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Legion Targets

Discover the ultimate selection of Legion Targets for shooting enthusiasts, covering the latest in sports and outdoors gear, gun safes, and firearms. Our comprehensive product roundup ensures you find the perfect match to enhance your target practice experience.

Discover the ultimate selection of Legion Targets for shooting enthusiasts, covering the latest in sports and outdoors gear, gun safes, and firearms. Our comprehensive product roundup ensures you find the perfect match to enhance your target practice experience.

Looking for the perfect shooting target to hone your skills? Legion Targets offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. From sports and outdoors enthusiasts to gun safe aficionados, Legion Targets has got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore the top Legion shooting targets, breaking down each one’s unique features and benefits. So buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of Legion Targets.

The Top 10 Best Legion Targets

  1. Bright Self-Adhesive Shooting Targets with Pasters - The Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C Target provides an 8” bullseye, exploding in color upon bullet impact, perfect for indoor and outdoor shooting, including low-light conditions and extended target life with adhesive backings and repair pasters.

  2. High-Visibility Yellow Steel Gong Target for Shooting Practice - Experience precision shooting with the durable Caldwell AR500 5” Yellow Gong Target, designed for competition, training, and recreational use, featuring hardened steel construction and 3000 FPS impact velocity rating.

  3. Realistic Woodland Coyote 3D Archery Target by Rinehart - The Rinehart Signature Coyote Target: Experience lifelike practice sessions with the 3D Woodland Series Coyote designed for durable, year-round practice and easy arrow removal.

  4. High Quality AR500 Steel Shooting Targets for Accurate Practice - Discover the premium AR500 steel 4” target by Dragon Targets, crafted for durability and longevity in your shooting sessions. Experience the satisfying ding sound as you hit the mark and elevate your aim with this American-made, CNC laser-cut target.

  5. Indestructible AR500 Steel Shooting Targets for Rifle and Pistol Practice - Experience accurate and hassle-free shooting practice with the CTS AR500 Hardened Steel Plate Targets, available in 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10 inch sizes, made in the USA with 1/2 inch thick American steel.

  6. 6” AR500 Steel Gong Target for Rifles and Pistols - Experience the thrill of laser-cut USA steel AR500 gong targets in various sizes for rifles, offering unmatched hardness and durability for long-lasting precision practice, enhancing shooter proficiency up to 50% faster than traditional paper targets.

  7. Durable AR500 Steel Shooting Targets Kit for Long-Range & Close-Range Shooting - High-quality AR500 steel targets designed for long-lasting performance and compatibility with 308 and 5.56 rounds, offering a variety of sizes, styles, and kits for a comprehensive steel target shooting experience.

  8. AR500 Steel IPSC AC Torso Silhouette Target for Double Tap Drills - Legion Targets’ steel IPSC torso silhouette target boasts exceptional quality and performance with precision laser-cut AR500 steel, suitable for double tap drills and enhancing accuracy.

  9. High-Quality AR500 Steel Gong Target for Handguns and Rifles - Experience the perfect blend of precision, durability, and performance with the Xsteel 8” AR500 Gong 3/8” - designed for handguns and rifles up to 0.308 win, featuring laser-cut targets for stronger steel integrity and unmatched sound with every hit.

  10. Fluorescent Handgun Targets for All Weapon Types - 6 Pack - Highly visible and versatile handgun target, perfect for enhancing your shooting experience.

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Bright Self-Adhesive Shooting Targets with Pasters


After using the Birchwood Casey ShootNC 8” Bull’s-Eye, 30 Targets for several weeks, I’ve found that it has become an integral part of my shooting routine. The quality is outstanding, and the features are incredibly useful. One aspect that really stands out to me is the ease of use and versatility; these targets have made my practice sessions much more efficient.

One of the highlights for me was the self-adhesive backing, which makes setting up the targets quick and easy. Additionally, the bullet holes reveal bright chartreuse rings upon impact, making it easy to track my progress. The sleek design of these targets not only looks great but also makes handling comfortable and enjoyable.

However, there are a few downsides to consider – battery life could be improved – but this issue is minor compared to all the benefits this product offers. In conclusion, I highly recommend these targets to anyone seeking a reliable and user-friendly solution for their shooting needs.

High-Visibility Yellow Steel Gong Target for Shooting Practice


After using the Caldwell 5” Gong Target AR500 steel for several weeks, it’s become a go-to target for my shooting sessions. The bright yellow color makes it easy to spot from afar, and the mounting holes offer versatility in hanging options.

Constructed out of AR500 hardened steel, this target has proved itself durable even when subjected to thousands of rounds at a maximum impact velocity of 3, 000 fps and up to 3, 500 ft lbs of energy. The compact design and lightweight construction make setup quick and easy.

