sharp, straight edge. Drop point blades are versatile and good for general outdoor use, whereas clip point blades are used primarily for precision work.

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5. How should I maintain my fixed blade knife?

To maintain your fixed blade knife, keep it clean and dry, and protect the blade from excessive moisture. Apply a light layer of oil to prevent rust if you’ll be storing it for a while. Regularly inspect your knife for damage and sharpen it when needed.

6. How do I choose the right size fixed blade knife?

Choose a fixed blade knife based on your intended use. For general camping or hunting purposes, a 4-7 inch blade is ideal. For larger tasks like chopping branches or splitting logs, consider a larger knife (7-10 inches).

Legality varies depending on your location. Fixed blade knives are generally not allowed in places where folding knives are banned as well. Always check your local laws before carrying a fixed blade knife.

8. What should I look for when buying a fixed blade knife?

When buying a fixed blade knife, consider factors such as blade length and type, steel quality, handle material, and sheath design. Also think about your intended use and find a knife that suits your needs.

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