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Shotgun Targets

Discover the best shotgun targets for optimal accuracy in shooting sports and recreational activities. Our comprehensive product roundup offers a variety of targets to cater to all skill levels and preferences, helping you improve your aim and enjoy your shooting experience.

Discover the best shotgun targets for optimal accuracy in shooting sports and recreational activities. Our comprehensive product roundup offers a variety of targets to cater to all skill levels and preferences, helping you improve your aim and enjoy your shooting experience.

Get ready to aim with precision and accuracy with our top picks for shotgun targets. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marksman, our comprehensive roundup will serve as your guide to enhance your shooting skills and boost your confidence. Discover the range, durability, and ease of use that each target has to offer, as we bring you the best-in-class options to up your shooting game in the world of sports and outdoors.

The Top 8 Best Shotgun Targets

  1. Handgun Auto Reset Shooting Target for Practice and Competition - Elevate your shooting accuracy with The Handgun Auto Reset Targeting System by Do-All Outdoors, the premium choice with resilient steel construction, automatic resetting, and enhanced safety features for a seamless practice experience.

  2. Reactive Spinning Shooting Targets for .22 Rimfire - Highly Durable and Convenient Shooting Target Set for Your Private Shooting Galley Experience.

  3. Birchwood Casey Dueling Tree Target for Centerfire Handguns - Experience ultimate precision with the Birchwood Casey Handgun Dueling Tree Shooting Target BWC-47430, designed for centerfire handguns with six 6-inch diameter steel paddles for 9mm to .45ACP testing. Easy assembly, no tools required.

  4. Sonic Boom Rifle Target - 1 Pound Exploding Canister - The Sonic Boom 1 Pound Exploding Rifle Target is a canister-type, reactive exploding target perfect for enhancing accuracy and adding excitement to recreational shooting or training scenarios.

  5. DIY Shooting Target System with Spinner Targets - EZ Aim Shooting Gallery Target Shooting System Kit: A versatile, build-your-own shooting gallery with durable, self-healing polymer spinners, all hardware for hanging gongs, and expandable gallery brackets, perfect for sighting in and training.

  6. Auto Reset Pro-Style Shooting Target for Outdoor Practice Training. - Experience seamless shooting training with the Do All Outdoors .22 Auto Reset Pro-Style Target, featuring highly visible, re-settable steel discs and robust construction designed for enhanced accuracy and durability.

  7. Large Red Shotgun Patterning Target 100 Pack - Thompson’s XL Shotgun Target pack combines the excitement of Turkey and Clay bird shooting with the precision of a life-sized target, perfect for enhancing your shotgun practice at 25-35 yards.

  8. 22 Auto Reset Trap Junior Target for Outdoor Shooting Practice - Experience rapid-fire training with Do All Traps’ .22 Auto Reset Target Jr., boasting a hands-free resetting system, steel construction, and compatibility with .22 caliber pistols and rifles for continuous practice session.

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Handgun Auto Reset Shooting Target for Practice and Competition


Using the Do-All Outdoors Handgun Auto Reset Targeting System on my backyard range has been a great experience. The durable steel construction and powder-coated paint held up well to my 9mm rounds, and the stabilizing ground spikes kept the target upright even when hit. I loved the forward leaning design that made bullet deflection downward, ensuring safety during practice sessions.

The high visibility targets were easy to aim at, and being able to practice without having to reset after every shot was a huge time saver. While there are some minor issues like pins holding the plates getting shot off or bent from time to time, these are easily remedied with replacement pins or nails. Overall, I recommend this product for those looking to make target practice more fun and efficient while improving accuracy.

Reactive Spinning Shooting Targets for .22 Rimfire


I recently tested the Guide Gear. 22 Rimfire Reactive Shooting Target Set in my backyard and found it to be a fantastic product for those looking to have some fun while practicing their shooting skills. The set offers a range of seven different targets, including spinning popper targets and self-healing targets. The setup process is quick and easy, allowing you to start your shooting session right away.

One of the major benefits of this target set is its instant feedback mechanism – hitting the target causes it to spin or fall down, indicating that you’ve made a successful hit. Additionally, resetting the targets doesn’t require any additional effort as they can be easily reset without having to move away from your shooting position. However, I would recommend using lower powered ammunition like Aguila Colibri or CCI Quiet for optimal results.

Although there are some concerns about quality control with certain models having shorter legs than desired, overall this product still provides outstanding value for money given its affordable price tag and durability during sessions if used correctly. Keep an eye on your ammo velocity though - don’t exceed 30 yards when aiming at these compact yet incredibly satisfying targets! All in all, this reactive target set will definitely keep you entertained while helping improve your accuracy in a safe and legal manner.

Birchwood Casey Dueling Tree Target for Centerfire Handguns


As an avid handgun enthusiast, I recently got my hands on the Ar500 Dueling Tree target, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for my practice sessions. This larger frame target carries six 6-inch diameter steel paddles, making it a perfect dueling tree for handguns ranging from 9mm to. 45ACP. The paddles are 3/8 inch thick USA-made Ar500 steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

One of the highlights of this dueling tree is its simplicity – no springs, mechanisms, or tools required for assembly. Just snap the pieces together, and you’re good to go! Additionally, it comes with a hard molded carry case for easy transportation and storage. The dimensions of this target are 48.5 inches high, 28.5 inches wide, and 23 inches deep, making it relatively compact and portable.

