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Liberty Gun Safes

Discover the top Liberty Gun Safes for securely storing and protecting your firearms in this comprehensive product roundup. Read on to learn about various styles, features, and benefits for ensuring the safety and accessibility of your valued collection.

Discover the top Liberty Gun Safes for securely storing and protecting your firearms in this comprehensive product roundup. Read on to learn about various styles, features, and benefits for ensuring the safety and accessibility of your valued collection.

Protecting your valuable firearms has never been easier with the range of Liberty Gun Safes. From secure storage to weather-resistant designs, we’ve compiled a roundup of the best options in the market. Whether you’re an avid hunter or a firearms collector, you’re sure to find a safe that suits your needs, all in one convenient location. So sit back, relax, and explore the world of Liberty Gun Safes with us today.

The Top 6 Best Liberty Gun Safes

  1. Centurion 24-Gun Steel Fire-Rated Safe - The Liberty Centurion 24 Gun Safe offers premium security and ample storage at an affordable price, providing unmatched protection and durability for your valuable possessions while meeting California firearm security device requirements.

  2. Top-Rated Liberty gun safe with Electronic Lock - The Liberty Safe Freedom 48 Gun Safe features an electronic lock and offers ample storage, exceptional protection, top-notch craftsmanship, and easy setup, making it a reliable choice for gun collectors seeking a spacious and secure solution.

  3. Liberty Gun Safe - 64 Long Guns, Colonial 50, 1 Hour Fire Protection, 11 Gauge Steel - The Liberty Gun Safe Colonial 50 CO50 offers 1 hour fire protection for 64 long guns and boasts a 11-gauge steel construction, ensuring maximum security and durability at an affordable price.

  4. Fast-Access Biometric Handgun Vault - Maximize home security with Liberty’s HDV-150X Biometric Handgun Vault, a reliable and easy-to-use smart vault that quickly provides secure access to your handgun and valuables through its state-of-the-art biometric finger swipe technology.

  5. Liberty 36 Gun Safe with Fire Protection and 3-in-1 Flex Interior - Liberty USA 36 Gun Safe: Optimal size and budget for first-time buyers, ensuring 60 minutes fire protection, 3-in-1 interior and level 2 security rating to safeguard valuables.

  6. Liberty Franklin Series 23 Gun Safe, Spacious 25.7 Cu Ft Storage, 110 Minutes Fire Protection, Made in USA - Introducing the Liberty Gun Safe Franklin Series 23: The ultimate fire protection with 110 minutes at 1200°F, made in the USA with customizable interiors and solid security features, perfect for collectors and long gun storage.

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Centurion 24-Gun Steel Fire-Rated Safe


I’ve been using the Liberty Centurion 24 Gun Safe for a few months, and it definitely stands out among other gun safes in the market. Firstly, the digital keypad locking system is a breeze to set up and use. It provides quick and easy access to my valuables, while still ensuring optimal security. Plus, the hard plate lock protection gives me the peace of mind knowing that my belongings are safe from potential break-ins.

One of the highlights of this safe is its spaciousness. I’ve been able to fit all of my long guns in it, along with some important documents and other valuables. Its ample storage makes it perfect for those who want a one-stop solution for securing their belongings. The Centurion not only looks good but also provides good protection due to its sturdy steel construction.

However, it’s worth mentioning that setting up the interior padding could be slightly improved. I encountered some minor issues with it, but it wasn’t enough to detract from the overall performance of the safe. Additionally, the absence of lights inside the safe might be a downside for some users, but I managed to work around this by adding a motion-activated LED light strip, which has worked well for me.

In conclusion, the Liberty Centurion 24 Gun Safe has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and protection. Its spacious interior and user-friendly locking system make it a reliable choice for those looking to secure their valuables. While there are some minor flaws, they are easily outweighed by its benefits. I would highly recommend this safe to anyone in need of a secure storage solution.

Top-Rated Liberty gun safe with Electronic Lock


I recently got my hands on the Liberty Safe Freedom 48 Gun Safe to improve the security of my collection at an affordable price. As a serious collector who needed extra protection for my investments, this safe’s solid security features won me over. The USA 48 offers a full 60 minutes of certified fire resistance at 1200°F and a level 2 security rating, protecting my valuable possessions.

One highlight that stood out for me was its ample storage capacity, which can hold up to 48 guns at once. This is perfect for someone like me who likes to keep a variety of weapons without worrying about space constraints. Additionally, the electronic lock provides quick and easy access to my collection while ensuring top-notch security.

However, I did encounter some challenges during setup. Although the digital lock is of good quality compared to cheaper alternatives, programming it can be a bit cumbersome if you’re not tech-savvy. Another downside is the sheer weight of the safe – it requires at least two people to move around, which could be problematic in tight spaces.

