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Left-Handed Gun Holsters

Discover the best left-handed gun holsters for your protection needs with our top picks, tailored for comfort, accessibility, and functionality. Ideal for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, these holsters ensure secure storage and easy access to your firearms, giving you peace of mind.

Discover the best left-handed gun holsters for your protection needs with our top picks, tailored for comfort, accessibility, and functionality. Ideal for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, these holsters ensure secure storage and easy access to your firearms, giving you peace of mind.

Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting off, having the right gun holster is crucial for safety and comfort. If you’re left-handed, finding the perfect holster for your handgun can be quite a task. But fret not! In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best left-handed gun holsters that will suit various shooting styles and needs. So, dive in and discover which one suits you best!

The Top 9 Best Left-Handed Gun Holsters

  1. Crucial Concealment Ambi Covert IWB FN Reflex Holster - Experience the ultimate in concealed carry comfort and versatility with the Crucial Concealment Ambi Covert IWB FN Reflex Holster, boasting low profile design, adjustable retention, and optics compatibility for seamless EDC usage.

  2. Custom Comfort Flex Holster for S&W M&P Shield - The VersaCarry Comfort Flex Deluxe IWB Holster offers a comfortable and secure inside-the-waistband carry solution with custom-molded polymer front, closed-cell foam padding, and adjustable draw tension for optimal concealed firearm protection.

  3. Alien Gear ShapeShift Modular Holster System - Get versatile with the Alien Gear ShapeShift Core Carry Pack, offering easy conversion between IWB, Appendix, OWB belt slide, and OWB paddle holsters, all built to last and made in the USA.

  4. Alien Gear Core Carry Kit for Glock 43, Left-Handed Holster System - The Alien Gear Core Carry Kit for Glock 43 (Left-Handed) is a versatile, modular holster system that offers four distinct carrying options and a quick-attach Holster Mount for added convenience.

  5. Stylish and Comfortable Deer Hide IWB Holster for LH Firearms - The 1791 Fair Chase Deer Hide IWB LH 2 combines wild and ethically hunted deer hide and meticulous handcrafting for an unrivaled comfortable and concealable holster experience.

  6. 1791 Gunleather Premium Nylon IWB Holster for Compatible Firearms - Left-Handed - Discover the 1791 Gunleather Premium Nylon IWB holster, designed for seamless compatibility with multiple firearms, ensuring both safety and comfort with each use.

  7. Adjustable Left-Handed Competition Holster - The Staccato C2 Pro Competition Holster offers a customizable, left-hand draw experience for sport shooting enthusiasts, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit while maintaining compliance with 3Gun, IPSC, and USPSA guidelines.

  8. Left-Handed ShapeShift Modular Holster System - The ShapeShift Core Carry Pack is a versatile holster system that adapts to your lifestyle and needs, providing four distinct carrying options and a convenient Holster Mount for easy use anytime, anywhere.

  9. Left-Handed Sig Sauer P365 IWB Holster - Composite - The Sig Sauer Blackpoint Tactical P365 IWB Holster for Left Hand provides unparalleled adaptability for strong-side IWB carry positions, incorporating SIG Strut technology and adjustable features, while being designed specifically for appendix carry.

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Crucial Concealment Ambi Covert IWB FN Reflex Holster


The Crucial Concealment Ambi Covert IWB FN Reflex holster has been an essential addition to my daily routine. As someone who prioritizes concealed carry, I’ve found that this holster offers a perfect blend of low profile design and rugged durability.

One of the features that initially caught my eye was its ambidextrous carry mode. This proved useful when swapping between right and left-hand carry. The full range of cant adjustment also allowed me to find the most comfortable and secure position for my needs.

The holster’s. 080 KYDEX construction provides a sturdy build while maintaining a slim profile - just what you need for everyday carry. Furthermore, the proprietary polymer clip accommodates various clothing styles, extending the versatility of this holster.

One aspect that I particularly appreciated was the Trigger Bump. This ingenious design detail helps angle the weapon’s grip towards your body, enhancing concealment significantly.

Lastly, I found the adjustable retention and optics compatibility to be major pros of this product. The ability to fine-tune the grip tightness ensures my firearm stays securely in place, while the optics compatibility guarantees future compatibility.

There are a few minor cons worth mentioning though. The initial installation can take a bit of time due to the fine-tuning of the retention screws. Additionally, while the holster itself is very comfortable, I did experience a slight learning curve when getting used to the different grip angle provided by the Trigger Bump.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Crucial Concealment Ambi Covert IWB FN Reflex holster for those prioritizing concealed carry. Its blend of features, durability, and functionality make it a standout choice.

