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Pocket Knives

The "Pocket Knives" article is an in-depth guide to the best pocketknives on the market, featuring a roundup of the most well-reviewed and practical knives for various sports, outdoors, gun safes, firearms, and gun enthusiasts to choose from.

The "Pocket Knives" article is an in-depth guide to the best pocketknives on the market, featuring a roundup of the most well-reviewed and practical knives for various sports, outdoors, gun safes, firearms, and gun enthusiasts to choose from.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best pocket knives in the market. Whether you’re a camping enthusiast, an avid hunter, or simply looking for a reliable everyday carry, we’ve got you covered. In this roundup, we’ll explore a variety of knives that cater to different needs and preferences, featuring top-tier brands and cutting-edge designs. So buckle up, and let’s dive into the world of pocket knives!

From the sleek and lightweight options perfect for everyday carrying to the more robust and heavy-duty knives designed for rough outdoor environments, our selection offers something for everyone. Our experts have meticulously researched and tested each product to ensure that you’re getting the best quality and value possible. Stay with us as we unveil the top contenders in the realm of pocket knives, and help you make a well-informed decision on your next purchase.

The Top 10 Best Pocket Knives

  1. 8-Inch Survival/Hunting Knife with Compass and Survival Kit - Gordon’s 8” Survival Knife: The Ultimate Outdoor Companion with 8” Stainless Steel Blade, Compass & Survival Kit in the Handle for Cutting, Chopping & Sawing - Highly Rated at 4.6 with 1032 Reviews

  2. Fixed Blade 75th Anniversary Special Knife - Celebrate 75 years of the legendary Buck Knives 119 Special, a custom-engraved, handcrafted fixed blade with a black/stainless steel finish, available now with an exclusive anniversary edition.

  3. Compact and Lightweight EDC Knife for Everyday Use - The Benchmade 533 Mini Bugout is a sleek, lightweight EDC knife with a versatile design and robust construction, featuring a Grivory handle and CPM-S35VN steel drop point blade for optimal performance and durability.

  4. Multi-Functional Pocket Knife with Scissors & Scraper Tool - The redesigned Ellis scissors, featuring slip-joint construction and a Swedish Sandvik 12C27 stainless-steel blade, delivers versatile cutting capabilities and quickly becomes an essential daily multi-tool.

  5. Swiss Army Knife with 33 Functions for Everyday Adventures - The Victorinox SwissChamp Pocket Knife boasts 33 functions, perfect for both everyday use and outdoor adventures, and features a sleek black design with custom engraving options, making it an essential tool for every adventurer.

  6. CRKT Folts Minimalist Bowie Knife with Green and Black Micarta Scales and Black Zytel Sheath - The CRKT 2387K Folts Minimalist Bowie is a sleek, highly-rated survival knife with a 5 1/8” overall length, 2” tanto-style blade, and full tang construction, making it perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

  7. Antique Green Bone Congress Pocket Knife with Stainless Blades and Nickel Silver Bolsters - A carefully crafted, eye-catching HR214AGB Hen & Rooster Congress Pocket Knife featuring antique green jigged bone handle, stainless mirror finish blades and an inlay shield, perfect for collectors and practical users alike.

  8. Compact Folding Serrated Knife for Outdoor and Kitchen Use - NogentLe Pocket, a well-balanced, colorful, folding serrated blade kitchen knife, perfect for outdoor activities and everyday use, meticulously crafted in France with a natural beechwood handle and backed by a 5-year guarantee.

  9. Stainless Steel Slipjoint Pocket Knife with Pick Bone Handle - The Hen & Rooster Congress Pocket Knife, with its 5.0 rating, boasts two stainless steel twin sheepsfoot and pen blades, encased in a sleek brown pick bone handle and nickel silver bolster, and perfect for any EDC collection.

  10. Handmade Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knife with Wood Handle - Unique, handmade Damascus steel folding pocket knife with olive and rose wood handle, ideal for camping and anniversary celebrations as a special gift for your husband.

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8-Inch Survival/Hunting Knife with Compass and Survival Kit


Having used this survival knife for my outdoor adventures, I can confidently say that it’s a versatile tool that won’t let you down. The 8-inch stainless steel blade is built for cutting, chopping, and sawing, making it a dependable option for campers and hikers alike. A noteworthy feature is the included compass and survival kit tucked inside the handle, which transforms this product into an all-inclusive survival package.

I was impressed by the hollow handle design, as it not only reduces weight but also allows room to store additional items such as fishing gear or fire starters. The knife comes with a sharp edge right out of the box and maintains its sharpness well even after heavy usage. The serrated area on top of the blade provides extra functionality when sawing through tough materials like wood or bone.