Overall, the Liberty Safe Freedom 48 Gun Safe has been a reliable addition to my collection, offering excellent protection and ample storage capacity. While there were a few hiccups during setup, its high-quality craftsmanship and ease of use make it an attractive option for gun owners looking for an affordable yet effective solution.

Liberty Gun Safe - 64 Long Guns, Colonial 50, 1 Hour Fire Protection, 11 Gauge Steel


Once upon a time, I inherited a collection of old firearms from my late uncle. They were beautiful, historically significant, and also quite valuable. But, they needed a safe place to call home. That’s when my husband surprised me with the Liberty Gun Safe Colonial 50 CO50. Boy, was I blown away!

First and foremost, the fire protection this safe provides is astounding. With its 1-hour, 1200°F fire rating, I know my precious guns are protected against any unforeseen fires. The 11-gauge steel door provides extra security, and the 64 long gun capacity is more than enough for my collection. Plus, the safe is spacious enough to accommodate other valuables.

Now, for the cons, it’s a bit heavy. The safe weighs nearly 1000 pounds, so moving it can be quite the challenge. Additionally, while the lock is secure, it can be a bit fiddly to operate. However, these minor inconveniences are overshadowed by the impeccable fire protection and security it provides.

In conclusion, the Liberty Gun Safe Colonial 50 CO50 is a reliable, high-quality treasure chest for my firearms. Its superior fire protection and ample capacity make it a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to safeguard their valuables. Despite its weight and finicky lock, its advantages outweigh the drawbacks, transforming it into a reliable home for my treasured heirlooms.

Fast-Access Biometric Handgun Vault


I’ve recently had the pleasure of using Liberty’s HDV-150X security vault in my home, and I must say I’m thoroughly impressed. The main highlight of this smart vault is its biometric finger swipe technology, which offers super quick and secure access. It’s the most reliable biometric system out there; a perfect blend of accuracy and a low fail rate that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Its high security doesn’t compromise on easy accessibility. It allows you to securely store your handgun and other valuables, making it an excellent choice for anyone concerned about safety. Plus, it’s a quality product made right here in the USA.

There are a few cons to consider, though. The vault is a bit on the larger side, which could be a turnoff for some. Additionally, while the biometric system is generally reliable, it might be a bit finicky at times, especially during the initial setup phase.

Overall, with its exceptional security features and ease of access, Liberty’s HDV-150X vault is a solid choice for those looking to store their handgun and valuables securely. While it may have a few minor drawbacks, its performance and quality more than make up for it.

Liberty 36 Gun Safe with Fire Protection and 3-in-1 Flex Interior


I recently purchased the Liberty USA 36 Gun Safe, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. Incorporating a sleek design with unparalleled security features, this safe has quickly become an essential part of my daily life. The 60-inch width provides ample space for a growing collection of valuables, while the 1200° fire protection gives me peace of mind knowing my belongings are secure.

One feature that truly stands out for me is the 3-in-1 flex interior. It provides incredible flexibility, allowing me to customize the layout to suit my unique collection. However, there is one drawback - the door. Due to its size, it consumes some of the outer layer racks, which can be a bit inconvenient for certain items. A minor inconvenience, but something worth considering for potential buyers.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my Liberty USA 36 Gun Safe. It offers incredible security, a generous amount of storage, and a design that seamlessly blends into my home. If you’re in the market for a reliable gun safe that won’t break the bank, I highly recommend giving this one a try.

Liberty Franklin Series 23 Gun Safe, Spacious 25.7 Cu Ft Storage, 110 Minutes Fire Protection, Made in USA


In my personal experience, I’ve found that the Liberty Gun Safe Franklin Series 23 offers unmatched protection for all my prized possessions. The first thing that caught my eye was its sleek, polished appearance, which easily complements the style of my home. The two available lock types, a variety of colors, and three hardware styles allow me to personalize the safe to fit seamlessly into any room.

The standout feature for me was its 4-in-1 Flex interior, which provides multiple configurations tailored to my specific needs. Whether I’m storing long guns in the Sportsman configuration, or frequently accessing them with the EZ-Access layout, I’m always satisfied with the safe’s flexibility and functionality.

In addition to its appearance, the Liberty Gun Safe excels in fire protection. It boasts 110 minutes of certified fire protection at 1200 °F, ensuring my valuable documents and firearms remain well-protected during any unexpected emergencies.

The safe’s security features are also top-notch, with a UL-listed safe body and 12-gauge steel door, making it incredibly difficult to break into. Plus, the Liberty Gun Safe comes equipped with an upgraded DX-90 Monster Mech locking mechanism and dual relocker locks, providing further protection against forced entry attempts.