Custom Comfort Flex Holster for S&W M&P Shield


I recently had the chance to try out the VersaCarry Comfort Flex Custom IWB holster for my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. This holster is designed to be worn inside the waistband, providing both concealment and comfort. It’s been a game-changer for me in terms of carrying my firearm discreetly and comfortably.

The highlight of this holster for me is the custom molded polymer front. It’s specifically shaped to fit my weapon perfectly, ensuring a secure fit and easy draw. Another standout feature is the closed-cell foam padding that keeps the weapon away from my body, preventing any discomfort or sweat buildup.

However, one downside I’ve noticed is that the holster tends to scratch the slide of my gun. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s worth mentioning for those who might be concerned about maintaining the condition of their firearms.

Overall, I’ve had a positive experience with the VersaCarry Comfort Flex Custom IWB holster. It provides excellent concealment and comfort, making it a great choice for anyone looking to carry their firearm discreetly and securely.

Alien Gear ShapeShift Modular Holster System


The Alien Gear ShapeShift Holster D Core Carry Pack is my go-to accessory for my 1911 5” Government. This modular system is perfect for those who like to switch things up and try different carry positions throughout the day. With just a few quick adjustments, I can easily transform the ShapeShift from an IWB holster for casual outings to an OWB paddle holster for more active pursuits.

However, I did encounter some issues with the bulkiness of the holster, especially when using the OWB setup. It’s clear that this product is designed with professionals like security personnel or police officers in mind. Additionally, the thumb release on the holster can be difficult to push down and seems a bit wobbly when engaged.

On the positive side, though, the Alien Gear ShapeShift is made in the USA, which is a strong selling point for those who prefer American-made products. And let’s not forget the bonus Holster Mount that comes with the Core Carry Pack – it’s incredibly versatile and makes it easy to secure my ShapeShift to a variety of surfaces.

In conclusion, while the Alien Gear ShapeShift Holster D Core Carry Pack offers a lot of flexibility in terms of carrying positions, it may not be the most comfortable or practical option for everyone. If you’re open to trying out various carrying styles and are okay with a slightly bulky design, this product might be worth considering. But if you prioritize comfort and convenience above all else, it might be best to keep looking.

Alien Gear Core Carry Kit for Glock 43, Left-Handed Holster System


I recently got the chance to try out the Alien Gear Core Carry Kit for my trusty Glock 43, and let me tell you, it has truly revolutionized the way I carry my firearm. The Core Carry Pack is the backbone of the ShapeShift Modular Holster System, which means it comes with everything you need to transform your holster into four distinct carrying options in mere seconds.

What I loved most about this system is its versatility. With just a few quick adjustments, I could easily convert my holster into an IWB (inside the waistband) holster, an appendix carry holster, an OWB (outside the waistband) belt slide, and an OWB paddle holster. This flexibility made it incredibly easy for me to find the perfect carrying option for any situation, whether I was going for an easy day at the office or a more demanding venture out in the wild.

In addition to the versatile design, the Core Carry Pack also includes a bonus Holster Mount. This little accessory may not seem like much, but it has been a game-changer when it comes to securely attaching my holster to various surfaces in a blink of an eye. Whether I want to keep my Glock 43 within easy reach in the car or on a hiking trip, the Holster Mount has made it possible for me to do so with ease and confidence.

Now, let’s talk about some pros and cons. On the positive side, the Alien Gear Core Carry Kit is incredibly well-built and durable, and the adjustable retention system allows me to fine-tune my holster to suit my specific needs. Furthermore, the quick-change capabilities of this system are truly amazing, and I find myself switching between carrying options a lot more often now, which has made my everyday life more comfortable and efficient.

On the downside, the Core Carry Pack is a bit on the pricier side, so it may not be the best option for those on a tight budget. Additionally, while the ShapeShift Modular Holster System is designed to be comfortable for all-day carry, some users may find certain carrying options less comfortable than others due to individual preferences and body types.

Overall, I have been extremely happy with the performance of the Alien Gear Core Carry Kit for my Glock 43. Its versatility, durability, and ease of use make it a top contender in the world of left-handed gun holsters. If you’re in the market for a high-quality, highly adaptable holster system, look no further than the Core Carry Pack from Alien Gear.

Stylish and Comfortable Deer Hide IWB Holster for LH Firearms


The 1791 Fair Chase Deer Hide IWB LH 2 holster is a must-have for any left-handed shooter. I’ve been using this model for months and it has yet to disappoint. The handcrafted design means that each holster is made with precision and care, which is evident as soon as you take it out of the box.

One feature that really stands out is the reinforced stitching. This isn’t just any ordinary stitch job - it’s designed to last a lifetime. And believe me, I’ve put it through its paces! The holster itself is made from wild and ethically hunted fair chase Whitetail deer hide, which offers both comfort and durability.

