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Jackets with Gun Holsters

Discover the ultimate guide to jackets with gun holsters, tailored to enhance safety and convenience for sports enthusiasts, outdoorsmen, and gun owners alike. Explore our selection of versatile and fashionable options, designed to accommodate various firearms securely.

Discover the ultimate guide to jackets with gun holsters, tailored to enhance safety and convenience for sports enthusiasts, outdoorsmen, and gun owners alike. Explore our selection of versatile and fashionable options, designed to accommodate various firearms securely.

Are you a gun enthusiast looking for a stylish and functional way to carry your firearm? Look no further. In our roundup of the best jackets with built-in gun holsters, we’ve got you covered. Our collection features jackets designed for sports and outdoors, ensuring durability and convenience while sporting your piece. Read on to discover the perfect blend of style, practicality, and safety for your firearm needs.

The Top 5 Best Jackets with Gun Holsters

  1. Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket with Holsters - Experience ultimate concealed carry with the Rothco Soft Shell Jacket, featuring dual padded concealed carry pockets and adjustable wrist cuffs for seamless concealment of your firearm and accessories.

  2. 2-in-1” Conceal and Carry Leather Vest and Hoodie - Black - The Hot Leathers VSM1202 Men’s Black ‘2-in-1’ Conceal and Carry Leather Vest with Hoodie is a premium quality leather vest with an integrated concealed weapon and ammo pocket, providing both comfort and practical functionality.

  3. Stylish and Durable Concealed Carry Canvas Jacket - Experience unmatched quality with the Wyoming Traders Men’s Chisum Concealed Carry Canvas Jacket, featuring adjustable wrist cuffs, hand warmer pockets, and concealed carry holsters for seamless protection on-the-go.

  4. Cinch Concealed Carry Bonded Jacket for Men - Size XXXL - Cinch Concealed Carry Bonded Jacket for Men (XXX-Large) - Combining functionality and style, this textured polyester bonded jacket protects and keeps you dry in any weather, while featuring stylish western yokes, piping, and a leather logo patch.

  5. MA-1 Flight Jacket with Concealed Carry Pockets - Rothco’s Concealed Carry MA-1 Flight Jacket combines sleek military styling with practical concealed carry pockets and 4 mag pouches, making it an ideal choice for both discreet security and everyday wear.

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Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket with Holsters


As a reviewer who has been using the Rothco Soft Shell Black Jacket for weeks now, I can attest to its usefulness and concealed carry capabilities. The dual padded concealed carrying pockets allow for easy access to your firearm, with the adjustable hook and loop elastic wrist cuffs helping maintain a seamless seal between your gloves and jacket. Adjustable drawstring waist provides a comfortable fit, while the removable drawstring hood adds a nice touch of versatility.

One of the standout features of this jacket is its interior concealed-carry pockets, catering to both right- and left-handed users. By positioning your weapon on your weak hand side for a smooth cross-draw and storing magazines on your strong hand side, balance and concealability are achieved effectively. Further practicality comes in the form of twelve total pockets, including two front slash pockets and zippered upper arm and left forearm pockets.

Despite these great features, some minor cons are worth mentioning. The hood, while removable, can appear oversized, making it less functional and more about impressing others. Additionally, the vented underarms aimed at preventing overheating might not be as effective for some users.

In conclusion, the Rothco Soft Shell Black Jacket is a solid choice for those looking for a comfortable, concealed-carry-friendly piece of apparel. With a balance of practical features and some minor drawbacks, it could prove to be a reliable companion for daily use or tactical applications.

2-in-1” Conceal and Carry Leather Vest and Hoodie - Black


I’ve been using this Hot Leathers Conceal and Carry Vest with a Hoodie for quite some time now, and I must say it’s been a lifesaver - quite literally. The leather is incredibly comfortable and well-made. The dual front zippers combined with the hidden snap buttons make sure I stay protected from the wind, while the two chest pockets and hand pockets are perfect for holding my essentials.