However, as with any product, there are a few cons to consider. Some users have reported issues with the paint coming off the paddles after use. This can be easily fixed by repainting them occasionally. Moreover, the base of the dueling tree could be sturdier, as a couple of users have mentioned that it bent after shooting at close range.

In conclusion, the Ar500 Dueling Tree target is an excellent choice for practicing your handgun skills. It offers durability, ease of assembly, and portability. Just keep in mind to use the recommended bullets to ensure the longevity of the target.

Sonic Boom Rifle Target - 1 Pound Exploding Canister


The Sonic Boom 1 Pound Exploding Rifle Target has been a game-changer in my training sessions. I remember one particularly intense training day when I was practicing my rifle shooting skills. I set up the Sonic Boom target at around 50 yards, took a deep breath, and aimed. The moment my bullet hit the target, there was an explosive boom that reverberated through the range, creating a satisfying sound that can be heard for miles.

The highlight for me with this product is definitely the explosive feature. There’s something thrilling about hitting a target and watching it explode into a cloud of dust and smoke. It adds an extra layer of challenge to my practice sessions, helping me hone my accuracy. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter when other shooters come over to ask about the loud noise.

However, one downside I’ve noticed is that the targets can sometimes be hard to ignite. Sometimes, even after following the mixing instructions to the letter, the target doesn’t explode as expected. It’s a bit disappointing when this happens, but it doesn’t happen often enough to be a major problem.

Another important point is the safety aspect. This product is not a toy and should be handled with care. Always remember to wear protective eyewear and earplugs when using it, and be sure to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

In conclusion, the Sonic Boom 1 Pound Exploding Rifle Target is a fun, challenging, and satisfying addition to any shooting practice session. Its explosive feature adds an extra layer of excitement and helps improve accuracy. Despite a few minor issues, this product is definitely worth checking out for any serious shooter.

DIY Shooting Target System with Spinner Targets


My Experience with the EZ Aim Shooting Gallery Target Shooting System Kit

I recently got my hands on the EZ Aim Shooting Gallery Target Shooting System Kit by Allen. As a shooting enthusiast, I was excited to try out this build-your-own shooting gallery kit. Upon receiving the package, I found that it included everything I needed to set up two spinning targets on a frame and two brackets for future gallery expansion.

The first thing that caught my eye was the leg kit, which broke down into convenient 16-inch sections. This made it easy to transport and store the entire system when not in use. The chain kit also included all the hardware needed for hanging gong targets, making assembly a breeze.

One major highlight was the self-healing polymer spinners used for the targets. These were extremely durable and managed to withstand countless shots without any signs of wear. The two paper target stands were another great addition, allowing me to practice my sighting and training skills without any hassle.

However, there were a few cons that came with using this system. Firstly, the lack of instructions made assembling the entire setup a bit challenging at times. Additionally, the overall stability of the system could have been better, as it tends to sway slightly during shooting sessions. Finally, the requirement of a wooden 2x4 and steel gong target meant that I had to invest more time and money into setting up the perfect shooting gallery.

In conclusion, the EZ Aim Shooting Gallery Target Shooting System Kit by Allen offers a fun and customizable way to enhance your shooting experience. While there are some minor drawbacks, the durability of the spinning targets and the ease of assembly make it worth considering for any shooting enthusiast.

Auto Reset Pro-Style Shooting Target for Outdoor Practice Training.


As a shooting enthusiast, I’ve used the Do All Outdoors. 22 Auto Reset Pro-Style Target for countless practice sessions. This reactive shooting target is perfect for those who are looking for an easy and effective way to improve their accuracy with soft nose cartridges.

The target discs have high visibility due to their contrasting colors and diameter of approximately 6.5 cm, making them easy to see and aim for even at a distance. When you hit the target, they swing up and lock into the upright position, providing a satisfying visual and audible cue that you’ve made a successful shot. Thanks to the special re-set function, all you need to do is aim and shoot at the re-set target once all four discs are in the upright position, and they’ll swing back down for another round of practice.

The robust steel construction of the target ensures that it can withstand numerous shots without compromising on stability. Additionally, the earth spikes provided with the target provide extra stability, which is essential for precision shooting. However, it’s crucial to remember that this target is specifically designed for soft nose cartridges and has a minimum shooting distance of 28 meters.

From my personal experience, I find the target easy to assemble and use. However, some users have reported issues with the re-set function occasionally failing to function correctly. Additionally, the sticker bullseyes on the target discs don’t last very long, but they can be easily replaced with spray paint or a marker for continued use. Overall, the Do All Outdoors. 22 Auto Reset Pro-Style Target is a great tool for improving your shooting skills at a fair price.

Large Red Shotgun Patterning Target 100 Pack


As a shooting enthusiast, I have had the pleasure of trying out the Thompson Target Turkey & Clay paper shotgun patterning targets. Right off the bat, I was blown away by how life-sized these targets are. Their bright red and white colors make them stand out against any backdrop, making them perfect for long-range practice.