However, no product is perfect. While this holster is incredibly comfortable and concealable, I must say that the size can be a little limiting. For those of us with wider than average belts, it might not fit as snugly as we’d like. But on the flip side, the strong American steel clip ensures secure retention at all times.

Overall, I highly recommend the 1791 Fair Chase Deer Hide IWB LH 2 holster for anyone looking for a high-quality left-handed gun holster. The combination of comfort, concealability, and durability makes it a standout in its class.

1791 Gunleather Premium Nylon IWB Holster for Compatible Firearms - Left-Handed


As an avid shooter, I’ve been through my fair share of holsters. But when I got my hands on the 1791 Gunleather Premium Nylon IWB holster, I knew it was something special. This black left-hand model is designed to fit a variety of firearms, including the Beretta Pico, Kahr CM/MP40, and Sig Sauer P239, among others. Right off the bat, I was impressed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail in its design.

The adjustable cant feature was a game-changer for me, allowing me to customize the angle of my gun for both comfort and concealment. Additionally, the premium steel clip and beveled edges made this holster incredibly comfortable to wear all day long. I also appreciated the integrated sight channel and optic ready cut, which provided extra protection for my sights and allowed for quick draw capabilities.

However, one minor drawback I noticed was that the holster might be slightly tight for some firearms at first, but it seemed to loosen up after a few uses. Overall, the 1791 Gunleather Premium Nylon IWB holster has quickly become my go-to choice for concealed carry – it’s lightweight, comfortable, and highly functional.

Adjustable Left-Handed Competition Holster


Have you ever struggled to find the perfect outside-the-waistband holster for your left-hand draw? Look no further, because this Staccato Pro Competition Holster is here to save the day!

I recently got my hands on one of these, and I must say, it’s made a world of difference for me. The adjustable angle and height really allow me to customize it to my liking, and let’s not forget how it’s approved in 3Gun, IPSC, and USPSA competitions. That’s a serious bonus if you’re into competitive shooting.

One minor con it does have is that the belt loop/slot attachment could be a bit more sturdy. But hey, nobody’s perfect, right? All in all, I’m thrilled with my purchase and would definitely recommend this holster to fellow lefties who take their shooting as seriously as I do. Happy shooting, folks!

Left-Handed ShapeShift Modular Holster System


As a holster enthusiast who totes a Sig P365, I recently invested in the Alien Gear ShapeShift Core Carry Pack. This convenient package includes not just one, but four distinct carry options - a discreet IWB (inside the waistband) holster, an appendix carry holster for those seeking extra control over their weapon, a slide-on OWB (outside the waistband) belt holster, and a paddle-style OWB holster for easy on-and-off capability.

The unique appeal of this system lies in its adaptability and flexibility, allowing easy transformation from one configuration to another. Plus, it came packaged with a holster mount that opens up an array of attachment possibilities, adding to the fun and versatility of this setup.

However, the OWB mode feels rather bulky for regular civilian use, which suggests it might be more suitable for security personnel or police. The thumb release mechanism is also slightly troublesome as it tends to get wobbly when pushed down. As the owner of a Springfield XDS, I can tell it’s a real challenge to find suitable holsters given the size, and this product is no exception.

Despite these drawbacks, I absolutely love how my Sig P365 looks in this holster. I’m not a huge fan of its bulky set up though. Hence, while the ShapeShift Core Carry Pack holds promise, it may not be the perfect choice for all, especially for casual gun lovers who prefer minimal, lightweight designs.

So, to sum it up, the Alien Gear ShapeShift Core Carry Pack provides a customizable array of holster options for the Sig P365. It’s comfortable, versatile and the variety of carrying options is impressive. But the bulkiness of the OWB holster might be a deterrent for casual users like me. Overall, it’s a good product that could use little refining.

Left-Handed Sig Sauer P365 IWB Holster - Composite


I recently got the chance to try out the BlackPoint Tactical P365 Inside Waist Band holster for my SIG Sauer P365, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. As a left-hander, it’s tough finding quality holsters specifically designed for us, so I was excited to see this one from BlackPoint Tactical.

The first thing that stood out to me was the minimalistic design of the holster. It looks sleek and blends perfectly into my everyday outfit, making it easy to conceal carry. The SIG Strut technology provides much-needed stability and improves overall concealment, which is a major plus for those of us who prioritize discretion.

One feature that I really appreciated was the built-in height adjustments. This allowed me to fine-tune the fit and position of the holster according to my preference, making it incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods. Additionally, the adjustable cant lets me change the angle of the holster based on my needs, further enhancing the comfort level.

