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Small Gun Safes

Explore our comprehensive guide to small gun safes, equipping you with the knowledge to securely store and protect your firearms. From top-rated products to expert advice, this article offers essential insights for firearms enthusiasts and gun owners alike.

Explore our comprehensive guide to small gun safes, equipping you with the knowledge to securely store and protect your firearms. From top-rated products to expert advice, this article offers essential insights for firearms enthusiasts and gun owners alike.

Small Gun Safes are essential for responsible gun owners who wish to secure their firearms safely and effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter, an avid target shooter, or someone looking to protect their loved ones, finding the perfect safe is crucial. In this article, we’ll explore various types of small gun safes, their features, and how to choose the right one for your needs, all wrapped up in an engaging and informative manner.

The Top 15 Best Small Gun Safes

  1. Secure 10-Gun Electronic Security Safe with Adjustable Shelves and Keypad Access - Introducing the highly-rated Union Safe Company 10 Gun Electronic Security Safe, perfectly crafted for secure and ample storage of your valuable firearms and documents, with adjustable shelves and dual access security features.

  2. Secure 18-Gun Compact Security Cabinet with Key Lock - Store, protect, and easily organize your firearms and valuables in the secure and durable Stack-On Steel 18 Gun Cabinet, meeting California DOJ safety regulations.

  3. Heavy-Duty Handgun Safe with Tamper-Resistant Door and Pistol Sock - Experience ultimate security and convenience with Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe - a sturdy, easy-to-use, and visually appealing gun safe that offers ample storage and good protection for your prized possessions.

  4. Fireproof and Waterproof 24-Gun Safe with Digital Electronic Lock - Unlock a world of secure firearm and valuables storage with the Wasatch 24 Gun Fire and Waterproof Safe, boasting electronic lock, alarm function, waterproofness, and a 75-minute fire rating.

  5. Secure 24-Gun Safe with Adjustable Shelves and Fire Rating - The Surelock Cascade 24 Gun Safe 3800GB36 offers a secure and affordable storage solution for up to 24 long guns and valuables, crafted with 14-gauge steel and a 30-minute fire rating, perfect for mid-size safe needs.

  6. Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe with Quick Access and Durable Protection - The RPNB Gun Security Safe, with its advanced biometric fingerprint lock or RFID access for quick and secure entry, ensures the utmost protection for all your valuable possessions, making it an essential home and personal safety device.

  7. RFID Gun Safe with Digital Clock and USB Charging Ports - The Hornady RAPiD Safe Night Guard combines patented RFID technology for instant access, a sleek design with charging ports, and robust construction to exceed firearm storage standards, making it perfect for securing your handgun and valuables with ease.

  8. Fireproof 12-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock and Mechanical Backup Key - Fortress 12-Gun Fireproof Long Gun Safe: Affordable, Fireproof-30 minutes at 1400°F, Electronic Lock with Mechanical Backup Key, Durable and Secure, Lifetime Warranty

  9. Slim, Compact, and Secure: 3-Way Access Fingerprint Gun Safe for Pistols - Compact, sturdy, and secure, this fingerprint-enabled biometric gun safe offers quick and effortless access to protect your valuable firearms, with an impenetrable hardened steel frame and a DOJ-certified digital keypad.

  10. Mounted Biometric Nightstand Handgun Safe with Quick Access Sliding Door - The RPNB Biometric Nightstand Handgun Safe offers quick access, silent mode, and multiple entry methods, providing high-level security for your handgun while mounted on a wall, bedside desk, or vehicle.

  11. High-Capacity Biometric Gun Safe with Two Layers - Discover the RPNB Gun Safe, providing high-capacity storage and secure firearm protection with its 500DPI semiconductor biometric fingerprint lock, supporting up to 20 fingerprint scans, and easily programmed personal code for seamless accessibility.

  12. Small Biometric Gun Safe with 3 Access Methods - Discover the Tracker Safe S12-B2 Security Safe in Black with Biometric Lock, offering a perfect balance of sturdiness, ease of use, and visual appeal for safeguarding your valuables and preventing unauthorized access.