On the one-piece back, I appreciated the seamless design that’s ideal for club patches or embroidery work. Another standout feature is the color black hardware and the authentic YKK zippers, providing an essential touch to the overall ensemble. The concealed weapon and ammo pocket allow for discreet carrying, and the removable fleece hoodie is great for extra warmth.

However, there were some minor issues. The hoodie isn’t suitable for heavy rain, and the patch access technology may not be the best choice for those new to sewing or customizing their vests. However, Hot Leathers’ commitment to quality and durable materials makes this vest a must-have for any biker or outdoorsman who prioritizes both style and practicality.

Stylish and Durable Concealed Carry Canvas Jacket


I’ve had the pleasure of trying out the Wyoming Traders Men’s Chisum Concealed Carry Canvas Jacket, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for me. The jacket is made with a thick, 12-ounce cotton canvas that provides excellent protection against the wind. Its classic western design, featuring a corduroy collar and Wyoming Traders logo buttons, gives it a rugged yet stylish appearance.

One of the best features of this jacket is its concealed carry holsters. They are ingeniously designed to hold various sizes of pistols securely while remaining accessible. Additionally, there are four magazine clip holders inside, making it incredibly convenient for those who carry multiple magazines.

The front of the jacket has ample pocket space, including two hand pockets at the waist and two chest pockets with button-down flaps. All of these pockets are lined with a polyester satin lining, which adds a comfortable touch.

I can confirm that this jacket is indeed lightweight and perfect for warmer weather. I’ve worn it during various outdoor activities, and it has performed admirably in every situation.

In terms of sizing, some reviewers mentioned that the jacket runs a bit small, so I would recommend trying it on before purchasing if possible. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the Wyoming Traders Men’s Chisum Concealed Carry Canvas Jacket and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a high-quality, versatile jacket.

Cinch Concealed Carry Bonded Jacket for Men - Size XXXL


As an avid outdoorsman, I recently found myself searching for a jacket that could withstand the toughest conditions while still maintaining a sense of style. That’s when I came across the Cinch Concealed Carry Bonded Jacket, and let me tell you, it has completely changed my outdoor experience.

At first, I was skeptical about how well this jacket would perform in harsh weather. However, the textured polyester bonded material proved me wrong. It kept me warm and dry throughout a particularly harsh winter in the mountains. The western yokes and piping gave me that classic western look, while the snap cuffs provided a comfortable fit.

One feature that really stood out was the DWR finish, which kept water from seeping in and prevented stains from setting. And of course, the concealed carry pocket was an added bonus for those times when I needed to bring my concealed carry weapon along.

The only downside I encountered with this jacket was that it runs a bit large, so I ended up wearing a smaller size than usual.

All in all, the Cinch Concealed Carry Bonded Jacket has definitely become one of my go-to garments for any outdoor adventure. Its combination of fashion and function makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking to stay protected and stylish at the same time.

MA-1 Flight Jacket with Concealed Carry Pockets


From the moment I put on Rothco’s Concealed Carry MA-1 Flight Jacket, I knew I had discovered a truly versatile and stylish piece of clothing. As someone who appreciates both form and function in their attire, this jacket has quickly become one of my go-to choices for daily wear and beyond.

First and foremost, the classic military bomber style is a timeless look that never goes out of fashion. But Rothco has taken this design a step further by adding padded concealment pockets on both the left and right side of the jacket, complete with four mag pouches for secure and discreet carry. These pockets are not only spacious but also well-padded to ensure comfort and proper concealment.

Making this jacket even more versatile are the various pockets scattered throughout, including two inside slash pockets with snap closure, two front slash pockets with flap and snap closure, and a zippered utility pocket located on the left sleeve. Each of these pockets adds an extra layer of convenience, whether you’re carrying a handgun or other valuable items like tech devices or important documents.

One aspect of this jacket that truly sets it apart from others on the market is its use of high-quality materials. The 100% nylon water repellent outer shell provides excellent protection against the elements, while the reversible rescue orange lining adds a pop of color and can be used as a signaling device in case of an emergency. Additionally, the poly fiberfill offers added warmth without weighing you down, making this jacket perfect for chilly days.

