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NRA Targets

Discover the top NRA-approved shooting targets, and explore a range of outdoor gear in our comprehensive guide on sports and outdoors. Complete with expert reviews and recommendations for the best gun safes and firearms available online.

Discover the top NRA-approved shooting targets, and explore a range of outdoor gear in our comprehensive guide on sports and outdoors. Complete with expert reviews and recommendations for the best gun safes and firearms available online.

Discover the top NRA targets for your shooting practice in this roundup of the best options available. Whether you’re an avid hunter, competitive shooter, or just starting out, we’ve got you covered with a variety of targets designed to cater to your needs and help you improve your game. Stay tuned for a comprehensive review of the latest NRA targets and accessories, all while adhering to the highest standards of safety and performance. Get ready to enhance your shooting experience with the best targets that money can buy!

The Top 9 Best NRA Targets

  1. Handgun Auto Reset Shooting Target for Practice and Competition - Elevate your shooting accuracy with The Handgun Auto Reset Targeting System by Do-All Outdoors, the premium choice with resilient steel construction, automatic resetting, and enhanced safety features for a seamless practice experience.

  2. 1/4” AR500 Turkey Silhouette Targets for Rimfire Ammo - NRA Animal Silhouette Targets: Durable, 1/4” AR500 steel paddles for all rimfire ammo, perfect for precision airgun and rimfire shooters, and available at an introductory low price.

  3. Rimfire Animal Targets: Chicken Silhouette for Precision Airgun and Rimfire Shooters - Experience precise shooting with NRA Animal Silhouette’s 1/4” AR500 steel chicken target, designed for rimfire and airguns up to 400 FPE, featuring black zinc phosphate plated paddles and 1/7.5 scale size for a special introductory low price.

  4. Self-Healing Gong Shooting Target with Steel Stand - Stay Shooting All Day with This Durable, Self-Healing Target for All Calibers

  5. Weather-Resistant NRA SR-1 Target Center Repair, 100 Yard Reduction (48 Pack) - Upgrade your shooting experience with the SR-1C NRA-licensed weather-resistant military target center, now in a 100-yard reduction, perfect for sharpshooting in various environmental conditions.

  6. Official NRA Target Center Repair for SR-1 Military Targets (100-Pack) - Recharge your aim with the SR-1C Target Center, the official 100-yard repair for 200-yard NRA Military SR-1 Targets, made in the USA on durable tagboard, with a pack of 50 or 100 available for practice or competition.

  7. NRA Animal Silhouettes Rimfire Targets Set for Precision Airgun and Rimfire Shooters - Unbeatable 5-star NRA Chicken Animal Silhouette target, designed for precision airgun and rimfire shooters, made from high-quality AR500 steel, perfect for up to 400 FPE, and available at an exceptional introductory price.

  8. 1/4” AR500 Steel NRA Animal Silhouette Targets - Ram, Pig, Turkey, and Chicken - The NRA 1/7.5 Scale Animal Silhouette Target Set, featuring 4 paddles for Pig, Ram, Turkey, and Chicken, is a strong, precision airgun and rimfire shooter target perfect for up to 400 FPE, made of 1/4” AR500 steel and offered at an introductory low price.

  9. NRA Animal Silhouettes Rimfire Target Set for Precision Airguns and Rimfire Shooters - Introduce the precise, durable, and affordable NRA Animal Silhouette Chicken target, designed for precision airgun and rimfire shooters with 1/7.5 scale paddles, perfect for up to 400 FPE.

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Handgun Auto Reset Shooting Target for Practice and Competition


Using the Do-All Outdoors Handgun Auto Reset Targeting System on my backyard range has been a great experience. The durable steel construction and powder-coated paint held up well to my 9mm rounds, and the stabilizing ground spikes kept the target upright even when hit. I loved the forward leaning design that made bullet deflection downward, ensuring safety during practice sessions.

The high visibility targets were easy to aim at, and being able to practice without having to reset after every shot was a huge time saver. While there are some minor issues like pins holding the plates getting shot off or bent from time to time, these are easily remedied with replacement pins or nails. Overall, I recommend this product for those looking to make target practice more fun and efficient while improving accuracy.