  13. Secure Digital Electronic Safe Box for Home, Office or Hotel Use - Introducing the Safe Box Small Digital Electronic Keypad with Lock for Home, Office, and Hotel use, offering exceptional security, sturdiness, and ease of use for keeping your valuables, money, jewelry, and even firearms safe and sound.

  14. Cannon 20+4 Gun Fire-Resistant Safe: Ultimate Protection for Your Valuables - The Cannon TS5722 20+4 gun fire-resistant safe offers exceptional protection and capacity for 24 firearms in a luxurious, well-made, and easy-to-use design, making it a top choice for home security enthusiasts.

  15. DIY 8-Gun Cabinet with Sturdy Steel Construction - Surelock Combat 8-Gun DIY Cabinet, Black: Durable 8-gun safe with 21-gauge steel body, 19-gauge steel door, and SureLock 3-point locking system for secure and easy storage.

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Secure 10-Gun Electronic Security Safe with Adjustable Shelves and Keypad Access


As a satisfied user of the 10 Gun Electronic Security Safe, I’d like to share my thoughts on its features and performance. The installation process was smooth, thanks to clear instructions and all necessary hardware for mounting it to the floor or wall.

One standout feature is its dual access system, allowing you to open the safe with either a key or a programmable keypad code. The keypad is responsive and allows for up to 8 digits in your passcode. Additionally, there are two beeps and a green light indicator when you input the correct code correctly allowing for quick identification that your safe is unlocked securely before opening it physically via its heavy-duty handle bar mechanism.

Constructed from solid steel which measures at 3/16 inches thick, this safe provides durable protection against potential thieves trying break into any valuables stored within like firearms. Plus, it comes equipped with preinstalled “shelf rails, ” giving users flexibility in customizing their setup according to their needs while also providing ample storage space for small items such as ammo boxes in front of shelves due width restriction yet still leaving enough space left behind them. There’s good value here given price point considering how much storage capacity provided along sturdy build quality plus options open up even further thanks included adjustable shelving feature mentioned earlier; However few drawbacks exist namely limited options placing extra shelves due existing layout restrictions while interior liner could use improvement prevent sliding objects since paint metal surfaces aren’t best choice gripping surface materials available market today. . Otherwise highly recommend checking out if looking reliable yet affordable gun cabinet solution meeting basic requirements most people seek when searching safes similar nature. .

Secure 18-Gun Compact Security Cabinet with Key Lock


I recently purchased the Stack-On 18 Firearm Compact Security Cabinet Locker Gun Safe to secure my collection of firearms. After using it for several months, I have noticed some positive aspects as well as a few areas where it could improve.

One great feature of this gun safe is the key-coded cylinder lock and 4-way door locking, providing me with a sense of security when I’m away from my guns. The molded barrel rests and foam-padded bottom also help protect my antique firearms from any dings or scratches. These features make the Stack-On 18 Firearm Compact Security Cabinet Locker Gun Safe stand out in terms of protection for your weapons.

However, there are a couple of issues that I have encountered during use. The instructions provided were low in quality, making assembly a bit challenging. Additionally, some users have reported durability issues with certain parts such as hinges and door latches, which can cause concern when relying on this product to protect your valuables over time.

Overall, the Stack-On 18 Firearm Compact Security Cabinet Locker Gun Safe does provide basic protection for your firearms with its sturdy structure and multiple locks. However, if you’re looking for something more heavy-duty or long lasting in terms of construction quality, this might not be the ideal option for you.

Heavy-Duty Handgun Safe with Tamper-Resistant Door and Pistol Sock


I recently had the chance to try out the and it truly stands up to its name. The 10 gauge steel construction not only offers durability and protection for my handguns, but also gives a sense of reassurance knowing that my firearms are safely kept away from unauthorized access.

The tamper-resistant hinge is placed under the door, which cleverly protects it from any potential attack. Despite its heavy weight, the gas strut makes it easy to lift and hold itself open while allowing convenient access to my valuables. The pushbutton Simplex lock ensures fast access when I need it while still keeping everything inside securely locked.

The dimensions of the safe are just right for placement on a bedside table or even underneath a desk, offering flexibility in its location. The interior foam lining is an appreciated touch as it safeguards against scratches and damage to my guns or other items stored inside. Overall, this pistol box exceeds expectations with its strength, reliability, and smart design choices making it an excellent investment for anyone looking for a high-quality gun safe solution.