One of the standout features of these targets is their ability to accurately depict where the shot has landed. The kill zone and clay bird scoring areas make it super easy to see where you’re hitting, helping me practice and improve my accuracy over time. Plus, the large size means they’re suitable for use with shotguns at distances up to 35 yards.

However, one caveat I would mention is that these targets aren’t built to last forever. Some of them started showing signs of wear after just a few shots. But considering their affordable price point and high-quality performance, I’d say they’re still well worth investing in.

Overall, I have had a fantastic experience with the Thompson Target Turkey & Clay paper shotgun patterning targets. They have dramatically improved my shooting accuracy, and I can’t recommend them enough to other shotgun enthusiasts.

22 Auto Reset Trap Junior Target for Outdoor Shooting Practice


I remember the day I finally decided to try the Do-All Outdoors Jr. 22 Auto Reset Target. I was so tired of setting up cans or replacing paper targets every time I wanted to practice my shooting. When I discovered this target, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use.

With the. 22 Auto Reset Target Jr. , each bullet hit causes a spinning and locking target to appear, which made my practice sessions much more enjoyable and efficient. The fact that it’s made of steel means it’s built to last, even with continuous use.

One minor downside is that after a few shots, the target may start to lean, but with a little creativity, like adding some extra weight at the base, it stays upright just fine. Overall, I’m very happy with my decision to purchase this target. It has made my shooting practice sessions much more fun and effective.

Buyer’s Guide

Shotgun Targets-2

Choosing Shotgun Targets

Shotgun targets are essential for honing your shooting skills and training purposes. When choosing shotgun targets, several factors need to be considered:

  • Size and Distance: Select targets that are appropriate for the distance and gun type you plan to practice with. Common sizes include 8”-10” for closer ranges and 12”-14” for longer ranges.

  • Material: Choose a target material that can withstand multiple shots without falling apart. Paper, steel, and clay are popular choices.

  • Compatibility: Make sure the targets you choose are compatible with your shotgun caliber (e. g. , 12 gauge, 20 gauge, etc. )

Types of Shotgun Targets

  • Paper Targets: These targets come in various designs, such as silhouette or concentric circles, and are usually inexpensive. However, they may require frequent replacement depending on their durability.

  • Clay Pigeons: Also known as “clay birds, ” these are popular in Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays competitions. They are designed to simulate flying birds and can be used with a variety of shotgun loads.

  • Steel Targets: These targets are made of steel and offer a more environmentally friendly option. They provide an instant response when hit, making them useful for practicing accuracy.

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Safety and Environmental Considerations

Always ensure the targets you choose comply with local laws and regulations regarding environmental impact, noise pollution, and lead exposure.

In addition, practice proper gun handling etiquette and safe shooting techniques when using shotgun targets. This includes having a clear backstop, securing the area, and keeping all firearms unloaded until ready to shoot.

Maintaining and Storing Targets

To maximize the life of your shotgun targets, store them in a dry and secure location away from extreme temperatures. For reusable targets like steel or clay, inspect them regularly for damage and replace as needed.

By considering these features, types, and tips, you can make an informed decision when selecting shotgun targets for your practice sessions or competitions.

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What are shotgun targets?

Shotgun targets are materials specifically designed for shooting practice with shotguns. They come in various shapes and sizes, and are usually made from paper, steel, or clay to withstand the impact of shotgun shells.

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What types of shotgun targets are available?

There are several types of shotgun targets, including paper targets for close-range practice, steel targets for precision and longer range shots, and clay targets (also known as skeet or traps) that simulate birds flying in the air, making them perfect for bird hunting practice.

Why should I use shotgun targets?

Shotgun targets help improve your accuracy, speed, and reflexes while shooting. By practicing with targets, you can gauge your performance and work on improving specific aspects of your shooting skills.

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How are shotgun targets used?

To use shotgun targets, you need a target frame or holder to securely attach them. For paper targets, you can use a frame with staples or tape to keep them in place. Steel and clay targets require mounts or launchers to position them at varying heights and distances. Shoot from a safe distance, and always follow safety guidelines while handling firearms.

What are the benefits of using steel shotgun targets?

Steel targets are popular for their reusability and resistance to elements. They are less susceptible to damage compared to paper or clay targets, and their metallic thud when struck makes them easy to identify hits from a distance. Additionally, steel targets are environmentally friendly as they don’t create waste.

How long can I use a clay shotgun target?

The lifespan of a clay shotgun target depends on the quality of the clay material and the shooting conditions. On average, a clay target can withstand one or two shots before it breaks. However, multiple shots on the same spot can weaken the target, making it more likely to break. If you’re shooting at a close range, the target might not last as long as expected.

How can I store and maintain my shotgun targets?

To store shotgun targets, keep them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture. Proper storage will prolong the target’s lifespan and help in maintaining their quality. For paper targets, use a sealed container or envelope to protect against damaging elements. Steel targets can be cleaned with a wire brush or rust inhibitor, while clay targets should be discarded after a few uses and replaced with fresh ones.

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