Finally, I must mention the overall construction and attention to detail in this jacket. Brass zippers add a touch of elegance and durability, while the extra full cut design ensures a comfortable fit. Overall, I have been extremely satisfied with my experience wearing the Rothco Concealed Carry MA-1 Flight Jacket and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a versatile and stylish outer layer.

Buyer’s Guide

Important Features to Look For

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  1. Comfort: A good jacket should be comfortable to wear for extended periods. This includes ensuring that the fabric is breathable and not restrictive, particularly around the arms.

  2. Durability: Since these jackets are designed to hold heavy items like guns, they need to be made from strong materials that can withstand regular use.

  3. Security: The primary purpose of these jackets is to securely hold your gun. Therefore, the holster should have strong stitching and secure clasps or flaps to prevent accidental discharge.

  4. Concealment: If you want to carry your gun discreetly, choose a jacket with a well-hidden holster and no obvious bulges that give away the presence of a weapon.

Considerations Before Purchasing

  1. Local Laws: Some areas may have regulations about carrying weapons, even concealed ones. Be aware of and follow these laws when choosing your jacket.

  2. Personal Needs: Consider how often you’ll be wearing the jacket and what kind of climate you’ll be in. If you’ll be frequently wearing the jacket in cold weather, for example, choose a model that provides sufficient insulation.

  3. Price: High-quality jackets with gun holsters can be expensive. Decide on a budget beforehand and choose wisely within that range.

General Advice

  • Try Before You Buy: If possible, try on the jacket to ensure that it fits well and is comfortable to move around in.

  • Read Reviews: Look for reviews from other buyers to get an idea of how well the jacket performs in real-world situations.

  • Maintain Your jacket: Regular maintenance, including washing and inspecting the holster, will ensure your jacket lasts longer and continues to perform well.

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  1. What is the difference between a jacket with a built-in holster and one that requires an attachment?

A jacket with a built-in holster is typically more concealed and secure, while one requiring an attachment may offer more flexibility in terms of placement and customization.

  1. Can I use a jacket with a gun holster for other activities besides shooting?

Yes, many such jackets are designed to be multi-functional, suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, or hunting.

  1. How do I know if a jacket is compatible with my specific gun model?

It’s best to check the product description or contact the manufacturer directly to confirm compatibility.


What are jackets with gun holsters and why should I consider buying one?

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Jackets with gun holsters are specially designed clothing pieces that include concealed weapon compartments. They can help you carry your firearm securely while offering the practicality and style of a regular jacket.

How do jackets with gun holsters enhance concealed carry?

These jackets are designed with internal holsters that provide secure storage for your firearm. This means you don’t need to worry about finding the right holster that matches your jacket. Instead, the jacket itself is built with this feature in mind, providing a seamless and secure option for concealed carry.

Are jackets with gun holsters comfortable to wear?

Yes, they are. Most jackets with gun holsters are made with lightweight materials and ergonomic designs to offer optimal comfort, even when carrying a firearm.

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What types of jackets are available with gun holsters?

  • Leather jackets

  • Bomber jackets

  • Softshell jackets

  • Fleece jackets

  • Denim jackets

How do I ensure the jacket fits well with my firearm?

Before purchasing, carefully read the product description to ensure your specific firearm is compatible with the jacket’s holster. Also, refer to the sizing chart to select the appropriate size for your body. It’s a good idea to try on jackets in person if possible, or read customer reviews for additional insights.

How do I maintain my jacket with a gun holster?

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Regularly clean your jacket according to the manufacturer’s instructions and inspect it for wear and tear. If the holster becomes loose or develops any defects, replace it or have it repaired to maintain optimal safety and performance.

Can women wear jackets with gun holsters?

Yes, there are jackets with gun holsters designed specifically for women, offering a stylish and functional solution for concealed carry.

Legal restrictions may vary by state or locality. Always familiarize yourself with your local laws regarding concealed carry and ensure that you follow proper safety protocols when carrying a firearm in a jacket with a gun holster.

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