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Stack On Gun Safes

Discover the ultimate guide to Stack On Gun Safes in our in-depth product roundup. Featuring top-rated models and expert insights, this article helps you choose the perfect safe for your firearms and belongings. Read now and secure your valuables with confidence!

Discover the ultimate guide to Stack On Gun Safes in our in-depth product roundup. Featuring top-rated models and expert insights, this article helps you choose the perfect safe for your firearms and belongings. Read now and secure your valuables with confidence!

Gun Safes: The Essential Guide

Welcome to our guide on Stack On Gun Safes. As a responsible gun owner, you know the importance of safely storing your firearms. In this roundup, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Stack On Gun Safes, a trusted name in the world of firearms storage. Stay tuned to see how these versatile safes can help you keep your family and your firearms secure at all times.

The Top 8 Best Stack On Gun Safes

  1. Secure your firearms with Stack-On 14-Gun Cabinet - The Stack On 14 Gun Security Cabinet provides secure and spacious storage for your firearms, featuring a removable shelf, 3-point locking system, and contoured non-marring barrel rests, making it a reliable and well-made choice for gun enthusiasts.

  2. Remington Gun Club 52 Plus 8-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof Gun Safe - The Remington Gun Club 52 Plus 8-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof Gun Safe provides top-notch security and protection for your valuable firearms with its fire-resistant, waterproof design, advanced electronic lock, and convenient interior features.

  3. Stylish Fireproof 30-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock - The Stack-On 30-Gun Elite Series Safe is an excellent combination of quality, security, and versatility, with a fire-resistant rating to protect your valuables and a fully customizable interior for various storage configurations.

  4. Stack-On 40-Gun Fire Resistant Electronic Lock Safe - Fire-resistant up to 1,400°F and California Department of Justice approved, the 40-Gun Armorguard Safe by Stack-On offers robust protection and ample storage for your firearms.

  5. Stylish Stack-On 18-Gun Fireproof Safe - Fireproof and secure, the Stack-On Armorguard 18 Gun Safe offers a 30-minute fire rating at 1400°F, with a convertible interior, 1 ½” locking bolts, and an electronic lock for added convenience and protection.

  6. Extra Large Personal Safe with Electronic Lock - The Stack-On PS-1820-E Extra Large Personal Safe offers ample storage and robust security features, including a pry-resistant door and programmable electronic lock, making it perfect for securing valuables at home or the office.

  7. Stylish Modern Hide a Bed Chair - The Stack-On Pistol/Ammo Security Cabinet offers ample storage, robust protection, and easy access for handguns, ammo mags, and other valuables, all while featuring a well-made, sturdy, and attractive design.

  8. Stylish Modern Quick Access Safe with Electronic Lock - Discover the Stack-On Low Profile Quick Access Safe with high-grade electronic lock, perfect for securely storing a standard pistol and valuables with the added benefit of a removable mounting plate, ensuring easy transportation and accessibility.

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Secure your firearms with Stack-On 14-Gun Cabinet


The Stack-On 18 Gun Safe is a reasonably priced option for securing firearms at home. Many customers have praised the sleek, modern design with its black gloss paint finish and chrome accents, while removable shelves and molded barrel rests make storage convenient. However, some users have reported issues related to shipping and handling, including damaged or dented safes due to poor packaging. Additionally, there have been instances of missing door hinges or broken pins that may require additional assembly or repair work before use.

Users found that this safe offers good value for money when it comes to functionality and safety features compared to similar products in its price range but would like improvements in packaging and production quality control. Overall, the Stack-On 18 Gun Safe is a good investment for those looking for an affordable option with adequate security features but should be aware of potential manufacturing issues before making a purchase decision.

Remington Gun Club 52 Plus 8-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof Gun Safe


Nestled in the heart of my living room, the Remington Gun Club 52 Plus Gun Safe has become a steadfast companion, safeguarding my beloved collection of firearms. It’s like a trusty vault, offering not just protection, but also reliable organization that even an obsessive-compulsive like myself can appreciate.

The fireproof and waterproof capabilities are a godsend, giving me peace of mind that my guns will stay safe, regardless of what nature or a misfortune might throw at them. Plus, the triple-seal protection is like having an invisible shield, warding off smoke damage and keeping my babies pristine.

