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Vehicle Gun Holsters

Discover the perfect vehicle gun holsters to keep your firearms secure and accessible while on-the-go. Our comprehensive product roundup features top-rated options for various vehicles, ensuring efficient protection for your firearms.

Discover the perfect vehicle gun holsters to keep your firearms secure and accessible while on-the-go. Our comprehensive product roundup features top-rated options for various vehicles, ensuring efficient protection for your firearms.

Sometimes the road can be a treacherous place, and having a reliable vehicle gun holster can be the difference between life and death. This comprehensive roundup is your ultimate guide to finding the perfect fit for your vehicle, ensuring that your firearm stays secure and easily accessible when you need it most. We’ve scoured the market to bring you the best vehicle gun holsters designed for a variety of firearms, so you can focus on your journey with peace of mind.

Whether you’re an avid sportsman looking for a new companion on your next hunting trip or simply want that extra layer of protection for your everyday commute, our selection of vehicle gun holsters caters to various needs and preferences. Get ready to embark on a journey toward enhanced safety and preparedness, as we bring you a diverse collection of high-quality, innovative solutions to keep your weapon close at hand while on the move.

The Top 6 Best Vehicle Gun Holsters

  1. Galco Speed Master 2.0 Adjustable Paddle Holster for Efficient, Safe Carry - The Galco Speed Master 2.0 Holster is an adjustable and versatile holster option for semi-auto pistols and DA revolvers, featuring a paddle design and belt slot attachment for convenience, safety, and flexibility in various carry situations.

  2. Alien Gear Photon P320C/M18 W Light Holster - The Alien Gear Holsters Photon P320C/M18 wLight Holster is a versatile and ambidextrous holster, perfect for both OWB and IWB use, offering light bearing capability and an optic cut for concealment.

  3. Optics-Ready Hellcat Pro Holster with Durable Polymer - The Alien Gear Holsters Photon is a versatile, ambidextrous holster made from durable polymer, designed for both OWB and IWB use, with an appendix carry wing for concealment and compatibility with various optics - perfect for modern shooters.

  4. Seizmik ICOS: Silent, Secure, In-Cab Seat Gun Holder - The Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder ensures secure and silent storage for two firearms within your vehicle’s cabin, utilizing closed-cell foam to prevent damage or scratches while keeping the muzzles pointed down for safety.

  5. Inner Waistband Holster for Sig P365 - Experience exceptional comfort and versatility with the Reckoning Holster, boasting superb retention adjustment, compatibility with various drawing positions, and an array of customizable features for your Sig Sauer P365 or Springfield Armory Hellcat.

  6. Hybrid Holster for Everyday Carry - Mission First Tactical Hybrid Holster SPG Hellcat Black” combines the precision of Kydex and the comfort of genuine American leather for a versatile, adjustable, and secure holster suitable for right or left-handed use.

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Galco Speed Master 2.0 Adjustable Paddle Holster for Efficient, Safe Carry


As a dedicated gun enthusiast, I’ve tried numerous holsters in my quest to find the perfect fit for my needs. The Galco Speed Master 2.0 Holster has been a game-changer! The open top design for speed and safety is truly impressive. It’s clear that Galco has put a lot of thought into this holster, as evidenced by the tension screw adjustment for added security and the adjustable belt slot and paddle attachments that give me the flexibility to switch between different carry methods.

I also appreciate the Speed Master 2.0’s unique ability to accommodate belts up to 1 3/4 inches wide, making it compatible with almost any belt. The fit and finish of the premium steerhide are outstanding, and it provides excellent retention for my semiauto pistol.

One issue I had was that the tension unit can be a bit too tight initially, requiring some adjustments to loosen up the holster. Additionally, the paddle attachment can be somewhat uncomfortable for prolonged use in certain positions. However, these minor cons are outweighed by the holster’s overall excellence.

In summary, the Galco Speed Master 2.0 Holster is a well-designed and versatile option for those looking for a comfortable and secure way to carry their firearms. Its adjustable tension unit and multiple attachment methods make it a must-have for any gun owner seeking a reliable, high-quality holster system.

Alien Gear Photon P320C/M18 W Light Holster


I recently got my hands on the Alien Gear Photon holster and I’ve been using it with my P320C/M18 light-bearing handgun. The first thing that caught my attention was its sleek, modern design. It’s made of polymer, which gives it a solid feel without adding unnecessary weight.

One of the highlights for me is its ambidextrous configuration. Whether I’m wearing it as an inside-the-waistband (IWB) or outside-the-waistband (OWB), this holster adapts seamlessly. It’s optimized for appendix carry, which is my preferred method of concealed carry, and it even comes with an appendix carry wing for extra concealment.