However, one downside I noticed is the slightly smaller size of the sweat shield compared to other holsters I’ve used in the past. As someone with bigger hands, there have been a few instances where I accidentally grab some skin instead of the holster during reholstering.

Overall, the BlackPoint Tactical P365 IWB holster has been a game-changer for me, offering unmatched concealment and adjustability, while still being incredibly comfortable. If you’re in the market for a high-quality gun holster, I highly recommend giving this one a shot!

Buyer’s Guide

Left-Handed Gun Holsters-2

Important Features

When choosing a left-handed gun holster, pay attention to some key features:

  • Retention system: Ensure the holster has a reliable mechanism to keep your firearm secure and accessible when needed.

  • Draw angle and tension: Choose a holster that suits your specific draw style and preferences.

  • Material and build quality: Look for durable materials and well-constructed designs that can withstand daily use.

  • Adjustability: Make sure the holster is adjustable to fit your individual body type and clothing items.

  • Compatibility: Check if your firearm model is compatible with the chosen holster.


Before purchasing a left-handed gun holster, consider the following:

  • Purpose: Determine where and how you will be carrying your firearm, whether it be for everyday concealed carry, home defense, or target shooting.

  • Comfort: Choose a holster that is comfortable to wear and allows for easy, natural movement.

  • Concealment: If you are looking for concealed carry, opt for a holster that minimizes the visible outline of your firearm under clothing.

  • Maintenance: Consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance required for the chosen holster material.

  • Budget: Establish a budget range for your purchase and compare different options within that range.

Left-Handed Gun Holsters-3

General Advice

Here are some tips to consider when buying a left-handed gun holster:

  1. Try different types of holsters: IWB (inside the waistband), OWB (outside the waistband), ankle, or shoulder holsters, to find the one that best suits your needs.

  2. Test before you buy: If possible, visit a local gun store or range and try on various left-handed holsters to see how they feel and perform.

  3. Read reviews: Look for feedback from other left-handed shooters who have used the same holster to gauge its quality and effectiveness.

  4. Consider additional accessories: Some holsters come with magazine pouches or other accessories that can be useful depending on your intended use.

  5. Invest in a backup holster: Having an alternative holster can be helpful in case your primary holster becomes damaged or uncomfortable over time.


Left-Handed Gun Holsters-4

What are left-handed gun holsters?

Left-handed gun holsters are specially designed to accommodate the unique needs of left-handed shooters. These holsters are tailored to fit comfortably on the left side of a person’s body, ensuring easy access to the firearm while maintaining optimal control and safety.

Why are left-handed gun holsters necessary?

Left-handed gun holsters are necessary because they allow left-handed shooters to effectively and comfortably carry their firearms. Standard right-handed holsters can be difficult for left-handed shooters to draw from quickly and accurately, potentially resulting in danger during critical situations.

Left-Handed Gun Holsters-5

What types of left-handed gun holsters are available?

There is a wide range of left-handed gun holsters available, including inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB), drop-leg, ankle, cross-draw, and shoulder holsters. Each type offers unique benefits, such as concealment, ease of access, and flexibility of carry options.

How do I choose the best left-handed gun holster for me?

To choose the best left-handed gun holster for you, consider factors such as your dominant hand, your body’s shape, the type of firearm you carry, and your desired level of concealment. Additionally, read reviews and consult with experienced shooters for recommendations on specific models and brands.

Left-Handed Gun Holsters-6

How do I properly wear a left-handed gun holster?

To properly wear a left-handed gun holster, follow these steps: 1. Insert your firearm into the holster securely.

  1. Attach the holster to your belt or other wearable accessory.

  2. Adjust the position of the holster to ensure easy access and optimal comfort.

  3. Ensure that the firearm is secure and that the draw is smooth and efficient.

Are all left-handed gun holsters adjustable?

Yes, many left-handed gun holsters feature adjustable retention and cant, allowing you to customize the fit and positioning of the holster on your body. This adaptability helps ensure optimal control and comfort for the shooter.

How do I clean and maintain a left-handed gun holster?

To clean and maintain a left-handed gun holster, follow these steps: * Remove your firearm and any accessories, such as lights or lasers.

  • Gently wipe down the holster with a damp cloth or non-abrasive cleaning wipe to remove dirt, sweat, or moisture.

  • Allow the holster to air dry before reassembling it with your firearm.

  • Periodically inspect your holster for signs of wear or damage, and replace it if necessary to maintain proper safety and function.

What should I consider when choosing a left-handed concealed carry holster?

When choosing a left-handed concealed carry holster, consider factors such as the level of concealment you desire, the type of clothing you wear, and the level of threat you may encounter. Additionally, ensure that the holster allows for quick and efficient access to your firearm during an emergency situation.

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