This safe has seen more than just my guns. It’s been a silent witness to family gatherings and late-night planning sessions with my hunting buddies. The quilted door organizer and handgun holsters ensure that everything has its place, keeping our man cave clutter-free and organized.

However, this mighty fortress does have a few quirks. The placement of the LED lights are a tad inconvenient, sometimes casting eerie shadows that can make it hard to locate that specific firearm you’re searching for. And while the electronic lock is a modern marvel, there have been instances where the keypad requires a gentle tap or two to respond, which can be a tiny bit frustrating.

All things considered, the Remington Gun Club 52 Plus Gun Safe is a reliable and secure companion for any serious gun collector. It’s a testament to the saying that good things come in protected packaging.

So whether you’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse, or just looking to keep your family heirlooms safe, this sturdy and feature-rich safe will be your faithful ally.

Stylish Fireproof 30-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock


I recently got my hands on the Stack-On Elite 30-Gun Fireproof Safe with Electronic Lock and Door Storage, and I must say, this little guy has been a game-changer in my house. As someone who owns quite a few firearms, I needed a secure and reliable place to store them. This safe has exceeded my expectations.

The first thing that stood out to me was its fire-resistant capability. The safe is rated to withstand temperatures up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes, which is more than enough time to get out in case of a fire. Additionally, it boasts a drill-resistant hardened steel plate located behind the lock, providing extra security and peace of mind.

One of the most convenient features of this safe is its fully-adjustable interior. With three adjustable shelves and three adjustable-position barrel rests, I can store my long guns with ease, and the adjustability allows me to accommodate different firearm sizes. Plus, the door organizer with sewn-in holsters and pouches is perfect for keeping smaller items like ammunition and cleaning supplies organized and easily accessible.

The electronic lock is user-friendly and quick to set up. However, I appreciate that a backup key is included, just in case the battery dies or I need to bypass the lock for any reason. It’s also worth mentioning that this safe is approved by the state of California as a Firearm Safety Device, meeting the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder.

Now, onto the cons. One issue I encountered was the misleading capacity. While the safe is advertised to hold 30 guns, I was only able to fit around 20, especially if I wanted to store scoped rifles. Additionally, the provided shelves are not tall enough to accommodate longer firearms without the door hitting the stocks, so I had to customize one of the shelves to fit my needs better.

Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with the Stack-On Elite 30-Gun Fireproof Safe with Electronic Lock and Door Storage. Its sturdiness, storage options, and fire-resistant capabilities make it a worthy addition to any home or office. While there were a few minor issues, these are far outweighed by the safe’s many highlights.

Stack-On 40-Gun Fire Resistant Electronic Lock Safe


As a first-timer when it comes to gun safes, I took the plunge and got myself the Stack-On Armorguard 40-Gun Safe. I’ve heard all the horror stories about cheap, low-quality gun safes, but I must admit, the Stack-On has blown me away in the best way possible.

First things first, the build quality is exceptional. The matte black exterior with chrome accents blends perfectly with the rest of my room’s decor. It’s like having a secret, stylish fortress for my collection.

One of the standout features of this safe is the backlit, electronic lock. I can easily set up a personalized code that even I won’t forget! Gone are the days of fumbling around in the dark trying to find the right combination. Plus, the batteries are super easy to access, so there’s no need to fret about changing them.

In terms of storage, I’m thrilled with the flexibility this safe offers. The single partition allows me to configure it to store both guns and important documents. I also love having adjustable barrel rests, which are perfect for storing my ARs, MSRs, and long guns.

The door is just as impressive, with sewn-in pockets for storing extra ammo or handguns. And the MOLLE strips? They’re definitely a lifesaver when it comes to organizing my accessories. I’ve even thrown in a dehumidifier to keep everything nice and dry.

However, I did run into a couple of minor issues. The locking mechanism, while secure, is a little tricky to set up. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but now it’s flawless.

Also, the included door organizer could use a couple more handgun holsters. But hey, that’s what DIY projects are for.