Some users have reported issues with the screw that connects the handle to the blade becoming loose; however, using epoxy glue appears to be an effective solution for this issue as suggested by other reviewers. Despite these concerns, many users have expressed satisfaction with their overall experience with this high-quality survival knife at an affordable price point. In conclusion, I highly recommend this knife to anyone in search of a reliable tool for their outdoor adventures!

Fixed Blade 75th Anniversary Special Knife


I recently had the opportunity to use the Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife while outdoors, and it quickly became my go-to for various activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, and survival situations. The knife’s unique design, with its ebony-covered phenolic handle and custom medallion, makes it a stylish addition to any collection.

The blade itself is made from stainless steel that holds its edge extremely well and is incredibly sharp right out of the box. Its versatility truly shines through when put to the test in different scenarios; whether you’re skinning game or cutting rope for your tent setup – this knife can handle it all. The handle design provides just enough friction without being too slippery or uncomfortable during extended use which was great for long days out in nature.

While some may find its size a bit large for everyday carry purposes (EDC), I think this decision fits well considering its primary function as an all-purpose outdoorsman tool. I also appreciate how rugged this knife feels despite being so sleek in appearance – no matter what adventure you take it on! Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality fixed blade knife that performs exceptionally well across multiple tasks - look no further than Buck’s 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife!

Compact and Lightweight EDC Knife for Everyday Use


The Benchmade 533 Mini Bugout has quickly become an essential part of my everyday carry, thanks to its slim, lightweight design and comfortable grip. The textured handle scales over nested steel liners offer a secure hold even when my hands are wet or sweaty, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

One standout feature is the Axis locking mechanism that allows for easy one-handed opening and closing, making it quick and efficient to use when needed. Additionally, the versatile reversible mini deep-carry pocket clip offers multiple options for carrying the knife on my person.

I also appreciate the oversized lanyard hole that lets me easily attach a cord or lanyard for added security during use or transportation. The drop point blade made from CPM-S35VN steel is sharp right out of the box and retains its edge well over time with minimal maintenance required. This makes it perfect for a variety of tasks like slicing through rope or cutting open packages with ease. The satin finish gives the blade an understated yet stylish look that adds to its appeal as an Everyday Carry (EDC) tool/knife; whether you’re camping, hiking, fishing, hunting - you name it!

Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable EDC knife that doesn’t compromise on quality or functionality while remaining discreetly sized enough not draw unnecessary attention when carried around in public situations such as errands etc. . It truly lives up to its name being called “Bugout” because if ever there was an emergency need arise where having something like this could mean difference between life & death - then rest assured knowing you got yourself covered thanks Benchmade 533 Mini Bugout Knife!

Multi-Functional Pocket Knife with Scissors & Scraper Tool


After using the redesigned Ellis for some time now, I have to say it has quickly become my go-to EDC item. The knife features a well-crafted partially serrated Swedish Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade that holds an edge remarkably well. Additionally, the scissors are sharp and efficient, making them great for everyday tasks like cutting threads or opening packages.

A standout feature is the deep-carry wire clip that secures the knife in place and allows for easy access when needed. This makes the Ellis highly versatile; it feels at home whether worn with jeans or a suit.

Getting used to the slip joint design was a slight hiccup as I had previously used locking blades. However, after some practice, I found it quite easy and comfortable to operate. And while there have been a few instances where paint has chipped off, it doesn’t affect the functionality of the knife nor detract from its sleek, modern appearance in any significant way.

Overall, this is an excellent product that combines style with practicality seamlessly. It offers everything you need in an EDC without any unnecessary frills—a true workhorse that can handle various tasks with ease while still looking sharp (pun intended).

Swiss Army Knife with 33 Functions for Everyday Adventures


I’ve been carrying the SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox for quite some time, and I’ve become quite fond of its sleek design and engravable options. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also has 33 impressive tools that come in handy when I’m exploring nature or tackling everyday tasks.

The compact size paired with all its functions makes the SwissChamp an outstanding EDC companion. It has everything you need from screwdrivers to corkscrews, scissors and pretty much anything you can think of. The construction quality is unmatched – made in Switzerland by Victorinox, a company renowned for their tough and long-lasting products.

While there are definitely more pros than cons, one slight downside is that the knife feels a bit cluttered with so many functions when trying to retrieve specific tools quickly. And although the personalization with engraving adds a nice touch, it may not be worth the extra cost for some people.