1/4” AR500 Turkey Silhouette Targets for Rimfire Ammo


I recently purchased the silhouette target set from ShootingTargets7 and have been thoroughly impressed with its performance. The high-quality materials used in construction make it built to last, and the satisfying ring when hit adds to the enjoyment of using these targets.

The 1/4” AR500 paddles can handle rimfire ammo without issue, making it a great choice for hours of shooting practice with friends or family. The different animal shapes (ram, pig, turkey, and chicken) add an extra layer of enjoyment while shooting. Even my niece was captivated by the targets and started naming the animals before aiming her shots.

The target is easy to set up, but a strong pair of pliers or channel locks is needed to compress the springs that hold the targets in place and attach the side legs to the main tube. However, once assembled, it is lightweight and portable for easy movement around your shooting area.

In terms of durability, these targets are top-notch as they have been shot over 3000 times according to other user reviews who have had them for months now! The deflection angle ensures bullets head towards the ground instead of ricocheting dangerously around you while you shoot. Plus, they’re angled nicely so that when hit there is a nice swing movement too - another fun aspect about using these targets!

Overall this product has been a fantastic addition during our backyard shooting sessions; extremely well made with great attention paid towards detail in design features like material used (AR500) which handles rimfire ammo perfectly fine along with providing accurate results every time someone takes aim at one of their favorite critters on display here: Ram Pig Turkey Chicken… and yes even my niece loves playing ‘Chicken Nuggets! ’ whenever she hits her mark successfully against one such target standing tall amidst others awaiting their turn under fire! ! Highly recommended purchase if looking for some quality outdoor entertainment combined with skill building exercise through precision airgun/rimfire shooting experiences together w friends/family members alike! !

Rimfire Animal Targets: Chicken Silhouette for Precision Airgun and Rimfire Shooters


I recently started using the Rimfire NRA Animal Silhouettes target and it has really elevated my target practice experience. The 1/7. 5 scale animal silhouettes - Ram, Pig, Turkey, and Chicken - offer a thrilling challenge that keeps me engaged during my shooting sessions. I have found that this target is ideal for both novices learning the ropes and experienced marksmen looking to hone their skills.

This target is made of durable black zinc phosphate plated AR500 steel which can handle various rimfire ammo with ease, giving satisfying feedback when hit. I particularly appreciate its sturdy construction with leg and top bar made from EMT conduit; it’s easy to set up and move around in the field or range thanks to its integrated hangers.

An initial minor issue was setting up the target as it required some strength using pliers or channel locks to compress the circular springs that hold everything in place securely but once set up, it proved its worth many times over during our various shooting sessions. Overall, this is an excellent product that delivers on its promise of quality and longevity while providing an entertaining twist on traditional target shooting.

Self-Healing Gong Shooting Target with Steel Stand


I recently bought this self-healing target for my backyard shooting range, and I’m thrilled with its performance. One standout feature is its ‘self-healing’ design, which works exactly as advertised. Even after firing thousands of rounds from various calibers, the holes seal up quickly so I can keep shooting without any issues.

Another aspect that impressed me was the sturdy steel stand, which is much more substantial than other products in the market. It easily supports long hours of heavy use without wobbling or tipping over. The 9-inch diameter target itself offers plenty of space for groupings or precision shots while remaining light and portable.

Although there were a couple of downsides - like difficulty seeing where shots landed - they didn’t significantly impact my overall experience. Additionally, some users mentioned using sticky targets to improve visibility but had mixed results with adhesiveness. Despite these minor flaws, I highly recommend this durable and easy-to-use target for hours of fun at your own backyard range!

Weather-Resistant NRA SR-1 Target Center Repair, 100 Yard Reduction (48 Pack)


As a regular shooter, I’ve found the NRA targets to be highly reliable and impressive for my practice sessions. The weather-resistant paper is a game-changer, allowing me to shoot in all kinds of conditions without worrying about the target being ruined by rain or humidity. The centers are printed on high-quality stock and hold up well during use.