In conclusion, I’m absolutely over the moon with my Stack-On Armorguard 40-Gun Safe. It’s not only a fantastic addition to my home security, but it also looks super cool to boot. Highly recommended!

Stylish Stack-On 18-Gun Fireproof Safe


I recently invested in the Stack-On Armorguard 18 Gun Safe, hoping to keep my firearms protected and out of reach from my curious five-year-old. To my delight, it lived up to its hype as a reliable and affordable safe.

From the beginning, I was impressed by the safe’s robust construction, particularly how well-insulated it is against fire. The electronic lock was also a highlight, providing both a secure passcode feature and a backup key for emergencies.

One of the best features was its 2-way door locking system, giving me peace of mind knowing that no unwelcome hands would pry my possessions away. Additionally, the adjustable shelves and door organizer proved incredibly useful in maximizing storage space within the safe.

However, there were some minor drawbacks worth mentioning. The safe itself is quite heavy, making relocation a two-person job. Also, I found the locking mechanism’s battery compartment difficult to access, requiring me to disassemble parts of the safe each time I needed to replace them.

Despite these minor issues, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The Armorguard 18 Gun Safe has exceeded my expectations, providing both ample security and convenience for storing my firearms. If you’re seeking an affordable solution for firearm security, I would highly recommend giving this safe a shot.

Extra Large Personal Safe with Electronic Lock


I recently purchased the Stack-On Super-Sized Personal Safe to keep my valuable items secure. As someone who values privacy and security, I was pleasantly surprised by how well this product performed. The solid-steel door and pry-resistant hinges gave me peace of mind knowing my belongings were safe from potential thieves.

One of the features that stood out was the programmable electronic lock. It’s not only convenient but also adds an extra layer of security by allowing me to set a unique code. Additionally, the two backup keys provided me with a failsafe in case I ever forget the code or need to share access with someone else.

Customization was another highlight for me. The adjustable shelves allowed me to store items in various sizes and shapes comfortably. Plus, the padded shelves and bottom foam helped protect my belongings from scratches and scuffs.

On the downside, the low-light LED feature wasn’t as effective as I had hoped. It doesn’t provide much illumination when the safe is opened, making it difficult to find smaller items inside.

In conclusion, the Stack-On Super-Sized Personal Safe proved to be a reliable and secure option for storing my valuables at home. Its sturdy construction, customizable storage, and easy-to-use electronic lock made it a worthwhile investment. However, the lackluster LED light could use some improvement. Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a safe and secure way to store their valuable items.

Stylish Modern Hide a Bed Chair


The Stack-On Pistol and Ammo Security Cabinet has been a reliable companion in my daily life. As someone who appreciates organization and security, the cabinet offers a perfect solution for storing my handguns, ammo, and other valuable items.

One of the first things that caught my attention was how well made the cabinet is. The solid all-welded steel body provides excellent durability and protection, ensuring that my possessions remain safe from unauthorized access. Moreover, the black epoxy finish not only adds an attractive touch but also helps protect against scratches and rust.

The interior of the cabinet features two removable shelves, making it easy to store various sized items. The foam-padded bottom ensures that my valuable items remain free from scratches and scuffs. Its compact design allows for easy installation anywhere in my home, providing peace of mind knowing that my belongings are securely stored.

However, there are a few cons worth mentioning. Assembling the cabinet can be a bit challenging, especially when installing the shelves. Ensuring that both shelves are in place before securing them is crucial to prevent any issues with fitting. Additionally, the cabinet’s construction feels slightly less sturdy compared to other similar products on the market, which might lead to some sagging over time.

In conclusion, the Stack-On Pistol and Ammo Security Cabinet offers a solid option for those looking to store their handguns and ammo securely. Its well-made design, ample storage, and ease of use make it a worthwhile investment. Although there are some minor flaws, such as the assembly process and shelf installation, these do not outweigh the cabinet’s overall performance and functionality.

Stylish Modern Quick Access Safe with Electronic Lock


I recently purchased the Stack-On Low Profile Quick Access Safe for my home, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for me. The electronic lock is incredibly easy to program, and the four push buttons make it a breeze to set and remember my personalized security code. The foam-lined bottom provides excellent protection for my valuables, ensuring they remain free from scratches.

