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Steel Gong Targets

Discover the best steel gong targets for your shooting range needs. Our comprehensive roundup features top-rated options, ideal for improving accuracy and firing skills. Perfect for outdoors enthusiasts and firearms enthusiasts alike.

Discover the best steel gong targets for your shooting range needs. Our comprehensive roundup features top-rated options, ideal for improving accuracy and firing skills. Perfect for outdoors enthusiasts and firearms enthusiasts alike.

Elevate your shooting skills and practice sessions with premium steel gong targets. Discover the top selections in the market, suitable for both indoor and outdoor ranges. Perfect for sports and outdoors enthusiasts, our comprehensive steel gong target roundup will have you hitting the mark in no time.

From durable construction and ease of setup to precision accuracy and safety features, these steel gong targets offer unmatched performance. Embrace the excitement of sharpening your aim with our top picks. Read on and make the perfect investment for your shooting journey.

The Top 9 Best Steel Gong Targets

  1. AR500 Gong Targets for Pistol Shooting - Experience the cutting-edge benefits of AR500 steel targets with impeccable LASER CUT precision, extended durability, and instantaneous feedback for increased shooter proficiency at up to 50% faster rates with less ammunition.

  2. AR500 Steel Plate Shooting Target for Accuracy Practice - Get sharper accuracy with Titan Outdoors’ AR500 Steel Gong Shooting Target, perfect for boosting your shooting skills! Adult-oriented, this 10” x 16” steel silhouette is tough, precise, and available on sale at Ash & Ember.

  3. 1/2” AR500 Steel Gong Target for Pistol and Rifle Shooting - High-quality 12” AR500 steel gong target, precision cut with CNC plasma, available in custom shapes and sizes, perfect for shooting practice with proper safety measures and distances in mind.

  4. 1/2” AR500 Steel Gong Target for Shooting Practice - Experience precision and durability with our 1/2” AR500 10” Steel Target Gong, meticulously crafted in the USA for a reliable shooting practice.

  5. AR500 Steel Gong Targets for Shooting Practice - Precision-cut, unpainted, and US-made AR500 steel pumpkin gong with CNC High definition plasma cutting, ideal for long-range shooting practice with proper eye and hearing protection.

  6. High-Quality AR500 Steel Gong Targets for Shooting Practice - Experience the precision and durability of AR500 Steel Targets USA Steel Gong Targets, perfect for both long-range and close-range shooting with 308 and 5.56 rounds, available in various sizes and styles for all your shooting needs.

  7. High-Quality AR500 Laser Cut Steel Gong Target for Handguns and Rifles - Experience flawless shooting with Xsteel’s 10” AR500 Gong, laser-cut for unparalleled accuracy and remarkable durability, compatible with handguns and up to 0.308 Win rifles, perfect for those looking for high-quality, long-lasting targets.

  8. 3/8” AR500 Steel Gong Target for Shooting Practice - Durable 12” AR500 steel gong target, precision-cut with a CNC plasma cutter, designed for shooting practice and customized shapes for all skill levels.

  9. 8” AR500 Steel Gong Target for Shooting Practice - Make It Ring’s 3/8” AR500 8” Steel Target Gong: Experience precision and reliability with this high-quality, precision-cut American-made steel gong target, designed for optimal performance, and perfect for a variety of shooting activities.

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AR500 Gong Targets for Pistol Shooting


I recently purchased ShootingTargets7’s Steel Silhouette Targets for my shooting practice, and I have to say, they’ve exceeded my expectations. The targets are made of AR500 steel, which is incredibly durable and can handle even high-powered rifle rounds without any damage. This ensures that the targets will last for a very long time.

Setting up these targets was a breeze, thanks to the well-made hanging straps provided by ST7. The gongs are designed in varying sizes (3”, 6”, 8”, and 10”) with different thicknesses to accommodate different calibers. What I love most about these targets is the loud ringing sound they produce when hit - it provides instant feedback on your shots and helps refine your aiming skills.

In terms of value for money, ShootingTargets7 offers an amazing deal - their prices are affordable despite the top-notch quality of their products. Their customer service is also outstanding; when one piece from my order was lost during transit, Mark quickly replaced it without any fuss whatsoever.

