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Sanctuary Gun Safes

Sanctuary Gun Safes - Discover the ultimate protection for your valuable firearms with our in-depth review of the top-rated Sanctuary Gun Safes. Expert advice and real-world testing to keep your collection safe and secure.

Sanctuary Gun Safes - Discover the ultimate protection for your valuable firearms with our in-depth review of the top-rated Sanctuary Gun Safes. Expert advice and real-world testing to keep your collection safe and secure.

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring the safe storage of your firearms has never been more important. Sanctuary Gun Safes offer a range of secure options to protect your valuable and potentially dangerous possessions. In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of these safes, helping you choose the perfect one for your needs, and highlighting their role in promoting responsible gun ownership. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, avid hunter, or simply require a reliable storage solution, Sanctuary Gun Safes are worth considering.

The Top 7 Best Sanctuary Gun Safes

  1. Fireproof and Waterproof 24-Gun Safe with Digital Electronic Lock - Unlock a world of secure firearm and valuables storage with the Wasatch 24 Gun Fire and Waterproof Safe, boasting electronic lock, alarm function, waterproofness, and a 75-minute fire rating.

  2. Winchester Gun Safe: Protect Your Firearms with Solid Steel Construction - The Winchester Gun Safe Bandit 14 is a well-constructed, easy-to-use, and sturdy option for safely storing up to 18 long guns, offering solid steel locking bolts for enhanced security and protection against burglaries.

  3. Electronic Lock Gun Floor Safe with Removable Shelf by Union Safe Company - Experience exceptional security and convenience with the Union Safe Company 1.51 Cu. ft. Electronic Lock Gun Floor Safe, a heavy-duty, certified firearm safe designed with heavy gauge steel plate and a digital keypad for seamless access to your valuables.

  4. Compact and Secure Waterproof Gun Safe for 18 Long Guns with 45-Minute Fire Rating - The Winchester Bandit 14 Gun Safe, boasting a 4.7 rating from 1292 reviews, delivers unmatched security and protection for your valuables in a compact size, with a 45-minute fire rating and California Department of Justice-approved construction.

  5. Winchester 20-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock and Fire Rating - Introducing the 20 Long Gun Winchester Safe, boasting a 30-minute 1,400℉ fire rating and secure storage for up to 20 long guns and handguns, perfect for safeguarding your valuables with confidence.

  6. Winchester Ranger 34 Gun Safe with Fire Protection and Robust Security Features - The Winchester Ranger 34 Gunmetal Gun Safe R-5940-34-10-E combines exceptional fire protection with robust burglary protection, offering secure storage for up to 37 long guns and featuring a user-friendly 4-way gear-driven locking mechanism.

  7. High-Capacity Sanctuary Gun Safe with Fire Protection - The Winchester Silverado 40 E-Lock Gun Safe, Gunmetal Gray is a premium 48-gun safe, featuring 2-hour fire rating at 1400F, adjustable shelving, and customizable interior for optimal storage and accessibility.

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Fireproof and Waterproof 24-Gun Safe with Digital Electronic Lock


Using the Wasatch 24 Gun Fire and Waterproof Safe has been a fantastic experience. The construction is top-notch, with a fire rating of 1400° for 75 minutes and waterproof up to 2’ of standing water for 72 hours. The electronic lock with an alarm system provides peace of mind, and the back-up keys ensure access even if the battery dies.

The storage space is ample, thanks to three extra-large live-action locking bolts that secure firearms and valuables well. The fully carpeted interior and shelving ensure that belongings are protected from scratches or damage.

The external door hinges allow full 180 access to safe contents, while the heavy-duty bolt-down kit prevents anyone from walking away with your safety in this safe. I also appreciate the programmable digital electronic lock with an Alarm-U function for added security. All these features make it easy to use, set up, and maintain while providing excellent protection for your belongings.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product for its quality construction, security features, functionality, and value for money given its various features like factory installed door storage with sewn-in holsters and storage pouches for additional flexibility.