Fireproof and Waterproof 24-Gun Safe with Digital Electronic Lock


Using the Wasatch 24 Gun Fire and Waterproof Safe has been a fantastic experience. The construction is top-notch, with a fire rating of 1400° for 75 minutes and waterproof up to 2’ of standing water for 72 hours. The electronic lock with an alarm system provides peace of mind, and the back-up keys ensure access even if the battery dies.

The storage space is ample, thanks to three extra-large live-action locking bolts that secure firearms and valuables well. The fully carpeted interior and shelving ensure that belongings are protected from scratches or damage.

The external door hinges allow full 180 access to safe contents, while the heavy-duty bolt-down kit prevents anyone from walking away with your safety in this safe. I also appreciate the programmable digital electronic lock with an Alarm-U function for added security. All these features make it easy to use, set up, and maintain while providing excellent protection for your belongings.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product for its quality construction, security features, functionality, and value for money given its various features like factory installed door storage with sewn-in holsters and storage pouches for additional flexibility.

Secure 24-Gun Safe with Adjustable Shelves and Fire Rating


After purchasing and using the SureLock Security Company’s Cascade 24-Gun and Home Safe, I can attest to its durability and functionality. The safe boasts 14-gauge steel construction, ensuring a high level of security for my firearms and valuables.

The mid-sized safe measures 55 inches tall, 26 inches wide, and 20 inches deep – providing ample space for up to 24 long guns. The interior is equipped with three adjustable shelves that can be customized to suit individual needs. Additionally, there’s a door panel organizer that provides extra storage for smaller items such as keys or jewelry.

Setting up the safe was a breeze thanks to the clear instructions provided by SureLock Security Company. The digital lock (with key backup) makes accessing my firearms simple while still maintaining security. With its powder-coated black textured finish and three-spoke handle, the Cascade 24 adds an elegant touch to any room it’s placed in.

The standout feature of this safe is its affordability without compromising on quality or security features. It is equipped with four active steel bolts and four deadbolts, giving me confidence that my belongings are well protected inside the Cascade 24 Gun and Home Safe. If you need a reliable yet affordable gun safe solution for your home or office space, I highly recommend this product.

Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe with Quick Access and Durable Protection


After testing the RPNB Multifunctional Quick-Access Safe for a few weeks, I can confidently say that it has met my expectations. The biometric fingerprint scanner is accurate and responsive, allowing me to access my belongings quickly and easily. However, the beeping sound from the keypad does tend to be loud, which may not be ideal in certain situations where stealth is required.

One of my favorite features is the ability to store up to 20 fingerprint scans, making it convenient for multiple family members or friends who may need access. Furthermore, the shock-proof carrying handle provides durability, ensuring that valuables are protected at all times.

Although there is a slight mechanical clicking sound when pressing buttons even when muted, this issue did not significantly impact my overall enjoyment of the product. The safe’s sleek design and various entry methods make it a versatile choice for anyone in search of reliable gun storage options without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, despite minor drawbacks like noise level and mechanical sound while operating keys even in mute mode; considering its cost value proposition; this gun safe delivers high quality protection for your valuables with its 3 quick entry methods - Key Lock & Biometric Fingerprint & 4 Digit Keypad along with features such as Shock Proof Carrying Handle Design which prevents corrosion black finish providing durability, A Low Battery Alert System, Support Setting To Silence Mode & Fits perfectly inside drawers or walls using pre drilled holes & mounting hardware provided by manufacturer. I would recommend this product to others looking for an affordable yet reliable safeguard solution for their expensive items or important documents at home / office setting.

RFID Gun Safe with Digital Clock and USB Charging Ports


I have been using the Hornady RAPiD Safe Night Guard as my go-to bedside firearm safe for several months now, and it has consistently impressed me. The RFID technology is incredibly convenient and provides quick and hands-free access to my handgun, even in low light conditions. I really appreciate the stealthy operation of the spring-assisted drawer, which is super quiet when opened during nighttime use.

The build quality is excellent, with a heavy-duty exterior housing that meets strict industry standards for firearm storage. The hardened interior locking lugs add an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. Additionally, I love the unique features like the digital clock display and USB charging ports for electronic devices - these not only make life easier but also add to the overall value of this safe.