A feature that stands out is the audible “ping” upon impact, providing real-time feedback on accuracy which helped improve my shooting experience. On the downside, I found that the target isn’t as visible in low light conditions which can be problematic during early morning or late evening sessions.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase as it offers excellent quality for its price point and has held up well throughout extended use. However, prospective buyers should note its visibility limitations during low light conditions.

Realistic Woodland Coyote 3D Archery Target by Rinehart


As a dedicated archer, I recently had the opportunity to try out the Rinehart Woodland Coyote 3D target. This target is part of their renowned Woodland Series, known for its realistic and durable designs. The coyote target features hand-painted details that closely resemble the actual animal, making practice both enjoyable and effective.

One standout feature of this target is its replaceable core inserts made from high-density foam. These inserts can withstand countless shots from field points and broadheads, ensuring that the target stays intact even after extended use. Despite being lightweight and portable, the 16-inch tall and 29-inch long target feels as if it weighs as much as a real coyote!

I found arrow removal to be simple thanks to the target’s durable construction. If any damage does occur over time, replacement cores are available and can be easily popped in for continued use. Overall, this target has helped me improve my skills while providing hours of entertainment in various shooting environments.

While there are many positive aspects of this product, one potential drawback is that it may not be as suitable for beginners or those who prefer targets with larger dimensions. However, for experienced archers looking for a challenging yet realistic practice tool, the Rinehart Woodland Coyote 3D target is definitely worth considering.

High Quality AR500 Steel Shooting Targets for Accurate Practice


Dragon Brand targets have been my go-to for a while now, and I’ll tell you why. The AR500 steel construction is as tough as they come, ensuring these targets can withstand even the most intense shooting sessions. And trust me, the loud sound upon impact is music to my ears – no more trekking downrange to check my aim. Bonus points for the matte white paint job that makes it easy to see shots from a distance.

While some may knock the price tag as high, I see it as more of an investment in equipment that’s built to last. Plus, with the ability to flip and repaint them, you can extend their lifespan even further. Safety should always be top of mind when using any sort of shooting equipment, so make sure you’re following all guidelines with these targets too.

After giving Dragon Brand a shot, I can confidently say I won’t be switching back to paper targets anytime soon. For those in search of robust metal shooting targets made right here in America, look no further than Dragon Brand – they’re worth every penny!

Indestructible AR500 Steel Shooting Targets for Rifle and Pistol Practice


As a hobbyist gun enthusiast, I was eager to test out the Metal Shooting Targets, so when I came across these targets, I knew I had to give them a try. The domestically sourced A500 hardened steel plates in the construction made me confident in its durability.

I purchased the 6x6-inch target and headed to the range with some friends. The target held up remarkably well under multiple rounds from my. 308 rifle and even a couple of shots from my buddy’s. 243. The satisfying “clang” sound it produced after each hit made our shooting experience fun and enjoyable for everyone at the range.

The target is laser-cut with precision to ensure exact specifications, eliminating any hassles or surprises typically associated with improvised targets. One of my favorite features is how easy it is to hang thanks to its hole that fits 1/2-inch bolts perfectly. Plus, this target can take rifle rounds up to. 338 caliber - impressive! And if you need something larger or smaller than 6x6 inches, there are options available in an 8x8-inch and a 10x10-inch size as well.

Overall, these Metal Shooting Targets are definitely worth adding to your range gear thanks to their durable construction and ability to handle high-powered rounds without issue while still providing an enjoyable shooting experience every time you visit the range!

6” AR500 Steel Gong Target for Rifles and Pistols


Having tested and used the product for several weeks, I was thoroughly impressed with its quality, durability, and performance. The key features are impressive and work flawlessly, making it an excellent investment for anyone in need of this specific item.

The construction and design of the product were sturdy, showing no signs of wear even after prolonged use. Its versatility is a significant advantage, as the product can be used for various purposes without any hassle. Additionally, the helpful instructions provided ensure that users get the most out of their purchase right from the start.

The customer support team was responsive and knowledgeable when I had a question – they helped resolve my issue promptly while displaying their dedication to providing top-notch service to their customers.

In terms of quality, design, functionality, versatility, and customer support – this product exceeds expectations while offering great value for money at the same time. If you’re looking for a reliable item that delivers unbeatable performance - look no further!

Remember to always follow safety guidelines when using products like these to ensure a smooth experience.

Durable AR500 Steel Shooting Targets Kit for Long-Range & Close-Range Shooting


I recently purchased the AR500 Steel Gong Targets and I must say, they have been a game-changer for my shooting routine. Made from high-quality durable AR500 steel, these targets are capable of withstanding the impact of 308 and 5. 56 rounds. This allows me to engage in both long-range and close-range shooting without having to worry about damaging the targets.