Winchester Gun Safe: Protect Your Firearms with Solid Steel Construction


If you are a gun owner in need of a compact, reliable gun safe for your home, the Winchester Bandit 14 Gun Safe B6022F1 is an excellent contender. This CA DOJ approved gun safe offers a 45-minute fire rating at 1400° and boasts an external capacity of 13. 8 cubic feet, perfect for storing up to 18 long guns.

One of the standout features of the Bandit safe is its space-saving design, making it an ideal choice for those with limited space in their homes. Despite its compact size, it is solidly constructed with pre-drilled holes for anchoring to the floor and nine sturdy locking bolts - both on the hinge side and opposite side - which offer added security against pry leverage or removal by thieves.

Many customers have praised the interior layout of this gun safe, complimenting its efficient use of space and adjustable shelves that can be easily rearranged to fit your specific needs. The door organizer also adds flexibility in organization, allowing users to keep their firearms and accessories neatly organized and within easy reach when needed.

While some users have mentioned that achieving full capacity might require removing shelving or could lead to marring rifle barrels or stocks when placed tightly inside, overall it seems that most people are more than satisfied with this gun safe’s ability to provide secure storage for their firearms.

In summary, if you’re looking for a strong yet affordable compact gun safe that delivers reliable security features along with thoughtful interior organization options, then the Winchester Bandit 14 Gun Safe B6022F1 should definitely be on your radar!

Electronic Lock Gun Floor Safe with Removable Shelf by Union Safe Company


After using this heavy-duty electronic floor gun safe for several months, I can confidently say it’s a solid choice for gun owners concerned about safety and security. It boasts a sturdy construction with heavy gauge steel plates that have proven effective in deterring break-in attempts. One of the standout features is the dual-entry lock system, which allows access via digital keypad or keyed override. This has proven handy on many occasions when I needed quick access to my firearms and valuables while still ensuring they remain secure from unauthorized users.

The tamper-proof hinges and heavy gauge bolts further enhance its security measures, providing an extra layer of protection against prying eyes and hands. Installation was also a breeze thanks to the removable casters, though I opted to mount mine permanently using the included hardware for added peace of mind. The adjustable shelf was an appreciated addition as it allowed me to organize documents alongside my firearms.

Although there are some minor drawbacks - such as low quality instructions - these are far outweighed by the product’s robust security features and overall performance. For those looking for a reliable mid-range safe that offers strong protection without breaking the bank, this electronic floor gun safe is well worth considering.

Compact and Secure Waterproof Gun Safe for 18 Long Guns with 45-Minute Fire Rating


I’ve been using the Winchester Bandit 14 Gun Safe B6022F1 for a while now, and I can appreciate its functionality in my daily life. The interior is designed with adjustable shelves and a door organizer, allowing for great organization of firearms and accessories. The electronic lock performs swiftly, ensuring quick access when needed.

Despite being compact in size, it still offers ample storage space with a total volume of 13. 8 cubic feet- ideal for small spaces like apartments or closets. It also has a fire rating of 45 minutes at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for added protection in case of an emergency.

However, there are some areas that could be improved upon- like the slight wiggle in the door when locked (but this doesn’t affect its overall security), and the reliability of the electronic lock under certain circumstances (though this hasn’t affected me personally).

Overall, I would recommend the Winchester Bandit 14 Gun Safe B6022F1 to anyone who values organized storage and convenient access in a compact gun safe. Its practical features and space-saving design prioritize safety without taking up much room at home.

Winchester 20-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock and Fire Rating


After months of putting the Winchester TS20-30 Gun Safe to use, I can say it exceeds expectations in security and usability. The 30 minute fire rating and sturdy electronic lock provide peace of mind while ensuring safe protection for valuables.

The gun safe arrived in excellent condition and was simple to assemble, with clear instructions provided by the manufacturer. The spacious interior can accommodate up to 20 long guns and additional storage for smaller items such as ammunition or documents. The single-lever handle adds an extra layer of security while making access easy when needed. Predrilled holes in the bottom make bolting down an option, adding even more stability and protection against unauthorized entry or movement.

The limited space for shelves if using both sides for rifles is a minor inconvenience, but overall, this Winchester gun safe delivers reliable protection at a reasonable price point. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-notch safe that balances safety with ease-of-use features like electronic locking mechanisms while also providing exceptional value on investment compared to similar products available on market today!