Overall, my experience with the SwissChamp Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox has been overwhelmingly positive due to its remarkable functionality and impressive design features that seamlessly integrate into my daily routine. From its lightweight body to its sturdy construction, this little tool can handle almost any situation I encounter during my adventures!

CRKT Folts Minimalist Bowie Knife with Green and Black Micarta Scales and Black Zytel Sheath


The CRKT - Folts Minimalist Bowie is a compact and versatile fixed blade knife, perfect for those in search of a reliable tool. The finger grooved handle is convenient for maintaining a secure grip in slippery conditions, while the sharp blade comes ready to use right out of the box. What sets it apart is its multiple carry options that come with the sheath, offering convenience for different situations. The price point is also quite reasonable considering you get additional accessories such as the neck cord and a well-made sheath. However, some users might find this knife too small for heavier tasks. Regardless, it remains an excellent choice if you need a small and reliable fixed blade knife.

Antique Green Bone Congress Pocket Knife with Stainless Blades and Nickel Silver Bolsters


The Hen & Rooster HR214AGB pocket knife is a visually striking piece, featuring an antique green jigged bone handle and mirror finish stainless blades. Upon first-hand experience, I can attest to its solid craftsmanship and attention to detail, making it perfect for everyday carry or as a collectible item.

This pocket knife stands out for its functionality as well, offering both twin sheepsfoot and pen blades for versatile usage. The slipjoint mechanism may require some getting used to if you’re not familiar with it but adds another dimension to the overall knife experience. It is worth considering that this product may be pricier compared to other options on the market, but given its high-quality build and elegant design elements, it could be a worthy investment.

In conclusion, after reviewing the Hen & Rooster HR214AGB pocket knife based on personal use and considering feedback from other users, it is safe to say that this product delivers on its promises in terms of craftsmanship, design, and functionality – making it a great option for your collection or daily use.

Compact Folding Serrated Knife for Outdoor and Kitchen Use


The NogentLe Pocket knife has been a staple in my kitchen and outdoor adventures for several weeks now. Its serrated blade makes cutting through fruits and vegetables effortless, while the compact folding design ensures easy portability.

I particularly appreciate the wood handle, which not only looks great but also provides a comfortable grip. The fact that it is made from sustainably sourced French wood boosts its eco-friendly appeal. Additionally, Nogent’s 5-year guarantee signifies their confidence in their product’s durability and superb craftsmanship.

One downside I found is that hand washing is required to maintain its appearance, which can be somewhat inconvenient for those accustomed to placing utensils in the dishwasher after use. Nevertheless, I believe investing a few extra minutes in cleaning and drying this knife after each use has been well worth it due to its outstanding performance and adaptability across various settings - from picnics to camping trips or simple lunch breaks at work!

Stainless Steel Slipjoint Pocket Knife with Pick Bone Handle


The Hen & Rooster HR214BRPB is a visually striking and well-crafted pocket knife that feels great in hand. Its mirror finish stainless steel blades and brown pick bone handle combine both form and function, while the slipjoint mechanism allows for smooth one-handed operation. The exceptional craftsmanship of this pen knife makes it a top choice for collectors and everyday users alike.

Handmade Damascus Steel Folding Pocket Knife with Wood Handle


I have been using this handmade Damascus steel folding pocket knife for quite some time now, and I must say, the craftsmanship is exquisite. The combination of olive and rose wood handles with a Damascus bolster makes it an elegant accessory to carry around.

In terms of functionality, the blade’s flexibility and toughness make it an ideal tool for everyday tasks like cutting fruit or opening packages. The invisible serrations on the blade are also very effective in cutting through materials. Plus, the included leather sheath adds to its charm and convenience in storage.

It’s important to note that since these knives are handmade, no two will look exactly alike due to variations in color and pattern of natural materials used. But this uniqueness only adds character to each piece and shouldn’t deter anyone from considering it for their collection or as a gift for someone special. Minor imperfections or blemishes may exist because they are handmade products using natural materials which differ from one another.

Overall, I am delighted with this purchase - its quality, uniqueness, and usefulness have made it a permanent addition to my everyday carry items!