Overall, using ShootingTargets7 Steel Silhouette Targets has been a fantastic investment in improving my shooting skills while also providing great value for money spent today.

AR500 Steel Plate Shooting Target for Accuracy Practice


The Titan Great Outdoors 10-in x 16-in AR500 Silhouette Steel Plate Shooting Target has exceeded my expectations in terms of durability and functionality. The thick steel plate construction ensures that it withstands powerful rifle ammo hits, and its sturdy build adds to its longevity. I appreciate the clear ringing sound upon impact which offers instant feedback on my shots, enhancing my overall shooting accuracy.

Compared to other similar products, this target is competitively priced, and the fact that it doesn’t have a powder coat saves money without compromising its performance. One minor downside is the absence of mounting holes, but there are creative ways to securely mount the target. Overall, it’s a highly recommended product for anyone looking to improve their shooting skills while having a fun time at the range!

1/2” AR500 Steel Gong Target for Pistol and Rifle Shooting


The 1/2” AR 500 Steel Armor Plate Target is a fantastic option for those looking to spice up their shooting practice. Its precision-cut holes make hanging it up effortlessly, while its raw steel construction ensures durability even with constant fire. One standout feature is its manufacturing process, which involves cutting with a CNC High Definition plasma cutter for precise edges and shapes, resulting in an impressive end product that can withstand powerful ammunition without visible wear.

Additionally, the target offers multiple hanging options – through chains, bolts, clevises, cable or rope - making setup easy and customizable. However, if left unused for extended periods outside the elements, surface rust may develop due to raw steel. A fresh coat of spray paint should keep it new-looking for years.

Overall, this target is a great investment for enhancing shooting skills or having fun on range days with friends and family. The quality craftsmanship guarantees long-lasting use and customization at an affordable price point. Remember to always wear proper safety gear when using steel targets and follow recommended minimum distances when shooting pistols or rifles at them.

1/2” AR500 Steel Gong Target for Shooting Practice


I have been using this AR 500 Steel Armor Plate Target for a while, and I am more than impressed with its durability and reliability. Made from top-quality AR500 steel, it is strong enough to handle even the most intense shooting sessions. The gong-style design and precision cut holes make setting up the target quick and easy, allowing me to spend more time honing my skills instead of wasting time on setup.

One feature that sets this target apart from others is its adaptability to both pistols and rifles, making it a perfect choice for any shooter. Despite being exposed to constant impacts, its raw steel form holds up exceptionally well without showing any signs of deformation or damage. Although rust could be an issue if not cared for properly, regular maintenance ensures this target continues to serve me well for years to come.

Overall, the value offered by this 1/2” AR 500 Steel Armor Plate Target is unbeatable. It’s a must-have for both experienced shooters who want a reliable gong-style target and beginners looking to improve their aim with minimal fuss or inconvenience.

AR500 Steel Gong Targets for Shooting Practice


As a reviewer who tried Steel Gong Targets, I was impressed by the quality and durability of these targets. They are made from high-quality AR500 steel plate which can withstand repeated hits without showing any signs of wear and tear. The targets are versatile as they can be hung using bolts, chains, or clevises in various shooting ranges. Maintaining these targets is easy; after a shooting session, all you need to do is give them a quick coat of paint to make them look as good as new.

While the targets aren’t painted initially, this actually saves time and money on unnecessary painting expenses. Plus, considering how often they’ll be getting shot at anyway, there’s no point spending extra money on paint! The gong targets come with warnings about minimum distances for shooters and recommendations for proper eye and hearing protection – demonstrating the manufacturer’s concern for user safety. Overall, I highly recommend Steel Gong Targets for anyone looking for a reliable, long-lasting target that provides hours of fun at the range!

High-Quality AR500 Steel Gong Targets for Shooting Practice


As someone who has personally used the AR500 Steel Gong Targets, I have mixed feelings about the experience. On one hand, these targets are made from high-quality AR500 steel that can handle 308 and 5. 56 rounds, making them suitable for long-range and close-range shooting. The variety of sizes and styles available caters to hobbyists, professionals in military and law enforcement training.