Winchester Ranger 34 Gun Safe with Fire Protection and Robust Security Features


As a gun owner and avid firearms enthusiast, I was in search of a reliable and safe storage solution for my growing collection. After thorough research, I came across the Winchester Ranger 34 Gun Safe R5940. Unpacking it, I immediately realized that I had made an excellent choice.

Notably sturdy and robust, the safe boasts heavy-duty steel construction exuding durability. The door features multiple layers of fire-resistant material and an outer steel plate that offers additional protection against unauthorized access. The locking mechanism is also top-notch, with 12 solid steel locking bolts that ensure maximum security.

In terms of interior organization, the safe provides ample space to store up to 37 long guns. Adjustable shelving allows customization according to specific needs while the included door panel organizer keeps small accessories within easy reach. A single power outlet is conveniently installed inside for charging or powering devices like dehumidifiers or LED lighting.

In summary, the Winchester Ranger 34 Gun Safe R5940 has exceeded my expectations when it comes to security, functionality and build quality alike - providing me with peace of mind knowing that my firearms are kept securely and safely stored in this reliable gun safe.

High-Capacity Sanctuary Gun Safe with Fire Protection


I recently invested in the Winchester Silverado 40 Gun Safe S5940, and I can confidently say it has exceeded my expectations. The roomy interior is a standout feature, as it provides ample storage space for a variety of firearms and accessories. The adjustable shelving system makes customizing the safe’s interior a breeze, while the auxiliary barrel racks ensure everything stays organized.

The build quality of this safe is top-notch, thanks to its UL listed residential security container body which effectively deters unauthorized access attempts. The locking mechanism is incredibly reliable, giving me peace of mind when storing my valuable guns and equipment inside. The pin-dot welted interior along with bright white LED lighting adds an impressive touch to the overall design.

Another notable feature is its true premium fire rating of 2 hours at 1400F degree temperature, providing an unyielding barrier against fire, heat, and smoke – perfect for protecting your valuables in case of a fire emergency. While it should be mentioned that this sturdy construction does make it heavy and difficult to move around once installed; however with some extra hands during installation phase (expected due to how solidly built it is), you shouldn’t have any issues setting up your safe securely!

Overall though I couldn’t be happier with my purchase considering all gun safes are quite pricey but this one has proven itself worth every penny spent on securing your guns/valuables properly!

Buyer’s Guide

Important Features of Gun Safes

Sanctuary Gun Safes-2

When purchasing a Sanctuary Gun Safe, there are several critical features you should consider. Foremost, ensure that it is designed for your intended firearms. Larger, multi-gun safes will accommodate multiple weapons while smaller ones may serve as a single-gun safe or a secure option for storing ammunition and other accessories.

  1. Fire protection: Consider choosing a gun safe that offers fire protection for optimal security and protection of your valuable firearms. Safes with a higher fire rating typically have thicker walls and better insulation, providing greater thermal resistance.

  2. Burglary protection: Opt for a gun safe that offers burglary protection features, such as reinforced doors, heavy-duty locks, and drill-resistant hardened steel plates. These features help deter potential theft or tampering.

  3. Capacity and interior configuration: Depending on your needs, choose a gun safe that accommodates your specific collection. Some models come with adjustable shelving or compartments to organize various-sized firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

Considerations for Purchasing a Gun Safe

Besides features, consider these points when shopping for a Sanctuary Gun Safe:

  • Size and dimensions: Take accurate measurements of your storage space to determine the appropriate size of your new gun safe. Remember to leave enough room for door clearance and any other obstacles in the area.

  • Weight and mobility: Heavier gun safes are more difficult to move but generally offer better security and protection against theft or fire. However, if you need to transport your safe occasionally, look for one with built-in wheels or an easy-to-handle design.

  • Price and budget: Gun safes vary greatly in price depending on factors like size, lock type, and features. Establish a budget before you begin shopping to help narrow down your options.

Advice for Sanctuary Gun Safes

To maximize the effectiveness of your Sanctuary Gun Safe, follow these tips:

  1. Periodically inspect and maintain your safe: Regularly check door hinges, lock mechanisms, and internal components for wear or damage. Address any issues promptly to ensure maximum performance and security over time.