Another feature that I appreciate is the holster’s compatibility with compact lights. As someone who often trains in low-light conditions, this is a must-have feature for me. Additionally, the optic cut accommodates most optics except for the SRO, making it versatile for various gun setups.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider. The belt clips and hardware were missing from my package, making the holster unusable until I can get those components. Additionally, the retention is quite tight even when the screws are loosened. This can make drawing the firearm more challenging than I’d like.

Despite these cons, I’m overall pleased with the Alien Gear Photon holster. Its build quality is impressive, and its versatility and adaptability make it a useful addition to my collection of concealed carry holsters.

Optics-Ready Hellcat Pro Holster with Durable Polymer


I recently got my hands on the Alien Gear Holsters Photon Optics-Ready Holster - Hellcat Pro and it’s been a game-changer in my daily carry routine. This modern holster is incredibly versatile, designed to fit almost any use. Its ambidextrous design makes it perfect for both left and right-handed shooters, and it easily adapts to outside waistband (OWB) or inside waistband (IWB) use.

One feature that particularly stands out is its optimized appendix carry configuration, complete with an included wing for enhanced concealment. I’ve also found the optional sidecar mag carrier incredibly useful, adding an extra layer of convenience and readiness to my carry.

However, what truly sets this holster apart is its compatibility with various optics, including the ever-popular Hellcat Pro. The built-in optic cut ensures a perfect fit and smooth draw, regardless of the optic you choose, except for the SRO.

Made right here in the USA, the Photon Optics-Ready Holster - Hellcat Pro comes with a lifetime warranty, reflecting the brand’s confidence in their product’s durability and quality.

While I’ve been thoroughly impressed with its performance and flexibility, I must admit that the initial installation process might be a bit daunting for some. However, once you’ve got it set up, it’s smooth sailing from there.

Overall, I would say that the Alien Gear Holsters Photon Optics-Ready Holster - Hellcat Pro is a well-rounded and highly adaptable holster that has more than earned its spot in my daily carry lineup.

Seizmik ICOS: Silent, Secure, In-Cab Seat Gun Holder


I recently got the chance to test out the Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder, and I must say, it’s been quite an adventure. I’ve been using it for my traditional-style muzzleloader, and the first thing that struck me was how securely it held my rifle, even during some of the bumpiest rides.

One of the features I appreciated most was the closed-cell foam cushioning. It not only prevented any damage to my muzzleloader but also ensured that I didn’t have to deal with any annoying rattles or noises while driving.

Another highlight of this product is its ease of installation. It took me just a few seconds to buckle it into place using the vehicle seat belt, and it was ready to go. Plus, the muzzle control feature was a game-changer, making sure that my gun barrels were always pointed safely downward.

However, the Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder isn’t perfect. Some users have reported issues with the straps and buckles, which might not hold up as well as one would hope. Additionally, if your seatbelt design is different from what the holder was designed for, you might need to make some adjustments or modifications.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a reliable and secure way to carry your firearms in your vehicle, the Seizmik ICOS Gun Holder is definitely worth considering. As long as you’re aware of any potential downsides, I think you’ll find it to be an excellent investment.

Inner Waistband Holster for Sig P365


While I’ve always been a fan of traditional leather holsters, the Crossbreed Reckoning Holster has been a game-changer for me. The moment I put it on, I could feel the difference - it’s light, comfortable, and fits perfectly for my Sig P365. The right-hand draw has made my draw speed effortless, and the inside-the-waistband design allows me to keep my Sig concealed without compromising on accessibility.

What really impresses me about this holster is its personalization potential. As someone who likes to fine-tune things to cater to my own needs, the multiple points of retention adjustment have been a boon. I can adjust the screws to fit my gun perfectly, and the retention device under the trigger guard ensures that my Sig stays put.

Another feature I appreciate is the combination of Kydex pocket and leather backer. The Kydex gives me the confidence of a secure hold, while the leather backer adds comfort when the holster is worn for extended periods.

However, the holster could benefit from some minor improvements. The visible cross icons on the belt loops feel a bit too conspicuous for my taste when it comes to a truly discreet IWB holster. Additionally, it might be convenient if there was a version of this holster that came equipped with an attachable mag carrier.

In conclusion, the Crossbreed Reckoning Holster offers a perfect blend of comfort and functionality. It’s been a reliable companion while I’m on-the-go, which makes me extremely happy with my purchase.

Hybrid Holster for Everyday Carry


I have been using the Mission First Tactical Hybrid Holster SPG Hellcat Black for quite some time now, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer when it comes to carrying my handgun. This hybrid holster combines the best of both worlds - the precision and secure retention of Kydex with the comfort and natural feel of authentic American full-grain leather.