One of the advantages of these targets is that they come in a complete kit with everything you need to set up your targets quickly and easily. However, I did notice that the durability could be improved as some parts showed signs of wear after just a few uses.

While the AR500 Steel Gong Targets have their strengths, such as versatility and easy setup, there are some areas where they could improve upon, like durability. Overall, they are a decent option for those looking for reliable steel targets but might not be the best product on the market.

High-Quality AR500 Laser Cut Steel Gong Target for Handguns and Rifles


These steel gong targets have greatly enhanced my shooting routine. Their laser cut design ensures a precise cut and strengthened steel structure, making them highly resilient and long-lasting. The product description claims they are suitable for handguns and rifles up to. 308 win, which is accurate as I’ve used them with various firearms without any issues.

One standout feature of these targets is their instant feedback when hit. Hitting the gongs produces a loud, satisfying sound that provides immediate feedback on shot accuracy. This has been incredibly helpful in improving my aim quickly.

However, upon delivery, I noticed some rusty edges on a few targets, which I resolved by painting over or sanding down the affected areas before use. Despite this minor issue, the overall quality of the targets seems to be top-notch with smooth surfaces and consistent sizes across different models. All these factors make these steel gong targets well worth considering for anyone looking to add high-quality metal targets to their collection or arsenal.

3/8” AR500 Steel Gong Target for Shooting Practice


I’ve been regularly using the Make It Ring Targets 3/8” AR 500 Steel Armor Plate Target for my shooting practice these past few months. The target is made of high-quality AR500 steel, which offers great durability and wear resistance. I found it easy to hang up with its holes and enjoyed the gong design for a more interactive experience.

One highlight of this product is its precision cut with a CNC High Definition plasma cutter, ensuring clean edges and consistent quality. However, one drawback is that the target doesn’t come painted, so you may need to invest in painting it before use if you prefer a visually appealing target. Additionally, it can be hung from various materials such as chain, bolts or clevises, cable, tarp straps or rope - making it versatile for different setups.

Overall, I believe this steel target provides excellent value for money with its sturdy construction and customizable hanging options. If you’re looking for a reliable target to improve your shooting skills while having fun in the process - then the Make It Ring Targets could be an excellent choice!

8” AR500 Steel Gong Target for Shooting Practice


The 3/8” AR 500 Steel Armor Plate Target by Make It Ring Targets is a fantastic investment for any shooting enthusiast. From the moment I opened the package, I could tell that this gong-style target was made with care and precision. Its smooth edges and clean cuts attest to its high quality construction, while also making it a visually appealing addition to any range.

Hanging the target using chains as recommended was quick and easy, making it ready for use in no time. During my test runs, it held up incredibly well even after several rounds of ammunition being fired upon it - which speaks volumes about its 3/8-inch thickness’ ability to endure repeated hits without showing signs of wear or tear.

A highlight of this target is definitely the satisfying “ding” sound that rings out when hitting the center, adding an extra layer of excitement during shooting sessions. This feature alone makes this steel gong target more than worth its price tag! Knowing that proper safety measures were implemented during manufacturing (using CNC plasma cutter water cutting process) further solidifies Make It Ring Targets’ dedication to providing top-notch products prioritizing customer safety as well.

Overall, if you are looking for a durable and reliable steel gong shooting range accessory that will last season after season without breaking down on you, then look no further than Make It Ring Targets’ 3/8” AR 500 Steel Armor Plate Target!

Buyer’s Guide

Are you in the market for a new steel gong target? Steel gong targets have become a popular choice among shooters due to their durability and instant audible feedback compared to paper targets. However, choosing the right steel gong target can be challenging with so many options available. In this section, we’ll cover important features to consider, some general advice, and considerations when buying steel gong targets.

Features to Consider

  • Size: Steel gong targets are available in various sizes, typically ranging from 8” to 16” in diameter. You should select a size that suits your shooting needs and practice level. Larger targets may offer more visibility, while smaller ones could challenge experienced shooters.