While the Franklin Series 23 exceeded my expectations, I do have some minor complaints. The delivery service provided by Lowes was lacking in proper equipment and manpower to move the safe safely. Additionally, the granite textured finish was more affordable but not as visually appealing as the burgundy marble gloss option I ultimately chose.

In conclusion, the Liberty Gun Safe Franklin Series 23 is a remarkable product that provides exceptional protection, flexibility, and style for all my valuable belongings.

Buyer’s Guide

Important Features to Consider

Liberty Gun Safes-2

When purchasing a Liberty Gun Safe, there are several key features that you should consider to ensure it meets your needs. These include:

  • Capacity: Consider how many guns you currently own and if you plan to add more in the future. This will help you decide on the right size for your safe.

  • Fire Protection: Look for a safe that offers adequate fire protection to keep your firearms safe from heat damage during emergencies.

  • Security Features: Ensure the safe has strong locking mechanisms and options for added security, such as electronic locks or biometric access.

  • Ease of Access: Choose a safe with convenient access features that allow you to quickly access your firearms when needed.

  • Durability: Invest in a high-quality gun safe with a robust construction that can withstand physical impact and wear over time.

Potential Uses and Considerations

Liberty Gun Safes can be used for various purposes, depending on your needs and preferences. Some potential uses and considerations to keep in mind include:

  • Home Defense: If you keep a firearm for home defense purposes, consider a safe that offers quick access and is easily accessible during emergencies.

  • Collection Storage: If you have a collection of firearms, invest in a larger safe or multiple smaller ones to accommodate your entire collection.

  • Travel: For those who frequently travel with their firearms, consider a compact and portable safe that meets TSA requirements for airline travel.

  • Ease of Installation: Ensure the safe is easy to install and can be mounted securely within your home or vehicle for added protection.

General Advice for Gun Safe Buyers

Before purchasing a Liberty Gun Safe, follow these general tips and considerations:

  • Research: Take the time to research various models and features offered by different manufacturers to make an informed decision.

  • Budget: Establish a budget for your gun safe purchase and consider any additional costs, such as professional installation or upgrades to the safe’s security features.

  • Fit and Functionality: Measure the dimensions of where you plan to install the safe to ensure it will fit properly and function as intended.

  • Warranty and Customer Support: Choose a manufacturer that offers a comprehensive warranty and responsive customer support in case any issues arise with your purchase.

Liberty Gun Safes-3


Liberty Gun Safes offer a range of features designed to keep your firearms secure and protected. By considering essential features, potential uses, and general advice for buyers, you can make an informed decision when choosing the right gun safe for your needs.


What are the key features of Liberty gun safes?

Liberty Gun Safes-4

Liberty gun safes offer advanced security features, including heavy-duty steel construction, robust locks, and fire protection. Some models come with electronic keypads or biometric locks for easy and secure access.

How do I choose the right size gun safe for my needs?

Consider the number and type of firearms you need to store, as well as any additional accessories or gear. Measure the dimensions of the space where you plan to place the safe. Choose a model that can accommodate your collection and allow for future growth.

What is the difference between electronic and biometric locks?

Electronic locks require a programmed PIN or code for access, while biometric locks use fingerprint recognition. Both offer quick access, but biometric locks provide an added layer of security.

Liberty Gun Safes-5

Can Liberty gun safes be mounted to the floor or wall?

Yes, most Liberty gun safes come equipped with holes for mounting to the floor, wall, or both. This helps to prevent theft or unauthorized access.

Does Liberty offer a warranty on its gun safes?

Yes, Liberty provides a lifetime warranty on most of its gun safes. Be sure to register your safe once purchased to ensure coverage.

How do I maintain my Liberty gun safe?

Liberty Gun Safes-6

To keep your gun safe in optimal condition, periodically clean and inspect the exterior and interior. Lubricate moving parts, such as locks and hinges, to ensure smooth operation. Avoid exposing your safe to moisture or extreme temperatures.

How do I secure my gun safe in my home?

In addition to mounting your safe to the floor, wall, or both, consider placing it in a discreet location or camouflaging it with furniture or other household items. This can deter thieves and reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

How do I measure the fire rating of a Liberty gun safe?

Fire ratings for Liberty gun safes are measured in hours and temperature resistance. A higher fire rating indicates better protection against heat and fires.

Are Liberty gun safes UL rated?

Yes, many Liberty gun safes carry UL (Underwriters Laboratories) ratings, indicating they have met or exceeded rigorous safety standards.

Can I store ammunition in a Liberty gun safe?

Yes, most Liberty gun safes are designed to store ammunition in addition to firearms. Check your safe’s specific capacity and features for details on storing ammunition safely.

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