There are minor drawbacks to consider, such as some users reporting accuracy issues with the clock, but this hasn’t been a significant concern in my experience. Programming multiple RFID tags may be time-consuming initially, but it ultimately enhances convenience and flexibility when accessing the safe.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable and secure bedside gun safe with innovative hands-free technology and added functionality like charging ports and an included security cable. With its strong construction and thoughtful design features, the Hornady RAPiD Safe Night Guard truly stands out among its competitors in terms of both style and substance.

Fireproof 12-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock and Mechanical Backup Key


I have been using the Fortress 12 Gun Safe for several months now, and I must say that it has surpassed my expectations. Upon unboxing it, I was impressed with its sturdiness and heavy-duty construction, which made me confident that my firearms were well-protected. The impressive 30-minute fire resistance rating provides an added layer of assurance in case of an emergency.

Setting up the electronic lock was a breeze, thanks to the clear instructions provided and a backup key included in case of emergencies. The alarm function is incredibly convenient, as it notifies me if someone attempts to tamper with the safe. Another fantastic feature is the adjustable interior shelving that lets me customize my storage space based on what I need at any given time - whether it be long guns or handguns with accessories neatly stored below them on separate shelves!

The only issue I encountered during initial use was finding help while picking up from BJs due to policy restrictions regarding assistance; however, once home everything went smoothly thanks to its manageable size (despite weighing about 250lbs). All things considered though, this product offers excellent value for money given its quality craftsmanship coupled with additional features such as water resistance capabilities not found elsewhere within similar price ranges!

Slim, Compact, and Secure: 3-Way Access Fingerprint Gun Safe for Pistols


The SOULYI Marketing Copy handgun safe has become an integral part of my daily routine. One aspect that stands out is its easy-to-program biometric feature, making it quick and convenient to access in emergencies. The sturdiness and compact size make it simple to hide in various places around my house without compromising safety. Additionally, the added impact resistance gives peace of mind knowing that valuables are well protected from unauthorized access or break-in attempts. Overall, this safe exceeded expectations with its blend of convenience and security features, making it a top choice for anyone in need of a reliable handgun safe.

Mounted Biometric Nightstand Handgun Safe with Quick Access Sliding Door


I purchased the RPNB Gun Safe several months ago and have been quite happy with its performance so far. It’s compact design allows it to easily fit on my nightstand, making it perfect for quick access during emergencies. The quick-access sliding door is a convenient feature and has worked flawlessly each time I’ve used it.

One of the standout features of this safe is its biometric fingerprint scanner, which makes accessing my firearm incredibly fast and easy. I appreciate that multiple fingerprints can be programmed into the system, allowing both my spouse and me to have access when needed. Additionally, the keypad provides an additional method of entry if preferred.

The installation process was relatively simple, taking only a few minutes to complete. The hardware provided was sturdy and securely fastened the safe in place without any issues. However, some may find it challenging to follow the instructions precisely without additional tools on hand.

In terms of durability, the RPNB Gun Safe has held up well over time, with no signs of wear or damage even after frequent use. The materials used seem to be of high quality, further adding to its durability and longevity. While there are no major drawbacks in this review, potential buyers should note that some users may prefer a larger safe with additional storage space for other valuables or firearms accessories.

Overall, this product offers great value for those looking for a convenient and secure way to store their firearms at home while maintaining quick access in case of emergencies.

High-Capacity Biometric Gun Safe with Two Layers


Having tested this high-capacity gun safe, I can confirm it’s a great option for securing firearms at home. The two separate layers provide ample storage space, ideal for sharing with family members without compromising privacy. The biometric fingerprint lock adds extra security and peace of mind. Setting up the safe is quick and easy, plus it can store up to 20 fingerprint scans - impressive!

The solid steel construction and smooth anti-scratch finish are top-notch. However, some users reported that after setting both compartments’ codes and fingerprints, the top compartment may no longer open using those methods - requiring a key instead. Despite this issue reported by some customers, the majority seem satisfied with their purchase – well constructed and roomy enough for multiple firearms or valuables storage.