Buyer’s Guide

Features to Consider

When looking for a pocket knife, there are several features to consider:

  • Blade type and material

  • Size and weight

  • Opening mechanism

  • Handle material and design

  • Additional tools and functions

Pocket Knives-2

Important Features

Some essential features of a good pocket knife include:

  • Sturdy, high-quality build to withstand daily use

  • A reliable locking mechanism for safety

  • A versatile blade shape suitable for general tasks

  • An ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable grip

Considerations for Different Uses

Consider the primary use of your pocket knife:

  • Outdoor enthusiasts may prefer a larger knife with multiple tools

  • Office workers may want a more compact, discreet knife

  • DIYers and crafters may need a knife with specialized blades

Importance of Quality

Pocket knives are often used in challenging environments, so investing in a high-quality knife with durable materials will ensure a longer lifespan and better performance.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Regularly clean and lubricate your pocket knife to keep it in peak condition:

  1. Disassemble the knife and wipe down all parts with a mild detergent

  2. Apply a light coating of oil to the moving parts

  3. Reassemble and test the knife’s function before use

Choosing the Right Blade Steel

Some popular blade steel options for pocket knives include:

  • Stainless steel: Durable, corrosion-resistant, budget-friendly

  • Carbon steel: Takes a sharper edge, retains its edge better, more expensive

  • High-carbon stainless steel: Ideal balance of performance and affordability

Types of Pocket Knives

Some common pocket knife types are:

  • Swiss Army knife: Multiple tools and blades in one compact package

  • Assisted-opening knife: Easily opens with one hand

  • Automatic or switchblade knife: Opens with a push button or switch

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Handle Materials and Designs

Consider various materials and designs for grip comfort, durability, and personal preferences:

  • G-10: An affordable, robust, fiberglass-based material

  • Titanium: A strong, corrosion-resistant metal, but more expensive

  • Stag: A unique, natural material with a distinctive appearance

Law and Regulations

Certain states and countries have restrictions on carrying or possessing pocket knives. Familiarize yourself with the laws in your area to ensure that you are using your knife legally and responsibly.


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What is a pocket knife?

A pocket knife, also known as a folding knife, is a small, versatile tool designed to fit in your pocket. It typically features a folding blade that locks into place when open, making it safe and easy to use. Pocket knives are ideal for everyday tasks such as cutting rope, opening packages, and even cleaning your nails. They are a popular choice for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Why would I need a pocket knife?

Pocket knives are useful tools that can perform a variety of tasks, making them a convenient option for daily life and outdoor adventures. They are ideal for cutting rope, opening packages, and even cleaning your nails. Additionally, many people carry a pocket knife as a basic self-defense tool. The compact size and portability make it easy to have on hand at all times.

How do I choose the right pocket knife?

Choosing the right pocket knife depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the following factors when making your selection:

  • Blade type: Choose between a fixed blade or a folding knife with a locking mechanism.

  • Blade length: Consider how you will use the knife and select a blade length that is appropriate for your needs.

  • Blade material: Look for high-quality materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel that offer durability and sharpness.

  • Handle material: Choose a handle material that is comfortable to grip and resistant to wear and tear.

  • Size and weight: Consider the overall size and weight of the knife, as well as how easily it will fit into your pocket.

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What are the benefits of having a pocket knife?

There are several benefits to carrying a pocket knife, including:

  • Convenience: A pocket knife is small, lightweight, and easy to carry, making it a convenient tool to have on hand for various tasks.

  • Versatility: Pocket knives can be used for a variety of tasks, such as cutting rope, opening packages, and even self-defense.

  • Durability: High-quality pocket knives are built to last, with strong blades and sturdy materials that can withstand daily use.

  • Self-reliance: Having a pocket knife on hand allows you to be more self-reliant and able to tackle tasks independently.

How do I maintain and care for my pocket knife?

Proper maintenance and care will ensure that your pocket knife remains in good condition and functions properly. Here are some tips:

  1. Clean the knife after use: Rinse the blade with water and dry it thoroughly to prevent rust and corrosion.

  2. Apply a light coat of oil: Lubricate the pivot point and moving parts of the knife with a light oil, such as gun oil, to keep it functioning smoothly.

  3. Store the knife safely: Keep your pocket knife in a protective sheath or case when not in use, and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or moisture.

  4. Sharpen the blade regularly: Use a honing rod or sharpening stone to maintain the sharpness of the blade, ensuring that it stays effective for various tasks.

Legal restrictions on carrying a pocket knife vary by jurisdiction, so it is essential to research the laws in your area to ensure compliance. Some states and municipalities may have specific restrictions on the blade length, type, or usage of pocket knives. In general, it is advisable to carry your pocket knife in a concealed manner and use it responsibly to avoid any potential issues with the law.

There are many reputable brands that manufacture high-quality pocket knives. Some of the most popular brands include:

  • Benchmade

  • Spyderco

  • Kershaw

  • Boker

  • Gerber

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