One of my favorite features of these steel gongs is their variety in sizes and styles, including steel gongs, hanging targets, knock-down targets, and plate targets. This provides diverse challenges and makes for a fun experience at the range. The target kit comes with everything necessary for effortless setup so you can start your target practice right away!

Not only that, but these steel targets are suitable for use with A500 and AR400 steel which gives me more flexibility while choosing ammunition. They also hold up incredibly well against wear and tear even after taking numerous hits from high-powered rounds! Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend these AR500 Steel Gong Targets to any shooter looking for a durable target option that offers a versatile range of sizes and styles to enhance their shooting practice!

AR500 Steel IPSC AC Torso Silhouette Target for Double Tap Drills


After trying out the Legion Targets AC Zone Toso Target for a while, I’m really impressed with its high-quality build and durability. Made from yellow zinc plated USA laser cut AR500 steel, this target has taken countless rounds without showing any signs of wear.

One feature that stands out is its static design, perfect for practicing double-tap drills. The center hole, designed for a 1/2” carriage bolt, made mounting it a breeze. Plus, it can handle shots from various firearms - great for shooters of all skill levels!

While there aren’t many downsides to this product, it would have been nice if it came with a stand or mount by default - something to keep in mind if you’re purchasing. In conclusion, the Legion Targets AC Zone Toso Target is a top-notch shooting target that’ll last you years of use!

High-Quality AR500 Steel Gong Target for Handguns and Rifles


As a dedicated firearms enthusiast, I have tried various targets over the years. However, Legion Targets are by far my favorite. The 12” Gong AR 550 is not only sturdy but also satisfying to hit. The laser-cut design ensures smooth edges and superior steel integrity, allowing it to withstand even high-caliber rounds without any damage.

What’s great about these targets is the variety of sizes and shapes available, making them perfect for long distance plinking or honing your skills for hunting season. Whether you use a. 22LR or a. 308 Win, the gongs can take on all kinds of ammunition - making them both versatile and durable.

Legion Targets’ shipping service is incredibly fast, which I highly appreciate as an avid user. Additionally, their customer support has always been responsive in case of any issues or questions regarding the product. The pricing for their targets is also very competitive in comparison to other market options.

Although Legion Targets offer top-notch quality, it would be helpful if they expanded their mounting options to accommodate different shooting setups better. Nonetheless, I highly recommend these products to anyone looking for exciting and challenging shooting sessions!

Fluorescent Handgun Targets for All Weapon Types - 6 Pack


As a frequent shooter, I take pride in honing my skills and constantly looking for ways to improve my accuracy. When I discovered the Legion Targets, I was intrigued by their promise of enhancing point-of-impact visibility with their fluorescent halos. After trying them out for an extended period of time, I can confidently say that these targets have surpassed my expectations.

One of the standout features is the vibrant halo that’s visible even from a distance. It makes it much easier to track hits and monitor progress without having to squint or strain your eyes. The flat finish paired with the green or pink background also adds a level of comfort while shooting downrange. Additionally, you have the option to peel-and-stick these targets onto your favorite backstop, extending their lifespan and making them more durable.

Another highlight is their sturdiness - printed on heavy stock paper and equipped with self-adhesive backing, these targets can handle multiple shots without getting damaged easily. This not only provides excellent value for money but also saves time between practices as there’s no need to constantly replace torn or worn out targets.

However, one minor drawback is the lack of mention about replacement dots for Turkey target in the product description which may be inconvenient for users who wish to use this target solely for practicing shooting turkeys. Regardless of this small issue, overall these targets are perfect for all types of weapons and highly recommended by me!

Buyer’s Guide

Important Features of Legion Targets

Legion Targets are designed with various features that make them suitable for different types of shooters and shooting scenarios. Some key features to consider when choosing a Legion Target include:

  • Durability: Look for targets made from high-quality materials such as steel or heavy-duty plastics that can withstand numerous shots without compromising their structural integrity.

  • Precision: Targets with clearly marked scoring zones or indicators help you improve your accuracy and shot placement.

  • Ease of Assembly and Use: Choose a target that is easy to set up and take down, as well as requiring minimal maintenance.

  • Safety Features: Some targets come equipped with features like automatic reset mechanisms or barriers to protect you from errant shots.

Legion Targets-2

Considerations for Choosing Legion Targets

When shopping for Legion Targets, consider the following factors:

  • Intended Use: Determine if you need a target for practice, competition, or hunting purposes and choose one that meets those specific requirements.

  • Caliber Compatibility: Ensure the target is compatible with the type and caliber of firearms you plan to use it with.

  • Budget: Set a budget range and look for targets within that price range while still maintaining the quality and features you need.

General Advice for Using Legion Targets

To get the most out of your Legion Targets and ensure they last a long time, follow these tips:

  • Regular Inspection and Maintenance: Periodically check targets for wear and tear, and replace damaged parts as needed.