In summary, this high-capacity gun safe offers excellent security features for protecting your firearms at home. Keep in mind its few quirks before making your decision. \xa0

Small Biometric Gun Safe with 3 Access Methods


After using this small gun safe in my daily life, I’ve found it to be a reliable and secure option for storing firearms. The biometric lock offers an added level of protection, while the textured black finish gives it a sleek, modern appearance. Setup was a breeze and I appreciated that mounting hardware was included for extra security.

One of the standout features is the quick access to my handguns with just the touch of my fingerprint. With enough space for up to four guns, it’s perfect for our household’s needs. Although the removable shelf is convenient, some users may find that it could be more sturdy. It’s also important to note that the safe isn’t fire-rated, so consider this if you need protection against fires or extreme heat.

Overall, this product provides good protection and craftsmanship at an affordable price point, effectively keeping our family members safe from accidents and safeguarding our valuables at all times.

Secure Digital Electronic Safe Box for Home, Office or Hotel Use


After trying out the Digital Electronic Safe Box-Black, I found that it has several impressive features worth mentioning. Setting up the safe was a breeze, and programming the digital code was straightforward. The size is suitable for storing items like jewelry, cash, and even small firearm.

The design of this Safe Box-Black is sleek and sturdy, being made of 2 mm solid steel body doesn’t feel flimsy at all when handled but it’s important to note that there were instances where I had to enter the code multiple times before it opened which could be a slight inconvenience. Another factor worth considering is the depository opening which could have been larger for easier accessibility while depositing bigger items.

On the other hand, this safe offers good protection and ease of use with its digital PIN or override key entry options along with a time out period after 3 incorrect combination attempts ensuring additional security measures in case someone tries tampering with your belongings. It also comes with pre-drilled mounting holes for added convenience in placing your safe at home or on-the-go scenarios. All these features make this small electronic gun safe a good option if you’re looking for secure storage solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Cannon 20+4 Gun Fire-Resistant Safe: Ultimate Protection for Your Valuables


My experience with the Cannon TS5722 20+4 gun fire-resistant safe has been excellent. I was impressed with the interior luxury, which includes soft materials to prevent scratches, and the adjustable shelving system made organizing my valuables a breeze. The factory-installed door organization kit holds up my pistols securely, providing extra peace of mind.

The heavy-duty construction is another standout feature - it includes a solid steel unibody design, three 1” diameter steel live-action locking bolts, and TruLock internal hinge system that prevents pry attacks. This adds to my confidence in the product’s ability to protect my belongings from potential thieves or fires.

Although storage capacity is ample for essential items like documents or jewelry along with weapons, fitting the maximum advertised number of firearms might be challenging due to space constraints. The electronic lock comes with a backup key for emergencies; however, some users have reported occasional difficulty getting all long guns inside without crowding them together and a relatively small interior depth.

Despite these minor issues, this safe provides great value for money considering its high-quality build combined with security features such as Triple Fin seal protection against drill attacks – making it perfect not only for those looking to protect their valuables but also those seeking a reliable solution to store their firearm collection safely away from children’s reach while remaining easily accessible when needed most!

DIY 8-Gun Cabinet with Sturdy Steel Construction


As a product reviewer, I was excited to get my hands on this gun cabinet to keep my firearms safely secure. Upon opening the package, I noticed that it’s constructed with a sturdy 21-gauge steel body and 19-gauge steel door - both providing ample protection for my valuables. The SureLock 3-point locking system adds an extra layer of security against potential break-ins.

Setting up the cabinet was relatively easy as it came with detailed instructions and all necessary hardware. However, one challenge I faced was finding enough space for storing larger shotguns due to height restrictions on the shelves included within. Additionally, while the interior barrel rests were already installed and made organizing guns effortless, there could be improvements to the internal organization for better accessibility - for example, adjustable shelves or additional compartments would be a welcome addition.

While this is not a fireproof safe, it does provide adequate impact resistance and can be bolted down securely using the provided hardware (not included). Overall, I believe this gun cabinet serves its purpose well at an affordable price point while offering good value for money spent on keeping your guns secure at home. However, some enhancements in terms of design and added features would make it stand out amongst competitor products in its class. \xa0

Buyer’s Guide

General Features

Small Gun Safes-2

When shopping for a small gun safe, there are several key features you should consider:

  • Size: Ensure the size of the safe is suitable for your needs. Some small gun safes can hold one or two handguns, while others may accommodate more.