What really stood out to me was the adjustable cant feature, which allowed me to change the angle of my holster between 0-15 degrees for a perfect fit. The ambidextrous hole patterns made it easy for both right and left-handed users to find the perfect position to carry their gun. And as someone who constantly wears a holster, the comfort level it provides is unmatched.

The holster is also RMR compatible, meaning you can easily attach an additional red dot sight for increased accuracy. The 1.5” belt clip ensures a secure connection to your belt, and the adjustable retention with an audible click offers peace of mind every time you draw and re-holster your weapon.

However, there are a couple of cons I want to address. I experienced some issues with the screws coming loose, especially during intense activities like running or jumping. Additionally, I noticed that the holster tends to wear out faster than expected, making it less durable than I initially hoped.

Overall, the Mission First Tactical Hybrid Holster SPG Hellcat Black offers a comfortable and versatile solution for concealed carry. While it does have some room for improvement in terms of screw durability and overall longevity, I believe that this holster is definitely worth considering for those looking for a reliable everyday carry option.

Buyer’s Guide

Understanding Vehicle Gun Holsters

Vehicle Gun Holsters-2

Vehicle gun holsters are essential accessories if you frequently carry a firearm in your car. These holsters are designed to securely hold your firearm and ensure it’s readily accessible during emergencies. Proper positioning is crucial; most models attach under the steering wheel, on the side of the console, or in the center console. They can be made from various materials such as plastic, nylon, or leather.

Important Features

  • Retention system: Check if the holster has a secure mechanism like a thumb break or a trigger guard lock that keeps the gun firmly in place

  • Draw tension: Adjustable draw tension lets you customize how easily you can access the gun

  • Ease of installation: Look for holsters with easy-to-follow instructions and no drilling required

  • Concealment: Consider holsters that allow for discreet carrying of the firearm, ideally with minimal visibility

Considerations for Choosing a Vehicle Gun Holster

  1. Holster material: Choose a durable, lightweight material that’s easy to maintain

  2. Gun model compatibility: Ensure the holster is specifically designed for your weapon make and model, providing a snug fit

  3. Storage capacity: Consider how much additional storage the holster offers for extra magazines or other accessories

  4. Legality: Always check your state and local laws to ensure carrying a gun in your vehicle is legally permissible

Vehicle Gun Holsters-3

General Advice for Using Vehicle Gun Holsters

Before purchasing a vehicle gun holster, familiarize yourself with the proper techniques for drawing and reholstering your firearm. Regularly practice these techniques in a safe environment, ideally using a firearms trainer or range staff to provide guidance. Always ensure the safety is engaged when reholstering your gun.


What are vehicle gun holsters used for?

Vehicle Gun Holsters-4

Vehicle gun holsters are used to securely store and quickly access firearms within a vehicle. They provide a safe and organized way to carry your weapon while driving, and can be mounted in various locations such as the windshield, dashboard, or console.

What types of vehicle gun holsters are available?

There are several types of vehicle gun holsters available in the market, including windshield mounts, dashboard mounts, and console mounts. Each type offers different features and levels of security depending on the user’s preference.

How do I install a vehicle gun holster?

Installation varies depending on the type of holster you have. Generally, windshield and dashboard mounts use suction cups or adhesive strips to attach to the glass or dashboard surface. Console mounts might require screws or clamps to secure it in place. Always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions for the best results.

Vehicle Gun Holsters-5

The legality of carrying a firearm within a vehicle varies by jurisdiction. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with your state’s gun laws and ensure that you are compliant with all applicable regulations when using a vehicle gun holster.

What materials are vehicle gun holsters made from?

Vehicle gun holsters can be made from various materials such as plastic, metal, or nylon. The choice of material may affect the durability and security of the holster, so consider your needs and preferences when selecting one.

Can I use a regular handgun holster in my vehicle?

Vehicle Gun Holsters-6

While you may be able to use a regular handgun holster in your vehicle, it is not always ideal. Vehicle gun holsters are specifically designed to securely store and quickly access firearms within a vehicle, offering increased safety and convenience compared to standard handgun holsters.

How do I clean and maintain my vehicle gun holster?

To clean and maintain your vehicle gun holster, regularly wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild soap. Inspect it for any signs of wear or damage, and replace or repair as necessary. For holsters with Velcro or suction cups, occasionally clean these components to ensure optimal performance.

Can I use my vehicle gun holster for multiple firearms?

Some vehicle gun holsters are designed to accommodate multiple firearms, while others are specific to one type or size of firearm. Be sure to check the product description and specifications before purchasing a holder meant for multiple guns if you plan on using it for various firearms.

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