A major advantage of these targets is the ease of replacing the centers on full-sized targets, which not only saves money but also ensures I can get the most out of each target. It’s great not having to deal with accidental tears in the middle of a shooting session. However, it’s important to note that the furthest circle is labeled as 6 and not 10, which may take some getting used to for new users. Nonetheless, with each center measuring 10. 5” x 10. 5”, there’s just enough space for pistol shooting within 10-15 yards without being too large or small for efficient target practice.

Overall, these NRA targets have proven their worth as durable options across various weather conditions while remaining budget-friendly - definitely worth considering if you’re looking for reliable and long-lasting shooting targets!

Official NRA Target Center Repair for SR-1 Military Targets (100-Pack)


As a dedicated shooter, I’ve been using these NRA targets for my practice sessions and they have not disappointed. Made from heavyweight tag board, they are rain-resistant and can withstand tears, making them perfect for outdoor use. Their convenient size of 10. 5” x 10. 5” is just right for pistol shooting within 10-15 yards, making target practice efficient and enjoyable.

The centers of these targets can be used to replace those on full-sized targets, adding to their versatility. The printing quality is also top-notch - clear and defined, allowing for precise shot placement. All in all, the quality of the product is exceptional and I have no qualms about reordering more in the future.

Having used these targets for several months now, I can confidently say that they offer great value for money and are an excellent choice for any keen shooter looking to hone their skills.

NRA Animal Silhouettes Rimfire Targets Set for Precision Airgun and Rimfire Shooters


I’ve been using the Rimfire NRA Animal Silhouettes Target for quite some time now, and it has definitely become a mainstay in my shooting practice routine. One of the key features that stands out is the robust 1/4” AR500 steel paddles, which handle all rimfire ammo without any issues. The 1/7. 5 scale size is perfect for precision airgun and rimfire shooters looking to improve their accuracy, making this target a great choice for those wanting to up their game.

Durability is another major plus with this target – after countless rounds fired at it, I can confidently say that it shows no signs of wear or tear. Additionally, the integrated hangers make setup and takedown quick and easy during practice sessions; you won’t waste valuable time swapping targets around. Plus, there’s something incredibly satisfying about hitting these targets and hearing that distinct ‘ping’ sound!

While there are many positives, there are also some cons worth noting: assembly can be challenging without strong pliers or channel locks (to compress the circular springs). A few users have reported difficulty putting these targets together without proper tools on hand to assist with assembly - an important consideration for potential buyers!

Overall, despite its challenging assembly process, the durability and performance of this target makes it well worth considering for your next shooting session!

1/4” AR500 Steel NRA Animal Silhouette Targets - Ram, Pig, Turkey, and Chicken


I’ve been using the Rimfire NRA Animal Silhouettes targets in my backyard shooting range for some time, and I must say, they have definitely enhanced my shooting experience. The sturdy construction of these targets has allowed them to withstand countless shots without any issues. The fact that they are easy to set up and move around is an added bonus.

One of the best things about these targets is the satisfying sound produced when a pellet hits the steel paddles. It not only adds excitement to the practice sessions but also helps improve precision by providing instant feedback on shot placement. Plus, the variety of animal silhouettes available — such as ram, pig, turkey, and chicken — makes it more engaging and challenging.

Although there are no significant cons, I would appreciate it if there were more options for customization or target design to cater to individual preferences better. Nevertheless, at this special introductory price point with 14 positive reviews and a 5-star rating, I would highly recommend giving these targets a try for anyone looking for fun and challenging shooting practice sessions.

NRA Animal Silhouettes Rimfire Target Set for Precision Airguns and Rimfire Shooters


I recently purchased the Rimfire NRA Animal Silhouettes Target and I must say, it has been a fantastic addition to my shooting practice routine. The target is built with 1/4” AR500 paddles, making it incredibly strong and able to handle all rimfire ammo. The vivid animal silhouettes are scaled to 1/7. 5 size, providing an exciting and challenging experience for shooters of all levels.

Setting up this target was quick and easy thanks to the clear instructions provided by ShootingTargets7. The sound produced when hitting these targets is extremely satisfying – that “ding” sound always brings a smile to my face! One of my favorite things about this product is how much fun it is to use with friends and family in friendly competitions or casual practice sessions.

