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Soda Gun Holsters

Discover an in-depth guide to finding the perfect Soda Gun Holster for your firearm collection. This product roundup offers an excellent selection of holsters ideal for sports, outdoors, gun safes, and firearms, ensuring your weapon stays protected and secure.

Discover an in-depth guide to finding the perfect Soda Gun Holster for your firearm collection. This product roundup offers an excellent selection of holsters ideal for sports, outdoors, gun safes, and firearms, ensuring your weapon stays protected and secure.

Are you a fan of sodas and constantly on the go? Your search for the perfect soda companion just got easier! In our exciting roundup, we explore the best Soda Gun Holsters designed to enhance your soda-drinking experience. Whether you’re hitting the sports field or enjoying an outdoor adventure, these holsters will keep your soda within reach and ready for action. Stay tuned as we unveil our top choices and make your life on the go hassle-free!

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Soda Gun Holsters, providing you with an in-depth look at various models available in the sports and outdoors market. We’ll be focusing on factors like durability, convenience, and style, ensuring that you make an informed choice for your soda-loving lifestyle. So, quench your thirst for knowledge with us as we bring you the best Soda Gun Holsters out there!

The Top 5 Best Soda Gun Holsters

  1. Secure Hard Belt Holster for TR50 Revolver with Extra Cylinder Holder - Experience secure and convenient storage for your TR50 CO2 Training Marker/Paintball Revolver with the T4E Hard Belt Holster, offering a snug fit and adjustable belt fit for your tactical needs.

  2. ALS Paddle Holster for S&W M&P 9mm, .40 & M&P 2.0 .40 - Experience the perfect blend of precision, comfort, and concealment with the Safariland 6378 ALS Paddle Holster, designed for optimal fit and secure weapon retention.

  3. ALS Concealed Paddle Holster for Red Dot Sight Firearms with Swipe Thumb Release - Discover the 6378RDS ALS Concealment Paddle Holster - A secure and comfortable choice for your red dot sight-enabled firearms, boasting ALS lock technology, SafariLaminate construction, and SafariSuede lining.

  4. Brite-Strike’s Tactical Flashlight Rotating Holster - Brite-Strike’s innovative Roto-Loc Articulating Tactical Holster is crafted for easy 360-degree adjustment, offering optimal draw access and unparalleled light angle control—a must-have for tactical enthusiasts.

  5. C&G Holsters’ MOD1 Appendix Sidecar Kydex Holster System - Unmatched durability, unparalleled ergonomics, and optimal safety - the C&G Holsters’ MOD1 Appendix Sidecar Kydex Holster System.

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Secure Hard Belt Holster for TR50 Revolver with Extra Cylinder Holder


I’ve been using the TR50 CO2 Training Marker/Paintball Revolver Hard Belt Holster for some time now, and I’ve found it to be a valuable addition to my gear. The snug fit ensures that my revolver stays securely in place, even during intense training sessions. The inclusion of an extra cylinder holder is a thoughtful touch and has come in handy on numerous occasions.

The holster’s adjustable belt feature allows me to tweak the fit perfectly, making it very comfortable to wear for extended periods. I appreciate the push-button release system as it offers reliable retention while still allowing for a quick draw when needed. The high-quality polymer materials used in its construction give me confidence that this holster will last me for years to come.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend this hard belt holster to anyone who owns the TR50 CO2 Revolver – it’s definitely worth the investment!

ALS Paddle Holster for S&W M&P 9mm, .40 & M&P 2.0 .40


I’ve been using the Tagua Paddle Holsters as my daily carry for several months now, and I must say that it has lived up to my expectations. The thermal-molded Safari-Laminate construction offers a great balance between protection and ease of access; every time I reach for my weapon, it’s exactly where I need it to be.

One thing I particularly appreciate about this holster is its wrap-around design combined with a custom-formed thumb break – it gives me that added peace of mind knowing my firearm is secure while still being easily accessible. The adjustable tensioning device also ensures that my weapon stays snugly in place without any fear of accidental disengagement.