One of the standout features of this safe is its removable mounting plate, which makes it perfect for storing handguns and other valuables in vehicles. Additionally, the low battery warning system, backup key, and all mounting hardware included with this safe ensure that my belongings are always safe and secure.

However, one drawback I’ve noticed is that the safe can be a bit noisy when opening under certain circumstances, such as at night or when trying to access it discreetly. Despite this minor inconvenience, overall, I’m quite satisfied with the Stack-On Low Profile Quick Access Safe and would recommend it to anyone in need of a practical and reliable storage solution.

Buyer’s Guide

Stack On Gun Safes-2

Important Features to Consider

When shopping for a Stack On Gun Safe, there are several key features you should look out for:

  • Capacity: Consider how many guns and ammunition you need to store. Stack On offers a variety of sizes to accommodate different needs.

  • Protection: Look for a safe with strong locking mechanisms and heavy-duty construction materials that can withstand attempts at break-in.

  • Interior Design: A well-designed interior with adjustable shelves or racks will help keep your firearms organized and easy to access.

Considerations Before Purchasing

Before making your final decision, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where will I store the gun safe? Ensure it fits properly in the chosen location.

  • What types of firearms do I own? Choose a safe that can accommodate all your weapons safely and securely.

  • Who needs access to the safe? Opt for a locking mechanism that suits your needs and preferences.

Stack On Gun Safes-3

General Advice

Here are some tips to help you make the best choice when purchasing a Stack On Gun Safe:

  • Research different models and read customer reviews to get an idea of the pros and cons of each one.

  • Consider investing in a quality locksmith service to help with installation or maintenance if needed.

  • Regularly inspect your gun safe for any signs of wear or damage, and ensure it stays in good working condition.


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What are Stack On Gun Safes?

Stack On Gun Safes are a line of products designed to safely store firearms and ammunition. They offer various sizes and levels of security to suit your needs, making it easy to organize and protect your valuable possessions efficiently.

How do Stack On Gun Safes ensure the safety of my firearms?

Stack On Gun Safes are built with heavy-duty steel construction and incorporate a variety of locking mechanisms, such as electronic keypads, key locks, or biometric locks, to prevent unauthorized access to your firearms and ammunition. They also feature padded interiors and adjustable shelving to help prevent damage from accidental impacts.

Stack On Gun Safes-5

What types of firearms can I store in a Stack On Gun Safe?

Stack On Gun Safes are designed to accommodate both long and short guns, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns. There are also models available to store other items, such as ammunition, optics, and accessories.

How do I determine the right size Stack On Gun Safe for my collection?

When selecting a Stack On Gun Safe, consider the number and type of firearms you need to store, as well as any additional items you may wish to keep secure. Measure your longest firearm (adding a few inches for easy access) and refer to the product dimensions to ensure a proper fit. Additionally, consult the capacity ratings recommended by the manufacturer for a convenient overview of what each model can accommodate.

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How are Stack On Gun Safes assembled?

Stack On Gun Safes typically come with simple assembly instructions, which include attaching the door, installing any necessary hardware, and ensuring the lock works correctly. Tools, such as a screwdriver and/or Allen wrench, are usually required for installation.

Do I need to bolt down my Stack On Gun Safe?

For optimal security, it is recommended to bolt down your Stack On Gun Safe to a sturdy floor or wall, to help prevent unauthorized removal. Kits containing the necessary hardware are typically included with your purchase, but please consult the specific manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation techniques.

What type of locking mechanism comes with a Stack On Gun Safe?

Stack On Gun Safes offer a variety of locking mechanisms, including electronic keypads, key locks, and biometric locks. Each locking system may offer unique security features, such as programmable codes, backup keys, or fingerprint recognition, so choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

How do I reset or change the code on an electronic keypad Stack On Gun Safe?

To reset or change the code on an electronic keypad Stack On Gun Safe, refer to the owner’s manual for the specific model you have purchased. Typically, this process involves entering a master code, inputting your new code, and re-entering it to confirm the change. If you have misplaced or cannot find the owner’s manual, contact the manufacturer’s customer support for guidance.

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