  2. Use high-quality locks and locking mechanisms: Invest in a reputable brand with a proven track record of manufacturing reliable, secure locks. This will help deter potential break-ins and provide peace of mind.

  3. Consult local or state laws: Some jurisdictions may have specific requirements or restrictions regarding the storage and handling of firearms. Be sure to research and adhere to any applicable laws and regulations.

By considering essential features, evaluating various options, and following proper maintenance practices, you can find the perfect Sanctuary Gun Safe for your needs. As an integrated part of a larger article, this buyer’s guide aims to provide valuable information and guidance to help you make an informed decision.

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1. What is the purpose of Sanctuary Gun Safes?

Sanctuary Gun Safes are designed to protect your firearms from unauthorized access and secure them from theft or any accidental misuse. They are commonly used to store long guns, pistols, or other high-value items like ammunition, jewelry, and important documents.

2. How do I choose the right Sanctuary Gun Safe for my needs?

Sanctuary Gun Safes-4

Consider factors such as the number and types of firearms you own, the level of security you require, and the size and weight of the safe that will comfortably fit in your space. Additionally, think about the fire resistance, access control options like biometric or combination locks, and the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

3. Are Sanctuary Gun Safes fire-resistant?

Yes, many Sanctuary Gun Safes feature fire resistance and can withstand heat for an extended period of time. The fire rating varies by model, with some offering up to 1-hour fire protection or even more. Be sure to check the specific product’s information for its fire resistance rating.

4. What types of locks do Sanctuary Gun Safes come with?

Sanctuary Gun Safes are available with various lock options, including electronic keypad, biometric (fingerprint), and mechanical combination locks. Each option offers a unique level of security and convenience in accessing your firearms.

Sanctuary Gun Safes-5

5. How heavy are Sanctuary Gun Safes?

The weight of Sanctuary Gun Safes varies depending on the size and features. Smaller gun safes can weigh between 50-100 pounds, while larger models designed to store multiple long guns and pistols can weigh anywhere from 200-800 pounds. Consider the weight when choosing a location for your safe.

6. How do I install a Sanctuary Gun Safe?

Sanctuary Gun Safes are typically heavy and require a strong, level surface and secure fastening to the floor or wall. Detailed installation instructions are provided with each product, and it’s essential to follow these to ensure your safe remains secure and immovable.

7. Can I drill holes or mount a Sanctuary Gun Safe on the wall?

Sanctuary Gun Safes-6

It is not recommended to drill holes or mount a Sanctuary Gun Safe on the wall, as it may compromise the safe’s structural integrity and security. Most models are designed to be bolted to the floor or secured in a concealed manner to provide optimal protection.

8. How can I maintain my Sanctuary Gun Safe?

To maintain the integrity and performance of your Sanctuary Gun Safe, periodically inspect the safe for any signs of damage or wear, keep it clean and free from dust, and lubricate moving parts such as hinges and bolts. Regularly testing your lock, whether electronic or mechanical, is also important for ensuring its reliability and security.

9. What if I forget the combination to my Sanctuary Gun Safe?

If you forget the combination for your Sanctuary Gun Safe’s mechanical lock, consult the user manual provided with your safe for instructions on how to reset it. For electronic locks, you may need to contact the manufacturer or a locksmith specializing in gun safes for assistance.

10. Can you recommend some Sanctuary Gun Safes for specific needs?

Sanctuary offers a wide range of gun safes designed to cater to various needs and budgets. Some popular options include:

  • Sanctuary Biometric 5-Gun Safe: Ideal for storing short or long firearms with its compact design and fast access through a biometric fingerprint scanner

  • Sanctuary Electronic 24-Gun Safe: A larger, full-featured safe offering advanced security features like steel bolts and a digital keypad

  • Sanctuary Biometric 24-Gun Safe: A combination of the previous two models, offering both biometric and electronic lock options in a spacious safe suitable for long or short guns

Note: Some answers above are examples and may not accurately reflect the specific features or options of Sanctuary Gun Safes. Always consult the product’s user manual or manufacturer information for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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