What sets the Tagua Paddle Holsters apart, in my opinion, is their concealed carry capability. It does an exceptional job keeping a low profile and minimizing print when worn under clothing, making it ideal even for plainclothes duties or off-duty carrying. Additionally, the holster rides extremely close to the body which helps me maintain a secure grip on my weapon at all times.

On top of this, SafariSuede on the inside helps protect my firearm from scratches and wear caused by frequent use in various environments and activities. This level of protection is crucial considering how often I rely on this holster during day-to-day tasks and more intense situations alike.

In summary, if you’re looking for an efficient and reliable holster that provides excellent gun retention capabilities while remaining easily accessible when needed most, then the Tagua Paddle Holsters are definitely worth considering. Comfortable to wear and easy to conceal, they have become an essential part of my daily routine when carrying my weapon safely and responsibly

ALS Concealed Paddle Holster for Red Dot Sight Firearms with Swipe Thumb Release


Introducing the 6378RDS holster, a game-changer for those looking to securely conceal their firearms with red dot sights. This ALS concealment paddle holster is a perfect marriage of functionality and comfort, making it an essential addition to your carry arsenal.

I myself have been using this holster for quite some time now and it’s truly been a game-changer. The Automatic Locking System (ALS) provides unparalleled security when my firearm is holstered, but when it comes time to draw, the swipe of a thumb release makes the process smooth and natural. The combination of SafariLaminate construction on the exterior and SafariSuede on the interior ensures both durability and protection for my firearm’s sights and finish.

However, no product is without its quirks. The one downside I’ve noticed is that it can take some time to get accustomed to the swipe action of the thumb release. But once you’ve got the hang of it, it becomes second nature.

In conclusion, the 6378RDS holster has been a reliable and effective addition to my carry setup. Its innovative features make it stand out among other holsters on the market. If you’re in the market for a high-quality concealment paddle holster, look no further than the 6378RDS - ALS Concealment Paddle Holster.

Brite-Strike’s Tactical Flashlight Rotating Holster


From a personal use perspective, I’ve been using the Brite-Strike BTL Quick Cam Roto-Loc holster with my tactical flashlight for a while now. It’s quite a unique little gadget, with its ability to securely hold a flashlight while allowing for quick and easy adjustment of angle and orientation.

One of the standout features is undoubtedly the Roto-Loc Positive Ratchet system. This enables you to position the holster at any angle you desire through a full 360 degrees, and then have it remain securely in that position. This is great for ensuring optimal access and control over the flashlight, especially in high-stress situations.

The Articulating Tactical Holster also boasts a robust, space-age polymer construction that not only gives it its striking yellow color but also ensures high durability and resistance to wear and tear, even in extreme temperature conditions.

However, it’s not all roses. The design is relatively bulky, which might be a bit of an issue for some people when it comes to finding the perfect spot on the belt. And while the locking mechanism is effective, it can be a bit stiff at first and may require some getting used to.

All in all, the Brite-Strike BTL Quick Cam Roto-Loc Articulating Tactical Holster is a solid performer. Its unique rotating mechanism, durable construction, and compatibility with a range of tactical flashlights make it an attractive option for those in need of a reliable tactical flashlight holder. If you can live with its size and the initial stiffness of the locking mechanism, it would make a great addition to your tactical kit.

C&G Holsters’ MOD1 Appendix Sidecar Kydex Holster System


As an avid shooter, I’ve been searching for the perfect holster to carry my Walther PDP 4”. I came across C&G Holsters’ MOD1 Appendix Sidecar Kydex Holster System and was blown away by its build quality and ergonomic design. The adjustable ride height made it a breeze to set up for optimal concealment. Its quickship feature was really appealing too; I received my holster in no time.