In terms of pros and cons, this target’s high-quality construction ensures that it will last for a long time – possibly even outlasting some of your other equipment such as airguns or rifles. However, due to its weight, the target may become slightly cumbersome to move around after repeated repositioning over time. Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall value delivered by this product in terms of entertainment makes it well worth the investment.

Overall, I highly recommend purchasing the Rimfire NRA Animal Silhouettes Target for anyone looking for an engaging addition to their shooting practice routine – you won’t regret it!

Buyer’s Guide

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Important Features in NRA Targets

NRA Targets are designed for shooting enthusiasts who want to practice their accuracy and safety skills. Some of the key features to look for in NRA Targets include:

  • Durability: High-quality paper targets are water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions when used outdoors.

  • Visibility: Colorful targets that are visible at varying distances.

  • Variety: A wide selection of targets, including bullseyes, shooting galleries, and life-like silhouette targets, for different skill levels and shooting styles.

  • Safety: Many NRA Targets come with built-in safety lines or markings, which can help shooters maintain proper distance and enhance overall safety during practice sessions.

Considerations for Choosing the Right NRA Target

When selecting an NRA Target, consider the following factors:

  • Skill level: Beginner shooters may want to start with larger, easier-to-hit targets, while more experienced shooters can opt for smaller, more challenging targets.

  • Location: Outdoor shooters should choose water-resistant targets designed for use in various weather conditions, while indoor shooters may want to choose targets that can be easily hung and removed.

  • Intended use: Practicing accuracy, honing safety skills, or just plinking for fun can all be accomplished with the right NRA Target selection.

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General Advice and Maintenance Tips

To get the most out of your NRA Targets and ensure a safe, enjoyable shooting experience, follow these tips:

  1. Store targets in a dry, cool place when not in use to prevent damage or warping.

  2. Before shooting, inspect the target area for obstacles, debris, and proper backstopping to ensure a safe environment.

  3. Regularly check your firearms and ammunition to ensure they are in good working condition, as proper maintenance can help prolong the life of your targets.

  4. Whenever handling firearms or targets, practice proper gun safety procedures to help prevent accidents.

  5. Consult the specific target manufacturer’s guidelines for the intended use and lifespan of their product.

With these features, considerations, and general advice in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the perfect NRA Target to suit your shooting goals and preferences.


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What are NRA targets?

NRA targets are precision-engineered shooting targets designed and produced by the National Rifle Association (NRA) to help gun enthusiasts improve their accuracy and skills in various shooting disciplines.

How do NRA targets benefit shooters?

NRA targets provide a standardized format for evaluating and measuring shooting performance, which helps participants identify areas for improvement, track progress, and compete fairly with others. They also promote responsible and accurate firearms handling.

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What types of NRA targets are available?

NRA targets come in various formats suitable for different shooting disciplines, including paper targets, gong targets, steel targets, and pop-up targets. Some popular options include the NRA B21 bullseye target, NRA gong targets, and NRA steel targets.

How do I choose the right NRA target for my needs?

Consider your shooting discipline, preferred target material, and available space when making your choice. For instance, paper targets are ideal for indoor ranges, while steel targets are better suited for outdoor sessions. If you are unsure, consult with experienced shooters or seek recommendations from reputable stores.

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How do I set up NRA targets properly?

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for mounting and securing the target to ensure safety and proper functioning. Ensure that the target is placed at an appropriate distance, depending on your firearm and skill level. Always review and adhere to range safety rules and guidelines before setting up your target.

Regularly inspect your NRA targets for signs of wear and damage, and replace them as needed to maintain consistent performance. For paper targets, store them in a dry, cool place to prevent curling or fading. Additionally, periodically clean metal targets to remove any lead or carbon buildup, which can affect accuracy.

Can I use NRA targets for competitions and leagues?

Yes, many shooting competitions and leagues use NRA targets as an official scoring system. Be sure to check the specific requirements of the competition or league you are participating in to ensure that you are using the correct target format and scoring guidelines.

How can I improve my shooting accuracy with NRA targets?

Consistent practice and repetition are key to improving your shooting accuracy. Utilize the helpful scoring guidelines and feedback provided by NRA targets to identify areas for improvement and develop a plan for targeted practice sessions. Seek guidance from experienced shooters or consider enrolling in a firearms training course to enhance your skills and technique.

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