  • Material: The safe’s material should be sturdy and resistant to damage. Common options include steel, solid wood, or a combination of both.

  • Security: Look for safes with locking mechanisms, such as combination locks, keyed locks, or digital keypads. Some higher-end models may even offer biometric access.


Before purchasing a small gun safe, take into account the following:

  • Location: Where will you store your gun safe? Make sure it’s easily accessible to you but secure from unauthorized access.

  • Portability: If you plan on traveling with your firearms, consider a portable gun safe for added convenience and security.

  • Budget: Small gun safes can vary greatly in price. Determine your budget and choose a safe that meets your needs and falls within your desired price range.


When using a small gun safe, please follow these safety recommendations:

  • Store your gun unloaded and separately from ammunition.

  • Regularly inspect your safe for signs of wear or damage, and replace it if needed.

  • Teach children and other household members about the importance of firearm safety and proper use of safes.

Small Gun Safes-3


By considering the general features, factors, and advice provided in this buyer’s guide, you can make an informed decision when selecting a small gun safe that meets your needs and safety requirements.


What is a small gun safe?

Small Gun Safes-4

A small gun safe is a secure, compact storage solution designed to protect firearms and other valuable items from unauthorized access, theft, or damage. Typically, these safes can accommodate one or two handguns or a single long gun, along with a few accessories.

How do I select the best small gun safe for my needs?

When choosing a small gun safe, consider factors such as capacity, size, locking mechanism, fire and burglary resistance, and ease of installation. The safe should meet your personal security needs and provide the required level of protection while accommodating your specific firearms and accessories.

How do I properly store a firearm in a small gun safe?

To store a firearm properly in a small gun safe, follow these steps: * Unload the firearm before placing it in the safe.

  • Store the firearm in an orientation that prevents it from falling or being pulled out when the door is opened.

  • Make sure that any loaded magazines are stored separately from the firearms and ammunition.

Small Gun Safes-5

How do I install a small gun safe?

Installing a small gun safe typically involves securing it to a hard, flat surface, such as a floor or a sturdy piece of furniture. Ensure that the safe’s installation location meets the manufacturer’s recommendations and is easily accessible in case of an emergency. Additionally, be sure to follow all instructions provided in the user manual to ensure proper installation.

How do I properly bolt down a small gun safe?

To properly bolt down a small gun safe, follow these steps: 1. Choose an appropriate location that meets the manufacturer’s recommendations and permits easy access.

  1. Pre-drill holes for the provided anchoring hardware, making sure to use the recommended drill bit size.

  2. Attach the anchors to the safe, ensuring that they are tight and securely fastened.

  3. Position the safe at the chosen location and align the pre-drilled holes with those in the safe’s mounting base.

  4. Bolt the safe to the mounting surface using the provided hardware, ensuring that the bolts are tight and securely fastened.

What are the benefits of using a small gun safe?

Small Gun Safes-6

The benefits of using a small gun safe include protecting your firearms and valuable items from theft, preventing unauthorized access by children or other individuals, and maintaining the privacy and security of your personal belongings.

What should I consider when choosing the locking mechanism for my small gun safe?

When selecting a locking mechanism for your small gun safe, consider factors such as ease of use, reliability, and the level of security it provides. Common options include key locks, electronic keypads, and biometric locks, each with its own set of pros and cons. Choose the option that best meets your personal security needs and preferences.

How do I maintain and clean my small gun safe?

To maintain and clean your small gun safe, follow these steps: 1. Regularly inspect the exterior and interior for signs of wear, damage, or rust.

  1. Clean the exterior and interior surfaces using a soft, damp cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner, if necessary.

  2. Lubricate the locking mechanism and hinges as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure proper function and to prevent corrosion.

  3. Store the safe in a dry, well-ventilated area to prevent moisture buildup and the formation of mold or mildew.

  4. Conduct regular inventory checks to ensure that all firearms and accessories are securely stored and accounted for.

How do I program and change the combination on an electronic keypad lock for my small gun safe?

To program and change the combination on an electronic keypad lock for your small gun safe, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which are typically outlined in the user manual. This process may involve entering a master code or specific programming parameters to set or change the access code.

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