  • Thickness: Thicker steel targets are more durable and can withstand more impacts without bending or deforming. Aim for a target thickness of at least 3/8” for most shooting scenarios, but consider thicker options if you’ll be using high-powered rifles.

  • Design: Some steel gong targets have concentric circles or various shapes cut out, while others may be simple solid steel disks. The design you choose will depend on your personal preferences and intended use.

  • Hanging System: Ensure that the steel gong target comes with a sturdy hanging system designed to withstand the recoil from multiple shots. Options like chains, cables, or ropes are common choices.

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General Advice

  • Safety First: Always prioritize safety while using steel gong targets. Wear appropriate protective gear, including ear and eye protection, and ensure proper backstops to prevent stray bullets from causing injury or property damage.

  • Proper Installation: Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions closely. Incorrect installation can lead to unsafe conditions and a shortened target lifespan.

  • Periodic Inspection: Check your steel gong target for signs of damage or wear after every use. Repair or replace damaged targets as needed to maintain safe shooting conditions.


  • Shooting Distance: Steel gong targets are usually designed for specific shooting distances and calibers. Ensure that your chosen target is compatible with the firearms and shooting distances you plan to use.

  • Storage and Transportation: Consider how easy it is to transport and store your steel gong target when not in use. Some models may be more portable than others, making them more convenient for shooting at multiple locations.

  • Budget: Steel gong targets come in a variety of price points. Determine your budget before shopping and choose a target that offers a balance of quality and value.


Steel Gong Targets-3

What are steel gong targets?

Steel gong targets are sturdy, metal targets designed for shooting practice. They are designed to stand up to multiple rounds without warping or breaking, making them ideal for long-term use.

Why use steel gong targets over paper or cardboard targets?

Steel gong targets offer several advantages over paper or cardboard targets. They are more durable, which means they can be used for longer periods and are less likely to be damaged by high velocity rounds. Additionally, they provide an instantaneous audible and visual feedback upon being hit, improving accuracy and engagement.

What gauges of steel are used for gong targets?

Most steel gong targets are made of 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch thick steel. This provides ample strength and durability while being cost-effective and manageable in terms of weight.

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How many types of steel gong targets are there?

There are generally four types of steel gong targets: round, square, silhouette, and ar500.

What’s the difference between a gong target and an ar500 target?

An ar500 target is a specially hardened type of steel gong target. It’s designed to withstand high-powered rifles (like an AR-15) without pitting or becoming damaged. Regular gong targets are typically designed for pistols and smaller caliber rifles.

How and where can steel gong targets be hung?

Steel gong targets are usually hung from a chain or strap affixed to a tree, post, or shooting platform. They should be hung at a height and distance that is comfortable for the shooter and appropriate for their skill level and weapon type.

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Are steel gong targets safe for use with all types of guns?

Yes, they are. However, the type of target you choose should be suited to the power and caliber of your weapon.

How often should steel gong targets be inspected for safety?

Targets should be checked before and after each shooting session. Any signs of damage, such as pitting or bending, should be addressed immediately.

How can steel gong targets be cleaned and maintained?

Use a brush or rag to remove loose debris from the surface of the target. For stubborn stains, you can use a mild soap and water solution, but avoid harsh chemicals that could compromise the target’s integrity.

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How can I improve the life of my steel gong target?

Regularly inspect and maintain your target. Shoot from a safe distance and use appropriate caliber and power for the target. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

What happens if I shoot a steel gong target with a bullet that’s too powerful?

Depending on the strength of the target and the power of the bullet, it could damage or even destroy the target. Some bullets (like armor-piercing or incendiary bullets) are not suitable for shooting at steel gong targets, as they could have unpredictable results.

What’s the difference between an impact zone and a risk zone on a steel gong target?

The impact zone is the area of the target that’s meant to be shot at, typically the gong itself. The risk zone extends beyond this and includes areas that could potentially be hit by wayward shots, increasing the risk of the target or surrounding area being damaged.

How far away should I be when shooting at a steel gong target?

The safe distance varies depending on the caliber and power of the gun, as well as the size and thickness of the target. As a general guideline, stand at least 100 yards away when shooting at a steel gong target.

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