The highlight of this holster is its thin yet durable kydex material that provides comfort while making it easy to forget you’re even wearing it. The sidecar design for an additional magazine holster is a game-changer, giving me more rounds at the ready. It also features a solid positive click when reinserting and super smooth draws.

However, there’s room for improvement. An optional full-size light bearing option would be nice for those who carry with lights like the X300 or Tlr 1. Additionally, although the adjustable hinge is clutch, it would be fantastic if there were more options in the future for the sidecar, such as a TQ instead of a magazine.

In summary, the C&G Holsters’ MOD1 Appendix Sidecar Kydex Holster System offers excellent quality, performance, and adjustments to cater to individual preferences. Despite minor cons, it remains one of the best appendix carry holsters for my Walther PDP 4”.

Buyer’s Guide

Soda Gun Holsters-2

Important Features of Soda Gun Holsters

When choosing a soda gun holster, consider the following features:

  • Material - Choose a holster made from durable, high-quality materials that can withstand regular use and protect your gun from wear and tear.

  • Comfort - Opt for a model with adjustable straps or padding to reduce strain on your shoulder and ensure a snug fit during extended periods of use.

  • Capacity - Consider how many cans your holster can hold at once, as this will impact your efficiency and convenience when working or playing.

  • Stability - Look for a design with a secure fastening system to prevent your holster from shifting or falling off during use.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Soda Gun Holster

Before making a purchase, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Application - Determine how you plan to use your soda gun holster (e. g. , recreational, professional, commercial) to help narrow down your options and select the best model for your needs.

  • Compatibility - Ensure that the holster you choose is compatible with your specific soda gun model and size to avoid any issues with fit or function.

  • Quality - Invest in a reputable brand known for producing high-quality products to ensure long-lasting performance and durability.

  • Price - Compare prices across different sellers and brands to find the best value without sacrificing quality or essential features.

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General Advice for Soda Gun Holster Users

To maximize the effectiveness and safety of your soda gun holster, follow these tips:

  • Proper use - Familiarize yourself with the proper techniques for using your soda gun holster to minimize the risk of injury or damage to your equipment.

  • Maintenance - Regularly inspect and clean your holster to keep it in good working condition and extend its lifespan.

  • Safety - Always practice proper gun handling and storage procedures when using a soda gun holster to maintain a safe environment for yourself and others around you.


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What is a soda gun holster?

A soda gun holster is a device designed to securely hold and store a soda gun, also known as a CO2 gun or paintball marker. It is typically made from durable materials like nylon or leather for long-lasting use and easy maintenance.

How does it help in the storage and organization of soda guns?

Soda gun holsters provide an organized and secure method of storing your soda gun when not in use. They prevent accidental discharge and damage to the gun while preserving its functionality and extending its lifespan.

Soda Gun Holsters-5

What are the benefits of using a soda gun holster?

  • Protects your soda gun from damage and wear

  • Eases the process of loading and unloading your soda gun

  • Improves the accessibility of your soda gun during use

  • Enhances the safety of your soda gun by preventing accidental discharge

How do I select the right soda gun holster for my needs?

When choosing a soda gun holster, consider factors such as the size and type of your soda gun, the level of protection required, and the ease of use. Additionally, examine the materials used, durability, and ease of cleaning.

Soda Gun Holsters-6

Are soda gun holsters compatible with all types of soda guns?

Soda gun holsters are generally designed to accommodate various popular models and sizes of soda guns. However, it is best to double-check the compatibility of a specific holster with your soda gun model before making a purchase.

How can I clean and maintain my soda gun holster?

To keep your soda gun holster in optimal condition, perform regular cleanings using a mild soap and water solution. Wipe the holster thoroughly with a soft cloth, removing any dirt or residue. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they may damage the holster.

Do soda gun holsters come with a warranty?

Warranties may vary between different manufacturers. Before purchasing a soda gun holster, check the product description and specifications to determine the warranty coverage offered by the brand.

As an Amazon™ Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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