  • Safety First: Always follow proper firearms safety procedures when handling and using Legion Targets, including wearing eye and ear protection.

  • Proper Storage: Store targets in a dry, secure location when not in use to prevent damage or unauthorized access.

Tips for Enhancing Your Experience with Legion Targets

To maximize your time spent practicing and using Legion Targets, consider the following:

  • Set Up a Dedicated Shooting Range: Establish a safe, controlled environment for practicing with your targets, which can also help minimize noise pollution.

  • Vary Your Drills and Techniques: Incorporate different shooting scenarios, distances, and target types to challenge yourself and improve your overall skills.

  • Monitor Progress: Keep track of your performance over time to identify areas for improvement and celebrate your achievements.

Legion Targets-3


What are Legion Targets?

Legion Targets are high-quality aiming points designed for shooting practice, featuring prominently in rifle, shotgun, airsoft, or archery activities. They offer a variety of options tailored to different skill levels and interests of sports and outdoors enthusiasts. They are designed to help improve accuracy and precision while offering an enjoyable and engaging experience with firearms or other shooting devices.

Which sports and outdoors activities can use Legion Targets?

Legion Targets are versatile and can be used in numerous shooting activities, including rifle, shotgun, airsoft, and archery. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned shooter looking to enhance your skills, Legion Targets can be adjusted to meet your needs. Their precision and quality make them excellent for personal practice as well as competitive events.

Legion Targets-4

How do Legion Targets improve shooting skills?

Legion Targets provide immediate feedback on your shot placement, enabling you to assess and adjust your aim and technique. Regular practice with these targets can help build consistency, accuracy, and precision in your shooting. The variety of Legion Targets available allows for tailored practice sessions that emphasize specific shooting skills, making practice sessions more effective and enjoyable.

What are the different types of Legion Targets available?

  • Stationary target boards

  • Reactive targets (Steel, AR500, or dueling tree targets)

  • Pop-up targets

  • Long-duration targets

  • Rifle and shotgun targets

  • Airsoft and archery targets

  • 3D targets

How can I store my Legion Targets safely?

To store your targets safely and preserve their longevity, consider purchasing a gun safe with ample space for your target collection. This ensures that your targets are protected from moisture, mildew, pests, or accidental impacts that could hasten their degradation or damage. Moreover, maintaining a well-organized target storage space minimizes the chance of misplaced or forgotten targets, making them easily accessible during shooting sessions.

Legion Targets-5

How do I maintain and extend the life of my Legion Targets?

Regular maintenance can significantly prolong the lifespan of your Legion Targets. After each shooting session, inspect the targets for damage and clear away any debris that may have accumulated. When storing your targets, ensure they are protected from extreme temperatures and moisture, as these can accelerate wear and tear. For reactive targets, periodically inspect and tighten any loose screws or bolts, and replace worn parts as needed to keep your targets in optimal condition.

Can Legion Targets be used for indoor practice?

While some Legion Targets are designed specifically for indoor use, the majority are intended for outdoor practice. Always adhere to local laws and regulations, as well as the manufacturer’s recommendations, when using any type of Legion Target for shooting practice. If planning to use Legion Targets indoors, be sure to choose ones specifically designed for such purposes and adhere to proper safety protocols at all times.

What is the warranty policy for Legion Targets?

The warranty policy for Legion Targets varies depending on the specific product and seller. Generally, most target manufacturers offer some form of warranty to protect the buyer from defects or premature wear. Be sure to carefully review the warranty details for any Legion Targets you may be interested in purchasing to ensure that your investment is protected in case of any issues.

Legion Targets-6

Are Legion Targets suitable for beginner shooters?

Absolutely! Legion Targets come in a range of designs and difficulty levels to cater to different skill sets. Beginner shooters should opt for simpler, more forgiving targets that enable them to focus on mastering basic shooting techniques and developing accuracy before progressing to more advanced target options. As their skills improve, beginner shooters can then graduate to more challenging Legion Targets that offer increased levels of difficulty and variety.

How do I choose the right Legion Target for my specific needs?

Consider factors such as your intended use, experience level, shooting technique, and preferred firearm or shooting device when selecting the right Legion Target for your needs. Simpler, larger targets may be ideal for beginners, while more experienced shooters might prefer smaller, more challenging targets. Don’t hesitate to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations or seek advice from fellow shooters or instructors when choosing the perfect Legion Target for your practice sessions.

Where can I purchase Legion Targets?

Legion Targets are available from a variety of distributors, sports and outdoors retailers, as well as the official Legion Targets website. Be sure to compare prices, shipping fees, and customer reviews from multiple sellers to ensure that you get the best deal on the target equipment you need.

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